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The Packer Reality if Rodgers Demands Gutekunst Be Fired

Aaron Rodgers at AT&T Stadium

There have been repeated stories put in print and the airways that Aaron Rodgers is demanding the firing of Packer GM Brian Gutekunst. If this demand, coupled with the threat to “retire” is true, then Rodgers is never coming back. Rodgers is not just asking for a member of the front office to be fired, he is asking for total control of the team. If Rodgers has enough power in the organization to fire the GM, that would give Rodgers veto power over players and draft picks. How could the next GM feel comfortable drafting any player without AR’s approval? Rodgers was not happy with the 4th down field goal decision by LaFleur, is he next? On the Packer executive team, who would be next to feel the wrath of Aaron’s axe? Packer President Mark Murphy knows he could be next. As he himself stated, “We’re not idiots.”

Every player on the team would also soon realize that they are also on the Rodgers chopping block if they “don’t earn Aaron’s trust”. It is easy to state that our quarterback is putting his own self interest ahead of the interests of his teammates. But, there is more to this mess than just a selfish employee. In the NFL, quarterbacks have more influence on victories. This gives quarterbacks more money than their teammates. Some positions in football are more dangerous than quarterback. Running backs are often lucky to have a five to six year prime production level before the toll of all those tackles breaks their bodies down. But Aaron is not holding out for pay equity across the board for his teammates. He is holding out for personal control over the Packer’s player decisions.

It is one thing for Rodgers to ask his teammates to take less money than he gets. There is a hierarchy in the NFL. The more your team wins, the more money each player hopes to get paid. But if Rodgers were to win this battle over control of Packer players, things will feel differently in a locker room where each player knows your QB has the final say on cutdown day. When the Aaron Rodgers axe does fall on a player, or a contract is not being extended in the way another player wants, when does the player bypass Russ Ball and go straight to A-Rod? If Rodgers with his power requests a contract that requires other players to be cut, how does that affect the teams ability to win? Even more importantly, how does it affect the player’s perception of Rodgers as the de facto GM? Rodgers tried being a union rep for a year. Players didn’t agree with him. He quit. Does he really want to be the de facto GM?

Rodgers will turn 38 this season. Every fan should think back on every quarterback they admired over the years and remember their production at age 29, and then at 39. This is not an indictment on Rodgers current abilities. He was the MVP last year. But Father Time spares no one and Aaron Rodgers will suffer the same fate as every other athlete. As he ages his athletic abilities will dwindle. The Packers record in 2025 will depend on some of the decisions that were made in this 2021 draft. Even more crucial will be the next three years. Is Aaron Rodgers the man the Packers want making those decisions? A better question is do the Packers want to acknowledge to every NFL agent that they will dismantle their front office every time a good quarterback wants the front office fired?

This feud could not come at a worse time for many Packer fans. So many fans rely on the tourism that eight games and an open Lambeau Field bring to Green Bay. From cash for parking in your front yard to hotel, restaurant, Uber, AirB&B, to jobs at Lambeau, many fans also rely on this team financially. Losing Aaron Rodgers right after a Covid shutdown puts many into fear mode. Could this affect my family? All of us who have worked for a boss we disliked have made choices. Life is not a bed of roses. It is a reality of compromises. You make the best choices for yourself and your family. Long term, Packer fans and Green Bay families should be alright. Making it through a tough winter is how we were raised.

Often companies, including professional football teams, are analogized as a family. People call their fellow employees their work families. In any family, when one member puts their desires above all the others there are consequences. Relationships are strained. Sometimes the damage is permanent. The permanence is really up to the individuals involved. Do you love your family and forgive them when you believe they were wrong? Is the relationship more important than winning every battle? We know Rodgers is willing to let family relationships sever. The rumors seem to indicate that his Packer relationship cannot be repaired while allowing Gutekunst to remain. But Rodgers is too smart not to have considered the broad implications of such a request. Even if time shows Gutekunst to be an inadequate GM, there is no team that will fire the front office when an agent demands it be done. Even if that player is your franchise quarterback. If that is truly the line in the sand, then Aaron Rodgers is already gone.

Paul Edwards

Paul Edwards is a lawyer, victim advocate, writer, and long term Packer fan and Packer history enthusiast.



  1. PF4L May 11, 2021


    If this demand is true…………………..
    Then speaks as if it were fact.
    “On the Packer executive team, who would be next to feel the wrath of Aaron’s axe? Packer President Mark Murphy knows he could be next.”
    We should be so lucky.
    Repeated stories that Rodgers is demanding Gutekunst be fired.
    Repeated stories are usually rooted because one person writes a story from a “source” and then everyone and their brother piggyback it run the same story rearranging the text. See Charles Robinson.
    No team is going to fire a General Manager on a players threat.

    Aaron Rodgers isn’t stupid enough to think that, much less say it.
    But maybe i’m just a bit confused….When did Rodgers say this?
    I just found it!!!!….Boy…do i feel dumb.
    Here is the stone cold truth (finally)…that Rodgers is (in fact) demanding Gutekunst be fired
    ” According to Charles Robinson of Yahoo Sports, Rodgers won’t return to the Packers as long as Brian Gutekunst serves as the team’s General Manager. Rodgers is willing to consider “hardline options” to get what he wants, from skipping the entire offseason to holding out of training camp, to possibly retiring.

    Robinson reports, citing an unnamed source in Rodgers’ camp, that (a reconciliation may not be possible if Gutekunst continues to be the G.M). Also, Robinson reports that team CEO Mark Murphy is aware of Rodgers’ position on Gutekunst.

    “The ball is in Mark’s court,” the unnamed source told Robinson. – Mike Florio
    There you have it….finally…the irrefutable truth.
    Rodgers did indeed demand Gutenkust be fired because…….
    A source in Rodgers’ camp said so
    I’m sold.

    1. Elon Jenks May 14, 2021

      I told you. I FUCKIN gawd damn TOLD YOU!!

      It’s coming, can you hear it?
      Fire Gute!
      Fire GUTE!
      FIRE GUTE!!!

      I fucking love being right.

      1. PF4L May 15, 2021

        The only thing you told me was that you are still afraid of coming out.

    2. Jeff May 26, 2021

      In my opinion, this issue is more complicated than it seems in this article. First of all Gutenkust needs to go! Who drafts a QB in round 1 when you have the leagues best and he is going to continue to be great for years to come? Who does that? The second biggest insult and maybe the one that sticks in Aaron Rodgers craw the most is having the ball taken out of his hands at the end of the year’s do or die goal line play. What idiotic reasoning could lead Matt LaFleur to do such a completely insulting thing to the reigning MVP? Nobody is talking about this but I think it is huge! What an insult! I know this hurt his ego, his reputation, having the ball taken out of his hands in front of the world on national television. The Packers had better do whatever it takes to get him back or Green Bay will not make the playoffs for a longtime.

      1. PF4L May 26, 2021

        Agree Jeff….
        But don’t dismiss the leak to the media reporting Rodgers was told ” Don’t be the problem”.
        The Packers have known Rodgers a long long time, and his personality.
        They did things…..that they knew, would blatantly piss him off and embarrass him in the public eye.
        Meaning….they didn’t give a shit and did it anyway.
        It’s for that reason, if Rodgers wants to stick it to the Packers upper management, i don’t have a problem with it. They basically asked for it.

  2. PF4L May 11, 2021

    “a reconciliation may not be possible if Gutekunst continues to be the G.M” – unnamed source IN RODGERS CAMP.
    So..it (may not be possible)? Or it still may be possible? I’m so confused.
    Or is it a demand, and it’s not possible?
    I’m so confused.

    1. PF4L May 11, 2021

      “NFL Network’s James Jones came to former teammate Aaron Rodgers’ defense, saying the Green Bay Packers quarterback isn’t angling to have general manager Brian Gutekunst ousted.” – Joseph Zucker

      1. PF4L May 12, 2021

        If i failed to make my point up above, my apologies.
        More direct……
        If your “source” says….“a reconciliation may not be possible if Gutekunst continues to be the G.M”
        Nobody… can say based on that…that Rodgers is demanding Gutekunst be fired, or he won’t come back.
        You can either say he is “demanding” that….or you could say, that it might somehow be a possibility, but that you don’t know for sure.
        The term may, or may not…illustrates a detail…unknown.
        You can’t say both…with any integrity.
        You’re a lawyer Paul..get in here.

        1. Paul Edwards May 15, 2021

          PF4L, The title and the first sentence acknowledge that the rumor may not be true. That is why the word “If” is included in both. The rest of the article discusses the potential ramifications of the proposition, while acknowledging in both the title and first sentence that the proposition may be false or inaccurate. While yahoo sport’s was the original source of the proposition, Bob McGinn, currently with, “The Athletic” has confirmed it. I purposely did not include the proposition’s source or confirmation as it was not the intent of the article to give them either credit or credence. Discussing the ramifications of a proposition that has not been confirmed as fact is quite different than stating a proposition is true. The “integrity” issue you claim is present in the article is in fact nonexistent.

          1. PF4L May 15, 2021

            Exactly why i quoted the start or your 2nd sentence of the “If” scenario.
            “If this demand is true…………………..”
            I acknowledged the IF…that wasn’t my point.
            My apologies for not including the “IF” in the title.
            But i think you might be missing the point entirely.
            Bob McGinn?…c’mon man, don’t even get me started.
            Charles Robinson was the originator. Do you find it curious that he knows more than any other reporter in the Nation concerning the Rodgers drama?
            We keep reading…”a source from Rodgers camp”. I don’t know how big his camp is, or how many people he confides in, but i’m guessing it’s a fairly small circle.
            But just to be clear, if you had read my words carefully.
            I did not make the accusation or the insinuation that you or others are writing it as fact. That wasn’t what i said.
            We know almost everybody begins an article with the word IF concerning Rodgers. That isn’t under question, nor did i question it, i just stated it as a statement of fact.
            What i wrote was, how it sounds and reads, AFTER the “IF”. How it reads after the “stipulation” that it may or may not be true.
            One more time, this is what i wrote……
            PF4L May 11, 2021

            “If this demand is true…………………..”
            Then speaks (as if) it were fact.
            Also, people can’t write that Rodgers is demanding to be traded, when that is clearly not was reported.
            The original story doesn’t base it on fact, or even use the word …demand.
            But people word it that way for theatrics..
            I thought i explained that clearly but ok.

            PS…I don’t think Rodgers will be giving Murphy the axe. OR….
            “Packer President Mark Murphy knows he could be next.”…C’mon man!!
            Did Murphy call or e-mail that info to you?
            Lets stop pretending you know what Murphy thinks.

          2. PF4L May 15, 2021

            “Rodgers is not just asking for a member of the front office to be fired, he is asking for total control of the team.” – P. Edwards
            I think Rodgers will be back, i’m not 100% on that but it’s my gut feeling. I want him back.
            But when i read the shit that people write…then i start to hope Rodgers doesn’t come back.
            Because frankly…to me, there are some Packer fans who don’t deserve him to be the Packers QB.
            You seem to be clueless who he is and how rare he is.
            When Rodgers says something….actually SAYS SOMETHING….you don’t like…Then by all means…tell me about it and i’ll listen.
            But i don’t have time for made up, manufactured scenarios, drama filled fictional theatrics.

          3. Paul Edwards May 16, 2021

            I agree PF4L. I want him back. He is the best QB in the NFL, IMHO. I don’t like that people are speaking for him. I do understand there are reasons why he does not want to speak himself. I hope at the end of this he is back with the team smirking his classic smirk at all of the press and coins another RELAX moment. But, Rodgers is asking for change. Only he can decide what change is sufficient for him to return. I don’t know if Gute and Murphy are sitting in their offices with puckered behinds, worried that they have burned their golden ticket in Rodgers and that they will be fired for it, or letting their egos loose, devising ways they can put him in his place. But I know they are both smart enough to have pondered the ramifications of every possible move. I’m keeping my fingers crossed this all resolves with Aaron a Packer. But the longer the “Brain trust” (🙄) stalls this out, I fear the less likely you and I will be happy with the upcoming season.

          4. PF4L May 16, 2021

            Neither side has clean hands.
            The change Rodgers is seeking is no change, but to determine his own fate. He feels like he’s earned it.
            Some agree, some don’t. But we’ve been reminded time and time again. Legendary QB’s don’t always get to determine their own fate. See Montana, Favre, etc.
            Rodgers thinks he’s right because of his body of work, his ego, and he feels he’s been disrespected by the current regime (which i agree with).
            But at the end of the day, Rodgers ultimate goal of playing for one team in his career is admirable, it is at the same time…selfish.
            He’s using the MVP as leverage to drive his goal to fruition.
            As far as Team Management….instead of writing a novel about every misstep they made, lets just call it inept.
            For a team whose leader said 3 years ago the Packers biggest problem was a lack of communication, it seems like this problem, would never have been a problem, with better communication.
            I will add….the same person who “discovered” the “silo’s” and “lack of communication, was also in that same building, working with those same people for 11 years. But yet….was clueless as to what went on around him? That….is a flag.
            So here we are again, under the same leadership….this whole damn thing could have been avoided with some respect and communication.
            I tend to judge things like this in totality. Although both party’s share blame, the Packers have known Rodgers idiosyncrasies since day 1, they should have known better how to manage this situation.

          5. Paul Edwards May 18, 2021

            We are in full agreement on that. He is the same guy he was when he won a SB in 2011. Interesting twist is Murphy had no problem firing a SB winning coach and kicking his behind out the door. But would he do the same for his own job? Or his yes-man GM? Time will tell.
            What does Rodgers want? Calling your MVP QB about the last WR cut you are pondering seems like a reasonable request. If that was not done then the communication issues have not changed for the better.

            June- July will be telling. I do not think if Rodgers sole request was to have Gute fired; he would have just said trade me. I think Murphy is never going to fire Gute and Rodgers knows it. If that were on the table there would be comments from Murphy like, “not satisfied with the communication” coming from him.

            Of course all of this flies in the face of Rodgers desire to stay with one team. He knows a new team will only care about what he has done lately… for them. His next team could cut him if injured with no press release. There are no guarantees in the NFL, especially a new team. I think we should offer him what they offered Farve, guaranteed money to be a team ambassador after retirement at 10 mill a year. But, nobody is going to hire me😜

          6. PF4L May 18, 2021

            I’m not so sure what Murphy knows, or understands much concerning “communication”.
            It is my belief it is not in Rodgers best interest to go to another team and start over at 37.
            It’s also my belief that Rodgers has no interest in going to another team.
            The Packers don’t have Rodgers in their plans beyond 2021, (hence the problem).
            Rodgers goal, besides winning…is his steadfast, spoken, consistent objective of finishing his career where it started.
            The difference in the Packers objective, and Rodgers objective is the root of the problem.
            If the Packers were smart, they call out Rodgers and trade him, reaping the rewards a trade would bring for years, if used correctly.
            That’s coming from the Packer fan in me. I don’t care what Brady did with Tampa. It is damn tough at 37, MVP or not, to move to another team and vie for a Super Bowl. Especially when everyone would be expecting it.
            The stars would have to align perfectly

          7. Mick May 25, 2021

            “If the Packers were smart, they call out Rodgers and trade him, reaping the rewards a trade would bring for years, if used correctly”————– The key phrase there is “if used correctly” If history is any indication, I have big doubts!

  3. cjh May 11, 2021

    Amen! Thank you PF4L.

    Some folks just don’t get it.

  4. PF4L May 11, 2021

    Thanks new guy.
    May 11, 2021 at 02:07 pm
    “I would really like to see Nijman at a starting OT position. I hope he takes the next step. The guy is huge.”
    I’d love to see him take a snap first, that might be the next step….lol
    Starting OT? I love people :)
    So entertaining.

  5. cjh May 11, 2021

    I find it impossible to defend the Packers F.O.

    Gutekunst and Murphy are not qualified for their jobs. Totally allowed their ego’s and arrogance to interfere with proper decisions. Fire both of them. Totally to blame. That should be the outright battle cry of every Packer fan who understands anything about football.

    Absolutely sickening watching the reaction of Gutekunst after he made the Love selection last year. As if he had just saved the franchise and secured another 16 years of winning football!

    Get ready Packer fans for more winning football minus any Superbowls! This management cluster we have running this organization has settled into the complacency of just winning divisional football and the entertainment factor. They have supplanted the desire to win Superbowls with the desire to entertain, make money, and be consistent while doing so. There is now such thinking when it comes to “win now”.

    The hand writing is on the wall. It’s not what they say, it’s what they do. Actions speak louder than words. And failure to communicate with Aaron Rodgers shows exactly where their priorities lie.

    1. Deepsky May 12, 2021

      Sorry, the Executive Committee has never fired a Packer president. They retire at 70 to 80 years old or they die. Unfortunately, Murphy, the only Packer president ever without a Green Bay history, isn’t anywhere near 80 years old, and has had more influence on this team than any Packer president ever.

      1. PF4L May 12, 2021

        That’s right Deep…
        It definitely seems to have the stench similar to the old boys club back in the 70’s and 80’s.
        When someone gets a new made up job title, sells their house, and then moves 1,300 miles away with 2 years salary…i say there is a problem. I’m sure whoever his beneficiary was, is happy right now. You know Ted didn’t spend his money.
        “We take care of our own” – Mark Murphy
        I don’t know what the 49 people on the BOD’s and the executive Committee do.
        But my money says, that it’s more social club, than anything.
        Sans whatever business they can siphon off the Packers for being on the Board.

        1. Elon Jenks May 14, 2021

          Told ya ;)

  6. cjh May 11, 2021

    my above should read “NO such thinking when it comes to “win now”.,

  7. Mick May 11, 2021

    According to Tom Pelissero of NFL network, GB is inviting 2 Q-backs to mini camp tryouts May 14-15 to operate the mini camp. Kurt Benkert released by the Colts in feb; and Chad Kelly, released by the Falcons after one month into the 2020 season. With the Rodgers saga, Boyle gone to Detroit, the mini camps need arms. No matter what Loves’ progress is, I don’t think he’s pooping down his leg over this news!

  8. Deepsky May 12, 2021

    It doesn’t matter if the news stories are true or not. The problem is that you have hundreds of writers who are paid to put out content, now focused on this story. I’m sure both sides tried to keep this quiet, but it can’t be laid to rest, even if both sides want the stories to end. This is why I don’t think Rodgers will ever play for the Packers again. This will become the NFL’s only story, and the NFL owners, all of whom authorize the Packers to exist, will force a trade. We’ve seen this play out over and over in the NFL.

    1. PF4L May 12, 2021

      I think it matters a lot. To some, maybe not.
      But other people may think integrity…means something in life.
      You are correct, one person post an article or a tweet and hundreds of bandwagon writers hop on board like sheep.
      Most of them make a living, regurgitating someone’s fact, or fiction, not even knowing firsthand whether it is true or not. Or how the original writer wanted the story slanted. Usually based off emotion, and not fact.
      How many articles are written based on emotion instead of fact or integrity? See Jeff Janis.
      It is our responsibility as readers to determine to the best of our ability if it is fact, or fiction to what we choose to believe.
      That is usually accomplished with some common sense mixed in with some critical thinking.
      As someone who has watched this pretty close, i can’t say what will happen. I also don’t know what the winning power ball numbers will be.
      But i do know what i feel. I feel like….if a trade isn’t announced by June 2, or 3rd. Rodgers isn’t going anywhere.
      Which is my gut feeling to begin with.
      With that said, i’m prepared for any case scenario, and i’m cool with it. Because i have no control over it.
      But one thing i’m damn sure of…..integrity always matters.

      1. Mick May 12, 2021

        Problem is PF4L, we both know that most of the media has no integrity. The good ones report the facts and are stand up people, but; there are too many slime buckets out there. The media outfits want “dirty laundry”; (borrowing a phrase and popular song by Don Henley in the 80s). WHY? Because that’s what gets the ink, turmoil sells. We see it everyday, at every level. You are right when you said “It is our responsibility to determine which is fact, or fiction”. My belief is———– I want to hear facts from either, or both; Rodgers and his agent, or the Packers. Not from sources close to either one of them, not from ex-players, friends, teammates, golfing partners,,,,,,,, etc! Only Rodgers, his agent, and the Packers know the hang up here. I believe that because we haven’t heard the details from either one of them. Until then, let the media shit all over themselves.

        1. PF4L May 12, 2021

          That’s why you have to take new information with a grain of salt.
          We probably won’t hear anything from anyone who matters, until there is a resolution, one way or another.
          People write articles, and at the beginning they acknowledge the “if it’s true” aspect.
          Then they write the last 95% of the article as if it’s true…lol

  9. Cheese May 12, 2021

    If Rodgers is gone you can kiss Davante good bye as well. Not that GB has anyone to throw him the ball so they might as well dump his contract.
    If the front office fucks this up to where Rodgers AND Adams go elsewhere, how do you not vacate the entire front office? That indicates MAJOR PROBLEMS when your top two players leave because of poor communication that has been clearly evident for the past decade.

    1. Mick May 14, 2021

      Good point Cheese; couple that with the possibility of having problems down the road about signing quality FA’s to GB. How this F.O. treats their star players will resonate throughout the league.

    2. Elon Jenks May 14, 2021

      But they’re 4-0 w/ out Davante Adams on the field? Huh..

      1. PF4L May 16, 2021

        Well…there ya have it….we don’t need a proven #1 wr or a #2 wide receiver.
        We’ll probably have 2 rushing backs who each gain at least 1,700 all purpose yards with 32 combined TD’s.
        Tonyan will add 11 TD’s because he did it once before.
        Dequara will catch 9 TD’s, proving his pick wasn’t a waste.
        MVS will catch 9 also, while raising his target catch rate to 53.8%
        Lazard will have 8 TD’s
        Amari Rodgers will shock everyone with 13 TD’s and a 79% target catch rate.
        Mercedes Lewis will catch 2 TD’s to earn his 3.9 million.
        Figure that Love will run for 4 TD’s also, minumum.
        That, sans field goals, puts us at 37.8 PPG.
        * Funchess doesn’t make the roster, that’s if he reports at all.
        * Snacks Harrison is now a delivery driver for Nabisco.
        That leaves only one thing to do….
        Start saving up for my Inglewood Super Bowl tickets and gas money for my 1993 teal green Ford escort wagon.
        I have $18.91 seed money as of today, i will try to update amount weekly or bi-monthly.

  10. Cheese May 12, 2021

    Apparently, according to Schefter if that means anything, the Packers are signing Blake Bortles to a one year deal. This article says “the Packers are desperately looking for a veteran presence at quarterback, as starter Aaron Rodgers has publicly said he wants to leave the team.”
    I’m sorry, when did Rodgers publicly say he wanted to leave? Oh that’s right, he didn’t.

    1. PF4L May 13, 2021

      I think Riley Gates needs a 3 piece with a soda.

    2. Jason Parker May 13, 2021

      When did Rodgers make any effort to quell the rumors? I am with you though that Schefter’s reputation is now permanently damaged.

      1. PF4L May 13, 2021

        There could be multiple reasons why nobody gets into details yet about rumors, both with Rodgers and with the Packers themselves.
        It’s both sides who could quell rumors, it’s not just Rodgers.

  11. icebowl May 13, 2021

    Just saw this, thought I’d share it :

    To go from Rodgers to Bortles would be like driving a Ferrari and then downgrading to a 2004 Honda Accord, which has been in 11 accidents…..

    1. Elon Jenks May 14, 2021

      Thank you for that insight Captain Obvious!!

    2. Kato May 16, 2021

      I like that analogy

    3. PF4L May 16, 2021

      Love will start. He wasn’t drafted #1 to sit on the sidelines while some 2 year has been struts into camp taking his starting spot. He won’t have it.
      Jordan Love plays like Patrick Mahomes. You aren’t going to sit Mahomes, and you aren’t going to sit the 2nd coming.

  12. cobaltdriver May 15, 2021

    Fire Gute and Murphy. This is so embarrassing to b a Packer fan right now. Rodgers is a one of a kind talent. All he wants to be is the Greatest Packer Ever. WTF is wrong with Gute and Murphy not to allow that?? To me those two are the ones being petty. This has to be one of the most embarrassing time to be a Packer fan,and believe me, in the 70s and 80s there were a lot of them. I just don’t get it. Who is above Murphy? Why is the BOD allowing this bullshit? I can y even stand social media because its all half wit Bronco fans acting like Rodgers is already there and the rest is delirious Bear and Viking fans. Please someone! FIX this.
    I am sick of people calling Rodgers a baby. He fucking carried this team during the whole walking DEAD TED era and then he has to put up with these 2 clowns. Wish there was just a hint of good news..cant get any news because the national media has worn out both hands jacking off to the idea that Rodgers might bot be in Green Bay. Unreal it came to this

  13. cobaltdriver May 15, 2021

    so if no one can fire Murphy…i guess its time to sign out on the Packers for now. Season ticket holder and fan my whole life. This drama is so fixable yet nothing seems to be getting done. I lived in Minnesota when Favre was here. They don’t even acknowledge their own legends because they act like Favre has been a Viking forever. They’ve walked back a little on that now since Favre is a Trump supporter. I would hate to see that happen to Rodgers with Denver. You don’t see Peyton Manning in Colts stuff..they just show him in Denver crap.Imagine having to watch Rodgers lead Denver to the Super Bowl. He wont blow it like Brett did. How nauseating will that be. The Bronco fans are already unbearable becasue they are preety sure Aarons coming to Denver. I just hope dumb and dumber can get some good starters,Chubb,Jeudy,Surtain Lock and a shitload of draft picks to make the loss easier. Knowing Gute and Murphy,its looking like loserville for “years to come”.

  14. Kato May 16, 2021

    I am torn on this situation. On one hand, if this is indeed related to Jordan Love, he needs to grow up. On the other hand, if it is indeed related the lack of guarantees about being the starting qb beyond this year, I kinda get it. There is no money guaranteed to him essentially. Did his play last year as opposed to the two years prior justify possibly committing to him longer than 2021? Probably, I think something not being talked about is Alex Smith’s injury. I could envision Rodgers being worried about a serious injury this upcoming season and that hurting his potential market value if the Packers did decide to move on from him subsequently in 2022, especially if there is a long rehab time that could put the beginning of 2022 in jeopardy.
    I do think, for everything that Rodgers has done for the organization, they at least owe him the courtesy of actually communicating with him. Like telling him they are considering drafting a future starter at his position.

  15. PF4L May 17, 2021

    May 17, 2021 at 01:37 pm
    “But let me put the “respect” issue into perspective. I’m retired. I have a college degree. I worked in professional jobs including lower level management. And if I add up every penny I earned in my entire career it doesn’t equal what Aaron Rodgers earns in a single football game.” – anonymous
    Now i’m not sure…but lets say a career last at least 40 years. Rodgers game checks this season are about 802,000, not bad money if you can get it. But then again…how many NFL QB’s do you run into into at the store, or in church who have a SB MVP, and is a 3X MVP? If it was easy….everyone would be doing it.

    So….this means…that this college educated degreed professional has barely averaged $20,000/year over his career.
    Either he is lying…..or he’s made a whole bunch of wrong decisions in his life.
    I love people :)

  16. PF4L May 17, 2021

    Because…..someone has to entertain you people.
    Just for kicks….
    In 2007-2009…average Packer ticket prices stayed the same for those 3 seasons at $63.39
    Since then ticket prices have gone up annually, to double that of 2009. For a $128.93 average for 2020.
    That doesn’t factor in the 67 million raised in the stock sale of early 2011.

  17. rebelgb May 18, 2021

    PF4L didnt you have an accident or something? Is that why you have so much time to spew your shit on this site? I used to like you ok enough because you brought some insightful comments to this site, even with your on your knees love of #12. But man the last year has been nauseating. Your not a Packer fan. Your a Rodgers fan. You hate EVERYTHING Packers except Rodgers. I mean dont take my word for it, look at your post history the last 12 months. Murphy sucks. Gute sucks. The “Board” sucks. I mean you dont even have a basic understanding of the Packers operations. The so called “Board” as you call them has had ZERO football power since Ron Wolf. The “Board” cant fire Murphy you douche. The funny thing is all the snail trail idiots on this site who have decided to become your disciple and your lover of anti Packer crap,. Dude seriously I hope your are doing well health wise and I wish you good tidings in your life. But maybe take a break from the website here; you seem to be a little to involved. I mean damn man its just football. Maybe you next time you feel like posting another 5 paragraph post of your so called knowledge of the inner workings of the Packer organization you could just write a love letter to your boy Arod.

    1. PF4L May 18, 2021

      Isn’t Rebel cute when he throw’s one of his tantrums? :)
      So Murphy can’t be fired?

      1. Cheese May 18, 2021

        Can or can’t, it makes no difference.
        Board of Directors- “Mark will let us know when he’s ready.”

        1. PF4L May 18, 2021

          Exec and BOD’s..”Ron took our powers away. Only God can fire Murphy.”

  18. PF4L May 18, 2021

    rebelgb April 25, 2020
    Well this draft sealed it. I am now a Bucs fan. Love the uniform and its always warm in Tampa. Go Gronk and Tom!
    Don’t be a stranger, Princess

  19. PF4L May 19, 2021

    We now have 3 1st round QB’s on the Packer roster. Yet…we have a QB problem.
    I understand that Rebel is now a Buccaneers fan and doesn’t care, but Aaron Rodgers can grab his marbles, go home and kick rocks into the Pacific Ocean
    We’ll still have 2 1st round QB’s to guide us to Inglewood.
    Management expertise….check.
    Contributing draft talent infusion…check
    Better special teams….check.
    More than enough off. talent….check
    New Def. Coordinator….check
    Improved O-line….check.
    Improved D line….check.
    Best Head Coach…check
    Future Pro Bowl ilb’s Barnes,Martin….check
    Offense PPG….38
    Defense PPG…..17

    Current Super Bowl ticket fund = $23.79

    1. PF4L May 19, 2021

      SB UPDATE: I have two seats(back) available in my 94 escort wagon if you want a ride to the Super Bowl, just contact me and we can split the fuel cost.
      Of course, i will have to charge a one time initial “convenience fee” of $299.00 (non-refundable) due by June 1st….to reserve your spot.

  20. Timothy Fisher May 19, 2021

    Ego’s are in the Way! AR is an all world QB that knows the team & the changing NFL. He has been dissed from day one.
    Gutes bet the farm for Love, his people skills sealed his fate. We can fire him now or after 2 years of 10 loss seasons.

    1. Daniel Tlachac May 21, 2021

      I agree, because the packers are already having second thoughts about Jordan Love and his ability to play in the NFL. I live in Texas and have always been a packer fan but if the CEO and GM do not fix this mess they will probably both be fired.

  21. Mick May 22, 2021

    Like Timothy said; it’s a matter of egos. Coaches and GMs of highly successful teams don’t like admitting that their good fortune has a lot more to do with their “diva” QB than their ability to build and coach the surrounding team. Is their anyone associated with the NFL that hasn’t provided an opinion on this shit show? GB has shown that they didn’t have faith in Rodgers. He has been publicly insulted by the organization many times; from “Don’t be the problem”, to trading a 1st and 4th round pick to acquire a project QB prematurely; to taking the ball out of his hands with a championship on the line. The world is now seeing the GB organizational malfunction in plain view. IMO, there is only one side of this fiasco that is squirming,,,,,,,,,,and that’s the management; rightfully so. They’ve made the bed, and it’s nap time! Haven’t heard a word from the Rodgers camp, which also says something. Before we can fully understand what the snag(s) are, how about we wait until Rodgers speaks? As it lays right now, it looks fairly easy to retain Rodgers; just end amateur hour at GM; and fire Gute!

    1. Cheese May 23, 2021

      “Don’t be the problem” Lol, I forgot about that one. And for Murphy of all people to be the one to say that to Rodgers. Mindboggling.

      1. PF4L May 23, 2021

        That has a certain specialness to it doesn’t it?
        Like ..short bus…special.
        Gee…..why would Rodgers take offense to that?

  22. cobaltdriver May 23, 2021

    Yes..as a fan it is quite embarrassing hearing and seeing the Packers FO getting trashed constantly. Not to long ago it was one of the top organizations in ALL sports. I honestly don’t think Rodgers is going anywhere. He has good buddies on the team and they all have come too close to just bail out now. I do LOVE the fact, that whatever is going on, its bringing more attention to the front office snafus that his talent has covered up for some time. Its funny seeing them squirm and get called out. Maybe the Packers organization needed a little shakeup, because its obvious they didn’t learn from the Favre mess.

  23. PF4L May 23, 2021

    An article i read from down the hall selling us on how much deeper and talented our receiving group is this season. But there is one common denominator with most of them.
    Allen Lazard………..”If he can take another step forward, he can carve out an even bigger role in the Packers offense.”
    Marquez Valdes-Scantling….”If MVS can become more consistent with his hands and at winning contested balls…”
    Devin Funchess…..”If he can return to his previous form, he can give Green Bay a reliable big target ”
    Reliable?….good one :)
    Equanimeous St. Brown….”If he can put it all together in his third year in the NFL, he can be a steady contributor”
    Steady?…good one :)
    Think that’s a lot of IF’s?
    Read the draft pick articles.
    That’s the difference between an idealist (dreamer), and a realist.
    The realist will tell you what it is (good or bad), not what you wish it was.

    1. Mick May 24, 2021

      IF,IF,IF? How about “IF” our GM made a priority of picking players that have already proved their value in college against stiff competition at positions of need? Like maybe, ILBs’, and DLs, and WRs. They treat some of these positions with little respect, thinking, well; we can pick up someone in the latter rounds, or UDFA; to fill the those needs. Is it any wonder why they keep falling short and keep experimenting with the same positions over and over, and also why those said positions still have questions? In addition to what PF4L stated above, they are playing the “IF” game with Burks, Jackson, Redmond, Sullivan, Lowry and others. Other “IFs” that happen way too often with this franchise is; “IF” we select this guy, at this position and transform him into something different; boy we pulled a fast one and look smart. Works sometimes, (dreamer) but, the realist inside me says “hope and a prayer”;;;;;;;;;;;; or better yet,,,,,”IF”

      1. PF4L May 24, 2021

        If we can get starters from this draft class, if our 12 draft picks and UDFA the last 2 years can fill spots in the O line…..dude, I could go all day long with IFs.
        If we had better pass coverage in the NFCCG, if we had another receiver with better “get open” skills, if Rodgers just tried to run it in. No….Rodgers isn’t exempt.