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Green Bay Packers Foundation Awards in Impact Grants to Organizations That Support Children

Green Bay Packers is not just an American football team. Green Bay Packers Foundation also supports numerous children organizations in the local community.

Green Bay Packers do way more for their community than perform on the field. The team is as beloved in Green Bay as it is influential. One of the vessels the football team is using to support their fans, and the citizens of Green Bay is the Green Bay Packers Foundation. The Foundation was founded by the team’s former president, Judge Robert J. Parins, back in 1986. Since then, it has helped hundreds of organizations and thousands of people, children, especially. This year, when Covid-19 had its toll on the local community, the work of the Foundation was particularly appreciated.

Green Bay Packers Director of Public Affairs Aaron Popkey introduces Packers President and CEO Mark Murphy center, and Dennis Buehler, president and CEO of the Greater Green Bay Foundation during the announcment Thursday at Lambeau Field Atrium of the upcoming Give BIG Green Bay community-wide giving day

The goal of the Foundation has always been the support of children. Every year the Foundation chooses several charities that mainly focus on children. The charities that aim to preserve the local community, support a healthy environment, or promote athletics among children are among the most popular choices of the Foundation. Charities that work on creating a safe children environment, ensure education or support animal rights are also among frequent award nominees. These charities do a significant job ensuring children’s welfare in the community and creating a healthy and strong community.

Once in three years any local organization can apply and receive the grant from The Green Bay Packers Foundation. The size of the grant will vary depending on the purpose and area of use. However, organizations that work in multiple areas can apply each year as long as the grant is used for various purposes. Overall, the Foundation chose specific programs from different charity areas every year. For example, 2020 grants aimed at supporting charities that provide human services, in particular for the homeless and elderly. The year 2021 will focus on education, arts, and athletics. While grants of 2022 are scheduled to support environmental programs, animal rights and health issues, including mental health.

Despite the past year’s focus on human services and elderly people, many charities and organizations that support children were still awarded impact grants. Overall, such nonprofit organizations received around $250,000 in 2020 in total. These were ten organizations located in Brown County (six organizations) and Milwaukee County (four organizations). The organizations will use the received grants for providing childcare and supporting education in local communities. These both purposes are extremely important, especially when the pandemic and lockdowns often leave parents and their children in fragile and difficult positions. The work of the given charities should help decrease the challenges the parents are experiencing while also making education to children more accessible during the pandemic. The Foundation and the Green Bay Packers understand how crucial to support children during times like this. This is why most organizations received grants to fund their education programs.

The Boys & Girls Club of Greater Milwaukee organizations in Milwaukee County received a grant to support in-person support during the pandemic, mainly by creating mentoring programs. Other organizations such as Penfield Children’s Center and United Way of Greater Milwaukee & Waukesha County have special programs created to respond to the Covid-19 pandemic. In particular, their programs aim to help the African American community in Milwaukee, and especially those children who aim to work in technology.

The organization in Brown County shares similar goals with Milwaukee County. For instance, the County’s list of charities also has an organization’s Boys & Girls Club of Greater Green Bay which developed a program focused on providing accessible child care for families. The organization also strives to create accessible educational opportunities for children aged 5 to 11. Overall, all other programs that have received the awards work in similar areas. For example, Encompass Early Education and Care and Oneida Child Care Center and YWCA of Greater Green Bay aim to provide accessible childcare and learning opportunities for children.

The help of the Foundation is particularly appreciated during these difficult times for the American people. It has been a challenging year for most of us. However, parents had it harder than everyone else as they didn’t just have to adjust their lifestyles to the new pandemic world. They also had to take new roles as educators for their children while working full time. Not many parents were ready to combine their professional life with 24/7 daycare. Even knowing where to find the best essay writing service reviews can’t always help in such a situation. Not to mention those who ended up losing their jobs due to the pandemic. The work of the mentioned organizations, though, did help improve the life situations of many adults and children. The contributions of the Green Bay Packers Foundation shouldn’t be overlooked.

Ed Rooney

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  1. Howard February 23, 2021

    Thank you Ed. This article is easy to miss.

  2. PF4L February 23, 2021

    Why does Mark Murphy look so mad…is he being heckled?

  3. Skinny February 23, 2021

    Thats Murphy’s look when he realizes he may have to give the access code to Russ for the “Sled Hill” bank account in order to pay for his roster this coming season.

  4. Mick February 24, 2021

    Maybe the look on Murphys’ face is the worry of how the hell is he going to keep Rodgers happy! On a another note; good article Ed, brings to light the good things the Packers org is doing in the community..