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Which Rookie QB Will Have the Most Success in the NFL?

Trevor Lawrence, Zack Wilson, Trey Lance, Justin Fields and Mac Jones. These are the names of the five QB’s picked in the first round of this year’s NFL draft. NFL odds experts all around were quick to take notice of these five potential all stars and just how much they’ll help their teams in the upcoming years. If you’ve watched their games, it’s easy to understand why all five of them easily represent one of the best QB classes to enter the NFL in a long time. But not just that, they also represent five players who could easily become game changers for their franchises, all looking for their new top franchise QB for the future.

The question now is, which one of them will have the most success both immediate and long term in the NFL? Let’s break this down.

QB Trevor Lawrence

Feb 12, 2021; Clemson, SC, USA; Clemson Tigers quarterback Trevor Lawrence works out during Pro Day in Clemson, South Carolina. David Platt/Handout Photo via USA TODAY Sports

Trevor Lawrence

If this list was based mainly on talent and skill then yeah, for sure, sign this man in Canton already for the Hall of Fame because Trevor Lawrence can ball! But since we’re talking in a more general scope of things, the reality of it might not be as pleasant for the former Clemson legend. By pairing up Lawrence with HC Urban Meyer, another college football legend, one can easily understand the hype growing around in Jacksonville. But once reality hits that’s where everything takes a maybe unwanted turn.

Lawrence can rest easy; he’ll be playing alongside one of the best under the radar offensive lines in the league. Brandon Linder and A.J. Cann will most likely make sure that Lawrence can put on a show week after week. On the other side though, Lawrence will have his hands full with a trio of WR’s that don’t really scream success. Watch for the former Tigers QB to make good use of his former teammate and new Jags RB Travis Etienne to help him carry the load of the offense. Lawrence will be great, one of the best in years to come, that’s for sure, but not right away, not with how Jacksonville is looking.

Zach Wilson

The new Jets quarterback Zach Wilson with offensive coordinator Mike LaFleur at the NY Jets rookie mini camp in Florham Park, NJ on May 7, 2021.

Zach Wilson

If you want to talk about someone who’s coming in immediately expected to succeed, then the Jets Zach Wilson is your man! The former BYU star is the Jets new answer to their everlasting quest to find a franchise QB for the future. Wilson definitely has an undeniable upside to him especially taking into account what he’s coming in to cover up. With Robert Saleh and Mike LaFleur as his new mentors in the league Wilson will definitely have his back covered.

The Jets made it a point to continue to bolster their O-line in the draft by adding USC star guard Alijah Vera-Tucker all in order to protect Wilson and also get him some real time weapons to back him up. By picking up WR’s Corey Davis in free agency and Elijah Moore in the draft, added to guys like Denzel Mims and Jamison Crowder Wilson will have plenty of options down the field. Wilson might not have immediate star success in his future but if you can make it in NY you can make it anywhere.

Trey Lance

Jan 11, 2020; Frisco, Texas, USA; North Dakota State Bison quarterback Trey Lance (5) runs the ball in the game against the James Madison Dukes at Toyota Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

Trey Lance

If you want to talk about a QB that will enter the league with an incredible upside, then look no further. Trey Lance should thank the football Gods that San Francisco is nowhere close to seeing Jimmy Garoppolo as their QB for the future. Lance is coming to a Niners team that can easily brag about having one of the best, at least top 5 offensive lines in the league. Kyle Shanahan will work wonders with Lance and Lance will benefit greatly from the exciting, fresh football ideas that Shanahan usually puts up in the bay.

There’s no real reason to not love the idea of Lance becoming an all-star in SF, it just feels right.

Justin Fields

Ohio State quarterback Justin Fields runs against Nebraska during the first quarter Saturday at Ohio Stadium.
Osu20neb Kwr 05

Justin Fields

I’m willing to buy a round to anyone that can recall the last time the Bears had a truly promising option at QB. That’s what I thought. Justin Fields to the Bears makes perfect sense for a simple reason, the Bears have slim to zero depth in the QB position. Fields, a proven winner in college football, has all the talent to make Chicago fans fall for him.

Matt Nagy, while on the coaching hot seat for various analysts, is still a very good, creative offense driven coach that can benefit greatly from a QB with Fields’s capacity to play inside and outside of the pocket and with a rocket for an arm. The Bears O-Line, upgraded by the drafting of Teven Jenkins and Fields’s ability to make himself room out of trouble will surely play a big part in the level of success obtained. Fields, unlike all other QBs that have played for the Bears in the past years, will have a more successful run both in the short run and long run.

Mac Jones

Jan 11, 2021; Miami Gardens, Florida, USA; Alabama quarterback Mac Jones (10) throws on the run against Ohio State in the College Football Playoff National Championship Game in Hard Rock Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Gary Cosby-USA TODAY Sports

Mac Jones

Any player that can go from being coached by Nick Saban to being coached by Bill Belichick should write a thank you letter to the universe. While New England’s hunt to finally find Tom Brady’s successor has been one of bumps and Cam Newton, Jones feels like a good pick to take the job and ride with it. Jones will be playing with one of the best offensive lines in the AFC and with a supporting cast of offensive weapons that spell out everything a rookie QB could want to cause immediate shockwaves around the league.

Will he be the starter right away? Probably not, but playing behind Cam Newton is an absolute win for any rookie QB and once he takes over the starting gig, watch out, he’s no Brady, but Mac Jones will be good if not great.

Ed Rooney

Just a guy with too much free time trying to help out.



  1. PF4L May 13, 2021

    I’m going with Jordan Love. We have to include him because of the Covid year and treat him as a rookie. This is my pick on the contingency that Rodgers isn’t in play.
    Love has a leg up on all these QB’s, because he’s already had a year of learning a new offense, having virtual meetings, having 9 camps already, AND QB’ing the scout team all of last season. Plus…he’s already won the back up job before his 2nd season..
    I don’t want to hear any negative comments that he couldn’t throw the ball into the nets last year in camp. Could you do it?….didn’t think so.
    Rookie QB’s usually don’t start, and we all know that rookie QB’s don’t start and succeed in a Covid year. That would be an impossibility. It’s hard enough to win the back up job.
    Some people viewed Love as the next Patrick Mahomes. It’s time he spread his wings and fly.
    Let it be known….Mahomes has a TD/INT ratio of 114:24. Better than Aaron Rodgers.
    Good times…lie ahead.

    1. Mick May 13, 2021

      Interesting thought PF4L. I would think that GB wouldn’t have let Boyle go knowing that they were in the middle of the Rodgers saga. Especially when this has been going on for months. Maybe, Love isn’t as unprepared as we’re led to believe. GB signed Bortles because he is versed in the offense, having worked under Hackett in Jacksonville. Might also be they signed Bortles to build up steam under the Rodgers camp. On the other side of the coin, Bortles signed for less than what it would have cost to keep Boyle. If Rodgers doesn’t show up, Bortles would probably start, now is the time for Love to strut his stuff.

      1. PF4L May 13, 2021

        Sarcasm runs deep with me my friend.
        I don’t know what Bortles signed for. But an “unnamed source” i unearthed, told me that he signed for 2 years at 28 million fully guaranteed. (Rodgers is none to happy about that which i’ll get into once i talk to a source in his camp.)
        I didn’t get a chance to verify, which is the reason that i won’t even bring it up. :)
        I think your right about the signing being about his association with Hackett.
        I also think this signing puts additional pressure on Love to keep the #2 position.
        It seems to me under the right circumstances Bortles can ball somewhat.

  2. Jason Parker May 13, 2021

    Is the Packers logo image loading above Ed’s bio for anyone? It works on my desktop, but not my phone

    1. MMSUCKS May 16, 2021


  3. PF4L May 13, 2021

    In the land of NFL schedules, the Packers aren’t going to be living the dream they had the last 2 seasons.
    It seems the Packers have the 4th toughest schedule, going against teams who were in last years playoffs, 10 times out of 17.
    “Let’s say the Packers make pretty with Aaron Rodgers and push this drama-filled circus into the background. Green Bay still faces the NFL’s fourth-most grueling strength of schedule.” – M. Sessler
    “A disastrous scenario if Jordan Love is pushed into duty.” – M. Sessler

  4. PF4L May 13, 2021

    Because….Good news
    The Bucks and Brewers announce plan to open attendance to 50%, the Brewers, as soon as Saturday.
    The Brewers also hope to be at full on attendance on June 25th i believe.
    The CDC also relaxed mask wearing with people who are fully vaccinated with some limited restrictions. We should mostly all be fully vaccinated by now. No excuse…..i had a sore arm when i got my shots, big deal. That’s the worst of it, man up.
    More importantly….what this means is full NFL stadiums this fall and a celebration of being almost back to normal.
    Most importantly…continue prayers for those who have/will suffer and perish during this Pandemic, including their loved ones.
    We can try to imagine the pain those people feel in their loss, but they have to live it.

  5. NobodysBurfect May 13, 2021

    Bortles is only inked for a 1 year contract (according to ESPN).


    This isn’t complicated. Gute was Ted Thompson’s protege. The way he’s drafted and the way he handles business relationships are a complete reflection of that. The guy has no people skills, just like our former White Walker GM. He’s very savvy with the draft, but he’s also trying to outsmart everyone. It’s worked out well at times (particularly with how we ended up with Jaire), but it’s been an abject failure elsewhere (Love and Gary).


    And no – that’s not hate on Gary. He has been playing well, but it was a dumb fucking pick when you drain your savings account on two other edge rushers.


    The fans reaction to this shit has been so telling. Everyone, rightfully, was pissed as fuck about the Love pick. Then A Rod goes out and has an MVP season – proving them wrong, and proving us right about the stupidity of the Love pick. Then Rodgers, rightfully, says “So I’ve been saying since I was 22 that I want to play til I’m 40, I want to end my career in Green Bay, and I just had an MVP season. I know I have a contract, but I’d like job security more than big front loaded deals.”


    But our assclown GM has inherited Ted Thompson’s arrogance, and now he’s digging his heels in the dirt about his “plan” & the “future”. Giving A Rod job security for the next few years means Love doesn’t play, and he’s got too much stupid pride to let that happen.


    Fuck Gute. Fuck any fan/beat writer/pundit that has bailed on A Rod through this. Fuck Adam Schefter. Fuck Mark Murphy for presiding over this shit show. And #freeaaron

    1. Cheese May 13, 2021

      Preach brother!

      1. PF4L May 14, 2021

        The disease is still in the building.

        1. Mick May 14, 2021

          Right on! What is the common denominator that presided over the Favre- Rodgers saga; and the Rodgers- Love saga? It’s none other than M. Murphy. That’s right; M.M. hired Gute, ensuring that the Packer Way wouldn’t stray too far off the tracks. Instead of viewing T.T.’s short falls of obtaining the needed talent to put this team over the top. M.M. hires Gute ——– a T.T clone!

          1. PF4L May 14, 2021

            I heard a short story and i don’t remember by who, but i heard it only a day or 2 ago (go figure)
            Apparently (allegedly) some time ago, Andrew Brandt was in the mix to be hired as the new President.
            Supposedly, Ted put the nix on him being hired saying he didn’t want somebody walking around the building acting like he was his boss.
            Murphy was then hired.
            My apologies for not remembering who said it, or where i heard it. I wouldn’t say anything if it didn’t seem at least plausible.
            If we’re going by NFL experience, it seems to me that Brandt was far more qualified.
            Maybe someone else remembers hearing something like that, idk.

  6. Ed May 15, 2021

    Are there any people on the board of directors that have any balls ?

    Can we get their email addresses ?

  7. PF4L May 15, 2021

    As big as the shitstorm drama of Rodgers/Packers is this off season.
    In 2022, the shitstorm next year will be the salary cap.
    The way it stands now……
    The top 6 player contracts account for 145 million of the salary cap (including Jaire’s 5th year option, but not Adams new deal).
    The 2022 salary cap projects at 226 million.
    If you think, the Packers plan was/is to remove Rodgers salary cap hit in 2022, you may be on to something.

  8. Cheese May 15, 2021

    Blake Bortles, and now Kurt Benkurt? I can’t wait to see what this guy brings to the table. I bet Rodgers is feeling the pressure lol.

  9. Mick May 16, 2021

    Packers vs Rodgers! Leverage? The Packers leverage is that Rodgers is under contract, and if they simply refuse to trade him, he simply has to play for them or retire. But, having a miserable star Q-back, is not winning. If Rodgers retires, the Packers lose the league MVP for nothing. When your leverage is also your worst case scenario, you have a big problem. “An astute organization who values their Q-back is going to value his input on every aspect of the organization. That doesn’t mean power to make those decisions, it means INPUT”; L. Steinberg. Trading up to draft J. Love in the 1st round without even telling Rodgers, was indefensible! Great franchises do not fight with their franchise Q-back. Disagree, sure; but not fight like this.

    “An astute front office would view the quarterback as the most essential source of feedback on issues, whether it’s team personnel, play calling, possible additions in FA”;;;;;;; etc. L. Steinberg.

    This info came from an article I read on site from S.I. (Michael Rosenberg) titled; “The Packers Poor Management Of Aaron Rodgers Hurts All Parties”

    The Packers have only themselves to blame!

    1. Mick May 16, 2021

      P.S. Hey you people on the BOD; it’s time to wake from your slumber!

    2. PF4L May 16, 2021

      Mick….keeping in mind, upper management isn’t going to listen to just ANY player on the team concerning it’s operations….
      You hit it on the head…input is far different than making the actual call. It clearly isn’t Rodgers job to make the final call. I doubt he believes it is,
      I learned a hell of a long time ago, that 2 heads are better than one, and 3 heads are better than two, generally speaking.
      Managers manage, and players play….I GET IT.
      But lets say you are a President or GM of a team, or a business.
      Wouldn’t you want input from someone who knows and understands far more than you do?
      Wouldn’t that be of some value?
      To dismiss it, is borderline dereliction of duty.

      1. Mick May 16, 2021

        Good points PF4L. Not just any player should have inputs, I totally agree. The franchise Q-back, management and coaches all need to be on the same page. If trust is broken within those 3, the structure is broken. When the structure breaks down, usually more money does not cure the problem; unless of course money in the contract, is the main reason for the problem. Our management is trying to fix this rift by throwing money at the the problem, hoping it will go away. IMO, this isn’t going to work, or this would have been settled a while ago. We all know #12 wants job security, and he wants it in GB. He also wants to have his input considered, even if his ideas aren’t granted. MM and BG are just too pig headed to figure this out. If MM and BG would open their eyes and figure out that #12 is a talent magnet for other FAs’, thus making GB an attractive place to lure future FA’s; instead of having the “shut up and play” attitude, maybe this could end better.

  10. PF4L May 17, 2021

    Lions rookie WR Amon-Ra St. Brown: ‘I’m ready to take someone’s job’
    I’ll take things you won’t hear from his brother for $600 Aaron.

    1. Mick May 18, 2021

      Maybe Amon-Ra is very confident in his ability to bite knee-caps*****************LOL

  11. Mick May 18, 2021

    HOF GM Ron Wolf——————“We have a lot of divas in the game right now”. Ya think?

    1. PF4L May 18, 2021

      Did you listen to that!?
      Wolf disses all of todays Diva’s in the NFL, then the boys at WSSP (kindly) call him out on Favre, where Wolf gets caught off guard..hesitates, and then says….”But the stands were always full at Lambeau”… :)

      I love me some Ron Wolf, but…..COP OUT!
      Ron….the Packers could be a 3 win team, and the stands will be full.

      1. Cheese May 19, 2021

        If I recall correctly, Ron Wolf was none too happy with the front office and the results of the Packers recent GM search. You know, same front office that ran most of its staff out of the building because of shit communication. Not that Elliot is guaranteed a promotion by any means. Is it possible that Elliot wasn’t a Murphy “Yes Man?”
        Maybe the Packers wouldn’t be in this situation if they’d acted more like Wolf and actually fixed their problems right away instead of waiting five years to address anything. Imagine how long Ray Rhodes would have been in GB under Murphy…

        1. PF4L May 19, 2021

          From Bob Harlan…..Wolf wouldn’t take the job unless he had full control under him.
          Before him, the Board was picking the coaches.
          It was more important for the board to hire a head coach who had previous Packer ties, than hiring the best person for the job. Again…the Boys Club.
          Wolf was given full control, in short order. That’s the 2nd last time the bylaws had to be re-written. The last time they were re-written is when Murphy puffed out his chest and finally took charge.
          I find it entirely possible Elliot wasn’t enough of a yes man, or a worshipper of those above him.
          It’s just hard to tell…the best synopsis was that he wasn’t as tight to Murphy as Ball or Gute.
          Also….If someone told me that Murphy asked for and followed Teds advice on a GM hire,
          I wouldn’t be at all shocked.
          As i’ve said before…..i’d pay stupid money for someone on the inside who wrote a book about the inner workings.
          I think most people would be shocked to know the truth, i wouldn’t bat an eye.

  12. PF4L May 21, 2021

    Because….everyone is on vacation…
    Not sure he can last 4 days, but 50 year old Phil Mickelson is currently showing the young guns that the old man has still got it going on.