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All You Need to Know About the NFL Preseason Schedule

The NFL was deeply affected by the COVID-19 pandemic last year. Games were postponed or rescheduled. Some games had reduced live audience, whereas in some cases there was no live audience at all. Moreover, all the preseason games were canceled. After so much uncertainty and disappointment, it’s refreshing to see that things are going back to normal. Football fans can enjoy the 2021 NFL preseason games as usual. Many anticipate significant changes this year. Are you curious how the rankings will change? Who will play who? Who has signed who? There are many unknowns, but that’s the beauty of sports.

Here is all you need to know about the NFL preseason schedule so you can do your best to support your favorite teams and players. Get informed in advance so you won’t miss important developments.

Why Is the Preseason Important?

The NFL preseason has existed since the dawn of the NFL, and it stays important because it has a significant impact on how the teams and the fans approach the regular season. During the preseason games, players show their potential, and fans get to make a first impression of the teams. Moreover, coaches also find preseason games extremely relevant for evaluating the performance of their players. Following the preseason games is thus a great chance to familiarize yourself with the whole competitive NFL landscape.

The Annual Hall of Fame Game

The NFL preseason schedule begins each year with the NFL Hall of Fame Game. The date for 2021 has been already announced, so mark it down in your calendar. In August 2021, the Dallas Cowboys and the Pittsburgh Steelers will kick off the 2021 NFL preseason with their Hall of Fame Game. Although Dallas and Pittsburgh are considered among the most powerful teams in the league, both failed to make a lasting impression in their most recent season. The Dallas Cowboys lost their quarterback when a severe injury took Dak Prescott off the field last year. However, new quarterback Garrett Gilbert shows a lot of promise. Meanwhile, the Pittsburgh Steelers’ reputation is affected by a losing record of 1-4 in their final five games of last year’s season. Naturally, there’s nothing certain about the outcome of the game, but so far, the bets are in favor of the Pittsburgh Steelers. Who do you think have more chances of winning, the Cowboys or the Steelers? If you want to place a bet, you can access top sports betting sites from the comfort of your home, on your computer or mobile device. Thanks to the efforts of New Jersey legislators, online sports betting is now possible, and placing a bet is the best way to get involved in the annual Hall of Fame Game.

What Happens Next?

Kicking off with the Hall of Fame Game, the NFL preseason lasts for four weeks, concluding one week before the start of the regular season. Although the full NFL preseason schedule will be released in April, you can already see who will play who, along with official dates for some of the games. Each week of the preseason includes 16 games.

All About Green Bay Packers

In the first week of the NFL preseason, we’ll see Green Bay Packers facing Arizona Cardinals. In the second week, Green Bay Packers will play against Cleveland Browns. In the third week, we’ll see a game between Green Bay Packers and New York Giants. Finally, Green Bay Packers will end the NFL preseason with a game against Kansas City Chiefs. To support your favorite team, be sure to check the full 2021 NFL preseason schedule in April to see when the most important games will take place.

Where Can You See the Live Games?

Only a few of the NFL preseason games will be televised nationally. This year, you’ll be able to see on TV the following games:

Aug. 20/New York Jets – Detroit Lions
Aug. 22/Jacksonville Jaguars – Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Aug. 23/New Orleans Saints – Pittsburgh Steelers
Aug. 24/Washington Redskins – Indianapolis Colts
Aug. 28/Cincinnati Bengals – Atlanta Falcons
Aug. 30/Minnesota Vikings – Cleveland Browns
Aug. 30/Carolina Panthers – Baltimore Ravens

Moreover, NFL Network programming will be available for live streaming on the NFL apps. Thus, you can follow the games on your PC or mobile devices.
2021 NFL Preseason Predictions

Until the 2021 NFL season gets into full swing, fans will keep making predictions about this year’s big winners and losers. The preseason games help fans get an idea about each team’s performance. Then the fans can make relatively accurate predictions about what will happen in the regular season. But this does not mean that there isn’t a lot of speculation about the preseason too. If there’s something that truly animates sports fans, that’s making predictions. However, it’s difficult to say how much the fans base their predictions on personal likes and dislikes or accurate evaluation of players’ performance.
To make accurate predictions, get informed about each team’s background. Who are the top players? Who they’ve signed this year? What can you find about the players’ backgrounds? Watch past NFL games to refresh your memory about each team’s track record. So far, looking at the last few seasons, the teams that seem to have improved the most are Arizona Cardinals, Jacksonville Jaguars, Washington Football Team, New York Jets, and New England Patriots. These are the teams that have the highest chances to perform excellently in the 2021 NFL preseason. Each of them can brag with many notable additions. Of course, NFL Football Rankings suffer regular updates.

When looking at the NFL preseason schedule, things seem to fall gradually into place. After a challenging year, filled with uncertainty, 2021 is off to a good start. Many teams are hoping for a spectacular comeback, and we’ll get the chance to see during the preseason games how many of them have what it takes to stand out. Whether you’re a fervent supporter of the Green Bay Packers or split your affection between multiple teams, the 2021 NFL preseason should get you excited.

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