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NFL Betting Tips

NFL betting tips must always come from knowledgeable tipsters. Lucky for you today, that is exactly what we will provide. All our advice covers the competitions that are carried out all over the region of North America. The NFL is massively popular in America but also around the globe. For example, when we were looking at the Top Australian betting sites we found the NFL to be an exciting market with a range of different betting options.

Gambling takes place for the NFL from the pre-season, all the way through to the Super Bowl LV. The last Super Bowl that we have witnessed was at the Raymond Jones Stadium within Tampa, Florida. We are sure, you are probably already ahead of yourself, contemplating who is to win the next season of the NFL, right? So, make sure you stick on through and see everything we advise, if you are planning on joining in the action for the next season NFL betting. All the latest tips and tricks, coming your way!

Lambeau Field 2021

The sun sets on Lambeau Field during the NFC championship game between the Green Bay Packers and Tampa Bay Buccaneers on Jan. 24, 2021, in Green Bay, Wis.

Best American Football Betting Tips

For all integrated predictions that we have provided to you within this page, it will cover the different markets, alongside player and team props, in addition to cover lines.

Game lines

Money Line

The straight win, and betting selection for those wanting to opt for the home or away team to take the victory. Many bookmakers will decide between themselves who the outright winner will be, and usually from bookmaker to bookmaker, the results of who will not differ greatly from one another. It always is a select few teams that lie close to the top of the league that get chosen, with comparison to last season’s standings too.

Point Spread

One team is selected to have a head start in the game, where others will need to be given points to make up for the spread of the favorites. A great example of this would be, if the home team that is playing is set to -5.5, they will need to win by 6 points or over to make the bet successful. If the team is set to a +5.5 instead, they have up to 5 points that they can afford to lose to still ensure their success.

Game Total

This is the total that teams will be expected to score within one game. If the game total is set at 37 for example, it will need to be 38 or more to be successful. If it finishes on exactly 37, all bets will be pushed.

Player Props

The first touchdown scorer will be the bet of who is believed to score the first touchdown within the game. A coin toss is usually the decider for this market, especially when it comes down to which team gets control of the ball first within the game. Obviously, that will have the largest correlation of which team will be able to get the first attempt of a touchdown.

Anytime Touchdown Scorer

The factor that makes this bet work, is that it can remain up until the last minute the whistle is blown to end the bet. For a player to be chosen for this bet, they must score a touchdown at any point within the game.

Team Props

Double Result

This betting market offers you to select a lead of who will be leading in after the first half time, and after full time-via two separate bets. This is perfect for those that believe the money line bet is too risky, and would rather separate their betting outcomes to be on the safe side of things. As of course, a lot can happen in just one-half time of a game, right?

Team Points 2-Way

Again, similar to the game total bet, you will be betting on the over or under points collated within the game. You will bet under or over the set lines, for both away and home sides.

Winning Margin

The winning margin is where you will essentially be backing the team to win, with a set margin of victory in touch downs. So for example, if Tampa Bay is playing the Saints, and you think Tampa Bay will win by just one touchdown more, your selection would be Tampa Bay by 1-6 points. This can be selected for both the teams playing, and usually the best bet will be highlighted by bookmakers to go for, when selecting the winning margin.

How do you place a wager on the NFL?

To place a wager on American Football, you will need to know the betting options we have listed above. Only after you have identified the best option to work for yourself, that is when you place a wager and create your betting slip.

Within your betting slip, you will be presented with all the market of betting outcomes and which you can take your pick of and apply to the most recent/seasonal fixes. You can also take advantage of any accumulator tips that come with the bookmakers and promotions that you decide to select for your betting journey with the NFL, moving forward.

often is it that NFL favorites actually win?

The question that many punters ask when they get into the NFL betting game, is how often do bookmakers actually get the favorites right? So, we decided to provide the statistics to help you find the answer to that question. From the season opening of 2014 to 2015, until the most recent season, the win percentage of the betting favorite picks have ranged to 63% and 70%. The 2015-16 was the worst statistics on record to date, having just under 63%-win rate. 2017-2018 had the biggest win rate of 72%, making it the highest to date so far.

Top performances of favorites to date

For the games mentioned statistically above, the top performances that ranged the most buzz within the NFL betting community, was the following favorites and their opposing teams:

Green Bay Packers
New England Patriots
Houston Texans
Minnesota Vikings
Indianapolis Colts

The teams that fell under the win rate of 50% were St Louis Rams, they only had a 36%-win rate. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers had a 47%-win rate, showing both teams not being the most reliable candidates to wager on when selecting favorites. This would then make you question if by betting on the underdog, would you actually fare better? Let’s break that down a little here. The only two teams to ever play over 25 games and were underdogs within seasons, yet also happened to win over 50% of their games were the Kansas City Chiefs and the Pittsburgh Penguins. They won 15 games out of 27 and 16 games from 31 respectively, making that above the 50%-win rate we associate with favorites usually. It makes it very apparent how selecting favorites based on statistics, can of course run a firm line sometimes, as you saw through our elaboration.

Whenever you decide to place a wager, looking over past statistics, performances and especially win rates, should help you form a decision when it comes to selecting favorites within a match, or a whole season.

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