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Is There a Bright Side to Aaron Rodgers Holdout?

On September 8, 2008, Aaron Rodgers started his first game as an NFL quarterback. In the three years between his selection in the 2005 draft and that first start, Rodgers had taken snaps in only seven games with a total of 35 completed passes on 59 attempts. That first start resulted in a Packer victory, 24-19 over Tavares Jackson and the Vikings. Rodgers first win, helped by a 76 yard punt return by Will Blackmon, started a Hall of Fame career. But three years in waiting did not lead to immediate team success. The Packer 2008 season ended with no postseason; a 6-10 record including two overtime losses (Tennessee and Chicago) and Rodgers’ Packers third in the NFC North Division.

In the three years Rodgers sat behind Brett Favre, he was never given the amount of first team reps that Jordan Love is getting this spring. He was never the unified focus of his coaches or his teammates. Three traits all NFL quarterbacks must have; A strong accurate arm, the ability to quickly process multiple reads of passing options based on the defense, and the ability to handle pressure. Pressure is not just about an oncoming pass rush. It includes looking teammates, coaches, the press and fans in the eye and telling them you are confident. Then backing those statements up on the field by making plays.

Jordan Love is getting his first taste of NFL pressure. He is no longer the kid in waiting. He is the first team QB in the huddle on Clark Hinkle Field. Still a big step from Lambeau, but it is the same first step every QB must take before they start for the Packers.

Every snap Love takes is beneficial to Love and the Packers. Love needs reps to improve. Packer coaches need tape to assess Love’s potential. A similar evaluation process will be conducted by teammates. If Love impresses, his progress will build confidence throughout the team. If Rodgers returns and is injured, the team will not believe all is lost. Rodgers could use Love’s improvements as motivation to continue to excel. Or, Rodgers retirement/trade momentum might be accelerated. But those are hypotheticals for the future.

Even if Love continues to improve on the practice field, regular season success will take time. Rodgers had Hall of Fame talent and his first season was a learning process. In 2009, Rodgers went 11-5 but lost in his first playoff game against veteran Kurt Warner’s Arizona Cardinals in OT. If Jordan Love starts for the Packers, in 2021 or beyond, fan expectations will need to be reset. The hope, is that the elimination of realistic Super Bowl dreams is short lived.

Paul Edwards

Paul Edwards is a lawyer, victim advocate, writer, and long term Packer fan and Packer history enthusiast.



  1. PF4L June 13, 2021

    “Every snap Love takes is beneficial to Love and the Packers.”
    The man gets it.
    Even if Love was the #2 QB since being drafted and we didn’t have the pandemic and Rodgers is in camp. Love wouldn’t have anywhere near the snaps he has now sans pre-season games.
    Matter of fact, it’s probably a good thing Love didn’t play in pre season games last year.
    Just sayin
    I remember that Arizona playoff game almost like it was yesterday. We were snowmobiling up in St. Germain and stopped at Pitliks Resort on Sand Lake in Eagle River to watch the game.
    That loss was obviously Rodgers fault.
    All he could do is go 28/42 for 423 yards with 4 TD’s and 1 pick for a passer rating of 121.4
    Scoring 21 4th quarter points to send the game to overtime. While the O line stood their ground and only allowed 5 sacks

    Meanwhile…the Packer defense held Arizona to 531 yards.
    The defense also kept Warner in check, only allowing him 5 TD passes, 0 picks, all while sacking him …once.
    Holding him to a 154.1 passer rating
    Then in overtime…Rodgers got sacked and fumbled, recovered by Dansby..TD, game over.
    We should have seen the signs, Rodgers holds the ball too long…Rodgers was trouble from the get go.

    1. Dean June 13, 2021

      I think that was the game where AZ tried to rip Rodgers helmet off and the refs missed the call?

  2. rebelgb June 13, 2021

    Thank you Aaron for your HoF career. Thank you for the one SB. Now take your liberal, long haired fairy ass too CA and leave us alone. Time to move on Pack.

    1. Ferris June 14, 2021

      Geez man. Be better than this.

    2. Kato June 18, 2021


  3. Mick June 14, 2021

    Let’s revisit the the past 10 days or so. 1st, MM says this Rodgers thing is dividing the fan base, 2nd; he then says it would be wise if both sides say nothing about this fiasco…….. Fast forward a few days and MM says Rodgers is a complicated fellow; (TT). Well, does that mean MM IS NOT A WISE FELLOW?

    1. PF4L June 14, 2021

      Mick, non related…
      Looks like Middleton has stepped up his game a bit helping the Bucks to tie the series and breathe some life back in the Bucks.
      In other news….the attention all the SJW’s received form a pandemic year of protest is paying off in big ways. More attention and better policy’s are being written and implemented by politicians with the help of community leaders providing a good fresh start and look at injustices in America.
      In Cities across the Country ….people are celebrating with a record number of shootings.
      I always found it easier…to help people…who wanted to help themselves.

      1. Dean June 14, 2021

        PF4L, I want to understand who you are referring to in your comment: “I always found it easier…to help people…who wanted to help themselves.” I assume you mean inner city Americans; however, maybe you just mean the people that are actually doing the shooting?
        I believe that many inner city Americans believe they have no one who they can trust. Their local politicians have let them down for so long and now they are starting to realize that they are being used as pawns to help raise money for other causes where that money does not end up helping inner cities.
        Michael Brown Sr., the Ferguson, Missouri father of 18-year-old Michael Brown who was shoot by a white police officer, is a part of a group asking for accountability and transparency…

        1. Dean June 14, 2021

          Here is the link to the article for above post:
          “The BLM 10 Plus continues the call for transparency and most importantly, for principled accountability in movement infrastructures. The issues we’ve highlighted within the Black Lives Matter movement are not unique to this group or to people of color. Grassroots movements have been co-opted across the globe and it is our intention to be a part of the collective creating processes based on integrity so that we, nor any other activist or advocate, encounters these avoidable issues in the future,” the statement continues.

          Among the most notable names joining forces with the BLM 10 Plus is Michael Brown Sr., the Ferguson, Missouri father of 18-year-old Michael Brown who was fatally shot by a White police officer in 2014.

          1. PF4L June 15, 2021

            What Micheal Brown Sr. wants is 20 million dollars from BLM.
            Yes, every white officer should be convicted and sentenced for every unjustified shooting.
            But so should every black officers who kill blacks without cause or reason.
            You just don’t hear about those cases because it doesn’t fit the narrative the media wants.
            Sharpton and Jackson don’t show up to Momma’s door when her black son got gunned down by a black cop.

            Most people ignore the real problems, read the words of Bob Woodson.
            “94% of the blacks shot, are shot by blacks” – B. Woodson
            Why isn’t THAT the problem?
            “Don’t talk to the cops!!”
            In other words, Don’t help the cops stop murders in the streets of you neighborhood.
            Just follow and abide by street rules and let (enable) those people to continue to rob, rape and murder.
            Nothing changes.
            Follow Woodson’s teachings, he knows the real problems of the black community and where the fault lies. It isn’t whitey’s fault.
            Community’s…..need to want to help themselves, and they need people of influence to lead the charge of change.
            People like Sharpton and Jackson…but that will never happen, because taking personal responsibility isn’t what they are all about.
            They are about……what white cop shot who…and how much you gonna pay me to come support you and represent.
            That’s the ONLY time you see them.

          2. Kato June 18, 2021

            Part of the issue is, we are only like 3 generations since the Civil rights movement. Remember, black people couldn’t get certain jobs, ect. It really hasn’t been that long since slavery ended. They were essentially freed and told to fend for themselves. Wealth is build through generations. When your grandparents couldn’t get good jobs because they didn’t have access to education or jobs. The number one predictor of crime is poverty.

            Now, I do generally agree with you that people have to want to help themselves. Throwing money at someone that is broken that has a gambling problem they won’t address doesn’t help anyone. My biggest problem though is, committing a crime doesn’t give an officer the right to take someone’s life. In situations where there is a legitimate threat to their life, like in Milwaukee, I tend to think the officer is justified. There was a situation recently where a pregnant woman literally got poked into a wall by a cop and ended up flipping the vehicle, all because she didn’t pull over immediately (law states that people can pull over when they reach a spot that is safe and well lit at night). You are being deliberately ignorant if you don’t think there is no problem with policing, just as I would say the same for SJWs in situations where they “play stupid games, win stupid prizes” like reaching and grabbing for an officers taser

          3. PF4L June 18, 2021

            PF4L June 15, 2021
            Yes, every white officer should be convicted and sentenced for every unjustified shooting.
            But so should every black officers who kill blacks without cause or reason.
            Kato June 18, 2021
            ” You are being deliberately ignorant if you don’t think there is no problem with policing…”
            Kato….are you back speaking for me again, when i never said anything close to what you implied.
            Are we going to go through this shit again?