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2021 NFL Draft – Day One

It has finally come: Draft Day 2021 — this time in the capital of mediocrity: Cleveland, Ohio. After a grueling season that ended with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, led by the aging Tom Brady, putting a stop to the Packers’ 2021 Super Bowl hopes, we need to look forward to the next chapter in the team’s history and towards another draft.

Pick wizard GM Brian Gutekunst and the Packers brass(would make a great band name) will be expressing their will on the future of the team today with late round picks due to the team’s success in the previous season. As they often have, they may be looking towards the WR position for some future proofing; also needing some love will be the offensive line and a secondary with a questionable future.

List of Green Bay picks:

Round 1: No. 29
Round 2: No. 62
Round 3: No. 92
Round 4: No. 135
Round 4: No. 142 (Compensatory)
Round 5: No. 173
Round 5: No. 178 (Compensatory)
Round 6: No. 214
Round 6: No. 220 (Compensatory)
Round 7: No. 256

Picks for other NFC North teams:


Round 1, pick 20
Round 2, pick 52
Round 3, pick 83
Round 5, pick 164
Round 6, pick 204
Round 6, pick 208
Round 6, pick 221
Round 6, pick 228


Round 1: No. 14
Round 3: No. 78
Round 3: No. 90 (from Ravens)
Round 4: No. 119
Round 4: No. 125 (from Bears)
Round 4: No. 134 (from Bills)
Round 4: No. 143 (compensatory)
Round 5: No. 157
Round 5: No. 168 (from Steelers)
Round 6: No. 199


Round 1: No. 7
Round 2: No. 41
Round 3: No. 72
Round 3: No. 101 (from Rams)
Round 4: No. 112
Round 5: No. 153

Never let anyone tell you Cleveland is a beautiful city:


It’s already being reported that a grab for Aaron Rodgers was attempted by the 49ers

Jason Parker

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  1. Stiggy April 29, 2021

    I used to get excited about draft day…but frankly…I haven’t really followed the prospects this year.
    I typically get pissed off watching them draft ..with exception of gutes first draft which excited me..and turned our to be shit outside jaire.
    I will say…if they for some reason end up drafting a qb with any of their top 3 picks….I may be looking for a new team to root for.
    Since I don’t really know the prospects I’m just hoping for an impact linemen on either side of the ball…someone to replace kings sorry ass…or a burner at either cb or wr.
    That’s over half the positions on the field so I’m sure we’ll end up with a blocking tight end or another edge prospect with “an incredibly high ceiling” + minimal production and/or a complex injury history that could be a “steal” at the end of the first round.

    I can hear it now “this guy would have been top 5 had he not blown out his acl and only made 1 play all season prior to doing so”

  2. PF4L April 29, 2021

    Today…April 29th 2021…is now officially season 2 of…These are the Days of our Packers in TitleTown, USA.
    Day One……
    “We’re not idiot’s” – Mark Murphy
    Remember the articles here about how drafting Love gave Gute and LaFluer “leverage” over Aaron Rodgers?
    How’s that workin?

    1. Tom M April 29, 2021

      Actually it’s working just fine. Aaron Rodgers can play for the Packers or he can retire. Host Jeopardy. And attempt a come back at 40. And if he’s lucky lose another NFCC game.

      1. PF4L April 29, 2021

        Working just fine…no problems here.
        Lets move it along people., nothing to see here.

        1. Tom M April 29, 2021

          The only problem here is Aaron Rodgers acting like a little bitch.
          Is little Aaron upset daddy drafted a QB last year?
          Is little Aaron upset daddy didn’t trade him to his favorite team?
          Screw Aaron Rodgers! He’s turned into Brett Favre.

          1. PF4L April 29, 2021

            Yep…A legendary first ballot HOF QB.

          2. Tom M April 29, 2021

            And a stat whore. Who’ll eventually retire with the same number of super bowl wins as Trent Dilfer and Joe Flacco. I couldn’t careless how many MVP awards he has in his Malibu mansion. I’m a Packer fan, I want SB wins. He doesn’t deliver. Brady does. The truth hurts, but you’ll defend him to the bitter end. Guys like you need Brian Gutekunst to blame when Aaron Rodgers comes up small in big games. So cry like a little girl and blame the evil Brian Gutekunst and Mark Murphy because Aaron Rodgers couldn’t score a TD in the 4th quarter of the NFC championship game.

          3. Cheese April 29, 2021

            Hey Tom, who wanted to kick that field goal?
            I bet you can’t wait to wear your Brett Hundley 3.0 jersey. Whoops, I meant Jordan Love. Ya know, the bona fide franchise QB who’s never taken a snap in the NFL. Has he ever even been active for a game before? Doesn’t matter, he’s gonna blow the roof off of Lambeau the second he steps on the field.

          4. Tom M April 29, 2021

            Look Cheese, Aaron Rodgers had the whole 4th quarter down by 5 to score a TD. Not just that one drive and he couldn’t do it. If your truly the GOAT, like Rodgers told everyone on the Pat McAfee podcast he was, you a find away. He’s had 10 years and 4 NFCC games to get it done. And while I’ll agree it hasn’t all been his fault. He does have to take responsibility for some of it. You can’t blame it on the defense. They only gave up a FG in the 4th quarter. Aaron Rodgers is a great QB when he gets a big lead, pads his stats, and can coast. He’s never been a come from behind to win QB. He actually has a .477 winning percentage when trailing in the 4th quarter of games. In big games you always face adversity. And he always wilts. Let me tell you what will happen this year. We’ll make the playoffs, probably win the division, then lose again if not the NFCC game, the divisional round. Then guys like you will make excuses for Rodgers. How do I know this? Because it’s been going on for a decade now. Aaron Rodgers is Drew Brees, a stat whore. He is not, and never will be Tom Brady, the real GOAT.

          5. PF4L April 29, 2021

            Tom….instead of acting all bitter and vengeful on Rodgers.
            It seems to me, you don’t think he is the right guy for the job.
            You should rejoice, this should be good news for you….this misery might finally be over for you.
            The years of Rodgers disappointing you might soon be over. Chinupnsmile.
            You may soon have a new QB to fulfill your SB hopes and dreams. Maybe 2 or 3.
            Now we just need that missing piece…a long snapper.

          6. Tom M April 29, 2021

            I’m neither vengeful nor bitter. I only speak of facts. If I’ve stated anything incorrectly please show me the error of my ways. I do see I was wrong about one thing. I thought this was a Packer site. In reality, it’s a Aaron Rodgers fanboy site. My mistake. Aaron Rodgers is wonderful! Brian Gutekunst is evil! Does that sound better girls?

          7. PF4L April 29, 2021

            Tom….instead of acting all bitter and vengeful on Rodgers.
            It seems to me, you don’t think he is the right guy for the job.
            You should rejoice, this should be good news for you….this misery might finally be over for you.
            The years of Rodgers disappointing you might soon be over. Chinupnsmile.
            You may soon have a new QB to fulfill your SB hopes and dreams. Maybe 2 or 3.
            Now we just need that missing piece…a long snapper.

          8. Tom M April 29, 2021

            Now your stuttering PF4L. What, no smart ass come back? But your so smart…..

          9. PF4L April 29, 2021

            Tom….instead of acting all bitter and vengeful on Rodgers.
            It seems to me, you don’t think he is the right guy for the job.
            You should rejoice, this should be good news for you….this misery might finally be over for you.
            The years of Rodgers disappointing you might soon be over. Chinupnsmile.
            You may soon have a new QB to fulfill your SB hopes and dreams. Maybe 2 or 3.
            Now we just need that missing piece…a long snapper.

          10. Ferris April 30, 2021

            It’s you’re. Not your. You are stuttering…you are so smart. YOU’RE right it is a Packer Fan site. Fans who didn’t agree with the Love pick.

          11. PF4L April 30, 2021

            Easy there Tiger!
            Lets put that thing back in the holster, he’s a guest :)

          12. Tom M April 30, 2021

            Fair enough Ferris, you girls didn’t like the Jordan Love pick. Tell me then, who was it that Brian Gutekunst should have selected at 26 last year that would have magically propelled us to SB victory? Patrick Queen perhaps? I remember thinking he reminded me of Nick Barnett. A nice player to be sure, but hardly a difference maker. As it turns out, so far, Queen isn’t that good. A WR then. Rodgers threw 48 TD’s last year. We did just fine without Tee Higgins. Look, if Gutekunst had passed on Justin Jefferson to draft Love. Or if Patrick Queen was the next Ray Lewis then I’m right there with you. Pitchfork in hand ready to tar and feather our GM. I get it, you girls are emotionally attached to Aaron Rodgers. We all are. A good GM can’t look at it emotionally. He has to prepare not only for the present but for the future as well. I know that’s a difficult concept for you to understand…..

          13. Ferris April 30, 2021

            Tom, it is good to hear from new posters here. You may still get through the initiation phase. If you shave your head. And renounce everything purple.
            2 issues with that pick. 1st, they traded up to get him. Felt like the Bears trading up for Trushitstick. Then Gute said how Love “fell” to them. He didn’t. Rodgers fell to the Packers way back when so it is not the same. If you are going to trade up own that shit and say we want Rodgers to go. Or trade up and get Jefferson, a position of dire need in Green Bay. 2nd, they say they want to win now…that pick was not a win now pick.
            I have spoken.

          14. Tom M April 30, 2021

            You still didn’t tell me who it was that Gutekunst should have drafted instead of Jordan Love. This is what I know. The San Francisco 49ers gave up a king’s ransom to draft Trey Lance a prospect with a similar skill set to Jordan Love. The Chicago Bears gave up a king’s ransom to draft Justin Fields also a prospect with a similar skill set to Jordan Love. Gutekunst gave up the 26th pick and an incidental 4th round pick to draft a potential franchise QB. That makes Jordan Love a value pick. In reality, there were no more blue chip prospects left at the end of round one. But it upset Aaron. And that’s made all of you Aaron Rodgers fanboys fuss and fret. Oh, Aaron is mad at us! But it’s not our fault Aaron, we love you! I couldn’t care less. As far as management, Murphy and Gutekunst are responsible for back to back 13-3 seasons, hiring MLF one of the best young coaches in the league, and drafting Alexander, Jenkins, Savage, Gary, not to mention signing Z Smith, and Amos. Yes, girls their pretty inept….

          15. MMSUCKS April 30, 2021

            Yep! Another Packer brain-trust apologist attempting to gaslight this new debacle that Murphy, Ted Thompson (the frugal GM) and Gutekunst got the team into. While I’m not going to go too far into your ill-founded statement’s regarding Rodgers’ ineptitude in the last game other than to POINT OUT that he did not throw three interceptions against a MUCH weaker defense like Brady did (who still won)! because it is “A TEAM SPORT”. . . I will say this; anytime that you have a HOF QB 1 and you attempt to blame him for losing the NFCCG, think about these half as talented QB 1’s that made it to the big dance (as well as Brady last year), Trent Dilfer, Joe Flacco. Then think (if you are able) about what great GM’s do for their highly prized QB 1’s; NE, KC, San Fran, when they had/have an elite QB 1, they REALIZE how rare they are and they get them the requisite defensive and offensive tools to win multiple SB’s. They don’t just ride the coattails of a HOF QB 1 off into the sunset like the last two Packer GM’s have.
            Btw, I am NOT attached to Rodgers. I am a Packer fan FIRST. What Gutenkunst and Murphy have done in the last few years has been abysmal to say the least. Bad drafts, getting rid of good players while keeping mediocre ones. Getting Jimmy Graham? NEVER properly addressing the ILB position? Just look at Tampa Bay’s ILB’s! They are game changers! and they have two of them. In 20 years Green Bay has never had one that good, nor have they attempted to get one. In all of Rodgers tenure Green Bay has not provided him with a top round WR. Why? Because their scouting department can’t figure out how to draft a decent defensive player year-in and year-out with defensive busts and bench-warmers, so they have never given themselves the opportunity to do so. They have self destructed on a yearly basis with player assessment . . . That is where we should all start looking. NOT blaming one highly talented player who can only do so much on offense . . . AND NOTHING ON DEFENSE. Go back to wher you came from, you are clueless.

          16. Mick April 30, 2021

            Thank you MMSUCKS! I couldn’t have said it any better. But I’ll add some backup. How many times have the Packers drafted D in the 1st round? (I’ve read 9 out of ten). One would think with that much high draft capital, we’d have a very respectable D; like maybe; top 10, or top 5! Maybe have some real enforcers at all 3 levels of the D? I’ve mentioned before< GB doesn't seem to value filling obvious needs on their team. On top of that, they keep drafting the same positions on the D, and their winning percentage isn't at all good. (Think, Jackson, Clinton Dix, Randall, Jones, Goodson, Rollins, House, McMillian) They hit it good with Alexander and Savage, and are on the banana peel with K. King. However, either the scouting of D players is inept, unimportant to them, or they think offense is the only thing that wins championships and puts fans in the stands. It is flawed and has been for a long time. Last years draft is the worst I've seen in GB; and I've been watching since "68". Even in the dark decades of the 70's and 80's; there's been at least 1 or 2 drafted players starting, or at least making a good contribution. Murphy and Gute created this mess, and I don't feel one bit sorry for them. For Gute to sit in front of a camera, arrogant, and seeming like this Rodgers saga isn't anything to worry about——— shows ignorance!

          17. PF4L April 30, 2021


            It’s not Ferris’s job to provide a player who should have been drafted.
            That’s Gute’s job. It’s also Gute’s job to provide the team with enough talent to get to a SB while the window is open.
            Not waste 2 picks who can’t help you for years.

          18. PF4L April 30, 2021

            Oops…Tommy…my bad.

          19. Tom M April 30, 2021

            I see. It’s not Ferris’s responsibility to provide picks. Only bitch and moan about the one ones he thinks Gutekunst gets wrong even though he’s not qualified to do so. That makes absolutely no sense. Go back to just repeating your posts. Your embarrassing yourself now. Gutekunst did his job. You girls just don’t like the results. This is QB driven league. You have to draft a potential franchise QB when they become available. If you wait until you need one, you end up like the 49ers and Bears and trade away future draft classes in hopes you’ve made the right call. You draft and develop. You use FA to sign starters for now. That’s what a good GM does. And that’s what Gutekunst has done.

          20. Tom M April 30, 2021

            Brian Gutekunst took a team that went 6-9-1. He signed 4 starters in free agency in Z Smith, Preston Smith, Adrian Amos, and Billy Turner. That’s an entire draft class. Drafted a shut down corner in Alexander, the next Nick Collins in Savage and a pro bowl C/G in Elgton Jenkins. Hired one of the best young coaches in the league in MLF. And promptly went 13-3 going to the NFCC game. That’s a remarkable achievement. It sure wasn’t all Aaron Rodgers and his 26 TD’s. Those are the facts. I’m sorry if you feel threatened by them.

          21. PF4L April 30, 2021

            He spent 182 million….i sure as F hope he could find some starters for that kind of money, What an accomplishment!! My Grandma could have found starters with that much money..
            That Preston guy…he turned into a bargain.
            How many plays did that free agent group make in the NFCCG?
            Yes, that’s an entire draft class…the only difference Sparky… is free agents aren’t unproven rookies, and it’s about 35 times more expensive than a draft class…smh
            Just for kicks….What is higher…182.4 million dollars…or last years salary cap.
            LaFleur was a great hire so far…but Gute didn’t hire him alone, he had Daddy with him making the decisions. Don’t lie to yourself.
            Gute got Alexander, Jenkins, and Savage, in only 3 drafts.,….Should we call Canton and reserve room for this drafting Guru?
            The team was 16-6 the last 2 seasons for various reasons, Gute gets some credit…granted.
            But most of it is revamping a stale, predictable offense.
            Some is the NFC North.
            Some, is the weak teams we were blessed with on the schedule the last two seasons.
            Next time we’ll discuss how spending 182 million effects the salary cap.
            But we’ll save that for another time.
            If you try to learn too much, too soon, the retention rate drops and i don’t want to over load you my friend.

          22. PF4L April 30, 2021


          23. Tom M April 30, 2021

            Are you referring to your grandma you live with? Either Brian Gutekunst is Matt Millen or he gets “some credit” for back to back 13-3 seasons. So which is it? By the very nature you spend too much for players in FA. It’s why Ted was reluctant to play the game. You can’t have it both ways. Be players in FA and then bitch because you paid too much. What you would like is to draft and develop and use FA only to supplement your roster. Gutekunst took over he had more holes on the roster than he had draft picks. Moving forward you wouldn’t need to spend in FA if your drafting correctly. This concept is undoubtedly over your head. Think Kirk Cousins ridiculously stupid contract that forced the Viking to release 5 starters on defense last year.

          24. PF4L April 30, 2021

            Awe…that’s hurtful.
            Am i now supposed to start dishing the momma jokes?
            I ask, because i don’t know how you kids are doing it these days.
            How are your reading skills Tommy? What did i say in my last post? Let me help ok?
            “The team was 16-6 the last 2 seasons for various reasons, Gute gets some credit…granted.”
            See that Tommy?
            Let me ask you Tommy, what grade are you in?
            Do you want to talk football with my 15 year old niece for awhile? Maybe then you can work your way up to me.

          25. Tom M April 30, 2021

            I’m sure your 15 year old niece is far more intelligent. But living with grandma, your busy doing other things with her. Enjoy the draft….

          26. PF4L April 30, 2021

            Stay in school kids!!

          27. Cheese May 1, 2021

            “Gute drafted the next Nick Collins in Savage”- Lol, what planet are you from? Nothing Savage has done would predict him to be the next Nick Collins.
            Sure, Matt LaFluers record is 26-6 the past two years. No way in hell does he pull that off without Aaron Rodgers. No. Way.
            Jordan Love was a value pick? Tell me how using a first and fourth round pick on a gut who sits the bench the entire year is “valuable” when GB was one game from the Super Bowl the year before? He literally provided ZERO value on the field. SF drafted a similar prospect while giving up more so that justifies GB pissing away two draft picks on a sideline decoration?
            All these Gute apologists act like Rodgers is just some Joe Blow who has nothing to do with this teams success and they can insert whatever version of Brett Hundley they want and win the Super Bowl. As if Rodgers isn’t the MVP of the entire fucking league.
            Oh, I’m sorry. I forgot. Gute and Lafluer are responsible for all of Rodgers successes. Silly me.

          28. PF4L May 1, 2021

            Tommy doesn’t like to be bogged down in reality…and the truth.
            Just sayin.

  3. PF4L April 29, 2021

    1265 Lombardi Ave…..April 14th 2020..Pre-draft strategy meeting..(Murphy, Gute, LaFluer)
    (Knock on door)

    Murphy: Finally…lunch is here
    Gute: My stomach is growling
    LaFleur: Come in!
    Gute: (under his breath) shit (hides Jordan Love research)
    Murphy: Aaron?…what brings you here?
    Rodgers: Hi guys..i just had some thoughts on the draft and i wanted to….
    Murphy: (interrupts) Stop Aaron!
    Gute: We’re kind of busy here Aaron.
    Murphy: Aaron, what is it you think you do here?
    Rodgers: Provide job security?
    Murphy: I’m serious Aaron, try again.
    Rodgers: Carry this team on my back for 10 years?
    Murphy: Ok..listen Aaron. You are a player. We manage the team Do you know what that means?
    Rodgers: That i’m the one who wins games?
    Murphy: Sort of…it means players player, and managers …manage.
    Rodgers But i just wanted to….
    Murphy: (interrupts)…Listen Aaron, did i not make myself clear?
    Rodgers: Turns and walks out.
    Murphy: Either of you guys concerned about what just happened?
    Gute: I’m very concerned…. I’m worried the delivery guy is lost or his car broke down.

  4. PF4L April 29, 2021

    So much for Rob Demovsky being a Green Bay Packer “Insider”
    Rob Demovsky
    This is NOT true, I’m told by a source with direct knowledge.

    Repeat NOT true. NO CALLS, per source.
    Quote Tweet
    Bill Michaels
    · 6h
    The @49ers have offered the @Packers the 3rd overall pick in this year’s draft, plus other picks and a number of players from their current roster including Garoppolo
    for Aaron Rodgers.
    The Packers turned them down.
    First reported by @PAOnTheMic and confirmed by others.

  5. Skinny April 29, 2021

    What the fuck is going on! What a shit show. This shit cant be true. No way the Packers front office is this stupid.

    1. Cheese April 29, 2021

      No way they can be this stupid you say? Have you watched this team for the past ten years? Not surprising at all. This front office is a Grade A++ shit show.

  6. Sal April 29, 2021

    There are no good guys here. Failure to retain the face of the franchise would be an abysmal failure by the front office. But after spending most of his career feeling miffed about Favre’s reaction to the Packers drafting him, Rodgers has proven himself to be the bigger diva.

    1. Cheese April 29, 2021

      Bullshit. Favre waffled back and forth about retirement for years. Rodgers has never once uttered the word retirement while winning three MVP’s in the past ten years. Meanwhile, Gute trades up to draft Love and a bunch of other bench players when GB was only one game away from the Super Bowl? Not to mention the lack of effort to improve this team over the years or the total stupidity in not retaining it’s own talent.

      1. PF4L April 29, 2021

        Seems to me during the Favre/Packer drama…..for 3 years Rodgers was nothing but a class act waiting his turn.

        Slowly forging a friendship with Favre during that time. Watch some 2005-2007 game tape of them joking and laughing.
        Off the wall thought…..
        If you want to draft a QB and trade away a #4 pick that won’t help the team…maybe, just maybe….what about giving the most important person in Green Bay the heads up…so he doesn’t have to find out watching ESPN.
        I’m fairly certain Rodgers figured they were going to draft a receiver, Not unlike 10 million other people.
        Crazy….i know.

    2. MMSUCKS April 29, 2021

      Lol! WTF? Are you serious? How can you conflate these two QB 1’s in this way? Cheese is 100% CORRECT period. Are you some lackey from 1265 doing damage control for these fucktards running this football team? Because they have had AMPLE opportunities in the last few years to really help a HOF QB 1 get back to the SB. What did they do? They shit the bed with their questionable draft choices while also resigning over-valued players to large contracts. All Rodgers did was play his ass off, but he is the bigger diva . . . yeah right.

      1. rebelgb April 30, 2021

        You do realize that we had one of the best offenses in football last year right? What imaginary player should we have drafted instead of Love that would have made our offense better>

        1. MMSUCKS April 30, 2021

          Did I MENTION OFFENSE?????????? WELL???? Did I???? How about this . . . DEFENSE! Player assessment has been sorely lacking in the draft room at 1265! A free agent CB or ILB would have been all that was needed. Many of those plays by TB’s offense never would have happened PERIOD. Regarding the offense, we could have attempted to get a WR in free agency but we did not try very hard.
          Did you read my post critically?

  7. PF4L April 29, 2021

    Why is it…when i look at Mac Jones, i start to think of Howdy Doody.

    1. Cheese April 29, 2021

      If that isn’t Packer Nation in a nutshell today I don’t know what is…
      How long can Rodgers sit around and watch these mind numbingly dumb decisions go on before he says enough is enough? The Buccaneers had more commitment to Tom Brady and the “Win Now” mantra in one year than the Packers have shown Rodgers in the past 5 years.
      If Rodgers is gone the front office can kiss their job security good bye, depending on whether the board of directors can find their damn spines.

      1. PF4L April 30, 2021

        He wrapped that up pretty good. Especially right at the end :)

        1. Mick April 30, 2021

          Hey, board of directors;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; WAKE UP

          1. PF4L April 30, 2021

            Mick…you see the suit Gute was wearing last night?
            His black power suit. Actually…triple black!
            I’m wondering if Murphy took the training wheels off.

          2. Mick May 1, 2021

            Yup, he looked like he was preparing for a funeral!?!?!?!?

  8. Cheese April 29, 2021

    “The reason Rodgers trade demands are coming out now is because he apparently gave the team an ultimatum. According to former ESPN anchor Trey Wingo, the Packers told Rodgers they would trade him this offseason and when they changed their mind, the QB became angry. At some point over the past week, Rodgers told the team that they would have to trade him because he had no plans to play for them ever again. The Packers had a chance to trade Rodgers in late January, but they rebuffed the Rams after Los Angeles called to see if the reigning MVP was available. After getting turned down by the Packers, the Rams eventually made a deal with the Lions and traded Jared Goff and a few picks to Detroit for Matthew Stafford”

  9. Stiggy April 29, 2021

    The packers reddit masses are coping by saying “they are just disagreeing about terms of his contract extension”…..

    Here’s the reality…if there was a genuine concern to extend his contract the packers would have done it before free agency…and thus had tons of money to play the market. They would have also extended adams. Commit to Rodgers and he will commit to them building a better team (in theory)


    The reality is…packers wanted him to take a team friendly restructure..without committing to him moving forward…he saw the pattern and history of questionable decision making and had no trust in the front office and declined their overture. This is the same exact reason Brady left new England in the end…which btw…worked out very well for him.


    After realizing Aaron wouldn’t come around the packers…by some reports…agreed to trade him. However that doesn’t really matter…as it makes no sense foe them to trade him prior to June 1 if I understand the cap implications correctly. The timing of this request is what matters as Rodgers knows all eyes are on the nfl and this is legitimately thr best day of the year to get moved to another team.


    I realize negotiations can sometimes get ugly…but I truly genuinely thing there is at least a 50% chance this is the last we’ve seen Rodgers suit up for the packers. Sure they can mend fences…but I think at most it is going to be public knowledge headed in to the season that it is the Rodgers green Bay farewell tour.


    Rodgers certainly has an ego…but for all he’s done to carry this team he has earned the right to finish his career where he wants…with a front office that doesn’t shit away his best chance at a title in a decade via drafting 3 non contributors with their first 3 picks. I firmly believe that Rodgers gave bare minimum effort his last year with Mccarthy…and I wouldn’t be surprised if he reverts back to that this season as well.

    If it takes firing Murphy to fix this the board better get off their asses and do it.

    1. Deepsky April 30, 2021

      I think it’s more like a 70 percent chance Rodgers is done with the Packers. He won’t report. That will force the Packers to trade him for a crappy deal. Just like 2008.

      1. PF4L May 1, 2021

        If not higher Deep….
        Even if something happened, and he ended up coming back.
        It can’t be the same, their will always be some tension.
        In 16 years, if we learned one thing…Rodgers seems a man of his word.
        I respect that with Rodgers, or anyone else in life.

  10. Cheese April 29, 2021

    Lol, another CB. Let me guess, they’re gonna take another CB in the second round just to make sure one of them works out.

  11. PF4L April 29, 2021

    I’m not buying the contention Rodgers threw McCarthy’s last season, i don’t think that’s in him.
    That offense was as stale as a 3 week bagel found on the floor.
    I’ll also say i don’t think there is a 50/50 chance he changes his mind. i’d go 90/10
    This news is pretty heavy. Rodgers isn’t the type to come out and change his mind in a couple days
    Whether you agree with Rodgers or not…the damage is done.
    I’ll agree the Packers may have offered an extension, but it might have been weak.
    I don’t think this is just about Jordon Love, i think it’s the cumulative total of issues going back to how Jordy was done.
    Firing his QB coach, not wanting him to have a voice, (players play, managers manage).
    The Packers KNEW those things that are important to him and annoyed him and they kept doing them anyway, IMO..on purpose
    Read into that however you like.
    I don’t think Rodgers takes it kindly, if anyone insults his intelligence.
    When Gute made a decision that some draft picks were best suited for the future over the present.
    That may have been the moment of precipice.
    They kept Rodgers out of the loop.
    Knowing that he’d be pissed, and made a conscious decision to do it anyway.
    They didn’t care, they had an agenda, and Rodgers was smart enough to figure that out.
    Hint: The agenda wasn’t to win a SB.

  12. PF4L April 30, 2021

    So many Packer fans…so much entertainment.
    “The other side of the field just got shut down. Great pick!
    Welcome to Green Bay, Eric Stokes! ” – Student from Howard Elementary School.

    These days….you don’t even have to be on an active NFL roster, before you are declared a Franchise QB….or a shut down corner.

  13. Deepsky April 30, 2021

    I haven’t posted since the heartbreaking loss in GB. It is now 2008 all over again. It’s going to be a bumpy ride and Rodgers will be gone shortly. It was fun while it lasted. Welcome back crappy Packers!!

    1. Stiggy April 30, 2021

      But it’s not 2008 all over again…there was Supreme confidence in the organization that Rodgers was a potential super star qb…even watching him in limited action you could see he had something special on the ball coming out of his hand + was very athletic. Not to mention there weren’t rules designed to prolong a qbs durability and career…if Rodgers played under Favre rules him Brady and big Ben would already be out of the league.


      In 2021 we have a qb who hasn’t even played a preseason game waiting in the wings…a qb who couldn’t even make the game day roster. We also have a decade of mark Murphy management and a front office that is still investing all resources defensive backs. The 2008 change had a promising future…personally I was all for installing Rodgers as the qb….but this time? It’s going to be a disaster…if love was showing anything Rodgers would already be gone. The window to maximize success is during the rookie qb window.


      Maybe we can give Seattle a call and trade them Rodgers and a first for Russell wilson..that is really the only trade I would be somewhat content with.

      1. Deepsky April 30, 2021

        I agree it’s not exactly like 2008 because there’s no QB waiting to take over. There’s no future for Green Bay. We’ll all be in agreement after a few games without Rodgers. The Packers need to clean house.

        1. Mick April 30, 2021

          Yup, GB has been riding the jersey tail of Rodgers forever. Maybe, they’ll finally realize how much Rodgers holds this team up;;;;;;;;;; after 6 weeks into a season—– when he’s gone!

          1. PF4L April 30, 2021

            The Big Easy?

  14. Deepsky April 30, 2021

    The Packers plan things years out, unlike many NFL teams. I’m sure they were thinking a couple years ago that Rodgers was declining. They gave him a very cap unfriendly contract thinking he would continue to be in decline and by 2021 they’d redo his contract or trade him. Rodgers has BY FAR the worst cap hit of any player in the NFL, one that costs the Packers 2 star players. The Packers prepared for his possible departure by drafting his replacement. The Packers plan things out over years. Rodgers I’m sure sensed this and decided to be a good soldier for a year or two, and see how things played out, but the Packers never committed to him. Most NFL teams don’t with an older QB. Rodgers great play last year was nothing more than audition for other teams as he decided to leave after the 2020 draft. He hasn’t commented yet about the leak, so I’m sure it’s true. Now the Packers again drafted on defense which solidifies his decision. We will shortly hear from him how he is not reporting to camp and is demanding a trade. And the Packers will only get squat for him.

    1. Stiggy April 30, 2021

      I think the packers will still get a kings ransom for him. Jalen Ramsey was a malcontent and the jaguars got 2 first round picks for him. Supreme talent like Rodgers won’t see their value tank by a public trade demand…in fact…it will have the opposite effect of creating a bidding war. That’s really the only silver lining. However…do we really trust this front offense to properly utilize any assets in a Rodgers trade? Short of extraordinary circumstances we aren’t gonna see anything change on this front prior to June anyway.

      1. Cheese April 30, 2021

        First round picks don’t mean anything if they continue to pick guys like Datone Jones, Kevin King, and Nick Perry.

        1. MMSUCKS April 30, 2021

          Amen Cheese!!!!!!!!!!!

          1. Mick April 30, 2021

            BRAVO!!!!!!! Can’t wait for tonight, rounds 2 & 3; to see if “Gute the great” (bad); keeps his word when he said “we’re going all in” for 2021. My question is,,,, “all in” what?

          2. PF4L April 30, 2021

            I got news…..
            If Rodgers isn’t coming back, it doesn’t matter who they draft.

          3. Deepsky April 30, 2021

            This is 98% likely true. Miracles don’t happen three times, and with both Favre and Rodgers, an experienced GM that had been around the league was pulling the strings. It was a good 28 year run, even if the Pack only got 2 Super Bowls. Marino never won a Super Bowl and I think he was a better QB than either Favre or Rodgers.

          4. PF4L April 30, 2021

            Even if Love turned into a franchise QB, unlikely, but lets just say he does. it doesn’t happen overnight.
            By the time 3-4 years goes by, most of the talent on this current roster will be turned by then.
            QB’s don’t win Super Bowls, teams win SB’s
            Marino was a great pure pocket passer, but he couldn’t do the things Favre and Rodgers have done.

          5. Mick May 1, 2021

            Good point! On another note, Boyle left to join the Lions in FA, which means GB has no backup QB with NFL playing experience. Don’t think for one second that Rodgers didn’t think about that when he decided to drop the bomb shell on day one of the draft. Looks like Rodgers returned the favor after Gute threw the knuckle curve last year!

          6. PF4L May 1, 2021

            Rodgers is nobody’s fool.
            He played it cool hand Luke cool during the season…being professional, laughing, joking, kicking ass and taking names.
            Got engaged, hosted Jeopardy flawlessly, he’s probably chillin right now on one of his over sea vacations, not giving a fuck.
            I spoke about this exact scenario a year ago in here.
            Maybe there was a LESSON that should have been learned from the arrogant Packers awhile back.
            Here is… one of the best NFL players in history.
            He has almost more money than God.
            He has career options
            He’s carried your franchise.
            So….maybe, remember this
            He’s smarter than you….
            He holds a grudge….(good or bad)
            This is the guy you want to keep pissing off, keep poking him in the chest?
            Rodgers is a Baaad Man!
            Revenge is best served cold.

  15. Arch Stanton April 30, 2021

    Michael Rosenberg Sports Illustrated article on Rodgers. Good summary of the Rodgers situation. Good read if you haven’t done so already.

    1. PF4L April 30, 2021

      One of the best articles i’ve read on this. Check that….THEE best article.
      Thanks Arch
      “Drafting Love without even telling Rodgers ahead of time, as ESPN reported, was gross mismanagement. That is just not how great franchises operate these days. But drafting Love at all was also gross mismanagement. The more you look for logic behind that move, the less you find.”
      “The Packers did not have to draft a receiver for Rodgers. They did not even have to draft an offensive player. But they used a first-round pick on the only position that cannot help Rodgers win the Super Bowl. Of course he was angry.”

      1. Arch Stanton April 30, 2021

        Your welcome. Thanks for posting the link.

        1. PF4L April 30, 2021

          Yes Sir.

  16. Mitch Anthony May 1, 2021

    Yeah, I think we can probably predict that some sports writers in some other city are now going to have to start writing stories about how Aaron Rodgers has to have a little time to start “building trust” with an entirely new crop of receivers. It was great while it lasted and yes, he pretty much carried the offensive side of this team for a decade. Ups and downs, sure, but the top brass did not serve him well in the end. Would it have killed them to draft a blue chip WR in the first or second round at anytime in the last 4-5 years? Would it have killed them to consult “the franchise” on what he thought the needs of the franchise were on the field?

    Everyone knows by now that Rodgers has a chip on his shoulder bigger than the huge boulder that Sisyphus has to roll up hill for eternity. Most times he embraces that “chip” and channels it for motivation. I’ll show you. Well, now he’s showing them now.

    This whole last year you only seen small elements of being a bit miffed at the Love pick. Heck, you may have thought he might have just been over it. He was about as far from over it as any one dude could be. Any fight, any battle, a person may have with another has already been played out and rehearsed in their own mind. When you think about your own personal life, a rift with a supervisor, significant other, a child, or almost anyone – you’ve ran it over in your head before it happened. Imagine the last year of things he went over in his head while thinking about pulling this one on the gang at 1265. Focused on the mission of winning and playing lights out, focused on Jeopardy, focused on the new gal, and focused on the big FY. Like a pressure cooker that only let out a few subtle whiffs of steam like on the McAfee show. Getting that MVP was icing on the cake.

    He played it coy, they thought they might be out of the woods, they let Boyle go, wait for it, wait for it…. Now, you’re down to just Jordan Love and the timing couldn’t be better to spring the news.

    This is not 2008 all over again. This might be the 70s and 80s all over again (I’m old enough to remember that). It could be, but we can only hope it won’t be. Love could maybe be a very good QB, we can hope. None of this mess was his fault and I kinda feel for the young man. He’s gonna be eating a sh!t sandwich without much bread or condiments for a while. I hope he actually gets some support to succeed if he plays well enough. That’s going to be tough because the comparisons will always be there and we’ve been spoiled going on three decades! Besides his skill sets, he’ll need some very thick skin and loads of maturity.

    If Rodgers is indeed on his way out, or gone, then I hope he gets another ring somewhere else. I hope he finds the organization and ownership that realizes what they have, build around it, and really truly go for it like Tampa Bay did with Brady. This organization is top down just plain stupid and has been for a long time.


    1. Cheese May 1, 2021

      Good post, Mitch. If Rodgers is indeed gone, it makes you wonder how much other players would want to stick around after all of this. After seeing how inept the front office is. It sure wont help any.
      Gute’s sales pitch to free agents used to be “you should take a pay cut to come play with Aaron Rodgers.” Now, not only is he not gonna have that sales pitch, but you have to question are some players going to be weary about coming here at all.
      Remember when Murphy said that there were communication silos in the building that he didn’t know about and he was going to fix them? Didn’t Gute just say this whole situation with Rodgers was about communication? Maybe it’s about time Murphy hits the road.

    2. PF4L May 1, 2021

      The timing…seemed strange.
      In the aspect of requesting a trade.
      Free Agency is over basically
      Everybody’s draft board is set to go through months of work.
      To announce this the day of the draft seems curious, but….

      1. PF4L May 1, 2021

        Cheese….after shelling out 182 million in free agency in 2019, i’m not so sure any of those players took a pay cut to come to Green Bay.
        I would suggest the exact opposite. they were clearly paid over their market value.
        I agree Cheese. Murphy leaving might be the gesture this team needs to make. I mean….talk about being overdue.

        1. Cheese May 1, 2021

          Good point about those signings PF4L. I could have swore there were some FA’s that met with GB and got that vibe from them, but I could care less about looking it up. We all know they have a history of lowballing overachievers, and overpaying for underachievers or one year wonders.

          1. PF4L May 1, 2021