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Game Day: Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Green Bay Packers

The most hated player in football, Tom Brady, and his merry band of ass pirates are on their way to the Frozen Tundra to learn the hard way why it’s important to get that coveted #1 seed and home field advantage. Instead of being 70 degrees in Tampa Bay, the game will be played in the icy cold January Wisconsin weather in the 20s. AKA, the way football was meant to be played. Something to keep in mind, however, is that Brady certainly has some experience playing in the cold.

The good news is the Bucs will not have to drive far if they want to watch the Packers win the Super Bowl in person.

One recent development that works greatly in the Packs favor will be the absence of Antonio Brown. Brown has played a large role in the Bucs’ current six game winning streak going into tonight’s matchup.

As far as Packer roster moves this week, CB Tramon Williams, recently added to the practice squad, has been moved to the primary roster. DL Brian Price and CB KeiVarae Russell were also moved from the practice squad to the primary roster.

Once again, a limited amount of tickets were sold (6,500) so there will be some fans in attendance.

Now for some bad news: the broadcast crew for the game will be Joe Buck, Troy Aikman, Erin Andrews, and Tom Rinaldi. No doubt poor Ted learned of this and decided to check out before the game.

Injury Report

Game Odds

William Hill Sportsbooks has the Packers as the -3 favorite.

Game Information

Time: 2:05 PM – Central Time
Location: Lambeau Field
Television: NFL on Fox

Love him or hate him, this one will be for the late Ted Thompson.

Jason Parker

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  1. Deepsky January 24, 2021

    Rodgers must play better than he has shown in past NFC championship games. He has a QB rating in the 70s, and it’s only that good because of garbage time scores against the Falcons and 49ers when the game was way out of reach. When the game was still in reach he’s thrown exactly 1 TD in 4 NFC Championship games. Even against the Bears he had two INTS and zero TDs. The Bucs may have his number too. Even if it comes down at the end Brady vs Rodgers, last score wins, Brady wins every time. Rodgers must play like he has never played before in the Championship game.

    1. PF4L January 25, 2021

      Deep…the winner of this game had a passer rating in the low 70’s.,,,now what

  2. Kato January 24, 2021

    Antoine Winfield is out for the Bucs. That is big

    1. Dean January 24, 2021

      He was excellent in run support and blitz.

  3. PF4L January 24, 2021


  4. Kato January 24, 2021

    Jesus fucking Christ Kevin King. If it weren’t for him, the packers might be winning this game. How he is playing over Josh Jackson is beyond me.

  5. Stickman January 24, 2021

    It’s time for Kevin King to grow a brain.

  6. Ferris January 24, 2021

    Jesus Kenny King, don’t get beat deep with 8 seconds left ass-hat. Last game as a Packer. Brady sees weakness and boom. Will take a miracle now. So tired of TB but he always wins.

  7. Kato January 24, 2021

    This is over. Time to find something else to do

    1. Dean January 24, 2021

      And Brady throws 2 picks. Getting interesting.

      1. Dean January 24, 2021

        Make that 3 picks on Brady!

  8. PF4L January 24, 2021

    Kevin King: Defensive Player of the Year

  9. Stickman January 24, 2021

    wow #20 SUCKS

    1. PF4L January 24, 2021

      King gave up 2 easy TD’s and Amos gave up a gift TD to Cameron Brate.
      That’s 21 points.
      I’ll be happy never to see Kings face ever again.
      He a fucking ENIGMA!!…Or in layman’s terms…a cover corner who doesn’t know how to cover very well.

      1. Mick January 25, 2021

        King is as good as gone! Also, let’s not forget that Pettines’ scheme has proven; once again in the big games, the scheme is soft, the coverage is soft, the tackling and aggressiveness is soft. When our GMs’ have touted the picking of DBs’ in the draft, they quoted speed and smarts as the reasons for those picks. Well, if that was the case, then why does Pettine play these guys 8 to 12 yards off the line of scrimmage? Can it be that he doesn’t trust the players to bump the receivers at the line of scrimmage? (smarts). Or, does he think those DBs’ can’t recover if they’re beaten off the line of scrimmage? (speed) One thing that was obvious, and has been obvious for as long as I remember; this is and has been a finesse team, meaning they are not tough, and that is one reason they struggle against physical teams. Pettine relies too much on the finesse part of his scheme, hoping he can bait Q-backs into making bad throws. As we all know, this defensive scheme has produced very little in the turnover department. The thing I really noticed in this game, just like the 9ers game last season, those defenses are aggressive, they impose their will on an offense, and they tackle well! I didn’t trust Pettines’ D at the start of the season, halfway thru it, and I don’t moving forward. HE HAS TO GO!

  10. Packtat87 January 24, 2021

    This one hurt. Long time lurker of the site, this might be my third post total for all the years I’ve been reading articles here. But in every last one of those posts one thing has been consistent, I fucking knew and beat the drum about how badly Kevin King was going to cost us. I won’t call this Seattle bad, I don’t think anything can ever be that bad again. But to say the disappointment I feel could be measured equally to the pain of that game says a lot.

  11. Kato January 24, 2021

    I hate to say it. But this is sort of on the offense. And LaFleur. Yeah, the defense had their struggles, but they had three interceptions. And didn’t score off of those turnovers. I don’t understand kicking the FG, they needed to go for the TD. They have to score a TD anyway. I don’t know what was with abandoning the run, the lack of jet/orbit motion. I just feel LaFleur kind of shit his pants in the playcalling department. Rodgers mostly played fine. Missed a huge opportunity to hit Adams on the free play though. Unfortunately, margins are razor thin at this level. This loss is on coaching and Kevin King

    1. Empacador January 24, 2021

      King and Jones did themselves no favors going into free agency. Timing is everything.

    2. Skinny January 24, 2021

      Rodgers has to run that one in. He had nothing but green to the end zone on that.

      1. PF4L January 24, 2021

        On 3rd and goal, he would have had one guy on him…but i agree. I thought the same at the moment.

      2. Kenny January 24, 2021

        I sort of agree, but this isn’t on Rodgers

        1. Kato January 24, 2021

          They might as well trade Rodgers. Not because he can’t play, but because they need some players. Losing quite a bit in FA, and they have a fair amount of players to replace. You spend a first on Love, be brave and play him. If he sucks, you are fired

          1. PF4L January 25, 2021

            Play him?
            Shouldn’t he have to win the 2nd string spot first?

  12. Empacador January 24, 2021

    I really would have loved to see Bruce Arians get his ass handed to him after all the shit he was talking about the Packers when he was coach of the Cardinals. Is Pettine gone after this? So much for finally having an NFC championship at home, that sterling 20% success rate really stands out. On a positive note we don’t have to see the Packers get to the Super Bowl and lose. If Thompson dying this week and playing for your star LT doesn’t motivate you any better than this, holy shit. Looking forward to all the other takes on this game in the coming days.

    1. Skinny January 24, 2021

      Yeah, they just dont come out in these types of games with a sense of urgency or energy. Its really upsetting.

  13. PF4L January 24, 2021

    I’m sick to my stomach.
    You don’t get many chances like that at home.

    1. Skinny January 24, 2021

      Its done. With what Rodgers just said at his press conference, this aint looking to good down the road.

      1. Kato January 24, 2021

        Yeah we know. You are bipolar

        1. PF4L January 25, 2021


          1. Kato January 25, 2021

            PF4L that was in response to Skinny

          2. PF4L January 25, 2021

            I know, i just thought it was a bit out of line.
            That game had a profound effect on Rodgers, that loss hit him hard, and i’m sure his teammates as well, but at 37, he knows, you only get, just so many bites at the apple.
            He knows this team is about to undergo some personnel changes. Starting with his center.
            I also think that Rodgers really respects Ted Thompson (drafting him) and it effected him in possibly wanting the season to end in a certain way, for him (and Bakhtiari). Granted, i’m speculating.
            I think the Packers believed 100% that they were going to win that game before kick-off.

          3. Mick January 25, 2021

            Could be, I noticed when the game started, Brady was all smiles and loose when the cameras were scouring the sidelines, showing him fist bumping and interacting with his receivers. On the other sideline, Rodgers sat alone on the bench, slouched with his hat on, and covered in his overcoat looking down at the ground. Maybe he was focusing on the task at hand. I find that odd considering this was the “epic moment” of his career having what he always wanted———-NFC championship game at home.

  14. Skinny January 24, 2021

    The run is over. The window is closed. I dont even know where they go from here. They will never have this good a look at it with Rodgers. Brady though man. That fucker wants this. He loves this shit. I seriously believe he gets off on winning these types of games more then the fact that he bangs Gisele.

    1. PF4L January 24, 2021

      Mad respect to Tom Brady….aside from his QB play today, look at the big picture.
      He went to a new team, had to learn a new offense, Arians basically ended up giving giving him cart blanche.
      Had to change the work ethic in the locker room. Gain everyone’s respect
      Did all that in his first year. (almost impossible) and….is going to the Super Bowl.
      In completely unrelated, but so much respect.
      Kudos Dustin Poirier, one hell of a fight.

      1. Skinny January 24, 2021

        He just has that edge. I dont know if Rodgers has that. I think he did when he first took over as QB. But Brady just has a massive hard on for football and these moments. Its amazing really and i cant stand the guy. Im so sick of Brady but that guy is a fucking winner and most importantly he gets its done! No bull shit, just get it done and he does. Nobody will ever be wired like that in this league ever again.

      2. Kato January 24, 2021

        Yeah. Rodgers has been an incredible QB. But this is why Brady is the GOAT. He didn’t make the plays when he had to. Maybe a little unfair. But Brady also had at least 4 drops by his receivers.

  15. Ferris January 24, 2021

    Now people will talk about the no PI call on Lazard. Big play. But King getting beat deep was the play that turned this game and then the Jones fumble. Take those 2 plays away and that no call PI matters a lot less.

    1. Kato January 24, 2021

      Agreed. I hate the calls, but the Packers could have won this irregardless of the calls.

  16. Stickman January 24, 2021

    #77 got his ass handed to him. Never really seen his worth of the contract he got in Greenbay

  17. Cheese January 24, 2021

    Two minutes left, you have a chance to tie the game and you kick a fucking field goal?
    What happened to “all gas, no brakes?”
    Kevin King is your new Brandon Bostick/ Brad Jones. What the hell is this guy doing on the field? You are only as strong as your weakest link. How about when King fell over while following a WR, King didn’t touch the ball AT ALL, the WR dropped the pass, and afterward King gets up in this dudes face like he’s some kind of shut down corner. Seriously? Sit your punk ass down.
    Four straight NFCCG game losses… Disgusting. I even started to drink some Kool-Aid towards the end of this year because I figured, why not? Try something new for a change. Try to be happier. So much for that. Murphy turned TitleTown into #PlayoffTown, which is trending towards #Letdown Bummertown. Doesn’t matter how chipper or optimistic I try to be, this team always find some colossal way to piss it it all down the drain.
    Still wanna crown the front office? How did this team improve since last season? They made it to the same game as last year and lost again, at home. During the offseason they got a first round and fourth round bench warmer that contributed absolutely nothing to this team. WIN NOW, right? Oh I forgot, Jordan Love is a first class motivational speaker and is the sole reason Rodgers had an MVP caliber season.
    So many thoughts and feelings that I don’t have time to articulate into one post… Why do I even care about a team that I have zero control over?

    1. PF4L January 25, 2021

      ” the WR dropped the pass, and afterward King gets up in this dudes face like he’s some kind of shut down corner. Seriously? Sit your punk ass down.”

      We obviously watch the game through the same lens.
      I watched him do that same shit all season. Like when the QB throws the ball high and uncatchable…and King prances around like he had something to do with it.

  18. Killer January 24, 2021

    Hey guys, what’s new? Whats been going on?

    1. PF4L January 25, 2021

      Well…same ole same ole….No queens in the playoffs.
      On the bright side, you did get to host a Super Bowl in the new Chili Dome. You may remember that, back when the Eagles bitched slapped the queens out of the playoffs.
      You may not have won a Super Bowl in the first half century of it’s inception, but fear not…it’s not looking good for the next half century either. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
      Enough about football nonsense. More importantly, how are you?
      Word has it, you got caught hanging around the elementary school again for the eighth time with a bag of licorice. The difference being they didn’t let you back out in a week or two….because you refuse to stop.
      Anyway…glad to see they finally let you out, BUT….stop it man, leave the children alone..

  19. Zwoeger January 25, 2021

    Fuck, fuck, fuck. Was ready to watch the game about 11 AM just scrolling through a Dutch news site. And those fuckers had an headline with the outcome. GRRRRRRRRRR. Hate the loss too.

  20. PF4L January 25, 2021

    In defense of LaFleur..it’s 3rd and goal, he just got done watching Rodgers throw a (in my mind) uncatchable pass to Adams who was guarded by 2 players who inside position once the ball got there.
    For those who have DVR, stop the play where Rodgers is at the 11, and tell me he shouldn’t have run it in.
    Personally i would have went for it on 4th down, but if Rodgers runs it in on 3rd down, there is no 4th down.
    In hindsight, did LaFleur make the wrong 4th down call? Probably.
    But….after 2 years and what he’s done….i can give him a pass.
    I can’t give a pass for poor pass defense, that resulted in 21 easy points.
    As far as bad or questionable play calls. I’ve never whined and pinned a loss on the zebra’s (sans the Seattle hail mary game) and i’m not going to start now.

  21. PF4L January 25, 2021

    Speaking in percentages …Who gives the team a better chance of getting to the Super Bowl?…Jordan Love being the 3rd team scout QB…….
    Or ….the Packers drafting a different position player in the first round who could contribute on the field with a season of experience under his belt?
    This isn’t a trick question, but i’m placing drafting Love at 0.0 – .000000001 %

  22. PF4L January 25, 2021

    You cannot dismiss the effects on the team concerning the 39 yard TD pass to Scotty Miller with no time left, going into the locker room at 1/2 time.
    Big difference, go to halftime down 14-10, or 21-10?
    It’s not just the score, it’s also momentum, its emotion.
    That was a killer play.
    I’m guessing Kevin King didn’t give the locker room motivational speech, heading out after halftime.
    My new fear…by now everyone in the league knows who Kevin King is, what he does….my fear is nobody wants him and he resigns with the Packers at bargain rate.

  23. Mick January 25, 2021

    Good points PF4L. That TD before halftime really changed the tone of that game for both teams. I’ve already said enough about Pettines’ defensive scheme. But, the offense is as much to blame in this game. First, before GB settled on the FG to make the score 14 to 10; Rodgers thru incomplete to a WR near the goal line, when between he and that WR, Lazard was wide open and would have walked into the end zone. 2nd, St. Brown drops a two point conversion, and most importantly, on the last Packer drive, Rodgers could have run in for the go ahead T-down, but no; he tried to force the throw to Adams,,,,, twice! He mentioned in his presser that he thought he was being close to being sacked, which I get it; but this is the NFC championship game, the game on the line, Rodgers hesitated too long, and it cost the team. 3rd, to kick the field goal at the end, was a shocker, considering LaFleurs all season approach, was to go for it on 4th down, and with the success that the team has had all season long in the red zone. So much for Rodgers “legacy moment”! So, there is plenty of blame to go around, Brings me to the quote from Bruce Arians—— (No riskit; No biscuit) Heartbreaking to say the least!

    1. PF4L January 25, 2021

      Besides running it in himself, why couldn’t the braintrust come up with a play for Tonyan, Lewis, Lazard, whoever, while Adams is being doubled?
      In Packers last 5 pass plays, 4 of them had Adams as the target.
      Note: It should be noted that Nunez-Roches put a spin move on Wagner to get to Rodgers quickly, that’s what forced the whole play.
      Wagner and Turner both had horrible games.

      1. Mick January 26, 2021

        Exactly, I’ve been critical of Rodgers keying in on Adams too much whenever he is under a lot pressure all season. The brain trust must have a short memory, because in the past when Adams wasn’t in the lineup, the Packers did well and won those games. It forces Rodgers to scan the field and most of the time, he finds somebody open. Maybe, LaFleur gives too much freedom to Rodgers in those tight games! (Just a speculative thought)

        1. PF4L January 26, 2021

          At the same time Mick, Adams is the money guy. But i keep going back to running it in on 3rd down.