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Packers Are At A Precipice

In 1989 the Dallas Cowboys did two things that eventually led to multiple Super Bowl wins. In April, they drafted Troy Aikman. While Aikman tuned into a Hall of Fame quarterback, he did not produce wins in his first season. The Cowboys went 1-15 with Aikman starting 11 games and Steve Walsh starting the other five.

The second move that led to future Lombardi trophies was the trade of another Hall of Fame player, Herschel Walker. The result of the 18 players eventually involved in the trade came down to five draft picks for the Cowboys. Emmitt Smith, Russell Maryland, Darren Woodson, and cornerbacks Kevin Smith and Clayton Holmes. Four of those players were named All Pro or went to a Pro Bowl in their career with Dallas. The fifth, Holmes, won three Super Bowls.

Since that trade GM’s from every team team have tried to repeat that winning move. Trade your best player for a bunch of picks, draft 4 great players, and get better. The biggest reason GM’s have not been able to repeat the winning formula in thirty years is the real key to the Dallas success; they were not trading their franchise quarterback. They had Aikman and let him learn from experience, with losses piling up, his first year. Another lesson that should be learned in this history lesson is the replaceability of running backs as compared to quarterbacks. Yes, Walker was a special talent, but even the greatest running backs struggle to win without great quarterbacks. Jim Brown, Barry Sanders and O.J. Simpson are all proof that quarterbacks are the key ingredient in champions, unless you live in the NFL Bermuda Triangle which is Baltimore.

The Packers currently have a franchise player that publicly has repeatedly stated he wants to be a Packer for life, but now is unhappy with the management team of the Packers. When asked point blank if he has demanded a trade he sidestepped the question. While his teammates on defense were all practicing, our franchise quarterback made sure numerous photos of his happy frolicking in the pools on the road to Hana were distributed for all of Packer land to see.

In 1989 the Packers also made a draft move. Tony Mandarich. Mandarich turned out to be a steroid induced, alcoholic shell of an NFL player. That Packer choice set the franchise back for years. There is little doubt that if the Packers trade Aaron Rodgers it will impact the franchise. If they think they can reinvent history and make a Super Bowl run without him, they should look at the last 30 years of history in the NFL. The list of NFL draft pick busts is stuffed with quarterbacks. Let’s troll the list from a recent article in of all places “The Business Insider”:

Christian Hackenberg. QB. Drafted in round 2
Paxton Lynch. QB. Drafted round 1.
Johnny Manziel. QB. Drafted round 1.
Matt Leinart. QB. Round 1.
Jake Locher. QB. Round 1.
Mark Sanchez. QB Round 1.
Dwayne Haskins QB. Round 1.
Josh Rosen QB. Round 1.
Vince Young QB. Round 1:
Robert Griffin III. QB. Round 1.
Jamarcus Russell QB. Round 1.
DeShone Kizer. QB. Round 2.

While this list is not complete, it is the last name on the list that should give the Packer front office the most concern. Sitting in the GM hot seat for less than two months Brian Gutekunst traded for a quarterback. DeShone Kizer. Kizer, had been a mediocre QB in college at Notre Dame. He never was able to bring his team to a shot at a national championship. His college coach said he should have stayed in school for his final year. To anyone who worked with him he was not ready for the NFL. The Browns let him start and he missed setting the all time interceptions record for a rookie mostly because he missed one game. His passer rating was a feather over 60. His Packer debut, admittedly under rough circumstances, was a complete disaster. Why even mention that awful day against the Lions? Because Gutekunst thought he had a starting NFL QB in Kizer. He was not close. The miss was equivalent to the “Wild Thing” first pitch in the movie, “Major League”. If you listen closely you can hear Bob Uecker shouting, “Juuuust a bit outside.”

Right now the Packers don’t know if Jordan Love can throw strikes or is more likely to hit the mascot. What they do know is Rodgers can win games and lead a team. If the top five receivers sitting out voluntary OTA’s says anything, it says Rodgers has the faith of his fellow players, not the front office. If amends cannot be made to satisfy Rodgers then Packer fans sit on a precipice. A change at quarterback is more likely to bring a fall from playoff regularity and could bring us back to the Mandarich years. Short term memory for Packer fans includes the Favre-Viking victories. How tough of a pill to swallow would it be watching Rodgers pick apart our team at Lambeau in another jersey? It was excruciating watching Favre do it. Fans knowing Rodgers was talented eased the pain slightly. As we sit today, fans don’t know if Love is more Rodgers or Kizer. And that makes this precipice seem perilous.

Paul Edwards

Paul Edwards is a lawyer, victim advocate, writer, and long term Packer fan and Packer history enthusiast.



  1. Mick June 1, 2021

    When Gutekunst thought he had a starting caliber QB in Kizer, I was thinking …..WHAT? “He was not close”, now that’s an understatement! In fact, IMO; EQ Brown was way over valued. I’ve watched quite a few college games and I just didn’t see what the buzz was about. Brown repeatedly dropped the easiest passes. ND was competitive when those 2 played but it was obvious that those 2 were the weak links.

    1. PF4L June 2, 2021

      Deshone Kizer, Jordy, Graham…..
      Gutenkunst start as GM contained some big hits and misses.

      1. PF4L June 2, 2021

        Answering the question….why couldn’t Love beat out Tim Boyle.

        1. Mick June 2, 2021

          Thanks PF4L! Watching this, it came back to me that Boyle showed signs that he could operate LaFleurs’ offense. Goes to show Gutey is hell bent on forcing and ratifying the Love selection.

  2. PF4L June 1, 2021

    Well fuck me Amanda Balionis….
    Welcome Back!!

  3. NobodysBurfect June 1, 2021

    Fucking fantastic article – best one written around here in a while. While I have you, how’s Rob’s 40 time these days?

  4. PF4L June 1, 2021

    I don’t think Rodgers is going anywhere, if he was, i think the trade would have been announced today.

  5. Savage57 June 2, 2021

    That roll call of first round QB picks who were busts and washouts should provide anyone (including Aaron Rodgers) all the evidence needed the selection of Jordan Love wasn’t some Machiavellian plan by Gute to replace the incumbent QB. He took a flier on a guy as a contingency who might prove capable of playing QB at the NFL level, and those guys cost a first.

    Enjoy your extended summer vacation, Aaron, and bring your A-game and all that attitude to camp on July 27th.

    1. PF4L June 2, 2021

      “….al the evidence needed….” lol
      Yea….Gute barely knew who Love was. Love just happened to fall to him in the draft.
      In related news….i’m having lunch today with the Tooth Fairy and the Easter Bunny!

      1. Savage57 June 6, 2021

        Why am I not surprised comprehension and context escape you in this?

        That you hold onto the intellect and disposition of an 11-year old year after year is as sad as it is irritating.

        1. PF4L June 6, 2021

          lol…Go back to your little safe room down the hall junior, where the kool aid and the cookies are free and the Packers are a Super Bowl team because Gut(ey) is the new God of NFL GM’;s

          1. Savage57 June 7, 2021

            Child, please. But thanks for proving my point.

            Killer ain’t the “Lonely Boy” around these parts.

          2. PF4L June 7, 2021

            Hell no he isn’t…..lol
            He found 2 friends here……….Tommy M, and you.
            His life has never been better….lol
            Now scoot along back to the safe room.

    2. Cheese June 2, 2021

      You don’t take ” a flier on a guy as a contingency who MIGHT prove capable of playing QB at the NFL level” by trading up with a first and fourth round pick when you don’t need to fill the position, and are one game from the Super Bowl. You’re either dead set on this guy being a starter in the next few years or you should probably find a new job.

      1. Mick June 2, 2021

        Good post Cheese. I’m leaning toward the latter;;;;;;; “should probably find another job”. I really feel bad for the Love kid; he never asked for, nor deserves the way this shit show has transpired. I’m sure all he wants to do is,,,,, play football.

  6. cobaltdriver June 2, 2021

    I think Gute is in over his head. His legacy will be “the guy who wrecked the Packers”.

    1. PF4L June 2, 2021

      I also think Murphy has been in over his head for quite some time.
      I like the adjective “wrecked”.. but i prefer…..

  7. Tom M June 2, 2021

    Ted Thompson knocked it out of the park when he drafted Aaron Rodgers. He also hit a solid double when he drafted Matt Flynn. Ted also missed on Brian Brohm, Engle Martin, and BJ Coleman. He also missed on veterans Senica Wallace and Vince Young. And if he knew what he had in Aaron Rodgers after three years on the bench,he sure wouldn’t have waste a second round pick on Brian Brohm. He simply didn’t know what he had. Not unlike where we are with Jordan Love now. With more misses than hits at QB, is it fair to say Ted couldn’t draft QB’s? As far as DeShone Kizer, Brian Gutekunst took a flyer on him and gave up disgruntled safety Damarious Randall who nearly got his ass cut the year before. He had two very average seasons in Cleveland before being released and is now trying to hang on on in Las Vegas last I heard. You draft a QB until you find one. No one remembers Josh Rosen in Arizona because the very next year they took Kyler Murray and got their franchise QB. Just like no one remembers the second round pick we wasted on Brian Brohm.

    As far as Aaron Rodgers, what we want in life and what we get aren’t always the same. If he truly wants to finish his career in GB then go out and win a championship. Gutekunst will then be bound to bring him back. He tells us he’s the GOAT, everyone on this site swears he’s the GOAT, then go out and be the fucking GOAT and win a championship! I couldn’t careless about his hurt feelings, his Jeopardy prospects, or his D list Hollywood beard. Man up and get it done dude!

  8. Ed June 2, 2021

    I’m sure your Dad was hoping a winner when you were born.
    But, what we want in life and what we get aren’t always the same.

    1. PF4L June 2, 2021

      lol Ed….that’s assuming he stuck around for the birth.
      Kyler Murphy is a franchise QB already?
      Interesting, i guess that means Justin Herbert is a franchise QB already, and Herbert didn’t even have a camp and still destroyed Murray’s 1st year numbers.

  9. KILLER June 2, 2021

    Aaron is going to cave in by training camp. It will be decorated with a meaningless “extension” and moving some funds around, but it will be a total cave in by him. He is too weak to maintain a stand and will soon kneel next to his Packer management masters ready to lap up whatever they feed him. Then Aaron will turn to mocking the press for “blowing everything out of proportion” and make like they are the stupid idiots and not himself.

    Remember, when he makes fun of the press making too big of a deal out of it, he will also be mocking all of you Packers fans.

    It’s fine by me that he returns to his sheep pen even as a Vikings fan. It is much sweeter defeating the Packers twice in one year with Aaron at QB.

    1. PF4L June 2, 2021

      Good story!!
      Tell us the story again when the vikings were 5-0, they were going to the Super Bowl.
      Maybe tell us, more about Cousins MVP season.
      Please…tell us some more story’s, ye of childlike imagination.
      Or how about telling us how the queens will get to the playoffs
      Maybe tell us that in the 6th decade of Super Bowls, how the queens are finally going to be (GULP) victorious, and win their first (COUGH) Lombardi trophy.
      Silly Wabbit.

  10. cobaltdriver June 3, 2021

    PF4L..totally agree on Murphy. How he lets this happen again??? WTFF? But ,that being said and changing the subject..does it seem weird that all these half wit Denver fans keep going on and on about 12 becoming a Bronco. I mena those people were talking about it way back in Feb and March. The tampering charges almost seem legit to me, because they all talk like this was a done deal . Who knows. They are as delusional as Viking fans,but doesn’t that seem weird? If the unlikely event a trade happens, I hope its to the Raiders, just to see the tears of Bronco nation putting out all the wildfires out west.