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Blake Bortles Has Lots of Upside – and One Fatal Flaw

The first thing that popped up in the minds of many Packers fans when they heard about the Blake Bortles signing was that he’s been a failure in his seven years as a pro QB. I find many reasons to believe, however, that this acquisition was a savvy move on the part of the Packers’ maligned front office.

After entering the league as the third overall draft pick in 2014, Bortles spent five years with the Jacksonville Jaguars, all as a starter. He then spent 2019 with the Rams and most of 2020 with the Broncos. He barely played in 2019, and didn’t play at all in 2020. While with the Broncs, he was waylaid when he tested positive for the virus; he and three other Broncos’ QBs were subsequently fined for violating COVID-19 protocols.

Blake had his best year, in terms of passing yardage (4,428) and yards per attempt (7.3), in 2015. Rodgers best-ever passing yardage was 4,643 in 2011. His completion percentage went up four straight years, peaking at 60.3 in 2018. He met with the most success in 2017, when he led the Jaguars to a record of 10-6. He also was on the winning end of two playoff games, before narrowly losing to the Patriots in the conference championship.

Blake played conservatively in the playoffs, going 12 of 23 against Buffalo and 14 of 26 against Pittsburgh. His best performance was in the loss to the Patriots, when he had a passer rating of 98.5 (versus Brady’s 108.4). Most notably, Blake threw no interceptions throughout that postseason.

Listed below are seven reasons to believe the Packers’ acquisition of Bortles was a wise move – and why Bortles’ career might well be revived in Green Bay.

Size and Health

Bortles has pro QB size: 6’5” and 236 pounds. He has remained mostly healthy, both during his three years at Central Florida and during his five years with Jacksonville. While with Jacksonville, Blake missed five games. After the Jags’ 2017 postseason run, it was announced that Bortles played through a Grade 1 right AC joint sprain and was also hobbled by tendonitis in his wrist – an indication he’s a gamer.

Playoff Experience

In his fourth year, all as a starter, Blake took the Jags into the playoffs – and played well throughout that postseason. The Jags beat Buffalo 10 to 3, and then Pittsburgh 45 to 42, before narrowly losing to the home-team Patriots, 24 to 20. How close were they to going to a Super Bowl? They led by a 20 to 10 score against the Pats with less than nine minutes to go. Notably, Blake threw zero interceptions in those three playoff games.

QB Nick Bortles

Nov 10, 2019; Pittsburgh, PA, USA; Los Angeles Rams quarterback Blake Bortles (5) runs the ball against Pittsburgh Steelers cornerback Mike Hilton (28) during the third quarter at Heinz Field. The Steelers won 17-12. Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Run Ability

As a rookie Blake ran for twenty or more yards seven times, second to Russell Wilson among NFL QBs. In each of his five years as a starting QB, he rushed more than 50 times, and for more than 300 yards. Rodgers has exceeded 300 rushing yards only four times in 16 years. His career rushing average is 6.2 yards per carry. In his three playoff games following the 2017 season, Blake rushed for 121 yards.

Blake has also rushed for 20 or more first downs in all five years with Jacksonville. Over the past four years, Rodgers has averaged only 16 first downs per year via the run.

Poor Pass Protection

Whether due largely to Bortles or poor pass blocking, Blake was consistently under lots of pass pressure while at Jacksonville. He was sacked over 100 times in his first two years alone. In his final three years, however, he got those numbers down to 34, 24, and 31. Bortles led the league as a rookie in being sacked 56 times, and he was second the following year, with 51. Whether his declining number of sacks and interceptions is a credit to Blake, or more due to improved pass protection, I can’t say.

A Dysfunctional Organization

Despite picking high in the draft almost every year, the Jags have had trouble at retaining such players or getting the most out of them. Their top pick in 2016, OLB Dante Fowler (chosen third overall), was traded away in the middle of the 2018 season. RB Leonard Fournette (chosen fourth overall in 2017) was all but given away to the Patriots after the 2019 season. WR Allen Robinson moved on to Chicago after the 2017 season. Two-time Pro Bowler CB Jalen Ramsey (chosen fifth overall in 2016), had a fallout with the Jags’ front office, and was traded to the Rams midway through the 2019 season. QB Nick Foles signed a 4-year deal for $88M in 2019, but was then traded away prior to the 2020 season.

The players weren’t the only ones who made sudden exits from Jacksonville. The Jags replaced their offensive coordinator with Nathanial Hackett in Week 8 of 2016 – and then replaced Hackett in late 2018. Head coach Gus Bradley was replaced with two games remaining in the 2016 season. His successor, Gus Marrone, was fired after last season. Acclaimed college coach Urban Meyer is about to make his pro coaching debut for the Jags.

Going back ten years, the Jags have finished 4th in the AFC South Division five times, and third four times. Recent Jacksonville players have had a dismal record of achieving great success while playing there.

Passing Stats Generally

Whatever the reasons, Blake’s pro passing stats have been mediocre, and consistently so. Ignoring his rookie season’s passer rating of 69.5, from 2015 through 2018 his rating has never been lower than 78.8, and never higher than 88.2. He hasn’t thrown for a lot of touchdowns – his two top seasons were 2015 (35) and 2016 (23).

His completion percentages have also been consistently unimpressive, in his first three years he was in the upper 58’s, but then upped it to 60.2 in 2017 and 60.3 in 2018. His yards per attempt has the same pattern: from just over 6.0 to 7.0. Presumably because he was forced to throw a lot due to so often playing from behind, he’s twice exceeded 600 attempts in a season: 625 in 2916 and 606 in 2015. Rodgers has only reached the 600 mark once, with 610 in 2016.

The Ryan Tannehill Experience

A big question is whether Bortles can ever get better than he was during his five years in Jacksonville, or has he reached his ceiling. When he got to within a few minutes of going to the Super Bowl after the 2017 season, he proved to my satisfaction that he has the talent to go far. Perhaps Green Bay will provide the environment that will aid him in reaching his full potential.

Consider Ryan Tannehill. He was the eighth overall draft pick in 2012, and was thrust into the starting QB job for Miami from Game 1. In six playing seasons there, he was an average quarterback, with his highest passer rating being 93.5 in 2016 – the only time that Tannehill led Miami to a winning record.

In 2019, Ryan was traded to the Titans; he signed for $7M for a year. All Ryan did that year, with new teammates and new coaches, was record a passer rating of 117.5, compile a regular season record of 7-3,and go 2-1 in the playoffs – losing to Mahomes and the Chiefs in the conference championship. The only players who have exceeded Tannehill’s 117.5 rating are: Aaron Rodgers (twice), the Colts’ Peyton Manning (121.1 in 2004) and the Eagles’ Nick Foles (119.2 in 2013).

Tannehill was named the N FL’s comeback player of that year. Ryan followed up with another strong showing last season, making it to the playoffs with an 11-5 record, and with Ryan registering a fine 106.5 passer rating.

Tannehill was 30 years old when he transformed himself after switching teams – Bortles is 29. It’s conceivable that he could still become a top-tier NFL quarterback. This is especially so with the Packers, where Bortles might benefit greatly from the offensive schemes that Matt LaFleur and Nathaniel Hackett have installed. The Packers have also assembled an impressive supporting cast, including talented pass receivers, running backs, and offensive linemen.


The thing that has most held back Bortles is his penchant for throwing interceptions. During his five year period in Jacksonville, he led the league with 75 interceptions (in 75 games) – 13 of which were returned for touchdowns. He also was second to Russell Wilson in number of fumbles during that time, with 46. I believe that Blake will drastically reduce his number of turnovers if he gets significant playing time with the Packers.

Pro Football Reference has gone back 50 or more years and compiled quarterback interception percentages (Int%). The names at the top of the list aren’t a big surprise: Aaron Rodgers, 1.4; Patrick Mahomes (1.4), Dak Prescott (1.7), Colin Kaepernick (1.8), Tom Brady (1.8), Derek Carr (1.9, and Russell Wilson (1.9).

Current QB’s in the 2.0 – 2.5 range include Carson Wentz, Sam Bradford, Deshaun Watson, Matt Ryan, Nick Foles, Jared Goff, Kirk Cousins, Teddy Bridgewater, Matt Stafford, Mitchell Trubinsky, and Ryan Tannehill; Drew Brees was also in this range.

Current players from 2.6 through 2.9 include: Ben Roethlisberger (2.6), Philip Rivers (2.6), Andy Dalton (2.6), Cam Newton (2.7), Blake Bortles (2.8), and Baker Mayfield (2.9).

Players who are still hanging around in the NFL and who have an Int% of 3.0 or greater are: Blaine Gabbert, Josh McCown, Chad Henny, Ryan Fitzpatrick, and Jameis Winston (3.4).

The correlation between interception rates and NFL quarterback greatness is astounding.

The promising thing is that Blake reduced his number of interceptions nicely in his five years with the Jags: 17, 18, 16, 13, and then 11 in 2018. In Rodgers’ first three years as a starter, he also had seasons of 13 and 11 interceptions.


Over the last 10 years, the Packers have been grossly negligent as to having competent backup quarterbacks on the roster: Tim Boyle, DeShone Kizer, Brett Hundley, Joe Callahan, Scott Tolzien, Matt Flynn, and Graham Harrell. In all that time the Packers have never had an experienced NFL quarterback as a backup to Rodgers.

They now have such a player in Blake Bortles. Some might cite Matt Flynn, but over an eight-year career he accumulated only 2,500 passing yards – Bortles has almost 18,000. Other than as a fill-in when the starting QB has been injured (7 times), Flynn never started an NFL game. Bortles has started 73 games for the Jags.

The signing of Bortles was smart, and long overdue – if only to have him available in the event Rodgers is injured and misses multiple games.

If Rodgers doesn’t play for the Pack this season, then Blake will provide spirited competition with Jordan Love for the starting job – and I think he’d win it. Having Bortles on hand will allow Green Bay to bring Love along at a comfortable pace, rather than thrusting him into being the starter before he’s ready.

In looking at Blake’s passer rating stats, as well as his touchdown numbers, I’ve concluded that but for his propensity for throwing interceptions, and his below-average number of touchdown passes, he’d have above average passer ratings. The passer rating formula gives great (and excessive) weight to these two stats. I also suspect that Bortles’ passing stats are misleading in that in most of his games with Jacksonville he was playing from behind and was therefore compelled to take great risks in most games.

Perhaps best of all, the Packers’ salary cap problem left little room for bolstering the team’s quarterbacking corps, but I believe Blake’s 1-year deal is for only about $1 million. That’s a real freefall, since he signed a contract in 2018 for $54 million over three years.

At any rate, there’s still plenty of time for the 29-year-old castoff to achieve redemption in the NFL – and Green Bay might be just the place to do it.

Rob Born

Smart drafters don’t select the best available players, they fill a team’s positions of greatest need.



  1. PF4L May 22, 2021

    Welcome back….
    Let me preface by saying when the Packers signed Bortles, i said at the time it was a decent signing for, and on the cheap as far as camp arms (back ups) goes if your smack up against the cap..
    But as always….i’m going to bring perspective and keep it real..
    “In his fourth year, all as a starter, Blake took the Jags into the playoffs.”
    He took? With his…60.2% comp. percentage… 21TD’s ..13 Int….9 fumbles…84.7 passer rating? Fuck…Rodgers has a passer rating in the 90’s and people think his career is over. But Bortles has 84.7 and he took his team to the playoffs like a super hero.
    With that said…..i’m thinking the Jaguars 2nd ranked scoring defense of 16.8 PPG, might of had something to do with it.
    I’m not sure how you bring up his increasing completion percentage among his other assets.
    “His completion percentage went up four straight years, peaking at 60.3 in 2018.”
    Technically you are correct.
    BUT….at those rate increments, if he kept playing, he would have a completion percentage of 61.9 ….in 2035
    NOTE: Brett Hundley’s career com. percentage is…59.1
    When a NFL QB has a completion percentage below 60, they are usually at home without a job nervously hoping for the phone to ring…Bortles phone rang, Hundley’s hasn’t.
    In closing i have to add this……
    If Rodgers isn’t here, or he’s here and misses games….You start Love, period!!
    He needs time and experience in real game’s, that’s how most 1st round QB’s usually learn.
    I’m going to say something, try not to get it twisted and blow a gasket.
    If Love can’t start in his 2nd season, after 1 1/2 camps, pre-season games, and a full year being the scout team QB, he is….a bust, for where he was drafted. Not unlike Blake Bortles.
    Why? Because projects usually get drafted in the 3rd-7th rounds. Not traded up for in the 1st round.
    That brings Gary to mind…and hopefully he’ll be a designated starter in his 3rd season.

    1. Tom M May 22, 2021

      You don’t start Love unless he’s ready. This team is set up to win now. He’ll have to beat out Bortles. It won’t be handed to Jordan Love. Assuming Rodgers retires. He won’t. But that’s a whole different drama. Jordan Love won’t get any meaningful snaps until August. Almost two years since his last game at Utah. Even if he shows promise he’ll be rusty. It’s highly unlikely he beats out the veteran Bortles. In all likelihood, Bortles starts the season and if he’s successful, they’ll ride him as far as he’ll take them. But if we were to start 0-4 or 1-3 then I could see them making a change to Love. But not before.

    2. Robster May 22, 2021

      Let’s compare young Rodgers, Love, and Bortles for a moment. Rodgers was considered a possible top overall draft pick, and NFL-ready after two fine seasons at U of California. Instead, he became Brett Favre’s understudy for three full years, managing only 35 completions in that time span. Fortunately the Packers didn’t prematurely write him off. He finally became the starter for the entire 2008 season. The team went 6-10, with Aaron throwing for just over 4,000 yards, 28 touchdowns and 13 interceptions; his passer rating was 93.8. In his second year as a starter, the Pack went 11-5 and reached the playoffs but lost in a wild card game. His numbers zoomed up: 4,434 yards, 30 TDs, 7 interceptions and a 103.2 rating. Though the Pack attained Super Bowl glory after the 2010 season, all four of his above seasonal stats worsened, and the team scraped into the playoffs with a 10-6 regular season tally. In sum, Rodgers didn’t set the league afire until his 6th year in the pros. Love, conversely, was drafted high due entirely to his future potential. Everyone acknowledged he was a development project – it was an attempt by the GM to acquire a future franchise QB without benefit of having a high Round 1 draft choice. So I’d say it’s way too early to be ready to call Love a bust (when he was drafted is irrelevant) if he isn’t ready to start in a few months. As for Bortles, the whole theme of the post isn’t what Blake has done up to now, but whether there are reasons to believe he might surpass his previous performances with a new and more well-rounded team and coaches. How dysfunctional was that Jags operation? After being their starter for four years, Blake was rewarded by the Jags in 2018 with a $54M contract – then was dumped before the 2019 season. Due to COVID, Jordan Love’s progress as a pro to date is known only to Green Bay’s coaching staff and front office – yet much of the media is spreading the rumor, without any evidence as they say, that he’s a colossal failure. I won’t believe it until I see it.

      1. PF4L May 22, 2021

        You lost me at…….”Let’s compare young Rodgers, Love, and Bortles…..”
        Love couldn’t beat out Tim freaking Boyle.
        Bortles was a 3rd pick overall…..picking his nose the last 2 years on 2 teams.
        If a 29 year old 3rd overall draft pick is sitting at home unsigned in May who hasn’t played any meaningful snaps since he was 27. He might be a bust
        Compare Rodgers, Love, and Bortles?
        “SHOW SOME RESPECT!!” – Stephen A. Smith
        Rodgers could have started his first year….period. It wasn’t in the cards and it wasn’t because he wasn’t ready.
        “In sum, Rodgers didn’t set the league afire until his 6th year in the pros.”
        Yea…he sat for 3 seasons!! And you know it.
        2nd season starting
        Pro Bowl
        3rd season starting….
        SB MVP
        4th season starting
        First team All Pro
        Highest passer rating in NFL history
        “Fortunately the Packers didn’t prematurely write him off”
        That was a possibility?
        Gee…i don’t know….but i’m guessing a lot of QB’s would like to replicate Rodgers first 3 or 4 seasons as a starter…what say you Rob?
        ” He finally became the starter for the entire 2008 season. The team went 6-10, with Aaron throwing for just over 4,000 yards, 28 touchdowns and 13 interceptions; his passer rating was 93.8.”

        What does “finally” mean….did he struggle, was it his fault?
        How are those bad stats for a first year starter?
        4,000 yards, 28 TD’s, 13 interceptions with a passer rating of 93.8 is pretty damn good i’m thinking.
        Those are numbers that Love dreams he has.
        What were you expecting his first season starting Rob….4,600 yards, 44 TD’s….6 picks…118 passer rating?

        1. Tom M May 22, 2021

          There are two things guys like you always do to defend Rodgers and the lack of winning championships. First, you’ll quote his stats and second, you’ll make excuses for him. Here are some stats then. In the 4th quarter of the NFCC game your girlfriend was 4-11 for 54 yards and a FG. Does that sound like the GOAT numbers to you? Because it doesn’t to me. Blake Bortles could put up those numbers. Jordan Love could probably do the same.

          1. PF4L May 23, 2021

            Excuses like what?….That the Bucs scored 21 points on ridiculously easy TD’s because of subpar coverage?
            Those 4th quarter stats are interesting. Those are facts that i can’t dispute.
            Should we go into some more facts?
            Brady was 20/36 for 280 yards..3 Td…3 picks…73.8 passer rating. Sacked once. (Do those sound like GOAT numbers to you Sparky?
            Rodgers was 33/48 for 348 yards…3 TD’s..1 pick….101.6 passer rating. Sacked 5 times.
            Brady had almost no pressure.
            Rodgers had pressure almost the whole game.
            But who was the winning QB, Brady?
            You might wonder why that is….I DON’T
            The only thing i know about Jordan Love, is that he might make the active list his second season, maybe.
            Yea, Bortles might throw those numbers…and history tells us he’d probably turn the ball over throwing an interception or fumbling the ball.
            Want some more Blake Bortles numbers Tigger?
            Bortles…TD/interception ratio…1.3/1
            Rodgers…TD/interception ratio….4.6/1
            Blake Bortles interceptions his first 5 years starting….75
            Aaron Rodgers interceptions his first 5 years starting….45
            Bortles TD’s his first 5 years starting….103
            Rodgers TD’s his first 5 years starting…170
            Gee…maybe there was a reason Bortles was sitting home unemployed when the Packers called.
            Number of seasons before 3rd overall pick Blake Bortles found himself unemployed in the NFL…5
            Number of seasons before Aaron Rodgers found himself unemployed in the NFL….huh, what?
            I wonder….how anyone can compare, or put Bortles and Love in the same conversation with Rodgers.
            Are some of you people that clueless?
            Maybe it’s just some Packer fans who have no clue what they have in Rodgers, have no clue of his greatness, have no clue of his legacy of achievements and have no clue, why Brady would call him the greatest skilled QB of all time.
            Know what you had…appreciate what you have. Start showing a legend some G D respect.
            One person (doesn’t/can’t) win a Super Bowl. A team has to win it. When i say team, i mean from the top down.
            The day may come when you realize that, in the meantime, you’re just another fool who will be shocked…at what the Packers become without a HOF QB under center.

          2. MMSUCKS May 25, 2021

            Amen PF4L . . . Another Packer HOMER apologist . . . Or, a Packer employee doing damage control.

          3. PF4L May 25, 2021

            Bortels and Love could do the same…..he said.
            Sure…if they survive the onslaught of the Bucs pass rush without being sacked and intercepted.
            Mahomes was sacked twice and intercepted once in the 4th quarter against the Bucs.
            I know that i should have more patience with stupid people…but i can’t dumb down for just anybody.

          4. MMSUCKS May 26, 2021

            Agreed, Great points as well.

          5. Tom M May 30, 2021

            Matt LaFleur, while OC for the Tennessee Titans, took reclamation project Ryan Tannehill and Derrick Henry to the playoffs. Now granted, AJ Dillion is no Derrick Henry but the Titans had nothing resembling Aaron Jones either. So why can’t Jordan Love throwing the ball to Davante Adams be Ryan Tannehill good? And therefore good enough to get to the playoffs. Because that’s all you get with Aaron Rodgers. A trip to the playoffs and then a list of excuses why he couldn’t take the team to the SB. It’s the same story every year. Love doesn’t have to be Rodgers good. He just has to be good enough.

          6. Tom M May 30, 2021

            You girls get free knee pads when you join the Aaron Rodgers fan club? If your girlfriend gets traded they’ll be no star struck fans, such as yourselves, making excuses for him. He’ll have to deliver. As far as the NFCC game, it’s called adversity and it happens in big games. Some guys deliver and some guys don’t. Aaron Rodgers didn’t. Despite everything that happened in that game, it was still Aaron Rodgers game to win or lose in the 4th quarter. He was only down 5. Does your girlfriend be great? No, he’s 4-11 for 54 yards and a FG. That doesn’t cut it. Quoting stats does cut it. Making excuses doesn’t cut it. And this is where we are with Aaron Rodgers. Year after year, for a decade now. Always coming up short and always blaming someone else.

          7. MMSUCKS May 30, 2021

            How are we supposed to even consider your rants if they are fraught with such ineptitude and playground name calling? Your grammar is lame to say the least. At least step up to the plate and push back like a man! For instance; “FUCK YOU” would at least get you a better response, because right now you bring nothing to the table. What you do get is a stale cookie for being a Packer apologist and a Packer homer. You need to earn respect, not just act like you’ve earned it. Go do Packer damage control elsewhere . . . Hint; it is NOT working here. Lol!

          8. Tom M May 31, 2021

            Yes, Total Packers. The Packers blog where everything is rainbows and butterflies and Aaron Rodgers rides bareback on a pink unicorn. Bottom line, your girlfriend has one ring, that’s it. You can spend hours and hours circle jerking each other talking about stats and making excuses for your her. Some guys are champions like Brady and Montana. And some guys are stat whores like Brees, Rodgers and Favre. And speaking of Favre, how many rings did he win in New York and Minnesota? The same number Rodgers would win in Denver or Washington or any other team. ZERO! I understand the truth hurts ladies. And you want to lash out against the messenger. But your all going to have to come to terms with the fact that Aaron Rodgers doesn’t give a shit about you or the Packers. All this hero worship is completely misguided…..

          9. Cheese May 31, 2021

            LMFAO at all these morons who act like they can insert Jordan Love or Blakes Bortles in to Green Bay’s offense without skipping a beat and everything is right on track to win a Super Bowl.
            “AaRoN RoDgErS WiLl NeVeR bE tOm BrAdY” they all say. Could it be that Brady has had a front office that actually has half a fucking clue how to improve their team? Could it be that when they see an opportunity they take it, or when the have a problem they fix it in a timely manner?
            “tOm BrAdY tAkEs PaY cUtS tO wIn cHaMpIoNsHiPs. rOdGeRs JuSt cArEs AbOuT mOnEy!” If the Packers spent their money wisely in the first place maybe Rodgers would be on board with taking one for the team, but when you see GB make totally asinine money moves that idea goes out the window. Should Rodgers have given up half his salary for Jimmy Grahams 5 td’s in two years? Maybe Rodgers should pay for Martellus Bennett’s $8million contract for half a year of drama when they could have had Jared Cook. Or maybe he should take a pay cut so GB can recoup some of the money for Love’s rookie contract that will never be taken advantage of as long as Rodgers is in town. Right… Rodgers is greedy and the Packers front office isn’t loaded with dysfunction. Got it.

          10. Tom M May 31, 2021

            Because we’re “on track to win a SB” with Rodgers? That hasn’t been the case since 2010. But it’s always someone else’s fault. So what’s Rodgers excuse if he’s traded to Denver? He’s not winning that division. If he can’t beat Brady, he’s not beating Patrick Mahomes. That means he goes on the road to play Lamar Jackson in Baltimore, or Josh Allen in Buffalo, or even Baker Mayfield in Cleveland. And that’s if he can get Denver in as a wildcard. They’ll be no management excuses in Denver when he comes up small in the 4th quarter. And they’ll be no fanboys like you girls to make excuses for him. It’s why Favre lasted one season in NY. They weren’t putting up with his diva crap. Personally I’d love to see him traded to Denver because come January you girls will be doing what you always do. Pointing fingers and blaming someone else.

          11. Cheese May 31, 2021

            Congrats on being an insufferable homer who can’t get his head out of the sand. Have you watched the playoffs for the past ten years? Let’s see…
            2011- Packers go 15-1 because of the offense and immediately exit the playoffs due to their last place defense.
            2012- Once again, the garbage defense let’s a QB run for 181 yards and 2 TD’s, in addition to 2 passing TD’s. Dammit Rodgers, why can’t you play defense!
            2013- Kap runs for 98 yards but at least he didn’t get to 100. This is in a game that Packers would never have even been in if Rodgers didn’t come back from a collarbone injury to beat the bears in the last game of the season.
            2014- Brandon Bostick, Brad Jones, Morgan Burnett, nor Mike McCarthy had nothing to do with pissing this game away. It’s all because Rodgers wasn’t Superman on that day. He got them to overtime only for the defense to give up a 35 yard TD, aside from all the other blunders.
            2015- With only Janis and Abbrederis to throw to, Rodgers completes a hailmary to Janis to tie the game and send it into over time. On the very first play of overtime Green Bay’s defense gives up a 75 yard pass play to Larry Fitzgerald. 5 yards later, TD Arizona. Dammit Rodgers, you still can’t play defense?!
            2016 and 2019- Both are a wash because every facet of the Packers played like garbage, going into halftime down 0-24 and 0-27 in each game.
            2020- Rodgers wasn’t perfect, but he wasn’t the problem. Who wanted to kick that field goal? Where was “Quadzilla” near the goal line? Why wasn’t Rodgers covering Scotty Miller instead of Kevin King?

          12. MMSUCKS May 31, 2021

            Amen Cheese . . .

          13. PF4L May 31, 2021

            He was only down 5….except of course, when he was down by 8.

          14. Tom M May 31, 2021

            Not if your girlfriend scores a TD in the 4th quarter. He can talk about being the GOAT he just can’t actually go out and be the GOAT. But he’ll always have you PF4L. I’m just surprised your not in Hawaii with him and Miles Teller getting beat up in some men’s room in Maui.

          15. PF4L May 31, 2021

            He was only down 5….except of course, when he was down by 8.- PF4L
            “Not IF……..” – Tommy
            Like…..”IF” you studied harder you might have passed your GED exams?

      2. Mick May 22, 2021

        Interesting point Rob! My confidence in the media is well below the mendoza line. (And it’s slipping further down the sewer as time goes by) I mentioned earlier that maybe, just maybe; Love isn’t as green as we’re led to believe. Only the coaches know the progress, or lack of progress pertaining to Love. The media is only guessing what’s happening, by the events that are current. They’re falling all over themselves trying to get that “juicy piece”; for their stories. However, not only do I need to see it to believe that Love is a flop, I also need to see it to believe it, if he is going to be the next good Q-back. With or without Rodgers, I wouldn’t want to be in Gutes’ shoes.

        1. PF4L May 25, 2021

          The thing we know about Love, besides video evidence….is the fact that LaFleur himself has said that Love has a long way to go.
          Up to this point, i’ve found LaFleur to be quite up front and honest when he speaks.

          1. Mick May 26, 2021

            I agree! It seems he’s a great communicator, teacher and a leader. Which is more than I can say for the clowns above him.

          2. PF4L May 26, 2021

            Mick….this is a post from the Head Moron, down the hall.
            Down the hall, where fiction trumps fact.
            May 26, 2021 at 07:34 am
            That’s pretty funny. You’ve created an alternate reality with your hyperbolic examples that have zero relevance to a football team. The question becomes, should Rodgers decide on roster spots and draft picks?
            When was it reported that Rodgers sought decision making on roster spots and draft picks?
            When?…. by whom?
            Making up that false narrative doesn’t make it true. It makes you a liar.
            Rodgers wanted to offer input, then was “told his place” by the front office. That’s the story as i heard it.
            We all expected a receiver to be taken in the first round of the 2019 draft. When i say all, i mean everyone in America.
            Most everyone was shocked and dismayed about the Love pick.
            Does that mean we all want to make roster decisions and draft pick decisions for the Packers….of course not .
            Hasn’t Gute admitted that he should have communicated better with Rodgers on the Love pick?
            So…what does that say?
            Yet, this Head Moron accuses somebody else of being hyperbolic?
            Glass houses Grandpa…glass houses.

          3. PF4L May 26, 2021

            * 2020 draft

  2. Tom M May 22, 2021

    For me, the Blake Bortles signing means they’ll be no trade with Denver. In the event that Rodgers retires Love and Bortles will fight it out as the starter. If a trade were eminent, then it would be Drew Lock and Jordan Love in the battle for who starts at QB. And therefore no need to sign Bortles.

    It would be interesting to see what Bortles could do in this offense. He had his best years with Nathaniel Hackett as his OC. Along with Davante Adams and Aaron Jones, I wouldn’t count us out. And he’s a huge upgrade over Tim (Craig Nall) Boyle.

  3. Rodgers May 22, 2021

    Insightful article. It’s unsurprising aRod won MVP last season. Even after the injuries, the Pack’s Oline was ranked 2nd in the league. Over recent times, the Packers’ offensive line has consistently been one of the league’s best pass-protecting units. Yes, this has helped aRod.

    Bortles’ seasons in Jacksonville were spent playing behind poor pass-blocking O lines. QBs’ performance improvement within a clean pocket is astounding. That goes for every QB, including Brady and aRod …and Tannehil and Bortles. Interception rates move astoundingly up/ down based on pass blocking.

    Bortles, playing behind the current line, within this scheme, supported by the Pack’s D can reasonably expect to experience success. If Arod leaves, the Pack don’t have to throw up their hands amd declare this a rebuilding year with the purpose of seeing where JL is in his development.

    If Bortles wins the job and the Pack are on track to get to the post-season, the correct moved is to allow Love to continue his 2nd season’s development the same way aRod did.

    1. PF4L May 23, 2021

      I re-watched the NFCCG last week….i might have missed it, but i didn’t see much of a clean pocket at all.
      If Rodgers isn’t here, and Bortles is starting…lol. feel free to throw up your hands.
      This guy hasn’t played for two years. Nobody thought much of him after 2018.
      There is a reason he was unsigned until May this year. and this is your hope if Rodgers is gone?
      If it wasn’t for Rodgers drama…Bortles would be planning his fall/winter “Inside Passage” cruise with his wife.
      Good luck.
      Just saying….for the record.

      1. PF4L May 23, 2021

        BTW…Rodgers didn’t need 2nd year development on the sideline, that wasn’t why he wasn’t the starter, lets not get it twisted.
        Rodgers didn’t need training wheels.

  4. icebowl May 22, 2021

    Amen, Mr. Rodgers !!
    My confidence in Bortles is a whole lot better (than zero) thanks you reading all your input.

  5. LambeauPlain May 23, 2021

    This nonsense that Love could not beat out Tim Boyle is belied by the fact….he did!

    Boyle’s new price tag in GB would have been over $2 mil/year to b e a third stringer. Boyle still has not been named the back up in Detroit as he competes with another UDFA for the #2 spot in his one year $2.4 deal.

    Letting Boyle walk tells me ML and Hackett and Getsy believed Love was better than Boyle and $2 mil is too much to pay a 3rd stringer.

    Bortles was a fantastic value and insurance, especially after the Rodgers soap opera unfolded.

    1. PF4L May 23, 2021

      “…..is belied by the fact….he did!

      He did beat him out in 2020, for fact?
      We are talking about 2020, right??
      Ok, my apologies, i must have read the depth chart wrong… all season.
      Maybe the weekly active roster had my head spinning so bad i couldn’t think.
      Sometimes my reading skills have something to be desired.

  6. stiggy May 23, 2021

    Blake bottles problem is he is a party boy drunk. His one great year he was playing for a sizeable contract and had his act together.

  7. PF4L May 24, 2021

    One week to go…..
    The closer we get to June 1st, the more nervous i get. Things are very quiet.
    Although i’m sticking with my guess Rodgers will be back. You can’t help but feel like a trade is a real possibility.
    You listen to guys with ties to the Bronco’s like Mark Schlereth who talks as if the trade is a done deal and you can’t help but wonder if he’s right.
    If a trade to Denver is imminent, i would think there would be a big buzz in Denver going on this week. That’s the kind of news that would spread before the announcement. So if there is a lot of media buzz in Denver, expect a trade i would think.
    If it’s quiet in Denver, i don’t see a trade happening.
    If anyone lives in Colorado and can comment on this, please do.
    In other developments…Phil Mickleson rocks!!

    1. Cheese May 24, 2021

      I thought I heard Rodgers is supposed to appear on some ESPN show today. If true, we might get some info out of that depending on what he says or doesn’t say.

      1. Howard May 24, 2021

        I think you may get riddles and jokes with Kenny Mayne and QB#1. I still maintain any real news about QB#1’s contract/restructure, or trade status will come through James Jones.

        1. Mick May 24, 2021

          Ya, he is probably the one most trusted with the Rodgers news. But, it will be interesting how the debate goes, what’s discussed, what’s asked; and more importantly………..what’s answered!

        2. Mick May 24, 2021

          I think you’re right Howard. After all, this is Kenny Maynes’ last hurrah @ ESPN. Rodgers trusts him. It will be interesting to see what’s debated, what’s asked, and more importantly; what’s amswered.

    2. Mick May 24, 2021

      Phil “The thrill” Mickelson; age 50. The oldest PGA player to EVER win a major! The fans love this guy, and the atmosphere yesterday was more than electric. I know this is a football site, but; this is a monumental achievement in sports history. WELL DONE.

      1. PF4L May 24, 2021

        Watching Phil win another Major wasn’t as great as watching the Packers win a SB,
        But much like meeting up with an old lost friend, it was good for the soul.

  8. Howard May 24, 2021

    I find it odd that no sites that normally show contract details have been void of Bortles contract details/amounts. The Bortles contract was signed on May 13? It is now May 24 and no contract details/$ amounts? Usually those contract details are out within 2 to 3 days of a contract being signed. In the worst case you may have to wait a week to see the contract details.

    Rob indicated he did not know the $ figure attached to the Bortles signing. It makes one wonder why no details as yet on the Bortles contract? Is the NFL having a problem with the contract amount/language? Is the amount of the contract well over one million based on playing time and the Packers do not have enough cap space at this time pending a corresponding move? I’m not sure of the answers to those questions, but I think if we could see the Bortles contract details/amounts we may be able to make a better WAG on Rodgers future status with the Packers.

    1. Mick May 24, 2021

      Ya, this puzzling, the only detail I heard about Bortles, is he signed a 1 year contract. (can’t find any other details.

    2. Dean May 24, 2021

      Rodgers skipping off season workout today frees up $500,000 of cap space.

      1. PF4L May 24, 2021

        That’s half of a Blake Bortles :)

  9. Cheese May 24, 2021

    Rodgers puts a strong emphasis on how culture, tradition, legacy, etc… are built buy the people. He then names off several Packer greats like Lambeau, Lombardi. Holmgren, Favre, and so on. He adds that culture isn’t built by whatever building you’re in, or the corporation, it’s about the people within those things
    “It’s never been about the draft pick. I love Jordan. He’s a great kid. I love the coaching staff, I love my teammates. I love the fanbase in Green Bay. Incredible 16 years. It’s just kind of about a philosophy and maybe forgetting that it is about the people that make the thing go. It’s about character, it’s about culture, it’s about doing things the right way.”
    This is clearly a big middle finger to Mark Murphy and Gute for the way things have been terribly handled over the years.

    1. PF4L May 25, 2021

      Mayne: This isn’t what they want Aaron, they didn’t call on you for a tribute….
      The Man: I don’t give a shit.
      Spoken like a man worth about 250-300 million who has been told…”Don’t be the problem” by a fucking imbecile.
      Little did we know, that becoming the MVP, was going to be a problem…..for team management.
      This whole fiasco is caused by one ingredient, overall lack of respect. Aaron Rodgers simply said….enough.
      Much like some Packer fans….Either the Packers have no clue who Aaron Rodgers is, or even worse…they don’t care.
      I’ll go with the latter.
      At the end of the day….in big picture form….
      You have 2 HOF QB’s who seem to have become fairly close friends…both playing for the Packers for nearly 3 decades uninterrupted. That doesn’t happen often, maybe…once, and will probably never happen again.
      My point being….This is a part of Green Bay Packer Legacy. After the dust settles you have 2 HOF QB’s with angst and bad feelings towards the team.
      It’s bad enough to have one with bad feelings. Packer management doubled up!!.
      It’s the Packers who didn’t learn the lessons from 2008.
      Next time you want to tell a SB MVP, 3x time MVP, HOF’er…..”Don’t be the problem”…..try not to leak it out to the media and embarrass the man…you stupid SOB’s.
      Mark Murphy had no clue about the communication silo’s before 2018…even though he worked with those people for 11 years.
      But he somehow thought (knew) that Aaron Rodgers was the problem?
      Why?…because McCarthy said so to try to save his job?
      Mark Murphy was/is the problem, and he has the fucking gall to tell Rodgers..don’t be the problem?
      Mark Murphy is a clueless fuck.
      A guy carries the team on his back for over a decade, and is told….to not be the problem?….priceless.
      Is it any fucking wonder why Rodgers is playing these cards?
      This has been overdue if you ask me.

      1. PF4L May 25, 2021

        I’m watching the news….i don’t know why everyone reports this drama started when Love was drafted, this clearly started before that.
        Some don’t think Rodgers has felt disrespected before the Love pick?
        Or felt the Packers weren’t doing everything to win before the Love pick?
        C’mon man.

        1. Mick May 25, 2021

          Ya man! Damn straight this disrespect started when———–MM told Rodgers “not to be the problem”; publicly! Or should I say that is what really elevated the animosity. Need proof that Gutey is nothing but a puppet? All the coaches and Russ Ball answer directly to MM. Gutey does too but, Gutey is an empty rung on the ladder in the steps to the ultimate decision making. Top it off with the fact that this is the 2nd time a disrespected Q-back has made noise; albeit for different reasons. MM lived through this when the transition from Favre to Rodgers happened——— and didn’t learn a damn thing. Look back to 2011, the year after GB won the SB. It took management 3 years to address a safety problem after the Nick Collins injury. To this day, they haven’t addressed WRs’ after the departure of J. Nelson/ R. Cobb. I’ve heard somewhere that GB has drafted defense with their 1st pick in 9 out of the last 11 years. Yet, they can’t sniff the top 10 defenses in the league. WHY? Because we’ve had 2 GMs’ who pick talent for the coaches whether the coaches had any input at all; or very little. The job of the GM is to provide talent that the coaches need to succeed, thus making the whole organization be successful. MM got his hands involved where they have no business being. If Gutey is that empty rung on the ladder, he needs to go. And, MM should be let go for hiring Gutey in the 1st place. I, like everyone else don’t like what’s going on between Rodgers; (who is not blameless) and the brass; but I understand how Rodgers feels.

          1. PF4L May 25, 2021

            MM should be let go, for being clueless and spineless, before the Gute hire.
            Remember when MM was about to hire his buddy Russ Ball as the new GM?
            But then, the head coach had a big problem with it, so spineless MM changed course.
            Gave Russ Ball a promotion to #2 in charge and a raise, and hiring Gute, who didn’t have the powers of a GM.
            So a guy, who was fired a year later had influence on the GM hire under Murphy’s watch? But not before MM gave McGravy a secret one year contract extension.

      2. Tom M May 31, 2021

        Let me ask you this PF4L. Why didn’t Brett Favre win a championship in New York or Minnesota? Free from the repressive, clueless Green Bay management and coaching staff he should have thrived and won multiple championships. He didn’t. And before you start with your excuses. I’ll tell you why he didn’t. Because Favre, like Aaron Rodgers now, is good enough to get you to the playoffs but that’s as far as your gonna go. That’s the way it’s been for the last decade with Rodgers and that’s the way it was the decade before Favre was traded. And that’s the way it’ll be if lover boy is traded to Denver or Washington. That’s reality girls. Hide behind your stats and excuses. It’s time to rip that scab off and start over.

        1. PF4L May 31, 2021

          I’ll tell you what Tommy….
          When you can put on your big boy pants and ask me that question under your normal username, not only will i answer, i will give you multiple answers.

          1. Tom M May 31, 2021

            I see. So PFL4 is your “real” name? My name is Tom. And I don’t need multiple answers. Just one is sufficient. Try and avoid worthless stat babble.

          2. PF4L May 31, 2021

            Tommy….just out of curiosity, 2 questions…..
            1) Maybe your “real name”, and a “normal username” are not the same thing.
            Is “M” your real last name?
            2) Are you, smarter than a 5th grader?

          3. Tom M May 31, 2021

            If your unable to answer the question just say so. My real name, which I’ve told you is Tom, has no bearing on the question I asked. Don’t try and deflect. Stay on point. Why, PF4L was Brett Favre, free from the shackles of the Packers management, unable to win a championship with either NY or Minnesota? Because management was the constant excuse given by fans like you for Favre and now Rodgers failures. I asked the very same question to MMSUCKS. He said it was because Favre was too old by the time he was traded to the Jets. By that logic, Aaron Rodgers is now too old to win a championship. So why keep him around? Trade him. I’d rather start over than constantly listen to these ridiculous excuses year after year.

          4. PF4L May 31, 2021

            Playtime is over “Tommy”
            JP, how much cash would it take to check “Tommy’s” IP and tell us what other usernames he has?

          5. Tom M June 1, 2021

            All you have to do is say I’m not smart enough to answer the question…..

  10. PF4L May 25, 2021

    Just because…..sometimes life brings trials and tribulations, that are beyond the scope of reason, and understanding their very existence.
    Such is the case with Greg And Mary Olsen concerning their 8 year old son TJ who has already undergone 3 open heart surgeries in his short life because of a congenital heart condition at birth.
    It seems as though his heart has made it about as far as it could.
    Godspeed to TJ and the Olsen family in finding a remedy, including a possible heart transplant.

  11. NobodysBurfect May 25, 2021

    “I think sometimes people forget what really makes an organization,” Rodgers said Monday. “History is important, legacy of so many people who’ve come before you. But the people, that’s the most important thing. People make an organization, people make a business and sometimes that gets forgotten. Culture is built brick by brick, the foundation of it by the people, not by the organization, not by the building, not by the corporation. It’s built by the people.”


    I seem to remember writing something about how Gute inherited Thompson’s complete lack of people skills…


    Fuck.every.fan.that.has.turned.on.A-rod. Fuck Gute, super fuck Murphy, and #freeaaron

  12. Stephen May 25, 2021

    If Blake Abortles his bad passes, he can be just as good, or even better than Rodgers.
    Lacking offensive linemen, wide receivers, or other players be it it offensive or even more so on defense, should become a thing of the past, with Blake Bortles as our new starting QB. Saving The Packers 30+ million in wages, should be plenty of money to get both Blake Bortles and The Green Bay Packers another Superbowl Win. By letting go of Rodgers, The Packers can move on, and create a football dynasty! If there’s some other team, that wishes to see what quarterback greed can do to an NFL franchise, in short order, let them tear their team down, piece by piece, losing a lot of quality players each season, in order to pay exorbitant wages to watch a great quarterback, almost get a Championship, each season, but fail to do so, because his only concern was himself, so be it. Blake Bortles and The Packers, are quite capable of winning it all. There is no such thing as an indispensable man, Aaron Rodgers may stick his hand in a pail of water, even up over the wrist, he can spalsh and cry if he wants to, then leave to see if he’s missed.

    1. Mick May 25, 2021

      “The Packers can move on and create a football dynasty”? With the people running the F.O. as is? Good luck with that! I get your point on a franchise QB eating a lot of salary cap space, but; let’s be realistic here. The F.O. couldn’t put the team over the top WITH A FRANCHISE QB, let alone a lesser talented QB. It’s the way they overpay for less talented players and not filling needs in the draft; not accepting the fact some of the players that were drafted aren’t contributing; even in their 3rd year. Then re-sign those players to eat up cap space, and not accepting the fact that they made a mistake.in drafting them in the 1st place. Two of the most successful coaches today, Saban and Belichick; have said;;;;;;; if their players don’t make improvements by the end of their 2nd year; cut bait, and upgrade.

    2. MMSUCKS May 25, 2021

      Stephen . . . Shameless homer-ism with unabashed fealty for 1265 Lombardi. And this is after the Packers’ Brain-trust have shit the bed TWICE with two GENERATIONAL TALENTS at QB1 in a row??? And you question (and attempt to shame and berate) anyone siding with Rodgers? Get out of here! Lol! What a putz.

      1. Tom M May 30, 2021

        And how many SB’s did your generational talent Favre win in New York and Minnesota? The same number Rodgers would win in Denver or any other place. ZERO!

        1. MMSUCKS May 30, 2021

          There may be a few real reasons for that, shit for brains . . . He was getting too old by then (NY and MN) and the Packer brain-trust kept denying his request for good players throughout his later years in GB (R. Moss comes to mind, NE grabbed him and they went to the SB the same year that Favre was pleading for them to get him). Remember all of the defensive and special teams mistakes in playoff games during his tenure in Green Bay? Or did you forget? Go troll for the Packer organization elsewhere. We are NOT Packer Homers in here . . .

          1. Tom M May 31, 2021

            MMSUCKS your making excuses for Favre just like you do with Rodgers. So, by your reasoning then, Aaron Rodgers is now too old to win a SB in Denver or Washington because Favre was too old in NY and Minnesota. A built in excuse for coming up small in big games. Perfect. Because you can’t blame another team’s management. You beat that dead horse in Green Bay. Bert took the Vikings to the NFC championship game against the Saints where he promptly threw an ill advised costly 4th quarter interception that cost the Vikings a trip to the SB. Not unlike his many playoff picks he threw as a Packer. Was Randy Moss responsible for Favre throwing that pick? Do you even realize how ridiculous you sound?

          2. MMSUCKS May 31, 2021

            Your memory is not as good, nor as full of CORRECT data as you believe that it is. Favre was already OLDER than Rodgers by two years when he went to New York. Three years when he went to MN. In the world of professional athletes, that matters more than anything else. Your data awareness is in the toilet PERIOD. Go play with yourself somewhere else.

          3. PF4L May 31, 2021

            Smh…lol….why bother MM?
            I once thought just like Tommy, that it only takes a good QB to win a Super Bowl, the rest of the team or coaches didn’t matter.
            But then again, i was in 3rd grade.
            Battling a moron in a blog, Chapter One……
            Arguing with idiots is like playing chess with a pigeon… no matter how good you are, the bird is going to shit on the board and strut around like it won anyway.

          4. Tom M May 31, 2021

            Age doesn’t seem to matter to 43yr old Tom Brady. Why then is Brett Favre too old to win a championship at 38 with the Jets and Brady isn’t too old at 43 with the Bucs? That logic makes no sense. Again, it’s just more excuses why Favre and now Rodgers can’t win championships. It’s always someone else’s fault. Rodgers or Favre can never take responsibility. But they don’t have to as long as they’re girls like you….

          5. MMSUCKS May 31, 2021

            Lol! Now you are arguing your own fucking point! Just go away and suckle Gutey . . . You are a clueless Packer apologist without any real awareness of how a great team is made; nor how great players are treated. As PF4L stated; “Arguing with idiots is like playing chess with a pigeon” . . . You are dismissed. Go shit on someone else’s board. And rejoice! for you shall always know that the stupid is strong in you.

          6. Tom M June 1, 2021

            Not my point, yours. You said Favre was too old to win a championship by the time he was traded. That’s your excuse. But he wasn’t too old to take the Vikings to the NFC championship game. You can’t have it both ways. And evidently Tom Brady didn’t get your memo on being too old either. After one year in New York, Eric Mangini and the Jets had had enough of Brett Favre’s diva bullshit. They didn’t give a fuck about his stats or awards and released him. Just as it will be in Denver if lover boy is traded. The Broncos won’t give a flying fuck about Aaron Rodgers stats and MVP awards. He’ll be there to win the division and a SB. Something he can’t do. And they’ll be no fanboys in Denver making excuses for him either. They are no Mitch Trubisky’s in the AFC west. And no Detroit Lions either. It’s Patrick Mahomes, Derek Carr, and Justin Herbert. He won’t win the division and he can’t go on the road and beat some of the best young QB’s in the league in Baltimore, Buffalo, Cleveland, and KC in the playoffs. But that’s OK, he’ll be too old, right? Tell that to Tom Brady…..

          7. MMSUCKS June 2, 2021

            LOL! Face palm . . .

    3. Kato May 26, 2021

      I wasn’t drunk enough when I read this

  13. PF4L May 25, 2021

    Stephen May 25, 2021
    If Blake Abortles his bad passes, he can be just as good, or even better than Rodgers.
    Again…i’m smiling…but i’m speechless :)
    You might…MIGHT be able to count how many QB’s who are as good, or even better than Rodgers on one hand.
    I got news for you Sparky…..Blake Bortles comes in at 1,296th down the list.
    IF the Packers defense didn’t give up 3 easy TD’s they would have gone to the Super Bowl.
    IF Blake Bortles was a better QB, he could be just as good as Rodgers, maybe even better.
    IF i win powerball, i’m taking all of you to watch the Super Bowl, all expenses paid plus $5,000 each for spending money.

  14. Big B May 25, 2021

    ARod was right, the FO planned to move on from him in 2022, otherwise why trade up for a first round QB? So Murphy and Gutey should own up to it, and move on from Rodgers now…better a year too early than a year too late. Rodgers isn’t going to change his mind so why set yourself up for a long term siege with fines, bonus paybacks and ever increasing animosity? Front office brought all this on so deal with it. Make a trade before someone steps up for D Watson who talent wise is worth more draft capital. Already there are a paucity of teams who need, can afford, and provide draft picks for a quality QB. I’d say Denver, Vegas, and Miami would be feasible and maybe WFT or PHI in the NFC, although I doubt they want Aaron in conference.
    I hate to see him go, but you can’t wish the problem away. It’s on you Murphy and Gutey.

    1. PF4L May 25, 2021

      The problem is…the damage has been done.
      Years have been squandered.
      Brady switched teams and won a SB. But that’s an anomaly.
      The stars aligned there, but it isn’t that easy.
      It’s hard to bet against Mahomes with a new revamped line.
      It won’t be as easy to beat them as when the Bucs had Mahomes running for his life.

  15. NobodysBurfect May 25, 2021

    Who is more replaceable – Aaron Rodgers or Brian Gutekunst? If it takes you longer than a second to answer that question, you’re an imbecile.

  16. Cheese May 25, 2021

    I know this is a voluntary camp, but the “Top 5” GB WR’s were not at OTA’s as well. Adams, MVS, Lazard, Funchess and St. Brown. Either this is coincidence, or there are many players that are pissed of at the front office. Not a good look to have.

    1. PF4L May 25, 2021

      If i may……
      When Cheese says top 5…..
      I think he means, the #1 receiver, and then….the rest of them.

      1. Cheese May 25, 2021

        Correct. I saw an article that mentioned the top 5 WR’s and I thought it was comical. That’s why I used quotations.

        1. PF4L May 25, 2021

          Funchess not showing up surprises me none.
          ESB not showing up is career suicide…that boy has a foot out the door and should be at camp kissing as much ass as possible hoping someone takes pity.
          Lazard and MVS..hardly proven #2’s. Have no need to worry, as they are locks to make the roster. If they are in solidarity with Rodgers, more power to them.
          Thanks for the 411 Cheese, i didn’t catch that news.

  17. PF4L May 26, 2021

    Don’t think Rodgers said much with Kenny Mayne? I disagree.

  18. PF4L May 26, 2021

    “There is zero doubt, a lot of this began with the release of Jordy Nelson” – Aaron Nagler
    Sometimes this cat gets it, sometimes he doesn’t.
    But here….he gets it.
    I’ve often said, this whole thing is about a series of accumulation. It wasn’t just about Love, it wasn’t just about Jordy, Alex Van Pelt, or Tom Clemons. It wasn’t just about “don’t be the problem” or players play and managers manage.
    It was the accumulative total of the above, and i’m sure more. Yes, the Love pick was probably the crescendo.
    If anyone thinks that Rodgers couldn’t figure out the team’s plan, his fate, how long he had left with the team, you have a head filled with lettuce.
    Is Rodgers making the Packers squirm?
    Is Rodgers using his MVP as leverage?
    Damn straight he is.
    Is Rodgers making the Packers look bad?
    No, he’s just exposing it. The Packers made the Packers look bad.
    Down the hall, there seems to be a new mantra i’ve never heard before.
    It’s called…”Carry The G”
    Which in their definition means….don’t have an opinion, it means shut your mouth, it means don’t do your own thinking, it means don’t judge the Green Bay Packers, it means shut the F up, put on your Packer jersey, keep shuttin up and just drink your kool aid like a good soldier.
    Stay thirsty!
    I like that mantra actually, but i have a different definition.
    I think for myself, i have an opinion, i won’t shut the F up, kool aid is for children.
    I carry the G, every F’ing day of my life.
    I was born, and will die a Packer Fan.
    It’s not a choice, i have no choice, it’s who i am.
    If anyone wants to post something smart ass that says any different.
    They can open wide and eat a =======(l)

    1. Mick May 27, 2021

      You took the words from my mouth———-“The Packers made the Packers look bad” The disease is still in the building!

  19. PF4L May 26, 2021

    Ok..here’s an instance where Nagler doesn’t get it.
    I went back to watch the rest of his video after i posted earlier.
    He spoke of when Rodgers waited 3 years, then Favre retired, but then Favre changed his mind and wanted to come back. Nagler stated that Ted said no, he couldn’t come back.
    That, is not true!
    What they told Favre was that he could come back, but that he had to battle Rodgers for the starting job in training camp. Which i thought was very generous on Ted’s part.
    Well Favre wanted nothing to do with winning the starters job.
    This is when he (foolishly) asked for his full release,
    Then subsequently requested a trade.

  20. PF4L May 26, 2021

    “Then again, to be fair, Love wasn’t given the opportunity of a normal offseason complete with OTAs, a minicamp and training camp to properly learn and understand the basics of becoming an NFL quarterback.” – CoryJennerjohn
    How long are people going to ride that horse?
    He had 9 camps last season, a season of throwing to the scout team, virtual meetings,13 months of studying the playbook.
    Now…1 minicamp, 1 OTA.
    I hope people aren’t using these training wheel excuses next year at this time
    Seems to me Justin Herbert had the same conditions as Jordan Love last season and won Rookie of the Year.
    How is that possible?
    Is Jordan Love learning disabled?
    Enough with the Covid excuses. Is it at all possible…..he was picked too early in the draft? Could it be the scouts might have been correct that Love is a raw project that should have been drafted in later rounds?
    Last season…LaFluer said that Love had a long way to go.
    In Monday’s press conference he said that Love has a long way to go.
    Don’t misunderstand me, i’m not dumping on Love, he’s collateral damage.
    None of this was his doing at all.
    It’s just time to put the Covid excuse to rest. Which isn’t coming from him.
    I think it’s time the Packers let Love go in front of the media, it’s going to happen anyway, lets take the training wheels off…he’s in the NFL now, he isn’t a child. Stop treating him like one.

  21. Ferris May 26, 2021

    Everyone must still be locked in the basement in WI. These are some long posts. What I know is Bortles and I went to UCF, so I like him. I think he dumped his hot ex too soon though. Did it while he was still starting.

    1. PF4L May 26, 2021

      Is that where you picked up you”re excellent grammar skills?

      1. Ferris May 28, 2021

        No those skills are from 4th grade. At UCF I learned FL has better looking women. I hope your wrong use of your/you’re was intentional.

        1. PF4L May 28, 2021

          Copied that exactly, from one of you”re previous post.
          I figured you would have caught that to the point i didn’t have to explain it. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

          1. PF4L May 28, 2021

            He should be lucky he dumped her, before he shared his millions with her.
            If he didn’t, she probably would have left 2 years ago when his career headed into the dead zone.

        2. Empacador May 28, 2021

          I pretty sure his use of you’re was regarding a post of yore regarding a post of yours…

          1. Empacador May 28, 2021

            That was supposed to be “I am” for the grammar Nazis. :) Seems that was already addressed though.

          2. PF4L May 28, 2021

            I’m 100% certain you”re wrong, but i was cited at the same time, for a different infraction i believe :)
            Cost me $10 plus court cost.
            SOB….i’m (I am) losing everybody here.
            His use of you”re, was directly after “warning” someone else of thare use of yore.
            We all saw what went on last summer, things can get ugly quick….
            I’m just happy it didn’t escalate into something that got out of control where Ferris had to call for back up, make an arrest, and send the guy to lock up.
            Respect The Badge!!
            Even if it’s plastic.
            Blue Lives Matter.

          3. PF4L May 28, 2021

            Lets try to be careful with the name calling, grammar Nazi’s?
            People’s feelings are involved.
            Before you judge to harshly, Spend a week in his shoes
            Policing every day, not sure if he’s even going to make it home that night.
            Can you even fathom a day in his shoes?
            Trying to monitor people’s use of their, there, they’re…?
            Or…your’e, yours, you”res, you’r.
            Somebody, lol………write a G D new article please :)
            Things is getting cray cray up in here.
            Shit…there’s another $10 ebonics fine.

          4. Empacador May 29, 2021

            I think I should have been more direct and mentioned Ferris by name. I knew that was his error after he called someone else out.

          5. Ferris May 30, 2021

            I’m (I am) here to be sure you’re (you are) all behaving and using correct form of words when there (correct form) are people complaining and commenting on their (correct from) favorite teams and their (correct form) favorite players. I have spoken.
            We all make mistakes, I just call out teachable moments. No disrespect meant. Well unless your (correct form) name is an unmentionable one. The WI school system taught me K-12 skills. By the time I went to UCF I was just checking out the scenery.

          6. PF4L May 31, 2021

            Good story slugger.

  22. PF4L May 26, 2021

    Speaking of the 3rd overall pick, there is still no info on the contract he signed with the Pack.
    It’s this Top Secret stuff?
    Sometimes when there is a delay like this, there is a snafu down the line somewhere. Contract complications, didn’t pass his physical yet?….i don’t know.
    Maybe Ferris can give him a call and find out the 411.

    1. Ferris May 28, 2021

      I called his EX Lindsey Duke. She said no matter how much it is, it is not enough to get her back.

  23. Kato May 26, 2021

    Bottles is probably in the best situation to succeed of his career, if he plays, so he has that going for him I guess. If Love can’t beat him out for the starting job, that has to be very concerning.


  24. Cheese May 26, 2021

    Alex Smith says it is inexcusable how the Packers have handled things with Rodgers-


    1. Mick May 27, 2021

      Right on Cheese, thanks for the article. The past month or so, we’ve seen ex-players, ex-coaches and ex GMs’ comment how the Packers brain trust has screwed this up. Yet, we still hear from the ” all is kosher down at 1265 Lombardi Ave.” and fictitious polls saying most fans are against Rodgers on this issue. It’s true Rodgers isn’t blameless on this issue, but; look back over the years and add up the wasted drafts, the shit communications, FO arrogance/ stupidity, and we can see why this has turned into a dumpster fire. Whatever the outcome is, I don’t see an eventual winner here.

  25. Mick May 27, 2021

    According to Dan Graziano of ESPN, the NFL and NFLPA have agreed to set the 2022 cap ceiling at 208.2 million. According to “Over The Cap”, the Packers are already 29.1 mil over the 2022 cap, and no other team is currently in worse shape. They have 131 mil committed to just 5 players; Rodgers, Z. Smith, D. Bakhtiari, K. Clark and P. Smith. The Packs’ commits in 2022 don’t even include D. Adams whose in line for a massive extension. Then, down the road, they have to worry about extending J. Alexander——– rough waters ahead!

    1. PF4L May 27, 2021

      Over the Caps projected salary cap was spot on.
      I said awhile back it would be really close because now they know how the league and the NFLPA were strategically dealing with it.

      Keep in mind they can still readjust it like they did some months ago for 2021, but it would be miniscule in the big picture.

  26. PF4L May 27, 2021

    Well, the secret is revealed….
    Bortles will make $1.075 million if he makes the roster, no guarantee’s, no bonus money.
    If he doesn’t make the roster, he makes nothing (as far as i know).

  27. PF4L May 28, 2021

    I understand, there isn’t much to write about. I guess we wait for the beginning of June to watch the hammer fall regarding Rodgers..
    So what could be written as far as articles…..

    Although he was there…apparently Bortles didn’t participate in OTA’s (probably related to his contract not being announced).
    How the defense is going to change…expectations in year one with a new coordinator?
    How do we deem defense success, ranking yardage, or PPG?
    If we go PPG, then last season was a disappointment.
    For me…i’d rather have a defense ranked 20th, but only giving up 19 PPG, than a defense ranked 10th and giving up 24 PPG. But that’s just me, i’m silly.
    The new UDFA wide receiver the Packers signed who must have some talent, as he was selected in the 4th round of the XFL draft…
    Funchess…Tedarrell Slaton….don’t tell me that…..Gute isn’t working hard to address the wide receiver room!!
    Do the Packers have enough confidence in Gary, to make him a 3 down starter….
    Will Man O’ War Tedarrell Slaton be the run stopping giant the Packers sorely need, also providing help and opportunity for Clark and the linebackers…..
    Can he also be a 3 down guy, or at least grow into one citing the fact his forte isn’t on passing downs.
    Lowry’s restructure….
    What can we expect out of QuadZilla this season….
    Will Funchess decide to show up, or just take his Covid money with him and not play a single down. See Cole Madison.
    Speaking of which….i recall one reader in here stating Cole Madison was a train wreck from the …..GET GO, and was spot dead balls accurate on..
    I won’t speak his name, as his incredible vision doesn’t require the accolades that he richly deserves (cough)
    Rodgers is slated to team up with Bryson “Popeye the Sailor Man” DeChambeau, in a golf match taking on Tom Brady and Phil Mickleson.
    Note: Would rather have Rodgers paired with John Daly, or Steve Stricker, Jerry Kelly. Anyone other than roid boy.
    Anything exciting happen at OTA’s….was everyone there besides Rodgers………
    In the meantime…you’re welcome.



    1. PF4L May 28, 2021

      After thought (non football)…..if i’m Aaron Rodgers, i know exactly what i’m buying his fiancé for her birthday.
      And yes…you are probably thinking what i’m thinking.

      1. PF4L May 28, 2021

        Above post…
        *Deandre Hopkins(new receiver signed)…not Slayton,my bad
        (C&P malfunction)

    2. Mick May 28, 2021

      I’ve seen some tape on Slaton and came away fairly impressed. He is a massive man and his forte is a run plugger. Doesn’t show much sacking the QB but, he impacts the opponents passing game by moving the pocket back into the Q-backs lap. Plus, he played in the SEC against some good competition; His presence should help make the job a little easier for the ILBs. Of course, what we see on tape before a draft is mostly there to enhance that players chances in the draft. With his size, if he doesn’t get worn down, he has the potential to disrupt against both the run and the pass. Maybe his biggest value will be to take double team pressure off of Clark. (which Lancaster and Lowry seldom do)

  28. PF4L May 28, 2021

    Reports have that Rodgers is flying into Green Bay on Saturday.

    1. Mick May 29, 2021

      Maybe, a positive sign? Since Saturday is probably the last “business” day before the June 1st deadline, both parties need to find out where they stand. We’ll soon find out what transpires.

  29. PF4L May 29, 2021

    My apologies Mick.
    I posted that to determine if this place had a pulse
    I guess nothing interesting has happened that would warrant a new article….
    OTA’s, Rodgers on SportsCenter, wide receiver signed, 5 receivers say thanks, but no thanks to OTA’s.
    Maybe…..if the Packers announce a trade on tuesday, that may warrant a new article, but i can’t be sure.
    Down the hall…..since May 13th they have posted 71 new articles,
    We have posted 1
    I’m not asking for 71….but how about 2,3….maybe go bat shit crazy and do 4?
    I mean….C’mon man.

    1. Kato May 29, 2021

      This is the most boring part of the off-season. Draft is over. Training camp is two months away. There isn’t much going on. Only thing that can be talked about is wild speculation about draft picks despite them not taking a snap in an NFL game. “So and so really turned heads at OTAs against a camp body!” Yawn…..I could care less. I have had enough about the Rodgers situation, that story has been driven into the ground, whatever happens, will happen. And there’s not a damn thing we can do about it. I have other shit to do like yard work, actual work, fishing, ect.

      1. PF4L May 30, 2021

        Rookie draft picks are in Green Bay working, some mandatory camps coming up in a week
        I don’t know man….it’s starting to smell like football season to me.
        Plus i haven’t had enough of the Rodgers situation, i could be wrong. but in a couple of days or so, we might have a conclusion.
        I care about that. But then again….i care about Rodgers.

  30. Mick May 30, 2021

    I couldn’t agree more with Kato here. It is the slow and boring time of the football season. Summer is closing in, get outside, get things done, go on vacation and enjoy the activities and life in general. I’m laid up with a bum shoulder, so I’m limited in what can be done. Thought I would share some quotes from various fans across the web on the Rodgers / Packers drama. #1; “the best thing about the Packers is they have no meddling owner, but they make up for it with a meddling president” — #2; “can’t see Rodgers missing a year of football, (retirement),at his age”—#3; Gutey should enjoy his time as GM, cause he won’t be there very long”—#4; “Rodgers is either gonna play for the Packers, or his career is done”—#5; “trading the league MVP is a bad PR move”—#6; “Rodgers doesn’t want the money, he wants another ring and he feels the Packers don’t give a shit, so he wants out and will force it”—#7; GB has had many lackluster drafts for many years. The selection of Love, greatly supports that”—#8; (and this one came from a Vikings fan) ” couldn’t care less about the Rodgers drama, but as a football and sports fan; how could something like this get to where it has? Good grief, the man is one of the most talented QBs’ I’ve ever seen; and I’ve been watching the NFL since 1973. Are there any adults left in the room up in GB?” ;;;;;;;;;; Just thought I would add something to keep interest in this slow time! Thanks, and enjoy Memorial Day everyone!

    1. PF4L May 30, 2021

      As i stated a 2 or 3 months ago, having a publicly owned team can be a blessing, but it can also be a curse if it’s run by the wrong person posing as de facto owner.
      As Packer fans, that might be the one thing most of us can agree upon.

  31. Mitch Anthony May 30, 2021

    Okay, slow news days abound during this time of football following as evidenced by the lack of new material coming out on TP. I just want to mention something for the purposes of perspective.

    All these conversations, especially these most recent ones, center around a hero – a football hero. Blessed are these heroes who get to play a game of boys as grown men. Blessed are they to be born with the talents and genetics of athletics that they can build upon and make careers to bestow them riches beyond most of our wildest dreams. Blessed are they to play this game in the greatest country in the world.

    Let’s just remember that this is the Memorial Day weekend. Think about it and ponder it, the holiday in which we are to give honor to our war dead. Many times those were boys who didn’t always have a choice, to go play the evil game of grown men who made the choices to send them off to far off places and not all returned. The sacrifice they paid made so much of what we enjoy about this country possible. Take some time to think about them. Some of the readers and posters may have a family history to tap into, some relative or ancestor, some personal connection. Give it some real thought.

    Because when we get distracted over some of our conversations of modern day heroes, we can sometimes forget who the real true heroes are.

    Have a wonderful and thoughtful Memorial Day everyone.

    1. Mick May 30, 2021

      Well put, Mitch!.——— RESPECT; our war heroes; they gave the ultimate sacrifice for our way of life!

      1. PF4L May 30, 2021

        Good post Mitch……
        NEVER FORGET, that is why we have Memorial day in the first place.
        But we can give and show thanks to our fallen veterans, as well as our active and non active duty men and women any day of the year, not just Memorial day.
        It’s been my experience that random acts of kindness (to anyone) speak the loudest. It makes someone’s day and it’s good for the soul.

    2. icebowl May 30, 2021

      AMEN !! These are true heroes !

      1. PF4L May 30, 2021

        Well…i don’t know…i may be slightly above average perhaps, but not a hero.

    3. MMSUCKS May 30, 2021

      Well stated Mick. Thanks for mentioning this for perspective.
      God bless our military men and women! They are the real heroes in America! If only war was just a fictional situation . . . then we would all be so much better off.

  32. PF4L May 30, 2021

    Damn……46 year old Hélio Castroneves wins his 4th Indy 500, joining AJ Foyt, Rick Mears, and Al Unser in most wins
    A who’s who of Indy 500 racing
    The old men got it going on so far in 2021…43 year old Tom Brady SB winner and SB MVP. 50 year old Phil Mickleson winning a major.

  33. PF4L May 31, 2021

    Any guess what player these scouts were talking about?…pre draft.
    NFC scout: “Big guy. Ran fast. He just doesn’t move well enough. Not productive at all. He just gets beat all the time. Very limited toughness in the run game.”
    AFC scout: “Was not highly rated until the combine.
    NFC scout: “The size is redeeming but there’s some stiffness that goes with it. The system they played was just bail and let everything go underneath. Guys can separate from him.
    Said one scout. “When people saw how he ran and moved around his stock went up.”
    Beware of combine day hype.
    The weaker GM’s in the league may fall for it, and one did.

    1. MMSUCKS May 31, 2021

      Without question and and per usual Gutecunt did . . .

      1. PF4L May 31, 2021

        Some people think a “planned” routine in shorts, that some players hire people to coach them and they “practice at for weeks”, somehow translates into wearing full pads going against NFL defense’s in real time, in real games.
        Fools rush in.
        Like i’ve mentioned countless times, players college game tape doesn’t lie.
        The trick is….even if they look very good and you have a high grade on them, you still have to factor in the question ……will it transfer to the next level of competition?
        That’s what separates average and great GM’s.
        Not because you draft him out of position (hardly ever works), or he was the darling of the combine (works even less).