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But Getting Back to the Draft…

Alright, we encountered a bit of a distraction as the NFL draft spectacle commenced on Thursday. Let’s turn our attention back to what went on in that funny-looking building in Cleveland.

I’m not at all a draft fanatic. I don’t view film on 300 guys coming out of college – it would cut into my nap time. So all I’ve done here is passed on some things that more knowledgeable people have been saying about Green Bay’s new draftees.

I’ve relied heavily on the Relative Athletic Scores (RAS) formula, as have many NFL analysts. It’s a useful starting point in assessing draft picks – I think it’s here to stay. Readers’ input is needed to flesh out the strengths, weaknesses, and overall pro prospects of these nine new members of the team.

Sep 26, 2020; Fayetteville, Arkansas, USA; Georgia Bulldogs defensive back Eric Stokes (27) intercepts a pass intended for Arkansas Razorbacks wide receiver Mike Woods (8) during the third quarter at Donald W. Reynolds Razorback Stadium. Brett Rojo-USA TODAY Sports

Round 1, Pick 29: CB Eric Stokes, Georgia, 6’, 194#

The team’s greatest need going into this draft was a competent CB, and Stokes appears to fill the bill nicely. Even before round one got underway, it seemed like Green Bay would have to trade up to get a premiere CB. Sure enough, the big names were picked off before pick 29: Jaycee Horn at #8, Patrick Surtain II at #9, Caleb Farley at #22, and Greg Newsome at #26.

Stokes has adequate size, blazing speed (4.31 dash), and he had a productive four-year experience at Georgia and in the SEC. His overall RAS was an impressive 9.37. Among the 74 CBs rated by the RAS creator, Stokes had the 12th highest RAS (85th percentile); for all prospective draftees, he ranked 69th out of 625 – 89th percentile.

There’s a tendency to regard players as slow, average, fast, or very fast (for their positions). Well, Stokes is a very, very, very fast cornerback.

The Packers’ front office pronounced themselves very pleased to get Stokes. His RAS composites were varied: speed, elite; explosion, great; size, good; agility, poor. I would think that Stokes is in line to have a solid ten-year or so NFL career. Whether he’ll ever succeed in becoming a pro bowler or All-Pro is subject to doubt, but the only thing on fans’ minds at the moment should be whether, and how soon, he’ll take over the starting job from Kevin King.

Ohio State Buckeyes offensive linemen, from left, offensive lineman Wyatt Davis (52), center Josh Myers (71), offensive lineman Jonah Jackson (73) and offensive tackle Nicholas Petit-Frere (78) line up during the NCAA football game against the Northwestern Wildcats at Ryan Field in Evanston, Ill. on Friday, Oct. 18, 2019. Ohio State won 52-3.

Round 2, Pick 62: Center Josh Myers, Ohio State, 6’5”, 310#

The Packers had their choice of centers on Day 2: Creed Humphrey, who had one of the two perfect 10.0 RAS’s and who many thought would be selected in the first round, or Josh Myers. Many analysts felt the choice of Humphrey was obvious, but GM Gutekunst preferred the bigger man out of Ohio State.

Humphrey had fabulous RAS composites for speed, agility, and explosion, while there wasn’t enough information to render a score for Myers, though he is the taller and heavier of the two. Humphrey wound up being taken in the next pick, by the Chiefs. In a couple years, we’ll be able to compare how each center fared.

Dec 19, 2020; Charlotte, NC, USA; Clemson Tigers wide receiver Amari Rodgers (3) with the ball as Notre Dame Fighting Irish cornerback Nick McCloud (4) defends in the first quarter at Bank of America Stadium. Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

Round 3, Pick 85: WR Amari Rodgers, Clemson, 5’9”, 212#

It took a while – since Davante Adams was drafted in Round 2 in 2014 – but Green Bay finally selected a receiver before Round 4. The buzz about Rodgers has been especially hopeful, because he is viewed as an ideal slot receiver, in the mold of a young Randall Cobb.

I’m quite willing to disregard Rodgers’ overall RAS of 5.37 – on all four composite scores, he was rated just “okay.” The highlight reels indicate his speed and moves are ample to separate himself from defenders. He has a compact and muscular body.

Best of all, Rodgers spent four years at powerhouse Clemson – the final three years, his quarterback was none other than Trevor Lawrence, the first guy chosen, by Jacksonville, in this year’s draft. Amari got better every year, though he missed much of his sophomore campaign with a torn ACL. As a senior, his line was 77 catches for 1,020 yards and seven TDs – this was the most catches on the year by any Atlantic Coast Conference receiver.

It’s apparent that both the Packers front office and the fans can’t wait to see this guy out on the field – with his namesake throwing to him. He’s said to be a great yards-after-catch man, though I didn’t spot him breaking many tackles on one highlight reel. Gutekunst related that selecting Amari was his draft team’s big moment during this draft.

Expect him to get lots of playing time as a rookie, and in a lot of situations, including screens, jet sweeps, at both wide and slot receiver, and both as a punt and kickoff returner – maybe he’ll at times be put in as a running back too.

Round 4, Pick 142: OG Royce Newman, Ole Miss, 6’5”, 310#

That’s right, Gutey selected two offensive linemen in the first four rounds (and another in Round 6). Newman, who like Josh Myers attended a college with a strong football tradition (Ole Miss), was measured as identical in size to Myers. His RAS (8.72) is impressive for a fourth rounder; his composites are rated elite as to speed, good as to size and explosion, and okay as to agility.

Pro Football Network’s Tony Pauline feels that “Newman could be a Day 3 Steal.” It’s felt that Newman will initially provide depth to the roster, but that he could one day become a starter at either tackle or guard.

Round 5, Pick 173: DT Tedarrell Slaton, Florida, 6’4”, 330#

Many expected the Packers would get some help for defensive lineman Kenny Clark in an earlier round. Instead Gutekunst waited until late in Round 5 before selecting Slaton. His size stands out, as he is 6’4” and weighs 330 – and they say he dropped 30 pounds to get there.

As you might expect, his composite agility description is “poor.” However, his explosion and speed composites are rated “good.” His overall RAS of 7.96 is about right for a fifth-rounder.

Round 5, Pick 178: CB Shemar Jean-Charles, Appalachian State, 5’10”, 184#

Just a few picks after Slaton was chosen, Gutekunst used a compensatory pick to acquire another cornerback prospect. He’s a small guy, and he’s the only Green Bay pick who hails from a lower college division school.

His overall RAS is an anemic 4.27; he’s rated as poor as to size, speed (4.52 dash time), and agility. But wait – a number of TV talking heads are intrigued by the guy, and Gutekunst said that he was a favorite of a bunch of Packers’ scouts. The GM noted that he gets his hands on a lot of balls, he feels he’ll be a great fit for the locker room, and he said the room was thrilled to select him.

Round 6, Pick 214: OT Cole Van Lanen, Wisconsin, 6’4”, 305#

The third offensive lineman going to the Packers is a guy from the U of Wisconsin who grew up 10 miles north of Green Bay. He’s a graduate of Bayport High School. His overall RAS is a fine 8.49; his speed and agility composites are both rated great, while his explosion is labeled “good,” though his size is rated “poor.” His 22 bench press reps is also unimpressive. GM Gutekunst feels he’s capable of playing multiple positions on the O-line.

Shortly after the draft concluded Green Bay signed up Van Lanen’s fellow college teammate: UDFA guard Jon Dietzen. UW is known for its ability to annually produce fine O-linemen.

Round 6, Pick 220: LB Isaiah McDuffie, Boston College, 6’1”, 227#

Most fans were expecting the Pack to draft an inside linebacker, to buttress the ranks of Krys Barnes and Kamal Martin, much earlier than Round 6.

McDuffie has an overall RAS of only 7.33, and composites varying from great (speed) to good (explosion) to okay agility) to poor (size). Though he was a prolific tackler in college, he’s undersized for the pro game.. On the other hand Krys Barnes is listed at only 229 pounds, while Kamal Martin weighs in at 240 pounds.

McDuffie was a teammate of Packers RB A.J. Dillon at Boston College. Gutey also thinks he’s very well suited for special teams play.

Round 7, Pick 256: RB Kylin Hill, Mississippi State, 5’11”, 215#

Chosen three players before the year’s final selection, Hill is a running back who might have a realistic chance to catch on with Green Bay. He’ll be competing against Dexter Williams, Patrick Taylor Jr., and Mike Weber for a roster spot, or at least a spot on the practice squad.

His overall RAS is 7.31, and his composites are: “great” as to explosion, “good” as to speed, “okay” as to size, and “poor” as to agility. At best, I’d call his 4.57 dash time just “okay.”

In 2019 Hill rushed for 1,350 yards and scored ten touchdowns for the Bulldogs. This performance landed him on the AP first team All SEC team, and he made the second team in the coaches’ poll. However, he played in only three games this past season, before opting out to get ready for the NFL draft.

Gutekunst indicated his staff was excited to find him still available in the final round of this draft.

Other Views

Nfl.com’s Chad Reuter issued these quick-snap grades for the Packers: Day 1 grade: A; Day 2 grade: A-; Day 3 grade: A.

CBS Sports liked all of the Pack’s top three picks. They liked the added “dynamism” at CB and WR, “with Rodgers in particular bringing some long-awaited juice to the slot spot.”

Sportingnews.com ranked the Packers 15th out of the 32 teams. The Pack’s division rivals, however, were graded as having the 2nd best (Vikes), 4th bwest (Bears), and 9th best (Lions) drafts.

Pro Football Focus gave the Packers a grade of C-. They termed Eric Stokes a “major reach.” As to Amari Rodgers, they had this critique: “Right now he’s a bubble screen, jet sweep and deep-post runner, so the Packers will hope he develops a more well-rounded game.” They did praise Jean-Charles, however, saying he “locked up everyone he saw on the outside at App State in 2020, allowed just 17 catches across 52 targets while making 18 plays on the ball.” Chicago was given an A+, Detroit an A-, and Minnesota a B+.

Walterfootball.com gave Green Bay an F grade – though they seemed more interested in panning last year’s pick of Jordan Love than in focusing on this year’s picks.

Yahoo! Sports handed down a grade of C- to the Packers. Their least favorite pick was Eric Stokes: “For all of Stokes’ athletic gifts and his quality length, he remains quite raw.” Their favorite pick was Amari Rodgers, of whom they said: “His quickness, reliability, competitiveness and burst all could work in Green Bay … assuming QB1 comes around on his scorched-earth mindset.”

Rob Born

Smart drafters don’t select the best available players, they fill a team’s positions of greatest need.



  1. Ferris May 3, 2021

    Ask Rodgers what he thinks of this too little too late draft. AR window closing. But hey we have an unproven, unable to be a back up over Tim Boyle, useless body so far that Gute traded up to get. Yay! Rodgers is being a bit of a pain though, Denver? Does he like weed?

    1. Tom M May 4, 2021

      I say trade your girlfriend to Denver where I’m sure they’ll consult little Aaron on every personnel move. Sure. The Aaron Rodgers window is now closed. He’s not playing for the Packers and Gutekunst isn’t trading him. He can sit at home and cry like a baby girl cuz mean old Brian Gutekunst wouldn’t let him approve of draft picks. At least you’ll be there Ferris to hand him a tissue and rub his back and god knows whatever else….

      1. Ferris May 4, 2021

        He wants what Brady has. Some of his guys. Brady brought Gronk and Brown along. Gute dumped Jordy and Kumerow for Graham and Taylor. I agree with Rodgers on those 2. Play, don’t play, whatever. I looked in my mailbox for a check from the Packers and it wasn’t there again. My life won’t change much no matter what they do.

  2. Dean May 3, 2021

    3 more for the OL. It seems that all of the OL could play multiple positions – -at least they will be tried at different positions. It also seems like football intelligence is important to play multiple positions. Maybe GB learned something from picking Jenkins 2 years ago and then playing him at multiple positions last season. It also seemed that the OL did not miss a beat with the plug and play strategy until the all-pro LT went down.
    It used to be that OL only played one position. It seems that GB is going in the opposite direction where you can plug and play OL in 2, 3, or 4 spots?
    They may be thinking 17 games is a long season so you need to be prepared. Also, during a game you could have someone injured.
    On the other hand, does it make sense to plug in the best 5 pass blocking OL combination for an obvious passing down like 3rd and long? Then on first down and 10, plug in the best overall 5 OL. Then toward the end of the game when you need to run the ball to kill the clock, plug in the best 5 run blocking combination…

    1. Howard May 3, 2021

      Dean, I think part of the process of drafting three more lineman is the NFL last year expanded the game day roster size from 46 to 47. In addition you can have 48 players on the game day roster if you have 8 offensive linemen active. All teams should want to have 8 quality offensive linemen available for game day.
      The Packers lost Linsley, and Wagner from last year so they need replacements. In addition I would be suprised if Bakhtiari did not start the season on the PUP list. That is two quality offensive linemen to try and replace and one good backup. At the end of last year the three bench offensive linemen on game day were Runyon, Ben Braden, and Nijman. I think the Packers would like to find an upgrade over Braden and possibly Nijman. I really like the fight and nastiness in Patrick, but I think the Packers believe Patrick is undersized. The Packers want a huge offensive line that can move and they want 8 of those guys available on game day.
      The Packers also signed several offensive linemen as undrafted free agents. The Packers are going to have a strong offensive line competition for training camp and off season work(?). If you have very good offensive line coaches as it appears the Packers do, bring in a bunch of offensive linemen, have a spirited competition, and make your line stronger with good coaching and competition. The Packers may find by the end of the preseason that they may be able to trade one or two offensive linemen for late round picks or a player that may help in a different position area that is weak or short in bodies. After all 32 teams can use an extra offensive linemen on game day with the rule change from last year.

  3. PF4L May 3, 2021

    My approach to the draft (silly season) is…i don’t do labor pains, just bring me the Packers draft picks.
    Done and done….
    Interesting thing….For awhile we have all speculated who the #2 receiver was going to be each year..Allison, Lazard, MVS, ESB, Graham. which i mostly stayed out of, for obvious reasons.
    Well, we have a new player in the mix this season, and we may very well have a winner, maybe by a landslide.
    I’m going with Stokes as my pick. No offence Mr. Funchess.

    There’s a little thing i value very highly in a pass catcher. Target catch rate.
    In college, Rodgers has a career catch rate of 81.5. A dream catch rate to most of our current players sans Tonyan.
    Yes i know who his QB was, and i don’t care. Rodgers had to catch the passes, not Lawrence. Nor do i GAF that his RAS score is 5.37. Track stars don’t catch footballs, football players catch footballs.
    If track stars could catch footballs, Eric Stokes would be a receiver.
    I don’t know who our starting QB will be, but Rodgers would love this guy.
    Jordan Love would need him.

  4. Mick May 3, 2021

    If you get about 27 minutes to spare, I encourage you all to watch the latest you tube video on the Packers / Rodgers ordeal. It’s titled “Explaining the Aaron Rodgers problem”;;;;; By Tom Grossi (Packcast) He looks at it from both angles, and makes more sense than what the media is trying to flush down our throats.

    1. PF4L May 3, 2021

      I watched a bit of that, but with a lot of that stuff i get bored easily if there isn’t something brought up that i don’t already know.
      I didn’t watch all of Shannon Sharpe either, but i like how he views things.

  5. PF4L May 3, 2021

    Usually this is the time i update on Rashan Gary’s Agency and his clients. Last year he had 4 clients. 2 went nowhere, 1 got signed to some Italian football league, and one lives on the Chiefs practice squad.
    This year he has 3…the two i mentioned above, plus some fellow named Kingsley Keke, you may have heard of him.
    But Rashan wasn’t his agent when Keke got drafted.
    He’s paying 3 employee’s plus overhead. at some point he’s going to get tired of using his game checks to support his Agency i would think.
    Fun Fact: If anyone is interested, Stokes requested # 21.

  6. PF4L May 4, 2021

    Only one question in Green Bay, needs to be asked and answered.
    So…..i’m watching some Pat MacAfee show video’s, and i watched a Mark Schlereth video (who i think is a stand up guy and highly respected).
    Shlereth obviously has solid ties to Denver. He seems to believe that a trade with Denver in principle, is done, or is imminent.
    We’ve heard that players play, and Managers manage. Ok, all well and good.
    When it comes to team strategies and decisions, there is no denying that Gute and Murphy make the decisions and manage the team. With Murphy stating in no uncertain terms, that he is in charge, he makes the ultimate final decisions.
    Side with who you want, Rodgers…Packer management…most likely doesn’t even matter now.
    But at what point…….does the Executive Committee and the Board of Directors call up Gute and Murphy, sit them down and ask them….
    How did we get here?

    1. Mick May 4, 2021

      Ya, I agree. The more the media keeps throwing gas on the fire; and they will, one would think the B.O.D has to intervene. But, do they have the spine?

    2. Tom M May 4, 2021

      We got here PF4L because Aaron Rodgers wanted input on personnel moves and approval of draft picks. At some point little Aaron has to be told no. If the executive board disagreed with the way Murphy and Gutekunst were handling the situation they’d have been shown the door by now. They have not.

      I’m all for a trade to Denver. The little diva will instantly make the Broncos better. But will always be second fiddle to Kansas City and Patrick Mahomes in the AFC west. Does anyone really think Rodgers can beat Mahomes when he couldn’t beat 43 year old Tom Brady? That means Denver is no better than a wildcard team. What makes you think your girlfriend can go on the road and beat Josh Allen in Buffalo? Or Lamar Jackson in Baltimore? Or even Baker Mayfield in Cleveland? And then face Mahomes a third time to get to the SB? He can’t. And this is based on his losing playoff record over the last decade.

      And then there’s this. While Rodgers has been in Green Bay there have been plenty of fanboys like you and Ferris that constantly make excuses for his playoff losses. It’s coaching, it’s the defense, it’s the refs. But it’s never little Aaron. He’ll get no such sympathy in Denver where they’ll give up multiple picks and demand a SB win in return. I say let him languish in the AFC west.

      1. PF4L May 4, 2021

        Hi Tommy! :)
        Here i thought all the (new) people left after the last article.
        Glad to have you back sunshine.
        I understand you told us your a Packer fan, and i also understand you have utter contempt for Rodgers.
        Well…he’s going to be leaving, so what i can’t figure out is, why can’t you be happy, i don’t get it. you seem very angry.
        It makes me wonder what you do when the neighbor kids go on your lawn, Or for days, your trying to figure out why 7 points doesn’t beat 8 points. Or you didn’t get your ice cream cone.
        But i’m not giving up on you my friend, i’m a humanitarian.
        Just so there are no hard feelings i’d like to offer you that ice cream cone again….any flavor you want, 1,2, or even 3 scoops…you make the call.
        I’m a giver

        1. Tom M May 4, 2021

          Oh I bet your a giver all right. But you’d sure like to take it from Aaron. If that would just make him stay….

          1. PF4L May 4, 2021

            You must be the pride of your family…and friend.

          2. Ferris May 4, 2021

            It’s YOU”RE a giver. Use the right form of the word when you attack, or you just look stupid.

          3. PF4L May 4, 2021

            It’s YOU’RE a giver. Use the right form of punctuation when you attack, or you just look stupid.
            Ferris, maybe it’s time to stop playing grammar cop, YOU”RE not vey good at it.
            But if you want to keep flashing your plastic badge in a football forum, it’s a free Country.

          4. Tom M May 5, 2021

            Let me ask you this Ferris. Did Joe Montana cry like a little bitch and demand then 49er GM Carmen Policy to be fired just because he went out and traded for Steve Young? Hell no! He just went about and did his job. Jordan Love is absolutely no threat to Aaron so why the drama? This is about control. Is Gutekunst and Murphy in control of the team or is it Aaron Rodgers?

            Have you heard the latest? Aaron Rodgers was upset last year because he wasn’t informed that Jake Kumerow was released. Really? Jake Kumerow who caught of of 20 passes in two years on the roster. If he was that important to you Aaron, why didn’t you throw him the ball. I guess he never developed “trust” with Aaron. Don’t get me started on this “trust” BS either. You never here Brady talking about “trust” with his receivers. That’s a total Aaron Rodgers diva thing.

            And then according to Wilde, this started when Jordy was released and Rodgers wasn’t informed. He was released because he couldn’t play anymore. He signed a two year deal with the Raiders and they cut him after one. He was done. While his beloved Kumerow caught just two passes last year. Letting players make or approve personnel moves is a recipe for disaster. But you girls love Aaron and he can do no wrong. While Gutekunst and Murphy are buffoons. You girls have no clue….

          5. PF4L May 5, 2021

            “this started when Jordy was released and Rodgers wasn’t informed. He was released because he couldn’t play anymore.” – Tommy

            What Tommy doesn’t tell you is, although that season Jordy caught 6 TD passes in the first 5 games (from Rodgers).
            Jordy led the league in TD’s the previous year after coming off ACL surgery.
            So yea…Tommy makes sense…Jordy couldn’t play anymore, coincidently, it happened exactly the same time Brett Hundley was the QB….doink!
            Ya gotta get up pretty early to get one over on Tommy Boy.

          6. Tom M May 5, 2021

            Are you really this stupid?.Jordy was released and signed a two year deal with the Raiders. I live in California and get the Raiders games locally. I saw every game Jordy played as a Raider and he was a shadow of his former self. Jon Gruden and Mike Mayock were so impressed with Jordy’s performance, they cut with one year remaining on his contract and he never played again. Jordy Nelson will always be one of my favorite Packers. But Gutekunst was right to let him go and Aaron Rodgers needs to stay the hell out of personnel decisions.

          7. PF4L May 5, 2021

            “this started when Jordy was released and Rodgers wasn’t informed. He was released because he couldn’t play anymore.” – Tommy

            What Tommy doesn’t tell you is, although that season Jordy caught 6 TD passes in the first 5 games (from Rodgers).
            Jordy led the league in TD’s the previous year after coming off ACL surgery.
            So yea…Tommy makes sense…Jordy couldn’t play anymore, coincidently, it happened exactly the same time Brett Hundley was the QB….doink!

          8. Tom M May 6, 2021

            Tell me then why was Jordy Nelson not picked up by another team after he was cut by the Raiders? 31 other teams could have signed him to be their savior at WR. No one did and he subsequently retired. He was done.

          9. Cheese May 6, 2021

            Because he didn’t want to deal with the uncertainty of possibly having to move his family to a new city every year. He had several offers after Oakland. It had nothing to do with him being “done.”

          10. PF4L May 6, 2021

            He’s such a dweeb, and worse than that, he doesn’t even realize it.
            Nelson catches 21 TD’s from Rodgers in 20 games, leads the league in TD passes
            Then, under Hundleys leadership, all of a sudden, “he couldn’t play anymore”, he was washed up- per Tommy
            You can try to explain reason to some people, but you can’t make them smart enough to understand it.

      2. Deepsky May 4, 2021

        As Rodgers won’t be coming back to the Packers, they need to trade him to the Jets for 2-3 first rounders. Jets picks are likely to be top 5 even with Rodgers. The Packers need to do this before it drags on the NFL forces them to make a trade.

      3. Ferris May 4, 2021

        Tom. You’ve been here 5 minutes and you know I constantly make excuses for Rodgers playoff losses? Show me the evidence buddy. But please use the correct form or your and you’re and there and their when you do.

        1. PF4L May 4, 2021

          Lol…You think Tommy has only been on this site for 5 minutes?

          You”re so cute.

          1. PF4L May 4, 2021

            of, not or

          2. Tom M May 5, 2021

            I’m so cute? Sorry PF4L, I’m not into dudes. But I know a certain QB that is….

          3. PF4L May 5, 2021

            I was talking to Ferris, wasn’t i?
            Tommy, who else do you think is talking to you?…when they aren’t.
            The Easter Bunny?
            The Big Bad Wolf?
            The Monsters under your bed?
            Your favorite cat that got ran over?
            The “voices”?

          4. Tom M May 6, 2021

            Then you and Ferris are perfect for each other. May I send a gravy bowl as a wedding gift?

          5. PF4L May 6, 2021

            Tommy…You passing your High School Equivalency exams this time around, would be more than enough.

  7. PF4L May 4, 2021

    So, if that question was actually asked of them, what could be possible (plausible) responses….?
    1) Blame Aaron?
    2) Blame the media?
    3) Tell them it’s their own fault, citing the fact they could have had better communications with Rodgers so it never got to this level.
    At which point, maybe someone in the room ask Mark Murphy the obvious question…”Didn’t you once proclaim that you discovered silo’s existed and that bad communication was a major problem in the organization?
    So at that point, you may begin to wonder, to even possibly expect….that maybe it’s time for the BOD’s to convince themselves that a change needed to be made?
    Super Bowls are won, from the top down.
    The disease is still in the building.

  8. PF4L May 4, 2021

    One could make the argument…..
    That Rodgers should just deal with it, play out this season, because the Packers were sending him packing after this year anyway.
    Also…because he made a shit ton of money, became famous, won a SB, many awards, had a HOF worthy career.
    (My personal choice)
    Why that wasn’t possible…..?
    Because Rodgers doesn’t like to be slighted, he detest being disrespected, and he seems to hold a grudge like nobody else..
    Also has revenge on his mind when he feels he’s been slighted.
    Question: “How disappointed are you that you will not be a 49er?”
    Rodgers’ answer: “Not as disappointed as the 49ers will be that they didn’t draft me.”
    So why is all this drama the Packers fault….?
    Simple…..because they learned all these things about him 16 years ago on April 23rd 2005, and many times since then.
    They clearly ignored and/or didn’t care how they dealt with the face of the franchise.
    Which is…their choice
    See… it doesn’t matter if Rodgers is right or wrong.
    Your job is to manage a billion plus dollar business.
    When you see small fires, you don’t ignore them, you put them out before they burn out of control.


  9. Howard May 4, 2021

    Rob, I think the Packers told us why they selected Myers over Humphrey. The Packers liked Myers versatility and the competition Myers faced every day in practice and every week against opponents. I don’t watch the Sooners or the Buckeyes on a regular basis. I do see enough partial games and final scores to know that the Buckeyes for the most part play against teams that have better defensive personnel than the Sooners play against. The conference the Sooners play against have some very average to below average defenses. In fact until recently the Sooners defenses have not been that great. Competition in practice and on game days to me clearly favors Myers over Humphrey.
    I don’t know if the Packers consider hand size in selecting a center. I think they should as the Packers will get into there share of cold/wet games. Myers does have larger hands than Humphreys and has played in more cold wether games. If your snapping in shot gun in Green Bay late in the year you want a center that can grip the ball well and is use to cold/wet weather games. I think the NFL prospect profiles had Humphrey as a .03 grade over Myers. That is not much difference. The other factors I mentioned probably made a difference. Plus if I remember clearly the Packers appear to have a very healthy respect for the Buckeyes coaching staff and program.

  10. Tom M May 4, 2021

    Eric Stokes reminds me of a more polished Sam Shields coming out without the hideous SB ring tattoo on his neck. He could be the compliment to Alexander that Josh Jackson never was.

    Myers looks like a plug and play guy. There seems to be a shift to bigger stronger OL men and less finesse type players. That has to do with the emphasis of running the football in the MLF scheme.

    Amari Rodgers sure looks like Randal Cobb. Let’s hope he’s more Cobb than Ty Montgomery.

    Don’t know enough about the rest to comment. Seems like a solid if unspectacular draft. But the emphasis on the OL makes since. We’ll need two tackles and a center to start the season. And Billy Turner will be gone after this year.

    1. Cheese May 4, 2021

      I think Ty Montgomery would have been a quality receiver if he would have been given the chance. He had a good catch rate and made some decent plays in limited action.
      Unfortunately, the front office had their heads up their asses, as usual, and started the season with only two RB’s on the roster. When those guys got injured, the front office refused to go out and sign another running back. Brilliant! So instead, the conversion project experts had no choice but to turn a WR into a permanent RB. Montgomery had one breakout a game against the Bears so everyone thought that it was a huge success, except for every game after that it was mostly underwhelming.
      Makes you wonder if Montgomery could have contributed to the WR core the past few years when it was just Davante and a bunch of nobodies.

      1. PF4L May 4, 2021

        I remember talking with Howard about this like it was yesterday. He has a career 73% target catch rate.

        I always figured he’d go back to wide receiver, but he stayed a running back to this day.
        I’m happy he’s still making a living in the NFL, but he’s been with 4 teams in the last 4 seasons and has rushed for a total of 392 yards with 1 rushing TD. It’s amazing he’s still in the league.

      2. Tom M May 5, 2021

        Do you remember Big Mike wanting to incorporate Ty Montgomery into the offense and make him a focal point? Part of the reason it never happened was because he couldn’t stay healthy. But also because Rodgers never liked throwing the ball to his RB’s. Rodgers always liked throwing the ball down field to make the highlight play. It’s also why he held the ball too long and took sacks. Brett Hundley threw more screens in 9 starts than Rodgers did in 9 years as a starter.

        1. PF4L May 5, 2021

          This was around the time that McGravy was going to rewrite the whole playbook, from page 1 (never happened).
          Gee….Montgomery can’t stay healthy at receiver.
          Hmmmm?…I know!!!…..lets make him a running back!!
          I love you guys.
          For a guy who doesn’t like throwing to rb’s…Rodgers still managed to complete 166 passes, and threw 11 TD’s passes to Jones and Williams after McGravy left town and took his playbook with him.
          In fact…wasn’t Aaron Jones the Packers #2 receiver in 2019?
          Brett Hundley……is available, very available.
          Brett Hundley?…lol…That’s so cute :)
          “Brett Hundley threw more screens in 9 starts than Rodgers did in 9 years as a starter.” – Tommy
          Just curious Tommy..how many screens did Rodgers throw in 9 years? You did the research…right?
          What is true is this…..
          Brett Hundley threw more interceptions(12), in 9 starts than Rodgers did in his last 3 years (48 games) as a starter.
          Who do you want to bring up next Tommy…..Kizer… Seneca Wallace?
          Ill give you a D+ Tommy…just for the effort :)

          1. PF4L May 5, 2021

            What say you Tommy?

          2. Tom M May 5, 2021

            The key word there is AFTER McCarthy left town. The Matt LaFleur/Kyle Shanahan/Sean McVay offense is a run oriented, pre snap motion offense with quick reads and short throws to the TE and RB’s. Which is why we drafted a RB and TE early last year. And if you can remember how truly awful Brett Hundley was as a backup QB, then drafting Jordan Love makes sense. Because Tim Boyle was never a viable option once you girlfriend gets hurt because he holds the ball too long. It’s bound to happen, especially at 37. Big Ben, 38, missed half the season with elbow injury last year and Drew Brees missed a month with a broken rib. The older you get the more fragile you become in the NFL. And if your not prepared, your screwed. But I understand that’s way over your head…

          3. PF4L May 5, 2021

            Well, in the eyes of the Packers…. UDFA Time Boyle who has a total of 4 NFL passes in his career was a better viable option last season as Rodgers back up over our 1st round pick of QB Jordan Love.
            “The older you get the more fragile you become in the NFL.”
            Like Brady (43)…who hasn’t missed a game since 2016
            Like Rodgers (37)..who hasn’t missed a game since 2017
            But i understand that may be way over your head.
            I’ll give you a D- Tommy…just for the effort :)
            You had a solid D working, but you lost points for ignorance.