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At Age 37, Rodgers Just Had One of the Best Seasons of His Career

There isn’t much that Aaron Rodgers hasn’t accomplished in his certain Hall of Fame career. He’s a member of the HOF All-2010s Team, a nine-time Pro Bowler, two-time All Pro, Super Bowl Champion and two-time NFL MVP. He’s thrown for over 50,000 yards, more than 400 touchdowns and completed over 65 percent of his passes. Rodgers’ 2020 season at the age of 37 ranks as arguably the finest in his brilliant career. To top it off, bookmakers are strongly favoring him to possibly win this year’s MVP.

Rodgers began the 2020 season with four touchdowns and nearly 73 percent completion percentage in a 43-34 win over the Vikings. He stayed hot through the first four games, again throwing for four touchdowns in a 14-point win over the Falcons in week four. Through the first quarter of the season, Rodgers had 13 touchdowns and no interceptions.

Packers QB Aaron Rodgers

Nov 29, 2020; Green Bay, Wisconsin, USA; Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers (12) catches a football during warmups prior to the game against the Chicago Bears at Lambeau Field. Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

The only clunker of the season was the game in week six against the Buccaneers. In very uncharacteristic fashion, Rodgers completed under 50 percent of his passes with no touchdowns and two interceptions in a 28-point loss. He rebounded with three masterful performances, throwing 11 touchdowns and no interceptions and finished the first half of the season with 24 touchdowns and only two interceptions.

Starting the second half at 6-2, the Packers split the next two games against the Jaguars and Colts. Rodgers threw for 5 touchdowns and two interceptions in those games before going on a great streak over the past six weeks, all victories. Rodgers completed well over 70 percent of his passes, 19 touchdowns and only two interceptions.

For the season, Rodgers completed nearly 71 percent of his passes for 4299 yards, 48 touchdowns, five interceptions and a quarterback rating of 121.5. He led the league in completion percentage, touchdowns, touchdown percentage, lowest interception percentage, and quarterback rating.

QB Aaron Rodgers with WR Allen Lazard

Nov 29, 2020; Green Bay, Wisconsin, USA; Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers (12) talks with wide receiver Allen Lazard (13) during warmups prior to the game against the Chicago Bears at Lambeau Field. Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

Rodgers’ 2020 season puts him in the middle of the conversation for league MVP. Patrick Mahomes will be in the conversation after leading the Chiefs to a 15-1 record. He threw for more yards than Rodgers (4740 to 4299) but ten less touchdowns and one more interception. It can also be argued that Green Bay’s skilled players, although quite good, don’t match up to those with the Chiefs, making Rodgers’ statistics even more impressive. Down in Houston, DeShaun Watson threw for over 4800 yards and 33 touchdowns, but MVP awards generally don’t go to players on 4-12 teams.

Perhaps Rodgers’ biggest challenge is Titans running back Derrick Henry, who rushed for 2025 yards and 17 touchdowns. He joins O.J. Simpson, Eric Dickerson, Barry Sanders, Terrell Davis, Jamal Lewis, Chris Johnson, and Adrian Peterson as the only players in NFL history to surpass 2000 yards rushing in a season.

Rodgers has a very good shot and not only winning his third NFL MVP, but to take the Packers back to the Super Bowl and perhaps claim his second Super Bowl title.

Ed Rooney

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  1. Mick January 5, 2021

    I think Rodgers wins a 3rd MVP; but it wouldn’t surprise me if Henry wins it too. A while back I mentioned that there might be co-MVPs’ this year (ie Favre and Sanders). Either way, both deserve it! (ie Henry 2025 yds. rushing)

    1. PF4L January 5, 2021

      Yea…i agree, i think it’s a given Rodgers wins it. But i wouldn’t be shocked in the slightest if it was (co-) with Henry, and that’s fine. It’s not every year a back rushes for over 2,000 yards.
      I kind of wish Adams would be considered also citing the fact he missed 2 1/2 games.
      Sometimes when they give the MVP to somebody, they will give OPOY award to somebody also deserving, kind of as a consolation, or to at least recognize them.
      I would be more than happy with Rodgers/Henry as MVP’s. Then Adams wining OPOY award.

  2. Howard January 5, 2021

    Rodgers is receiving his 3rd MVP. No doubt in my mind. I think both Henry and Mahomes have had great years!
    One thing to keep in perspective about Mahomes total pass yards. Mahomes had more pass yards. Those pass yards were on 62 more pass attempts than Rodgers and that is with Mahomes sitting the last game. The additional attempts helps Mahomes Int% against Rodgers, but it hurts Mahomes TD% compared to Rodgers.
    I think Peterson was the last RB to win MVP. Peterson did so with over 2,000 yards. Peterson was also producing 6.0 yards per carry. Henry is at 5.4 yards per carry. I don’t think the lower average yard per carry quite gets Henry an MVP. I think the bigger problem for Henry is the Titans pull Henry on passing downs. They did it when they played the Packers, I’m sure they did it against other teams. Henry has 19 catches this year Peterson had 40 in his MVP season. Henry may be great in the pass game. Pulling Henry may be a Titans problem not a Henry problem, but I think you want an MVP that plays all three downs.

  3. Robster January 5, 2021

    While I’m not all that familiar with Henry, it strikes me that he statistically loads up against weaker teams, but is much less dominant and “valuable” against good teams. Against Green Bay, he had 23 carries, 98 yards, and a 4.3 average – and wasn’t much of a factor in the outcome. Against CLE (11-5), he was 15-60-4.0; against BUF, (13-3),19-57-3.0; against CHI (8-8), 21-68-3.2; against PIT (12-4), 20-75-3.8. His games against GB, CLE, and PIT all resulted in losses. Meanwhile, against HOU (4-12), he was 22-212-9.6 and 34-250-7.4; against JAX (1-15), 26-215-8.3. What’s remarkable about him is his endurance – he takes great amounts of punishment without wearing down or suffering many injuries – and that stiff arm.

    1. PF4L January 5, 2021

      Play Henry and the Titans on a dry track and i’ll bet my life savings they do a lot better than in the snow.
      Your concept of teams or players having success against weak teams, but struggling against stronger teams…..applies to all teams and players and goes back over 100 years. It’s hardly something were just discovering.
      How did Rodgers do against the Bucs?
      How did Jones do against the Bucs?
      How did the Packers O line do against the Bucs?
      They struggle?
      Give Henry the credit he deserves, he’s like the 7 or 8th guy to gain over 2,000 yards in the history of the NFL. Don’t downgrade it because he didn’t do it against all top teams.
      I mean…the Packers are 13-3. Did they beat top teams, or mostly losing teams?



  4. PF4L January 5, 2021

    Just how good is Aaron Rodgers? How does he compare to a legend like Brett Favre?
    Well…i’m going to take a look and show you Packer fans what you have in Aaron Rodgers
    I’m going to compare Rodgers 1st 13 seasons starting, with Favre’s 1st 13 seasons starting.
    Before anyone jumps on the “it was a different time” bandwagon, you can’t compare. I say bullshit.
    Pass attempts are pass attempts, and Favre had 471 more pass attempts than Rodgers in that time.
    That’s a huge advantage when comparing stats. 471 more pass attempts is like an extra season.
    Brett Favre…………………..Aaron Rodgers
    13 seasons…………………. 13 seasons
    207 games…………………..190 games
    Yards – 49,734…………….Yards – 50,916
    Att. – 6,999………………….Att. – 6,528
    TD’s – 341…………………..TD’s – 415
    Picks – 224…………………Picks – 88
    % – 61.6……………………..% – 65.1
    Rating – 87.6………………. Rating – 103.9
    Brett Favre is regarded as one of the top QB’s to ever play in the NFL.
    I’m not sure where this places Rodgers, but i won’t ever regret stating that Rodgers is the consummate complete QB.
    He doesn’t have a weak segment in his game.
    For those who would mock, disrespect, or claim Rodgers isn’t very good anymore, or…he needs “guidance”, needs to be shown his errors…… You don’t have the first clue what you are looking at or talking about.
    Did he “miss” a receiver you saw pressing pause, in watching the 22’s?
    Did he hold the ball too long trying to make a play?
    Did he have a subpar year with a rating in the 90’s?
    Well gosh darn it, you are right, and i think Rodgers owes all of you an apology.
    Matter of fact, he’s busy…. i’ll apologize for him, would you like that?
    F Y…..how’s that, we good?

    1. Deepsky January 6, 2021

      There were only maybe 3 years where Favre compared to Rodgers. There were a bunch of years where Favre had a QB rating in the 70s. He lead the league in INTS at least a few times. This year, with Rodgers knowing the system better and the system itself getting average receivers open, and he seems to have healed up completely from his injuries, he’s back to being the best QB in the league.

      1. PF4L January 6, 2021

        Good to have you back on the pro side of Rodgers again Deep.

        Welcome back, i saved you a seat.

  5. Mick January 6, 2021

    Good stuff PF4L! The only apologies should be the front office not providing Rodgers adequate defensive help during those conference championship games. Favre was great and he was a fan favorite, but often times was reckless with the ball. That’s who he was. Rodgers on the other hand, was more careful with the ball and a better pure passer of the ball. Both are HOF’ers, leaders and will do what ever it takes to win. Both loved playing the game, and we as fans have been blessed!

    1. PF4L January 6, 2021

      Just trying to put in perspective how good Rodgers really is…especially when compared to a Legend HOF’er.
      It seems some Packer fans get blinded with ignorance, and just don’t appreciate the magnitude of his greatness. Sometimes….someone has to remind them.
      Yes, we have been blessed, courtesy at the time of Ron Wolf and Ted Thompson.