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GM Gutekunst Predraft Press Conference “Bombshells”

If you read that headline and thought you were being tricked because you have listened to Ted Thompson talk about absolutely nothing year after year, you might be surprised. Thompson was the master at saying nothing. St. Norbert’s should have given him an honorary doctorate in gibberish. Ted could talk for 35 minutes and you would not learn even a trinket of information from him. Gutekunst’s predraft conference call actually shocked me. He is either a very honest guy who should shut up or he learned more than his master taught him. Ok, “bombshells” is tongue-in-cheek, but he definitely said more than Thompson did in all his pre draft press conferences combined. These are the “bombshells” from his latest presser:

1) They have not yet taken advantage of Jaire Alexander’s 5th year option yet, but they intend to do so during the coming year.
2) Aaron Rodgers is the Packers QB for their foreseeable future. His contract is still “in a process” that includes the team’s 2 year plan to ensure the team maintains cap integrity.
3) Bakhtiari is ahead of schedule and his health should not impact their draft strategy.
4) He admitted it is hard for him to sit at pick 29. He envisions what those players picked ahead of his selection could do for his team.
5) The reason the team has reworked contracts and extended money into the future is they see the opportunity in front of them. He tried to keep the team together to make another run.
6) The area scouts had to be really creative to get the information needed to fill out their draft board.
7) This may be the first draft where they will draft players that Gutekunst has not seen in person.
8) He thinks this draft will have fewer UDFA’s with skills sufficient to make the team which is why they currently have 70 players under contract.
9) He admitted that some teams might try to trade picks for 2022 picks because the team might not think their board is that strong, but the Packers are happy with the strength of their board.
10) He said they will probably address Rodgers contract situation before next year.
11) He said their medical team has been challenged more this year than any other. He believes the team has less info on third day guys this year than in years past.
12) The team has spent a lot of time reviewing players who opted out. They have gone through every reason players had for opting out.
13) When drafting players need and best available both factor into the analysis. If they have a need and they believe the player can contribute right away, that is a considered factor, but it has minimal weight.
14) The scouting team self scouts and reviews Packer trends and other team trends, going back over a decade. .
15) He believes the Packers are a better team with Kevin King on the field than without him.
16) Admits that height minimums are part of his training. They believe bigger stronger players work better in the conditions of Green Bay. He said Jaire Alexander was “very close to the Mendoza line” with his height.
17) He feels like having such a good team gives him “more freedom” and if he sees a “special” player that can change your team for the better, you have to go get that player.

While the headline was an exaggeration, the last comment Gutekunst made must have Ted Thompson rolling over in his grave. Did he really admit he wants to trade up to get a special player? Is it a smoke screen? While the term bombshell may not be appropriate if I was with the Bears I might think I just saw one of Gutekunst cards. We will see Thursday night. Go Pack Go!

Paul Edwards

Paul Edwards is a lawyer, victim advocate, writer, and long term Packer fan and Packer history enthusiast.



  1. NobodysBurfect April 28, 2021

    Gute isn’t responsible for Ted Thompson’s decline, nor is he responsible for Murphy’s unwillingness to step in and correct the problems the team had for years. He landed Jaire & Jenkins, and he at least changed the front office so they’re not an afterthought in free agency to the rest of the league. But honestly he’s made as many bafflingly stupid decisions as he has smart ones, and however this shit with A Rod ends will be what defines his legacy. Happy draft

    1. PF4L April 28, 2021

      After this season, Gute will have exhausted his 4 year SB window. Nobody should blame him for 2018 though, he walked into a tough job as i noted back then.

      But yea…after this season…Tick Tock.
      Although i’ll stick with my proclamation that drafting Love, will result in the Packers giving Gute an extension to ….see it through.
      Which should happen during this season or right after, his 4th.
      Whether they try to keep it a “secret” …..TBD.

  2. Howard April 28, 2021

    Good or bad both Gutekunst and LaFleur are much more forthcoming in press conferences than their predecessors. I don’t think either are giving anything away that the rest of the league or division foes could not already guess or plan for.
    I’m sure Gutekunst would trade up for “special” players. Gutekunst has shown he will trade up for certain targeted players. That should not be a suprise any longer to teams in the league or division.
    If a team wants to trade down they know to call the Packers. I don’t think that use to be the case. With the draft position point system used by NFL teams for trade value it may not make a difference who makes the initial call about a trade? If it was me I think you are in a better negotiation position if you are not the team that makes the initial call about a potential trade. Let the teams that want to trade down come to you first. Gutekunst has shown the past three years he will trade up. It is no smoke screen. Gutekunst just reminded teams to contact the Packers if they want to trade down. Maybe a deal can be made, or not. At least the Packers will be on the list to call, unless you are a division opponent, when a team wants to trade down.

  3. PF4L April 28, 2021

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    That’s always fun.

  4. PF4L April 28, 2021

    From a 5th grade Packer fan, commenting on drafting Jordon Love.
    ” We all have to live with it, and there are worse things than having a bona fide franchise QB waiting in the wings,”
    Well….I have to claim ignorance….
    I didn’t even know he was bona fide!!
    I also didn’t know he was a franchise QB…it would have been nice if somebody would have told me this.
    I wouldn’t have been so hard on Gute the last year.

  5. Cheese April 28, 2021

    7) This may be the first draft where they will draft players that Gutekunst has not seen in person.

    You mean like when Gute flew out west to meet with Jordan Love prior to last years draft, and then used a 4th round pick to trade up and draft Love in the first round? Yeah, I remember when Love “fell” to Gute after they had “no plans of drafting a QB.”

    1. PF4L April 29, 2021

      Yea, it was Oct 5th, 2019…. 6 and 1/2 months before the 2020 draft.
      Gute and Sam Seale flew to Baton Rouge to watch the Aggies get steamrolled 6-42 by the LSU Tigers.
      Love was 15/30…130 yards…0 TD’s…3 interceptions.

      1. Mick April 29, 2021

        Maybe drafting players Gute hasn’t seen in person; might be a good thing???????? LOL

  6. PF4L April 29, 2021

    I’m going to do something, i’ve never done, in my life.
    I’m going to participate (lightly) in the silly season.
    I’m going to to “predict” two things in the Packer draft.
    1) Packers pick Hometown product UW-W Div. III center Quinn Meinerz in the 3rd if available, possibly 2nd if the Packers trade down from the first.
    2) The Packers pick a QB in the 4th or 5th round.
    I know what your thinking….PF4L isn’t wrong often.
    The way i see it….if i can have the same success as the NFL mock draft experts, i should come in with a solid prediction record of 0-2.

  7. Mick April 29, 2021

    Well, day one of the 2021 NFL draft is upon us! I’m holding Gute to his word; (either praise or scrutiny); when he declared——We’re going “all in” this offseason to improve our ball club. (hope it’s more “all in”, than what he showed during FA, when he re-signed marginal players to extensions!

  8. Mick April 29, 2021

    One positive thing happening today, that is a guaranteed plus is; the “mock draft experts will be put to sleep for at least 8 months;;;;;;LOL

  9. Mick April 29, 2021

    I think you all might want to check out the latest news on Packerswire?!?!?! WHAT THE HELL?