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Former GM Ted Thompson Has Passed at 68

Some somber news during a week that has otherwise been very exciting for Packer fans as they anticipate the upcoming NFC Championship game that will be played in Green Bay at Lambeau Field: Ted Thompson has been confirmed to have died on Wednesday.

Former team General Manager for the Packers from 2005 to 2017(in an official capacity, but his influence seemed obvious beyond that with his final position: Senior Advisor to Football Operations), Ted Thompson revealed in 2019 that he was diagnosed with autonomic disorder. Brian Gutekunst has since taken the reigns as GM.

Thompson was inducted into the Packers Hall of Fame in 2019.

June 1, 2016; Green Bay, WI, USA; Green Bay Packers general manager Ted Thompson (C) looks on during organized team activities. Mark Hoffman/Milwaukee Journal Sentinel via USA TODAY NETWORK

Jason Parker

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  1. Ferris January 21, 2021

    Sad news RIP Ted. Thanks for a lot of good players. I was wrong about Davante Adams.

  2. PF4L January 21, 2021

    When i read…that the Packers were wondering if Ted Thompson could even make the trip to Green Bay for his HOF induction. i figured there was something serious going on.
    I don’t doubt that Ted had autonomic disorder. But that disorder usually stems from other disorders such as Parkinson’s disease or diabetes. From what i read autonomic disorder generally effects a persons heart rate.
    On the other hand, sure we’re curious, but frankly, we don’t have a right to know.
    So i’ll just say what i do know…it seems like Ted touched and was loved by a lot of people that knew him.
    He also had a great 6-7 years in Green Bay.

    Besides Ron Wolf, Vince Lombardi and most likely Curly Lambeau, Ted showed us he had balls the size of coconuts in his dealing with Brett Favre.
    Ted Thompson didn’t seem to have an ego, nor was he outwardly aggressive.
    RIP…..” Blessed are the meek for they shall inherit the earth “.- Mathew 5:5

    1. Kato January 21, 2021

      I am with you. I tend to think he had some sort of neurodegenerative disease. I thought it was a classic case of dementia. But we don’t have the right to demand to know. All that matters is he was a dedicated Green Bay Packer and now he is no longer with us unfortunately for his loved ones and all the people be has touched. They don’t get a whole lot better than him

  3. Kato January 21, 2021

    This tells you all you need to know about how people felt about Ted


  4. PF4L January 21, 2021

    Murphy and others on the board in the Packers organization were fiercely (blindly) loyal to Ted. To the detriment of the team.
    That was in no way, Ted’s fault. It wasn’t Ted’s job, to make sure, those above him, did there own job.

  5. PF4L January 21, 2021

    PF4L April 4, 2018
    If i set aside my beliefs, Ted should have retired on his own, or been talked into it. I’m starting to feel a bit sorry for him. More to follow, along with the ugly truth.

  6. Kato January 21, 2021

    Ted Thompson’s fingerprints are still on this team, and still largely key to this teams continued success. There is the obvious one with Aaron Rodgers, as that pick has made their Super Bowl contention possible over the last decade. But then there is also Mason Crosby, and we should never underestimate the importance of having a reliable kicker. With the exception of one bad year and one bad game in 2018 or whenever that was against the Lions, he has been rock solid, especially in the elements of Green Bay. All four of the first team all pros on this year’s team (Rodgers, Adams, Bakhtiari, and Linsley) were picked by Ted. Name how many GMs over the last 20 years had four first team all pros in a single season. I will wait. He also was there when they drafted Aaron Jones and Jamaal Williams, two key players on this team. As well as Kenny Clark.
    I know some people here hated Thompson. He wasn’t overly active in free agency and that was probably a big part of it because fans want the splashy move to put the team over the top. I think as we have seen, those moves don’t turn out well very often, and the players end up not being a good scheme fit, or just don’t work out for whatever reason. His “frugality” often kept the Packers in contention, allowing them to keep guys around like Bulaga, Rodgers, Jordy Nelson, Clay Matthews, ect. They were never in “salary cap hell” which people take for granted and tend to treat NFL team building like fantasy football. I know he had a few more busts later in his career, and really couldn’t seem to solve the OLB and DL issue in the draft (until Kenny Clark). There was Josh Jones, Jerel Worthy, Damarius Randall, the safety from Maine whatever his name was, it’s been erased from my memory. Every GM has bad picks, even bad drafts. John Schneider has had some bad ones in Seattle. It is difficult to build a championship team in the NFL, not many guys have done it. It is even more difficult to maintain a competitive roster for a long period of time, especially when picking at the bottom of the draft. 31 other teams have highly paid GMs and scouting departments, and there aren’t very many that had sustained success for decade in the history of the NFL, particularly in the salary cap era.
    I am sure some people here will be like “But Aaron Rodgers was the reason they were/are competitive.” To which point I say “fuck you and you literally have no clue what you are talking about.” Obviously having a franchise QB probably puts a roster over the top (see 2021 TB Bucs), but a franchise QB alone doesn’t make a team a playoff squad.

    1. Howard January 21, 2021

      Howard March 2, 2015
      There is one word that best describes Thompson and that is deliberate. That trait is maddening to many Packer fans, but is probably exactly the trait the organization likes.

      1. PF4L January 21, 2021

        Lets be careful with throwing the word hate around in describing how others may or may not feel.
        The word hate to me is a strong, self destructive word.
        Show me people with hate in their heart towards others, and i’ll show you unhappy people. who are burdened in life.

        1. Howard January 21, 2021

          PF4L, that response can’t be for me?

          1. PF4L January 21, 2021

            Sorry….you didn’t use the word hate. so i guess i assumed people wouldn’t think it was directed at you….my bad.

          2. Kato January 21, 2021

            Some people on this board referred to him as the white rat and someone else had a screen name of “fuck TT”. There are people here that hated him. Not you necessarily. We disagree on a lot of stuff, but I have never taken you for being a dumb person

          3. PF4L January 21, 2021

            Who cares, i call McCarthy a fat fuck, i think Murphy is a p o s as the President of the Packers, i may dislike them, but i don’t hate them.

    2. PF4L January 21, 2021

      Kato is right about….a franchise QB alone doesn’t make a playoff team, but it doesn’t hurt if your franchise QB throws less than 30 interceptions and fumbles less than 9 times in a season.

      1. Kato January 21, 2021

        Not very many QBs throw 30 picks. Ever in any era. There was one though that is famous for stealing crab legs….

        1. PF4L January 21, 2021

          Rodgers throws 30 picks, it just takes him about 6 seasons to do it.

  7. PED January 21, 2021

    Let’s win two more for our version of the Gipper! RIP Ted Thompson.

  8. Mick January 21, 2021

    I knew Ted was ailing for quite some time, I just didn’t know how serious his condition was. Sad to hear of his passing, at the age of 68—— way too young! Everyone who commented above have mentioned good points about him, and deservedly so. Another good point about Ted was, he had a knack for bringing in quality people (coaches, assistants and players) and steered away from people of questionable character; whether they were big names or not. We weren’t always happy with his decisions on players, but he did enough to keep this franchise competitive for over a decade. How many other franchises can say that? …..R.I.P., Ted!

  9. Howard January 21, 2021

    When John Schneider became emotional discussing Thompson at the 2018 combine it was clear to me that whatever was ailing Thompson was very serious. It appears everyone who worked closely with Thompson had great respect and love for the man.
    RIP Ted.

    1. PF4L January 21, 2021

      Exactly…i remember that, i thought the same thing. I also concur with your last sentence 100%.

  10. Skinny January 21, 2021

    “Ive got sizzle.” Ted Thompson. Yes you did Ted. Yes you did.

    1. PF4L January 21, 2021

      Lol….. that was a great line :)

      1. PF4L January 22, 2021

        He had the opposite of sizzle, but that’s what makes it funny.

  11. PF4L January 22, 2021

    Dan Campbell…the Mike Daniels of NFL head coaches.
    Now all he has to do is win a NFL game.

    1. Ferris January 22, 2021

      That is the Lions choice? The exhaustive search ended there? I think they just went bargain shopping. Guess we’ll see.

      1. Mick January 23, 2021

        That Campbell presser was a doozy; wasn’t it? The quote, ” when you knock us down again, on our way up, we’re gonna bite you in the knee cap”! ;;;;;LOL! That was so funny, I almost pissed myself. What makes it even funnier; this is the result of an exhausting search!

  12. Yawa January 22, 2021

    No one could hold a press conference like old Ted, I always got a kick out of him especially at the draft and combine with his expressionless face a dry wit. He was frustrating at the end but I guess he had a lot going on that many weren’t aware of. Goes to show you that you never know what a persons going through, RIP Ted.

  13. PF4L January 22, 2021

    Hank Aaron…The Official “non juiced” Home Run King.
    RIP Hammerin Hank.

    1. Mick January 23, 2021

      Right on PF4L. To think what Hank had to go thru during his iconic career, Racial issues, death threats, humiliation, and whatever else; and to still put his best foot forward; is remarkable. He did all his talking with his bat and truly loved “the game” of baseball. R.I.P., Hank!

      1. PF4L January 23, 2021

        As much as Hank Aaron was an icon to baseball, he was also a great Humanitarian off the field.
        He parlayed his success in baseball, along with his success in business, and along with his wife, gave and raised money for countless charities and organizations. More than we will ever know of because he didn’t seek out publicity while doing so.
        A man who despite racism, threats and all that entails, rose above all of that and didn’t let it change his heart, or his giving soul. An accomplishment in and of itself.

  14. Ferris January 22, 2021

    T-Willy back again. Welcome back old friend. Gute is slinging! This is smart on a lot of levels.

    1. PF4L January 22, 2021

      Super Bowl…here we come.

  15. Kato January 23, 2021

    I saw something about increased police at Lambeau because people not wearing masks. Come on people. It’s a privilege, not a right to be there watching the game. I have a feeling so many people would love to be there and wearing a mask wouldn’t be a big deal. Don’t be an idiot and part of the problem.

    1. Mick January 23, 2021

      Amen Kato; some people never learn; or just refuse to!

  16. PF4L January 23, 2021

    I was at the MNF game between the Redskins and the Packers on Sept. 24th. It was the first Monday night game after 9/11.
    There were cops…everywhere. It took over an hour to walk into the stadium because everyone was patted down and purses were searched.
    Here’s what i found ridiculous…people outside the stadium were handing out thousands and thousands of little American flags on a wooden stick no thicker than a pencil and about 15 inches long.
    The Stadium banned them, you had to throw them in the waste barrels because they deemed it as a potential weapon.
    Someone spent a good chunk of change in the interest of patriotism. Then some mouth breather thought there was a connection between hijacked commercial planes and wooden sticks holding an American flag.
    Maybe they thought there might be terrorist “planted” at Lambeau Field just waiting to take away your flag, sharpening one end, and attacking you? Maybe they thought Packer fans were going to turn on each other….idk.
    Why didn’t they suspend food and drink service? Couldn’t that be “poisoned” by terrorist?
    Because if they can make money, it’s worth the risk.
    I understand safety, but…smh. Candy ass mentality.

    1. Kato January 23, 2021

      Yeah. I am going to guess if some fuck pulled that there are going to be about a hundred football fans, some drunk, that would be beating the unholy shit out of him. Lambeau Field, or Green Bay Wisconsin for that is not going to be the target of a terrorist attack. I didn’t know that story, but that doesn’t surprise me in the slightest. Much of the mania in the aftermath of the attacks was unwarranted.

  17. Mick January 23, 2021

    Hell yes, risk, laws and safety rank 2nd —–only to the dollar,,,,,,, (Cindy Laupers’ song….” Money changes everything”

  18. Kato. January 23, 2021

    Apparently Kevin King suddenly popped on the injury list. Back injury. I am guessing there is a decent possibility that Josh Jackson plays. Which, amplifies my frustration with him being inactive for several weeks. I get it, he is strictly a boundary corner. I thought he played fairly well, and not really much different than King, a few more penalties but a more willing tackler. I thought he had improved in that department a lot. Why not give the guy some snaps and keep him in some limited game action? Is he not the presumed starter next year when King departs in FA? Unless of course, the Packers delve into that position early in the draft, yet again. Are you going to play T Willy out there? I think he is a dime back at this point, not a starting caliber boundary corner. Pass rush better be getting home tomorrow…..

    1. Howard January 23, 2021

      I think King plays, but you never know with him. I swear he has more injuries that keeps him out of games than EQ.
      Brady will throw up some deep passes against Jackson if Jackson plays, if for no other reason than to try and get some long pass interference penalties.
      If King plays and is iffy Jackson may be on the active roster for a change. I don’t see Tramon on the boundary. I could see Sullivan as a boundary corner with Tramon as the slot.

  19. PF4L January 23, 2021

    Apparently LeFleur had the team watch last years NFCCG against the 9ers. Not sure if that was a good idea or bad. Maybe the score at the end of the game tomorrow helps answer that question.

    1. Howard January 23, 2021

      That’s a bold move PF4L, let’s see if it pays off for them. ;-) (dodgeball)

  20. PF4L January 23, 2021

    Because…..it matters…..
    Was watching the NFL network….they have a story about a man convicted to death row…after 37 years of confinement. DNA has proved him innocent. is name is Robert DuBoise from Tampa.
    All his court evidenced was thrown out. BUT….The Innocence Project found that the medical examiner still had DNA from the crime. Which then proved his innocence.
    The reason this was a story on the NFL network, is because Mr. DuBoise somehow…wasn’t eligible for compensation of being wrongfully locked up. Some Bucs players, along with the team’s Social Justice Program contributed money for this man so he could have some hope, some money to get on his feet and walk like a man.
    The full story will air on the same network, on a show called NFL 360 on Wed. Kudos for the Bucs, and some of it’s players for giving this man some of his pride and self esteem back, plus a fresh start.
    Life isn’t always about lamenting about your lot in life of being a victim, and proclaiming how everyone else is to blame for it.
    If feels good when we see real victims of injustice (black, white or other), get the help they need. Like this man, some paid a heavy heavy price and deserve it.

    1. Mick January 23, 2021

      37 years of wrongful confinement, that’s half of a lifetime. I can only imagine what this man has gone thru; including what he is feeling and thinking right now! Lord help him! A perfect example of sports giving back to the needy, the suffering, and just making a difference in the communities they care for.

  21. PF4L January 23, 2021

    Bruce Arians on Rodgers play action: “There is nobody that manipulates teams with their eyes, better than Aaron Rodgers. Patrick Mahomes may do it, but Rogers invented it.”
    High praise coming from a coach who has a QB named Tom Brady.

  22. PF4L January 23, 2021

    Stacey Dales looks awfully cold and uncomfortable outside in Lambeau field. It’s a shame i don’t live closer to offer her some relief…maybe even a shot at the Title.