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The Crux of the [Rodgers] Problem – and the Resolution!

After a few sleepless nights, I think I’m starting to gain some insights to the crisis that suddenly afflicts the team and Packer Nation. I’m not talking about the fine details, I’m focusing both on what precisely provoked this predicament and how it can be resolved.

What is it that has Rodgers so peeved? I think we can eliminate a number of things, which he might be objecting to, or frustrated over, but which aren’t the reasons the organization is suddenly staring into a yawning abyss.

Let’s rule out the absurd notion that this is all about the money. We can also dismiss the argument that the Packers haven’t acquired enough quality receivers for Aaron to throw to. It’s true, but that’s not what this rift is all about. In particular, the claim that Aaron reached a breaking point over Green Bay letting Jake Kumerow go is bogus – that took place last September, and Jake has demonstrated over six years, and while with five teams, that he’s a borderline Pro player.

It is the Packers’ drafting of QB Jordan Love, on April 23, 2020, at the core of Rodgers’ displeasure. Undoubtedly. But that only begins to tell the whole story. Rodgers has definitely stewed over the drafting of Love for over a year now, but only recently has he concocted a plan to do something about it.

Though Rodgers is legally contracted/obligated to be with the Packers through the 2023 season, there are always loopholes, and many sports heroes over the years have brought enough external pressure to bear on their teams that their wishes or demands were granted. Since not long after the 2020 season ended, we now know that Rodgers has been asserting pressure on the team’s front office. This has been in the form of getting a contract extension very much to Rodgers’ liking. That behind-the-scenes drama suddenly went public last Thursday – the first day of the 2021 draft. Maybe it was merely the reminder of last year’s draft that caused Aaron’s meltdown.

Rodgers and the Packers have been deadlocked for some time now regarding efforts to extend his contract, and it seems that negotiations have broken down. The logical assumption is that Rodgers, who has previously declared he wants to play for the Packers for the rest of his career, is demanding an extension with language that essentially guarantees he will be Green Bay’s starting quarterback until HE decides otherwise. In other words, I suspect that Rodgers and his agent want to supersede general manager Brian Gutekunst’s authority.

Forget about all the smaller complaints and perceived slights. The crux of the matter is that Aaron wants ironclad job security.

He may get his way, but only if the team backs down, and in particular if CEO Mark Murphy folds under the pressure. Historically in the sports world, the team backing down has been the most common outcome when players hold out or demand to be traded.

The Options

As you might imagine, no team high official or owner wants to give a player carte blanche (complete freedom to act as one wishes or thinks best) in personnel matters. Not Brian Gutekunst, not Russ Ball, not even wishy-washy CEO Mark Murphy.

The sides are obviously at an impasse on this point. What we’re now witnessing, in my opinion, is an effort on Rodgers’ part to apply leverage.

To assert leverage, it appears Rodgers (through his surrogates or leakers) has gone public in hopes of getting fans to side with him and pressure team officials to give into his demands. Despite Rodgers’ immense popularity and likeability, my impression is that these efforts met with almost instant disdain by the fans and the general public. Rodgers doesn’t fit well into the role of an abused victim or underdog.

Since Plan A wasn’t gaining traction, Rodgers and his camp immediately rolled out Plan B: threatening retirement, rather than have to fulfill the remaining three years of his contract. Additionally, rumors have spread that he is trying to get the general manager fired – that’s yet another notion I think we can safely say isn’t going to happen, and probably isn’t even true.

Another leveraging effort is more likely: Rodgers might refuse to show up when the team assembles for the coming season. Historically, such holdouts are quite common, and more often than not they are effective. It all depends on how resolute, or stubborn, are the team’s top officials and owners.

The other option that is being urged is for the Packers to trade Rodgers. If team management doesn’t cave into a player’s holdout demands, this is the most typical resolution to such disputes. It would not shock me if this happens, though it appears that if it does it won’t be until early June, as until then there are financial reasons for holding off on signing such papers.

I’d estimate that in about 75% of these disputes, the result is that the player is traded. However, when it concerns a starting QB who’s the reigning MVP and who the entire roster and coaching staff have been built around, a trade becomes more of a challenge and more time-consuming. This isn’t on the level of trading away a disgruntled wide receiver.

For their part, the Packers quickly went on record as saying Rodgers won’t be traded. That’s also the response of most teams when these quarrels surface – though more often than not such promises are not kept.

Aaron Rodgers reacts during NFC Championship against the San Francisco 49ers

Jan 19, 2020; Santa Clara, California, USA; Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers (12) reacts against the San Francisco 49ers during the second half in the NFC Championship Game at Levi’s Stadium. Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports


Let’s explore the retirement option. Should Rodgers announce his retirement, he’ll owe the Packers lots of money, but that’s beside the point. For a guy who fervently desires to play until he’s at least 40, you’d think retirement is a non-starter.

There are a few sports stars who’ve actually carried out a threat to retire. Redskins’ running back John Riggins sat out the 1980 season. Montreal Canadiens’ hockey great Ken Dryden sat out the 1973 season. In each of these cases, however, the players and teams made up over time and the players returned the following year. This is an undesirable result, as both the players and the teams suffer – there are no winners.

Another example of the retirement threat is that of Edmonton Oiler superstar Mark Messier. In the aftermath of the 1990-91 season Messier was upset – interestingly, because the team let go of teammate Adam Graves. He issued a very public trade demand, and the team eventually caved. In what was announced as a cost-cutting move, Messier was traded to the New York Rangers for three players. Messier went on to play ten more seasons with the Rangers, including winning the Stanley Cup in 1994. The Oilers haven’t claimed the Cup once in the 30 years since Messier’s departure.

Reasons for Optimism

I don’t feel Rodgers will retire, and I don’t feel that other forms of holding out will be productive. Why? Because Rodgers is greatly concerned about his legacy. So, if the team stands firm – and that’s a big IF – my opinion is that this logjam can and will get resolved.

What is legacy all about for a sports hero? It’s like those who are still referred to as President, Governor, or Judge even though they’ve retired from those jobs twenty years ago. It’s being paraded onto the field before a game and being individually introduced 30 years after you’ve last picked up a ball. It’s having fans line up at your table in Vegas to pay for your signature – though it’s been 40 years since you’ve played the game. It’s having your name permanently displayed in two-foot high letters at the stadium. It’s having your jersey number retired. It’s having a wing of the local hospital named after you. Most importantly, it’s showing your children and grandchildren your MVP trophies. It’s about leaving lasting memories.

Legacy takes on a special meaning in a place like Green Bay, where revered players are considered not just a player on a team, but a part of the community. Rodgers cares greatly about his legacy. Like most great players, he’s driven by the desire to accumulate records, win awards and honors, and be singled out as one of the all-time greats. We also know he’s concerned about his legacy because he’s told us so.

Aaron Rodgers is one of a kind. Over his 16 years with the Packers, he’s made few false steps. He’s been a choir boy, a boy scout, the ideal teammate, and “the team leader.” His image has been glimmering, and his standing as a good guy has up to now been nearly impeccable. He’s been a public relations dream.

At this very moment, however, Rodgers is in grave danger of damaging the reputation he has so painstakingly built up. While many sports legends have tarnished their legacies, some have reclaimed a portion of it as the years passed by. Think Brett Favre. I personally will never feel quite the same about Rodgers again.

Though Aaron might still not grasp it, he has significantly sullied his reputation and image over the past week. Instead of being known as a team guy, he suddenly appears to be a me-first guy: self-absorbed, power-wielding, bitter, vengeful, even disloyal. He’s bitten the hand that feeds him.

Since the story broke, what little we’ve heard from Rodgers is second-hand. Reporter Mike Tirico briefly talked to him at the Kentucky Derby, and related this: “He expressed a couple of times how much he loves Green Bay, loves the fans, loves the franchise.”

Aaron’s actions belie his soothing words. In allegedly demanding to be traded, he’s turning his back on not only all of his teammates, but on every employee of the team, and all his fans. One media person even termed Rodgers as having a “scorched-earth mindset.” Yikes.

As I said a few days ago, Aaron needs to “step up and personally and publicly address this issue – right away.” Remaining silent at this stage strikes me as lack of leadership at best, and cowardice at worst. It just allows the wound to fester. While he’s at it, he might at least express some sympathy toward Jordan Love, a 22-year-old who through no fault of his own has been cast as a villain.

Depending on the circumstances, sometimes sports holdouts have drawn sympathy and support among their fans, and Rodgers might yet turn the tide and achieve such an outcome. I doubt it, however, for to date the Rodgers camp has come across more as vengeful and vindictive than principled. Aaron appears to have a very fragile psyche, and this is just another occasion that it’s been on display.

The Solution

So long as the Packers’ front office remains firm in its convictions (the big IF), it becomes in Aaron’s best interests to settle this dispute. Aaron instigated this, so it’s now his move. The solution is simply to come to an agreement on the terms of a contract extension.
There’s plenty of ways each side can find to “meet in the middle.” We don’t know what in the Packers’ extension offer Rodgers is unwilling to accept. The Packers can probably give in a bit, but not to the point of letting the player dictate who will be the starter and certainly not who the teams will acquire as a back-up (and probable successor).

Though Aaron already has a contract through 2023, the current deal is written in a way that makes it easy for the team to tear it up, either after 2021 or 2022. There’s no doubt in my mind that the Packers were contemplating trading Rodgers after 2021 or 2022 if his production continued to decline as it had over the previous four years – and of course depending on how well Jordan Love was progressing.

The team’s front office has not only a right, but an obligation, to make plans for eventually replacing Rodgers. Given Rodgers’ fabulous turnaround in 2020, the team should have no hesitancy in extending his contract through 2024 or maybe even 2025 – when he’ll be 42 by season’s end.
If Rodgers and his agent insist on an ironclad “no trade” provision, however, I’d view that as unreasonable and as a deal breaker. No player should be allowed to supersede the decision-making of an owner or general manager. If that’s what the Rodgers camp is insisting upon, then I say end negotiations, force Aaron to play through 2021, and then trade him.

I wonder what the parties would think of a provision whereby Rodgers is flat-out guaranteed to be the team’s starting QB so long as he maintains a passer rating of 100 or greater over the previous year. That means he’d have to perform right about at the level of a top-10 quarterback – if he fell below that standard the team could of course still choose to keep him. Sounds fair to both sides to me.

In sum, there are countless ways in which Aaron can be given strong assurances that he’ll be the starting quarterback for years to come, but no player he should be given a no-trade guarantee, and especially not after one has reached the age of 40.
There’s also the matter of saving face. By throwing in a few provisions that benefit one side or the other, each side can claim that they compromised a bit for the good of the team.

I also remain in favor of Jordan Love being traded (for a player or a high draft pick). That would achieve a trifecta: it might appease Rodgers, It would give the team a good return on its first-round investment, and, the way Aaron is playing, it would be doing Love a favor, rather than consigning him to warming the bench for four or five years.

Maybe we can still have a “Summer of Love” in Green Bay in a month or so.

Note: In a day or so I’ll publish some research on other times mega-sports stars have held out, demanded a trade, or made threats to retire – and what the outcomes were.

Rob Born

Smart drafters don’t select the best available players, they fill a team’s positions of greatest need.



  1. Jason Parker May 5, 2021

    “No player should be allowed to supersede the decision-making of an owner or general manager.”

    Amen, brother.

    Rodgers needs to be reminded that teams look more towards the future when determining a player’s value to the team. Despite how well he performed last year, his future is no where near bright enough to be slinging his dick around the way he is. Needs to snap out of it.

  2. PF4L May 5, 2021

    Rodgers meltdown?
    Interesting…i figured that’s a good time to stop reading. I’m sure a lot of conjecture and speculation as to how this unfolded and whose to blame follows. Rodgers was going to be gone after this season anyway,
    For all we know, a Denver trade is done but won’t be announced until June. WE DON’T KNOW.
    How did we get here? I don’t know, i wasn’t there. But i do know this. It doesn’t matter at this point.
    Most legacy’s are set. Rodgers has money, MVP’s, SB ring, Awards, NFL records etc.
    The Green Bay Packers have their history in the NFL that will largely remain untarnished.
    Brian Gutenkunst legacy has yet to be written.
    This marriage is over. I’m ready for the Jordan Love show.


  3. Howard May 5, 2021

    There is a lot out there on this situation. I don’t know what the conclusion will be. I hope Rodgers stays. It would produce the best on field product. The stuff coming out of what I think is Rodger’s camp does not look good for a team captain that has preached team chemistry.
    One thing I do feel firm about. If the Packers trade Rodgers after June 1, 2021 then the team needs to also trade Adams this off season. Adams will never re-sign with the Packers without Rodgers. Adams will not make a difference this year if Rodgers is not the QB. The Packers can get value if they trade Adams, and it frees up salary cap this year with no or very little dead cap. The salary cap savings on Adams may make it possible for the Packers to take the entire dead cap hit for Rodgers this year rather than push some to next year. In addition it will help sign the rookie class and maybe leave some money for another free agent or two, and that would have to include at least one veteran QB.
    Oh, one more thing. I have commented on this before. How many times in NFL history has an NFL team including the Packers extended a players contract, QBs included, with three years left on a contract? I believe you can count the times (if it has occurred) on one hand. There is more to the Rodgers situation than just Gutekunst, Rodgers, and Love. Rodgers and some other players, including the NFLPA want to push NFL teams on how contracts are structured and restructured.

    1. PF4L May 5, 2021

      When you watch and listen to the talking heads around the league. People who know the NFL, and discuss the NFL for a living, media, former NFL players, current NFL players, etc.
      None that i’ve seen, expect this situation to end well. By ending well, i mean the Packers and Rodgers figuring it out and singing kumbaya, and eating s’mores together.
      Except One……
      Aaron Nagler..in one of his Packer Daily series…scoffs at the notion that Rodgers won’t be back under center in Sept, his eyerolls and facial gestures show a man who believes there is no chance Rodgers is leaving.
      I agree about Adams…once you lose Rodgers you are done. Get as many resources as you can and reboot.
      If the Packers could, or would have played this right, they be the Kings of the draft in the next 1 or 3 years.
      San Fran should have offered the 12th pick, 2 first rounders and a 3rd or better and the Packers should have taken it.
      those picks will far outlast Rodgers time left in the NFL.

      1. PF4L May 5, 2021

        Check that…also add Terry Bradshaw.
        Old school baby…old school.

        1. PF4L May 5, 2021

          Wait…after watching the video…..
          He’s talking under the assumption that Rodgers is worried about competition for his job.
          Sure Terry…lol..that must be it. Rodgers is afraid Love will beat him out….lol.
          Listen, old people need love too.

          1. Mitch Anthony May 5, 2021

            Terry Bradshaw got his concussions before he even played football. Cut him some slack.

      2. c May 5, 2021

        “those picks will far outlast Rodgers time left in the NFL.”
        Don’t call the Packers out on that.

      3. Cheese May 5, 2021

        “those picks will far outlast Rodgers time left in the NFL.”
        Don’t call the Packers out on that. They might do their best to prove you wrong.

  4. Deepsky May 5, 2021

    The sad thing is that the Packers probably never intended to take Love. I agree with a lot of folks who say their goal was to get Brandon Aiyuk, but the 49ers caught wind (or, intel, as John Lynch said, which means someone on the Packers leaked) and jumped ahead of the Packers knowing a receiver would help the Packers greatly. The Packers draft board had Love as the next best pick.

    1. PF4L May 5, 2021

      Yea…i’m not buying that first sentence for a second.
      You don’t go through what Gutenkunst went through with Love pre-draft, if they have no intention to draft him.
      It could be true they wanted Aiyuk, i wasn’t there.
      But….don’t think that Jordan Love wasn’t in the game plan.
      Interesting note: Think back, or re-watch the video of Love and his family in his living room when he was picked.
      Now i ask you….did anyone…anyone look surprised the Packers drafted him? There were no jubilation jumps, screaming, no high fives.
      Read into that what you will.
      I contend….they already knew.

    2. Mick May 7, 2021

      We don’t know for a fact that GB wanted Aiyuk. I’ve also heard they were very interested in Jefferson. Of course, both were taken before GB drafted. If they were targeting Aiyuk, and the Niners had any info on that; good for the Niners. At that time, the Packers were the most lethal threat to SF. Of course, SF wouldn’t want Rodgers to have another threat at WR for obvious reasons. Drafting Love, when they did; was the perfect example of drafting the best player available; (in their eyes); over obvious needs on the team, was a big mistake in two ways. #1; they wasted picks #1, and a 4th rounder to acquire a player that would knowingly sit on the bench for several years, and #2; pissed off Rodgers in the meantime, while also knowing #12 was under contract for 4 more years. They could have traded out of the 1st round and still got a quality WR, (which if they were very interested in Aiyuk); would have helped the team sooner, and maybe addressed other needs on the team. After all, I mentioned before that SF showed the rest of the NFL how to beat GB; TWICE! Who knows, maybe if the draft went differently, it might have made the difference in the NFCCG against TB.

  5. Herm May 5, 2021

    “No player should be allowed to supersede the decision-making of an owner or general manager.”

    You might want to check out the 1983 draft. John Elway took the steps to protect his future and it worked out very well for him.

    The 2020 draft was an attempt to stick it to Rodgers. There is no way he can let that go unanswered. Having an MVP season and a draft day response a year later is brilliantly played.

    Rodgers is not the problem, he is a symptom. The best way he can expose the real problem is to not play for the Packers again. Let the Packers realize their dream and have a backfield of Love, Dillon, and Deguara.

    There were three people involved in the 2020 crime, Murphy, Gutey, and LaFleur. Murphy and Gutey have no future at this level of football outside of Green Bay, so LaFleur is the one to watch. I think he was involved in this mess up to his eyeballs but now he has to separate himself from his two co-conspirators while keeping the 13-3 season high on his resume.

  6. MMSUCKS May 5, 2021

    As many of the regular posters may (or may not) have noticed, I have not posted as much in the last few years. That has been by choice. The last few years that this new anti-GM has been here he has shown many of us his intentions are self serving and ego driven. He wants to build his own dynasty (potential SB’s with Rodgers be damned). That is not the whole of it, but rather, a microcosm of the whole Green Bay Packer managements’ Luddite mentality. It is hard to root for a team that wants to shoot themselves in the foot.
    The Packers have shown more interest in buying and developing land and building that up around Lambeau Field than in “building a team” that can win Super Bowls. They (other than Matt Lefleur) have more passion for quashing HOF QB 1’s needs and opinions’ than in working with them for a better outcome for all concerned.
    I have been a Packer fan since the early mid 60’s, I’ve seen the lean times! With this current Packer President and GM we are headed directly for this scenario again. Even after winning big the last few years; I personally felt as if not all that could have or should have been done to invest / reinvest, or to mitigate many of the weaknesses that the team had were even addressed or even considered at times. As I stated, the interests of upper management are focused on other aspects (land, theme-park BS, etc.); This is by choice! Which, in my estimation is not in concert with a win now mentality, but rather, an investment in property futures and land values. Screw the average fan! make the focus on profit and more value for the BOD’s’ and their annual payouts.
    This whole self-inflicted clusterfuck has been a slow moving glacier. Many of us saw it coming years ago. The Packer brain-trust has for many years not been at all accommodating to two HOF QB 1’s! I know! I know! They are the “players” ! not the management! But folks! times have changed! You see it in other sports everyday. Just think separate catchers for ace pitchers in baseball for one. When you have a generational talent . . . You treat them like one. You do not play hardball with them! The opportunities to have a player of this stature is slim to none. What have Murphy, Thompson, and Gutekunst done? Well, they paid little to no attention to anything that Favre or Rodgers felt may help them to win more Super Bowls! Why? Ego? lack of critical thinking? an authoritarian approach? All the above? It certainly hasn’t been to help the fan base, those two HOF QB 1’s’, nor has it helped the locker room IMO.
    As intelligent and as savvy as Rodgers is, doesn’t anyone believe that he may have a VALID perspective from playing at this level, while at the same time being ahead of the curve in his football knowledge, acumen, and physical abilities as to what players they could have used to further climb the ladder of success in the NFL??? How about Rodgers pleading with the GM to get Marshawn Lynch! Or, Favre’s desire for Moss comes to mind. Those two examples alone propelled both teams that eventually got (Moss and Lynch) to get to their respective Super Bowls! I firmly believe that this is where the issue lies. Not Rodgers ego! If you are this good, by default, ego plays a larger role in getting to this level. With that in mind, we have allowed the current GM’s own ego to smother any potential Aaron Rodgers ideas, hopes, etc. to help push this team to greatness. I cannot abide by this much longer. It is way past time time to relieve the Packer fan base of the brain-trust of Mark Murphy and Brian Gutekunst PERIOD. Fuck em’ both. Seriously! fuck them!

    1. cobaltdriver May 5, 2021

      Nailed it! Been saying this since Kapernick ran all over the D..and Capers till had a job.

      1. Mick May 7, 2021

        Bravo ! ! ! If it’s true that Rodgers wants Gute out as GM then take Murphy out as well. After all, the buck stops with him. Yes Murphy, the buck does stop with you. With you out of the picture, the next president will see the “puppet” that Gute is, and make that change as well.

    2. KILLER May 6, 2021

      You did nail, MMSUCKS, and I did notice less “presence” from you. Who does that? Who takes time off from this site? Oh, yeah, me, but that was only for one year on a personal dare. Also, that coma thing. Also, there was no coma, I was training at a base in Puerto Rico for the eventuality that Trump would punk out and try to refuse to leave office. He tried but relied on kooks to do his work for him. Also, he found out what Commander Obama’s Special Marines had planned and crapped his big-ass pants.

      I would say it is ego all around. I mean, Rodgers does have a big ego, it is true. But everyone else seems to ignore that Murphy and Gute the Bad have egos as big or bigger. This is how it always goes in disputes between the management/owners and players. Everyone just says it is the players who are greedy while ignoring the greed of the owners, or that the player has a big ego while ignoring the ego of the management. It is built into less aware members of society (looks at Rob Born) to read everything that way as a form of subservience in a lame attempt to better their own situation by ingratiating themselves to the powers that be.

      1. PF4L May 6, 2021

        If you were gone for a year LB…how did you notice MMSUCKS lack of ‘presence’?
        Did you get reports while you were training with the special ops in Puerto Rico?
        Did you transfer job location? Do they even have a Burger King in Puerto Rico?
        Lets cover something more real, like something your a self proclaimed expert in.
        Like Rodgers new ‘beard’.

  7. PF4L May 5, 2021

    When you have two back to back HOF QB’s, it’s not only the fans who get spoiled…it’s the front office.
    What was once conceived a blessing can easily become a curse if not managed properly.
    “As intelligent and as savvy as Rodgers is, doesn’t anyone believe that he may have a VALID perspective from playing at this level, while at the same time being ahead of the curve in his football knowledge, acumen, and physical abilities as to what players they could have used to further climb the ladder of success in the NFL?” – MMSUCKS
    Forget for a moment that players play, and managers manage. How the F do you blatantly ignore and dismiss the idea’s and thoughts of Rodgers?
    If i could sum up the rest of MMSUCKS righteous post in a word or two.

  8. PF4L May 5, 2021

    Looking ahead….what player stands the most to gain by Rodgers being under center in 2021?
    Anyone wanna take a shot??

    1. Dean May 5, 2021

      D. Adams

      1. PF4L May 5, 2021

        Well, that’s a damn good try Dean…i thought of Adams also but with Adams, he’s going to get his money regardless, if he gets a new deal, gets tagged, traded or released.
        I’m thinking Tonyan all day long. He needs to string 2 solids seasons together in a bad way. His best chance at that is obviously with Rodgers.
        If Tonyan has a strong season, he’s looking at a 3 or 4 year deal at 7-8 million/year easy. A contract that could set him up for life…comfortably.
        He’s young still, but he isn’t getting younger. This is his window

        1. Dean May 6, 2021

          I was thinking more than money — pro-bowls, all-pros, Hall of fame for Adams. After all, Rodgers said Adams is up there in the class of C. Woodson….

          1. PF4L May 6, 2021

            Yea, understandable.
            But i was talking life changing, the most to gain.
            Tonyan is looking for that winning lottery ticket.

  9. PF4L May 5, 2021

    I found something interesting…a new take, a thinking man’s version…of the Packers/Rodgers drama.
    I won’t credit the source or link it, but i will credit the author. Bruce Irons.
    No, i don’t agree 100% with all his viewpoints, but he gives you POV’s to enhance deeper thought.
    Here is a small snippet talking about Rodgers wanting a commitment.
    “So how do you make that commitment?
    The only way to do that is with a contract with so much guaranteed money that the Packers can’t let him go. It’s not about the money, though, it’s about the certainty the money brings. Aaron Rodgers is rich, he doesn’t want some mega deal because he’s low on cash and it’s not a case of Rodgers asking for a ridiculous amount of power on a big ego trip.
    I just think he wants a contract that makes him feel like he can play as long as he wants to and not get shoved out the door before he’s ready to go.
    That may seem unreasonable to some, but remember that this is one of the most talented and competitive people in the history of the world.
    He loves this game and he loves being on the Packers and he doesn’t want anyone to take that away until he’s ready. He wants to keep his dream job until he retires.
    That’s a stance he’s had for years, well before he signed his latest extension. So why is all this coming up now?”
    There is more to it. Irons also deals with the teams feelings and ramifications of trying to appease him.

    At the end of the day, the chasm may be to wide to close.
    But put in it’s perspective, you kind of wish for a miracle of fusion.
    But again, it’s complex with different end games.
    They say anything is possible, but probable…would be quite a stretch.

  10. PF4L May 5, 2021

    I would propose this….from a nobody.
    Rodgers takes a pay cut.
    The Packers give him 18 million salary/year…guaranteed for 3 years when he’s 40.
    Plus…Bonus’s for MVP, NFCCG, SB
    That’s way less than what the vikings gave Cousins on his first deal.
    If Rodgers refuses…then i’m ok with the Packers telling Rodgers to kick rocks.
    He loses some money, but gets commitment. Give and take
    Fair resolution.
    T. V. O. R.

  11. Icebowl May 5, 2021

    Time for a change

  12. Icebowl May 5, 2021

    I agree with many of the statements made above.
    QB1 has really shown his bad (perhaps REAL) side in this whole mess.

    I still contend that had the #12 in Green & Gold had the same mindset as the one formerly in Silver & Blue and given up his ego-driven salary demands in order to have the $$$$ to build a better team around him there would be at least 2 more SB trophies displayed in the Lambeau Museum. Of course it helps when you have a wife who is a world-class model and makes as much if not more than you do….

    1. PF4L May 5, 2021

      Ice…..first, good to see you again.
      Sacrificing millions to help the team (pay players) is a risky business, almost unheard of.
      It worked out for the Patriots, but that doesn’t mean it translates into Super Bowls for Green Bay
      The Patriots spent wisely, very frugal, and consistently showed Brady that his money was well spent.
      The same can’t be said of the Packers. You’d have to be a damn fool to give the Packers millions to sign more players.
      They cant use the money they have wisely!!
      Graham, Bennett, Preston, Perry, Daniels, Kirksey and some others that were ok, but they still over payed for.
      What players did the Patriots sign, that they got burned on?
      How you spend your money…matters.
      If a relative borrowed $5,000 from you and went to vegas and lost it. Then two days later he calls you and ask you for another 5 grand, are you sending it to him?

      1. Icebowl May 7, 2021

        Hey PF4L – stumbled back on this site while catching up on the kindergarten drama abounding QB1,,,, Great to see the old gang still here !!! Great to see you’ve maintained your great insight –

        I admit there was some fantasizing in my comment… You are absolutely right about Murphy et.al. not having the wherewithal to do mimic the Pats’ success….. The players named made that clear (add Brett Hundley, Tony Dillweg) . If they hadn’t let Hill go to NO this whole mess around drafting Love would’ve never materialized…….

        The website is really well done, BTW. You guys may have to hear more from me again … ;-)

        P.S> Great analogy in the last sentences !!

        1. PF4L May 7, 2021

          Thanks Ice….
          I think the Patriots/Brady had a verbal agreement, Brady gave back, and the Patriots supplied enough talent to win.
          BUT….it got to the point where Brady didn’t have many weapons…and although speculation, it’s possible, that’s what caused the divorce.
          Anyway…Glad your back for the drama. We can never have to many well spoken educated Packer fans. Hope all has been well with you and yours the last year or so.

  13. Mitch Anthony May 5, 2021

    Whitewater Jesus was the straw that broke the camel’s back. No way. I’m not buying that one.

    I liked Kumerow and I wanted him to succeed too, but somebody really got a case of Russian disinformation campaign going with that one.

    1. Mick May 7, 2021

      Ya, I’m not buying that Kumerow theory either! You can take 90% of that media garbage and flush it

  14. Dean May 5, 2021

    Cheer up folks. Read what John Kuhn has to say after talking with Rodgers instead of the other talking heads on media that want clicks.

      1. PF4L May 5, 2021

        Yea, that just came out. It’s basically what Bruce Irons wrote about but in much simpler terms.

    1. Howard May 6, 2021

      I have no doubt that Kuhn is telling the truth. I lean to being more positive about most subjects, and players regarding the Packers. So this is good news. The good news is Kuhn is in a position to be able to speak to both Rodgers and the Packers front office.
      I believe Kuhn is still an employee of Packers.com and with that may come some false positive spin from the Packers side, and that includes Rodgers. It is very seldom that Packers.com and their staff put out anything negative about the Packers team, Packers front office, or Packer players past or present. Packers.com staff for the most part puts their positive spin of all things Packers on massive doses of steroids and HGH compared to my positive outlook. If there is some compromise starting to take place (25% chance) it makes sense that someone like Kuhn would be giving us small bits and pieces of good news in an attempt to clean up both parties, as both sides to me have varying amounts of shit on their faces.

      1. PF4L May 6, 2021

        The Packers hired Kuhn to help out in broadcasting back in 2019.
        It could be that the Packers asked Kuhn to feel Rodgers out.
        But what he has said to CBS sports is nothing new….

        “He’s trying to take his own destiny into his own hands.”
        ““He’s conflicted because this man loves to play the game of football and this man loves to be a Green Bay Packer…”
        “I still believe there’s an opportunity at a resolution here.”
        “I truly believe Aaron wants to come back to Green Bay, but he doesn’t want to do it on a lame-duck contract”
        Kuhn believes Rodgers is using the leverage of his NFL MVP season in 2020 to get what he wants from the Packers.
        Asked to give a percentage on the chances of Rodgers returning to the Packers in 2021, Kuhn said between 70-75 percent, but he also acknowledged the business side of the issue could eventually end with Rodgers being traded.

        Kuhn said “drastic measures” may be required to get a resolution.
        75%….but it will take drastic measures?
        Didn’t we already know all that?
        Rodgers is fairly intelligent, he knows the Packers butter Kuhn’s bread. he isn’t about to bear his soul to Kuhn.
        You make two valid points….this could be a link. But i’m pretty sure any real communications are between Rodgers agent, and the Packers.
        Also, you are correct…Kuhn is going to put the most positive spin on this as he can.
        But at the end of the day…John Kuhn is not a player in this situation.

        1. Howard May 6, 2021

          If there was one former Packer player I had to choose that Rodgers might speak with about this situation it would be James Jones. Jones when all the negotiations are complete will probably be the outlet that breaks the news for Rodger’s camp.
          Right now everything is just negotiations. I don’t like the process and how it has played out in the media. With all the junk out there the one person who I don’t think has commented is James Jones. Didn’t Jones break Rodger’s last contract extension? I believe Jones knows to some degree what is going on in the negotiations more than most, if not all of the talking heads, but Jones is not talking yet. Jones will be the one to break the final news regarding the negotiations, good or bad.

          1. PF4L May 6, 2021

            It’s funny you said Jones, as i was thinking about him as i wrote my post.
            I don’t follow Jones, but back when him and Rodgers seemed tight like that, it could have been Rodgers trying to help out his friend at the time.
            Rodgers seems to be fairly tight with Pat McAfee/Hawk, but this thing is trending so hot right now, i think Rodgers is going to be very, very careful who he confides with.
            He seems to be taking the “off the grid” strategy until there is resolution, which is smart. But i’ll say again, for all we know, there is a resolution and it can’t be discussed yet. I know i’ve said this, and i’ve said that, but at the end of the day i think Rodgers should play 1 more season. Then both sides make an effort to leave on good terms.
            That’s what i want to see.
            Maybe Rodgers has it in his head it isn’t going to happen…i (we) just don’t know
            It just doesn’t make sense to force a trade at this point of the season, there just is no Tampa Bay Bucs situation for Rodgers to go this late in the game.

          2. PF4L May 7, 2021

            Well Howard, you had it, just off by a day.
            JJ and AJ interviewed with someone from the NFL Network.
            It seems it wasn’t the Packers or Rodgers camp that leaked this on draft day.
            It was Schefters decision, who said he’s been following this for awhile.
            I feel a little stupid that i didn’t give that scenario any thought.
            But then again, nor did anyone else.

          3. Howard May 7, 2021

            I think it was only 2 or 3 hours after you and I discussed JJ that I started seeing his interview comments. I saw a short clip of JJ and AJ talking with someone. To me JJ was very confident in what he said. JJ feels there is a good chance to resolve the situation. I did not feel the same enthusiasm from AJ. From my recollection AJ tried to indicate that Rodgers and he spoke over the weekend, but kept conversations light as they were having some fun. JJ clearly said he speaks to Rodgers often. Both agreed what Rodgers wants is championships. There may have been more to the interview. I only watched the small clip.
            There is something about what Schefter is now saying that doesn’t ring totally true to me.

          4. Mick May 7, 2021

            I agree with the J. Jones comments probably being the most trustworthy of the bunch mentioned above. Kuhn and others in the media drink too much of the green and gold kool-aide. Of course Nagler and other media people connected with “all things Packers”, are biased and heaven forbid they pooh-pooh Packers players, execs, decisions, etc; their access to Packer news is shortened, maybe strictly diminished. Like I said before, the rumors put out there as each passing day comes;;;;;;;; is 90%, or more—-BS!

          5. PF4L May 7, 2021

            Howard….I think it’s somewhat curious that Schefter waited a week to comment on this.
            I’m not losing sleep, or over thinking it, but this just seems like an attempt at “Damage Control”.

          6. PF4L May 7, 2021

            Lets remember also….
            Schefter is a longtime ESPN employee…it’s very likely….he took one for the team.
            Tweet…”Rodgers wants out of Green Bay!!”
            Next….Media reporting around the Country….”Rodgers wants out of Green Bay!!
            With Schefters help….thousands of media outlets across the Country were advertising for people to watch the draft on ESPN that night (for free)…..genius move

          7. Icebowl May 7, 2021

            Totally agree – the timing (Draft Day) was certainly set for maximum effect !!

          8. Mick May 7, 2021

            No doubt, that story is damage control. It’s right along the lines of what has been happening at ESPN. It’s popularity has fallen steadily over the past few years. The media is full of shady or sketchy reporting, and this story is juicy enough that it would be a homerun for anyone reporting on it; factual or not. I’ve always thought that Schefter was a stand-up reporter, presented himself well; and I think he was egged on by his superiors. (Just my opinion, and I may be wrong) Rodgers’ team and the Packers both have yet to publicly say what is actually the hang up in this fiasco, why the hell should we be taking other entities views on THEIR perspectives, with any grain of salt?

          9. PF4L May 7, 2021

            Mick…i agree with you on pressure to release from ESPN (possibly).
            I don’t doubt how low ESPN could/would go.
            Remember when Michael Sam was drafted? We had to watch a 1/2 hour of that LBGT soft porn love fest, and even that wasn’t enough. They had to keep rebroadcasting it for weeks.
            I won’t go to hard on Schefter….we all make mistakes, and we all get the benefit of the doubt at some point in life.
            I’ll judge Schefter on his total body of work, because i think few would argue, he’s been nothing but a stand up guy.

  15. PF4L May 6, 2021

    This won’t be popular, but as usual, i probably won’t care.
    I don’t have any hate or dislike, but i never got the John Kuhn thing. the folk hero concept amongst Packer Nation….KUHN..KUHN…KUHN.
    I’m pretty damn sure, he’s a hell of a nice guy. I’m pretty damn sure he’s loved by everyone at 1265 and was a hell of a good locker room guy and teammate.
    On the field…it’s a head scratcher, He had an abysmal rushing record. A career 3 YPC average.

    He was voted into the Pro bowl in 2011, AND made 2nd teal All Pro. That season in 16 games, he rushed for 78 yards in 16 games..a 2.6 YPc average.
    He also caught 15 passes for 77 yards. 155 all purpose yards and 6 TD’s
    He was also voted into the Pro Ball in 2014 AND made First team All Pro, yes…first team.
    That season, in 16 games, he rushed for a season total of 85 yards for a 3.5 YPC average.
    He also caught 4 passes for a total of 28 yards. 113 all purpose yards and 4 total TD’s
    He was also voted into the Pro Bowl in 2015. That season in 16 games he rushed for a total of 28 yards, yes, you read that right.
    He also caught 6 passes for 56 yards. 84 all purpose yards and 5 TD’s.
    He averaged 7.7 all purpose yards per game with the Packers
    What am i missing here..ah, the post seasons.
    In 15 post season games he had 143 all purpose yards and 7 TD’s
    I’m also sure he was a good blocker when he was actually on the field and it looks like he had 28 solo tackles on special teams with no turnovers.
    Maybe i’m being ignorant, but i just don’t get it.

    I mean….is he going into the Packers HOF, maybe i missed it and he’s already there.


    1. Stiggy May 6, 2021

      Kudos block against the bears in the title season is the best thing he ever did on the packers. It was one of the most important plays in a super bowl season.
      Maybe they kept him a year or two too long but he was pretty much an embodiment of what the packers “stand for”. I’m not a kuhn fan boy but I feel that explains why he has a cult following.

      1. PF4L May 6, 2021

        So..it wasn’t about his play. It sounds like he was the Packer poster boy.

        1. Mick May 7, 2021

          Speaking of cult following, how about Tim Tebow? It sure as hell wasn’t because of his Q-back/ football acumen in the NFL. He was Mr football in college, couldn’t cut it in the NFL; but the attention he gets to this day; one would think he was already one of the NFL greats, and in the HOF! Here is the definition of heard mentality gone off the tracks!

          1. PF4L May 7, 2021

            I think you meant…herd mentality
            Idc personally…i just don’t want to see Ferris giving you some “street justice” or…stick time.

          2. Mick May 7, 2021

            Thanks PF4L; I overlooked that one……… heard vs. herd. (That’s what I get for not proof reading)

  16. KILLER May 6, 2021

    As usual, Rob, there are some errors and assumptions in your reporting that need repairing. This why I read your articles. To help you out by pointing out your mistakes so that less harm is caused to your reader.

    Assumption #1: That Rodgers went public and he did it to assert leverage. There is no proof of where the information came from. It may have been an intentional leak by Rodgers, a leak by a 3rd party who is privy to what is happening (Brett Favre. Brian Gutekunst’s wife, Brian Gutekunst’s mistress, or Brian Gutekunst’s kid), or an intentional leak by the Packers organization in order to put pressure on Rodgers. So you are making an assumption followed by attributing a reason that makes no sense. The information going public gives Rodgers no leverage at all. It does martial public opinion against him and so serves the team. It does line up trading interest and so serves the team. If you look at who stands to gain from it, the bread crumbs lead you to the team.

    Your assumptions are a house of cards with less than no foundation (called proof and logic) and, in fact, are more likely to be false than possibly true. A use of common sense should have led you to the same solution.

    According to the team the Packers brass has been flying out to Cal to see Rodgers. When that did not work for them… the news broke… from sources that often seen to lap at the boots of team management in order to curry favor.

    Assumption (Assertion) #2: You wrote that it probably isn’t true that Rodgers wants Gutekunst fired. C’mon! Of course he does. Now, did he actually ask for it? Sounds like yes. How can we conclude this? Gute the Bad was very careful how he phrased his answer to that question. He very carefully did not say that Rodgers did not ask for that. He ONLY said that Rodgers did not say it directly to him. Then, he added a clever little dig. He said it wasn’t fair to Rodgers to say that Rodgers had said it directly to him. In other words, he is saying if Rodgers asked for that, he is an A-hole, so it is “unfair” to say Rodgers had. He never says Rodgers didn’t ask for that.

    You are right that the team will not fire Gute the Bad no matter how much they should. There is no way.

    That is why Rodgers is going to baa baa a little and then scamper right into his sheep pen cooperating with his own sheering (playing his best for the team) and eventual slaughter for mutton (draft picks).

    You next logic error is in the what you said about Rodgers’ legacy. Rodgers will have a legacy no matter what and this situation will impact that legacy no matter what and there is no way to avoid it. Either that he stood his ground or that he knuckled under. As you can see, his legacy is actually hurt more by being the sheep at this point and yet that is what he will do as he does not have leverage and lacks personal courage.

    You wrote the following:
    “Over his 16 years with the Packers, he’s made few false steps. He’s been a choir boy, a boy scout, the ideal teammate, and “the team leader.” His image has been glimmering, and his standing as a good guy has up to now been nearly impeccable. He’s been a public relations dream.”
    This is simply not true. Granted, he is not out there robbing banks or, worse, participating in QAnon. But he is widely and accurately perceived as an arrogant lying A-hole. He lies about wind causing his interceptions (TB game last year) and Anthony Barr being dirty and many other things. He is not those things you list. This situation cannot ruin what he does not have. In fact, were he to have some backbone and continue his stand, it would actually help his reputation and earn him some respect.
    The leak is already out there (likely from the team) and now it is simply a matter of whether he will knuckle under and be a good sheep. That is the only thing he can control. He has nothing else at stake and no leverage. But he does not have the moral courage and fortitude to do it. That is why the team leaked the information, in order to not only force him to cave in, but to feel compelled to provide his highest cooperation and best in-season effort in order to avoid the sour grapes label. It was a prudent and astute move by the team. This is part of their process of “fixing the problem” — Rodgers is the problem and the fix is in, and it was a bridge they had to cross and it was a good move by them.
    This making the news was not the problem. It already existed. The news is now simply reporting it and making people aware fo the issue. The team (most likely) putting it out there is actually part of their solution — which is to make Rodgers comply with their will.

    Rob, no one has cast Jordan Love as a villain. Not Aaron, not the public, no one. He is simply a QB who was overdrafted a couple rounds early. Rodgers has an issue with him being drafted but not with him, with the people who drafted him and lied about the rationale to do so (of, golly, he just fell to us as we trade up for him, we had no idea that 3rd rd QB would be there still at the end of Rd 1, and it is just coincidence we were flying out to see his games in the middle of the previous NFL season.

    1. PF4L May 6, 2021

      Holy Novel Batman!!!….lol

      1. PF4L May 6, 2021

        After reading the first paragraph Rob. It sounds to me like L B thinks he has a “thank you” coming from you.

        1. PF4L May 6, 2021

          I’ll agree with most of LB’s last paragraph. I’m just wondering where he obtained the knowledge about Gute’s plane trip to see Love…i can’t begin to imagine.
          He’s really ‘in the know’ ….i reckon.
          I was reminded why i usually don’t read LB’s post, it took me the anguish of reading through all of his broken English to get to the last paragraph.
          Ferris….where the hell are you when you”re needed?

    2. Ed May 6, 2021

      KILLER are you related to Tommy ?

      1. PF4L May 6, 2021

        You caught that also?

      2. KILLER May 6, 2021

        Tommy… Kramer?

    3. Icebowl May 7, 2021

      Killer – How I missed your analyses …. ! I knew there was a reason I had to come back to TP.C

  17. Tom M May 6, 2021

    According to John Kuhn the odds of working something out are now up to 70%. That’s a significant jump from the 2-5% just a few days ago. It’s amazing the way things can shift when your losing the PR battle and telling FA not to sign with the Packers. TJ Lang said he’d put the Packers “feet to the fire” if he didn’t get his way.

    I say it’s time for Packer fans to put Rodgers “feet to the fire”. Contact Sony Pictures, the parent company and owner of Jeopardy, and tell them under no circumstances will we ever watch Jeopardy if Aaron Rodgers is made the permanent host. He cherishes that gig. It’s he’s foot in the door to Hollywood. Time to make Rodgers uncomfortable.

    1. PF4L May 6, 2021

      How about we…….start a petition? :)

      1. Empacador May 7, 2021

        Ha ha ha!! Holy shit does that petition reference bring back some memories! And good to hear from both Icebowl and MMSUCKS.
        People have short memories. I can say for most of the Packer fans I know there is no way in hell Favre ever somewhat redeemed himself for his bullshit conduct after leaving the Packers. The man was bitter and spiteful while openly rooting against the Packers and the fans at every turn. I distinctly remember “Lord Favre” defining what a true Packer fan is. And that implied Favre over team. I haven’t heard that from Rodgers.
        To compare Rodgers and Favre’s conduct at this stage is laughable. Let’s compare after Rodgers calls it a career and see whose legacy is what. I’d kinda like to know where Tom M falls on the whole Favre thing based on his rants about Rodgers. That bullshit gray beard, softer, gentler Father Time shtick ain’t fooling anyone Rob. Diva or not – and Favre was just as much if not a bigger diva than Rodgers may appear – Rodgers is a better person and QB than Favre could ever hope to be. Probably safe to safe there won’t be any reports of Rodgers sending dick pics to anyone while he’s married, if ever.

        1. Empacador May 7, 2021

          Sorry, meant “safe to say” there in the last sentence for the internet spelling and grammar Nazis! ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

          1. PF4L May 7, 2021

            Damn Empac….i didn’t know you were here back in the E. Wolf days…:)
            Were you under the same username?
            I’d kinda like to know how many years Tommy M has been in here and what his usual name is.

          2. PF4L May 7, 2021

            “Contact Sony Pictures, the parent company and owner of Jeopardy, and tell them under no circumstances will we ever watch. I gotta go now, i have to go shop for a new dress” – Tommy

          3. Icebowl May 7, 2021

            OMG don’t tell me E.Wolf is still around ….????
            You guys still get the VikeQueen guy spewing crap ??

          4. Empacador May 7, 2021

            PF4L, I was here but not active, only lurking. I’ve only been on here as this user name.

          5. PF4L May 8, 2021

            I was under a different name for maybe the first 6-9 months, until i thought of PF4L. The coolest username since Al Gore invented the internet.

        2. Icebowl May 7, 2021

          Good to be back Empacador

  18. Skinny May 6, 2021

    Im hearing Lynn Dickey is the source. Lynn Dickey and Don Majkowski. They were sick and tired of their names not being mentioned enough in Packer qb lore. So over ribs and beers at a Dickey’s Barbeque they came up with a plan to leak some serous shit. Needless to say its worked.

  19. Drew pallas May 7, 2021

    Rogers is arguably one of the best QB’s of his generation yet has only won one Super Bowl. The packers have been to the NFC championship game at least 4 other times in his career and lost them all. When Rogers had the weapons the defense failed. The drafts under thompson were at best underwhelming. Two years ago a flawed packers team went 13 and 3. Advanced to the NFC championship game and were dismantled by SF. Rogers did not have a lot of weapons Davante Adams was hurt. Now with new leadership in place GB trades up for a QB in the first round giving up another draft pick for the move. They draft a running back in the second round despite having Jones and Williams. They don’t talk to Rogers despite knowing he is “ prickly”. As a fan I was really upset at the draft. Love doesn’t play AJ Dillon rarely plays. The Pack go 13and 3 again. Go to the NFC championship game and lose to Tampa Bay. So. You wonder why Rogers is angry? What if the Pack used the first 2 picks to select impact players and what would they have done with the 4th round pick they gave up to get Love. They resign Jones reducing the impact of drafting Dillon. My question is could those 3 impact players have brought a title to for the fans and Rogers? Well never know now we. Leadership put the future ahead of a title. It was 4th and goal and they settled for a field goal instead of going for a TD. So not only was the 2020 draft a bust we now may lose our franchise player and a shot at a title. How good is the GM??

  20. Icebowl May 7, 2021

    Q : Is Schefter behind the new rumors that #17 will be dealt if QB1 goes ???

    1. PF4L May 7, 2021

      I don’t believe so…
      The problem with social media, is that it’s so easy to get your name out there and trending.
      Especially now with this drama when people come out of the woodwork speculating with irresponsible statements or just piggybacking someone else.
      Now all of a sudden Tom Silverstein is trying to be relevant again. He’s had a negative slant against Rodgers since he got drafted

  21. Mick May 7, 2021

    Good one,,,,,, Icebowl!

  22. Skinny May 7, 2021

    This story appears to be dead and was nothing to begin with. So Rodgers and the Packers front office have been having these cat fights probably for a couple years now and then both parties realize this is stupid and all is good again for the upcoming seasons. Sounds a lot like long marriage issues. Schefter trying to stir the shit pot is probably the most ridiculous thing hes ever done. Probably the most unprofessional “scoop” hes ever had. Looked like a complete armature on the Dan Patrick Show yesterday. All the animated responses and defiant answers, like he knows his story is crap. No wonder why Rodgers hates ESPN.

  23. Cheese May 7, 2021

    It appears Mike Holmgren isn’t very impressed with the communication skills of the Packers front office. Neither are we Mike, neither are we…

  24. Mick May 8, 2021

    Good point Cheese! Of all the people who have given their 2 cents worth of info about this saga; ex-players, friends, media, and all the other talking heads, a voice of reason; (Holmgren) chimes in with common sense. The problem in todays society is that common sense,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, is rather uncommon!

    1. Cheese May 8, 2021

      Yes, a voice of reason, or common sense. I can’t stand listening to all these blowhards and their opinions about “what Rodgers said” or his “unrealistic demands.” No one even knows if Rodgers even said this shit but the media is running with it in every direction. I’ve seen people call Rodgers a coward because he hasn’t addressed the media. If you’re going through negotiation talks do you want to spew everything to reporters before a deal is done? No, but the entitled little pot stirrers keep on stirring.
      James Jones, the most reliable source you’re gonna find, said that it IS NOT about getting the GM fired. It is not about getting more money. Rodgers wants to win championships and he wants to do it in Green Bay. But he’s not so sure that can happen with the continuous dumb ass moves by the front office. I found it hilarious when I read that the Packers offered to make Rodgers the highest paid paid QB in the offseason, because all it does it take the pressure off of them to actually make changes. Just throw money at him and it will all be better lol. Sounds like a Murphy solution if I ever heard one.
      I saw a clip of Terry Bradshaw talking with Colin Cowherd and he tries to talk shit about Rodgers. It’s laughable. Bradshaw says “Rodgers is an incredible player, he’s accurate, he protects the football, he has monster numbers, but he has the worst footwork I’ve ever seen from a QB, His footwork is all over the place, but he throws off balance which is pretty impressive actually.”
      WOW TERRY, you really got Rodgers on that one. Sick burn bro!

      1. PF4L May 8, 2021

        That’s like telling Ms. Universe you don’t like her toenails.

      2. Empacador May 8, 2021

        Apparently Bradshaw needs to go back and watch some of the Favre tape. That isn’t a knock against Favre either. Rodgers might have terrible footwork but with about 30 years between the 2, it seems like both QBs doing the unconventional with their footwork has become the norm. Something we are accustomed to.

  25. cobaltdriver May 8, 2021

    Murphy needs to just go

  26. PF4L May 8, 2021

    “Earlier this spring, San Francisco general manager John Lynch reached out to Jimmy Garoppolo after the 49ers traded for the third overall pick of this year’s draft. The team would be drafting a quarterback, but Lynch wanted Garoppolo to hear it from him and to explain where he fit into the franchise’s plans. If Lynch could extend that courtesy to the oft-injured and far less accomplished Garoppolo, surely Gutekunst could have provided the same assurances for Rodgers.” – Mike Jones
    “The Packers have repeatedly said they’re committed to Rodgers beyond 2021, but actions seal deals and reflect commitment. Communication and appreciation keep relationships afloat and partnerships intact” – M. Jones USA Today

    1. Mick May 8, 2021

      Indeed, it shows the lack of class and appreciation our front office has in handling personnel matters and the lack of respect to the MVP. I understand Rodgers isn’t free from blame here, but our front office must be blind to the fact that without Rodgers, they wouldn’t have had the success they have enjoyed for 10 plus years. Like Holmgren said; “He isn’t impressed with the communication skills of the Packers’ front office”.

    2. Cheese May 8, 2021

      Word has it that the Bears informed Andy Dalton, who’s never taken a snap for them, that they were taking a QB in the first round this year. The Buccaneers informed Brady, who’s been with them for one season, that they were taking a QB in the second round this year. But the Packers couldn’t inform Aaron Rodgers, who’s been with the team for going on 16 years, that they were trading up to draft a QB in the first round?
      This whole “players play, coaches coach, managers manage, shut up and do your job because I’m smarter than you” response is a load of crap, and a cover up for GGT’s shitty communication silos.
      “But that’s not how we did it in the 60’s and 70’s!!!” says Terry Bradshaw! Correct, which is the same reason you don’t see coaches trying to be Vince Lombardi these days because it wouldn’t work in this current NFL. If having open communication with the best QB in the league for the past ten years is too difficult for you, then you probably shouldn’t be in charge.

      1. PF4L May 8, 2021

        I’ll go one further as an example what positive things can happen when you open the lines of communication and work as a team….
        It wise widely reported that LaFluer, Hackett, and Rodgers worked together, as a team, all having input implementing the new offense.
        Also reported that each could eliminate plays they didn’t like. I’m sure that entailed conversation, but that’s my point.
        So what was the result…?
        #1 in NFL points scored
        Tonyan, an UDFA tied for with T. Kelce with 11 TD’s for tight ends.
        Adams…led the NFL in TD’s (18)
        A. Jones..4th leading rusher.
        Maybe….Rodgers input isn’t such a bad thing you pompous, arrogant…….
        Rodgers is on the decline?…..They should have really known better.
        But they didn’t…and here you are.

  27. PF4L May 8, 2021

    Some opinions about Love in training camp.
    Some saying he only had 9 camps.
    But i don’t see that Justin Herbert had any more camps and he learned a new offense, beat out everyone to be the starter, AND played so well he won Rookie of the Year.
    Commentary and video of Love doing the net drill

  28. PF4L May 8, 2021

    Besides how Rodgers felt dissed before the Love pick through the years….
    The biggest mistake besides non communication, was the front office thinking Rodgers was reaching the end of the line when deciding to draft Love. That HAD to be the consensus, or agreement in the pre draft strategy room. Three straight seasons with Rodgers having a passer rating in the 90’s…He MUST be done…lol
    I say this because the majority of Rodgers new money, has already been paid. Rodgers is playing on the cheap his last 3 seasons, averaging about 23.5 million/year.
    BUT….Love wasn’t drafted to sit for four years for 12 million, and then have to pay him a 5th year option over 20 million. That wasn’t the plan.
    I have NO DOUBT…The plan was for Rodgers to play through 2021.
    Well….A funny thing happened at the job site..70%completion…48 TD’s…5 picks..121 PR…84.4QBR
    I said shortly after the NFCCG that Rodgers threw a wrench in the Packers plan, You don’t just get rid of a guy with those numbers…it doesn’t happen. Rodgers knows this and his agent knows what the word “leverage” means
    I will note, one of the few things Rodgers has said recently, was that his season threw a wrench in the Packers plans. I’m not bragging i said it. But it seems…fairly obvious that was the case.
    In hindsight….i’d almost wager the front office wished Rodgers just had a mediocre season. Because most likely, this drama isn’t happening then.
    Some people (even here) have been counting Rodgers out for years, now the front office did, and they are paying the freight.
    As i’ve said for years….I ride with Rodgers to the end.

  29. PF4L May 8, 2021

    NFL Trivia…..
    Name all the QB’s in the history of the NFL , who have ever thrown for at least 4,000 yards, and had under 5 interceptions?
    His name is Aaron Charles Rodgers in 2018, 2019 seasons. That’s what some people define as seasons in decline. That’s how good…Aaron Rodgers really is.
    He’s a Baaad Man!!

  30. Cheese May 9, 2021

    Two take aways I got from this clip-
    Schefter is a hack with no source and says it’s “just a coincidence” he released his tweet about Rodgers on draft day,
    *COUGH* Bullshit.
    and everything is complete bullshit

  31. Mick May 9, 2021

    Yup; and the worst part of it is;;;;the bullshit is just starting. As soon as I hear a talking head start out quoting;;;;;; ” sources say”; the bullshit flag comes out; until proven otherwise.