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Vikings WR Adam Thielen Disses Lambeau Field

It turns out Vikings WR Adam Thielen is too good to sit with the plebs in bleacher seats at the world-famous Lambeau Field. This came from a guy that plays ball at a home stadium whose roof famously collapsed.

“The whole stadium is not nice. There’s nothing fancy about it. It’s bleacher seats!”

You can watch the full episode of Subpar with Vikings WR Adam Thielen here:

Lambeau Field being the pinnacle stadium when it comes to blue-collar NFL fans is an objective fact. Football’s roots are firmly planted in bleacher seats from the ultra-competitive high school football in Texas to the best known stadium in the sport: Lambeau Field. Low-frills bleacher seats is football.

Imagine playing for a team so disrespected that their own stadium tried to commit suicide:

To be fair to Thielen, he did pick it as his favorite stadium to play in.

Jason Parker

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  1. PF4L May 10, 2021

    Maybe Mr. Thielen needs to be reminded NFL football isn’t about how fancy the seats are.
    Maybe what Mr. Thielen needs is a free family pack of tour passes to the Green Bay Packers HOF and the Trophy room.
    Show his 2 boys what it would be like if Daddy played for a winning team.

    1. Mick May 11, 2021

      OR, maybe Mr Thielen is bitter about GB not acquiring him in FA, to play with the best passing Q-back on the planet?

  2. Deepsky May 10, 2021

    What does he think about the jumbotron? The one framed by the 13 NFL Championships.

  3. Skinny May 10, 2021

    Cant wait for Rodgers to announce hes back with the Packers. Gonna be the biggest fuck you to the media in NFL history and most importantly its gonna propel this team to a Super Bowl title this year. I thought it was over January but all this shit the last two weeks has pissed off the Packers and Rodgers enough that they will use it as fuel. Schefter gonna experience a Bob McGinn type interaction with Rob Davis possibly this summer, lol.