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2021 NFL Betting: Where Do The Packers Stand In The NFC Championship?

Looking for an epic NFL matchup that would bring you over the moon? This weekend, all eyes are looking on to the most thrilling National Football Conference Championship rival between the “Bays.” The Green Bay Packers are going up against the Wildcard conquerors Tampa Bay Buccaneers in the NFC title’s quest and representing the Super Bowl LV finale.

Looking into the tale of the tape, the Packers earned thirteen victories in the playoffs while the Bucs got eleven. During the Divisional Rounds, the Bucs dispatched the Saints while the Packers left the Rams behind. That said, these two groups are seeded to vie for the NFC title this weekend.

Taking the favorite odds are the Green Bay Packers while the dogs go to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Not only that, but the Packers are heading with a home-court advantage as this happens at Lambeau Field with limited attendance. Hence, as you bet in the sportsbook at fanduel.com for this anticipated match up, where do the Packers stand against the Bucs to clinch the NFC slate?

The Packers Are NFL’s Top Offensive Scoring Team

Averaging 31.8 points per game, the Green Bay Packers is undeniably the top scorer in the league when it comes to the offensive department. This is the most in the league and will soar high if they get the NFC title. The offensive side of the Packers is their greatest strength once they face the Bucs this weekend.

Aaron Rodgers has been effective in scoring. However, it’s not just him making a show, but the running back Aaron Jones ranked 4th in the rushing side. He made 1,104 rushing yards throughout the season. That said, the Packers are now in 8th place as far as the rushing offense is concerned, where they average 132.4 yds/game.

The Packers Got A Championship Experience

The pressure to earn the NFC title is not new to the Packers. Unlike the Bucs, which will take its fourth trip to the NFC slate, the Packers might not get any jitters. Last year, they were about to make a Super Bowl finals appearance, but the Niners stopped their bleeding, and surely the Packers wouldn’t want that to happen again.

This is the third time in seven years that the Packers will have their NFC Championship appearance. They also had their last Super Bowl finals participation in 2019, which is an edge they can bring when they go up against the Bucs.

A Quarterback Matchup For Ages

Both the Green Bay Packers and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers have a veteran starting quarterback. Aaron Rodgers had worked for the Packers, and in his early 30’s he was the key to why they conquered most of their playoff games. He is also one of the elite QBs who produced impressive scoring statistics during his stay with the Packers.

Conversely, the Bucs got Tom Brady on the QB line. They traded him from the Pats last year after a tough loss during the Wildcard Week. Brady has been long known as one of the best NFL quarterbacks in history. Can the younger Jones put down a seasoned QB in the NFC Championship?

A Healthy Roster

Injuries are the most devastating experience that a football player can suffer. Fortunately, the Packers avoided that this season which paved the way to entering the NFC Championship. In the Divisional Rounds, they turned down the Rams in a more composed line-up, their greatest strength.

The Green Bay Packers depth chart is led by an elite quarterback Aaron Rodgers. On the offense side, they got Davanate Adams (WR), Aaron Jones (RB), Robert Tonyan (TE), and Rick Wagner (RT). In the defense, they got Tyler Lancaster (DE), Za’Darius Smith (OLB), Kevin King (CB), and Kenny Clark (NT).

Home-Field Advantage

The home-court advantage is a big bonus to the Packers this time. As the NFC Championship occurs at the Lambeau field, they are more inspired to bring pride and honor to their hometown. Although there are a limited number of people allowed, home court is still a huge edge for them.

The Packers have to do their best and take this opportunity to defeat the Bucs. If they make it, they are surely making a comeback in the finals, which they did two years ago.


It’s certainly a good day for the NFL community this weekend as one of the most exhilarating National Football Conference Championship games is about to take place. Two of the biggest underdogs on the NFL today – the Packers and the Buccaneers – will show their all in a chance to earn a Super Bowl LV finale slot.

Do the Packers have the skill to earn what they lost a year ago in the Super Bowl, or will the Bucs be the biggest thorn that’ll cause a painful end to their final slot hopes and dreams?

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