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Packers Do Just Enough, Top NFC with Win – Plus Bonus Don Hutson Tribute

Davante Adams took his second catch of the game to the house to break Don Hutson’s consecutive TD pass record that has stood for over 70 years. If you are part of a Packer team that is erasing a record set by Don Hutson, you need to win the game. The Packers did just that at Ford Field.

Aaron Rodgers started the game with 9 straight completions, including two touchdown passes. Both TD passes were highlight reel catches. Adam’s TD had a nice catch, move and run through the Detroit secondary. The second TD could have been the best catch Marquez Valdes-Scantling has made in his career. Rodgers threw the pass behind MVS. Valdes-Scantling turned back for the ball, took contact from the defensive back prior to the catch, picked the pass cleanly out of the air with his hands, and was able to control the catch despite attempts to strip him.

Packers vs Lions

Dec 13, 2020; Detroit, Michigan, USA; Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers (12) hands off to running back Aaron Jones (33) during the fourth quarter against the Detroit Lions at Ford Field. Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

The defense gave up some long drives but also came up with four sacks and just enough stops to win the game. Matthew Stafford is a quality QB. His deep throw accuracy, however, did not match Aaron Rodgers on Sunday. Still, given time, Stafford can pick a good defense apart. With the struggles the Lion’s offensive line had against the Packers it is hard to understand why they could not find the money to resign Rick Wagner who started for the Packers and played every snap at right tackle, allowing Rodgers to again stay clean with a no sack game.

While we could grumble for multiple paragraphs about the defense giving up long drives or another special teams gaffe that required Mason Crosby to force the returner out of bounds, Packer fans need to step back and view the NFL landscape. New Orleans was just beaten by the lowly Eagles. The Vikings lost to Tampa Bay. Those two games put the Packers atop the NFC.

There are three games to play and only Tennessee has a winning record. Up next, the Carolina Panthers.


Don Hutson

As a tribute to one of, if not the all time, best Packer player to ever put on a uniform, included in this article is a short review of the 11 year career that Don Hutson contributed to the Packers and the NFL. The “Alabama Antelope” as he was called, literally changed the NFL game of football. He played both ways and he was the kicker on special teams. In 1940 he led the entire league with six interceptions. In 1943 he intercepted 8 passes in only 10 games. He led the league in extra points made in three of his eleven seasons and led in field goals made in another. But his longest lasting records would come as a wide receiver.

Don Hutson’s first catch as a Packer in his first game start was an 83 yard touchdown. It was the first of 99 career receiving touchdowns, a career record that stood for 44 years. Before he reached the second half of his career he owned every receiving record in the NFL. He also helped bring an NFL championship to Green Bay in his second season. In his 11 year career he would celebrate two more in Titletown. He was the league MVP in 1941 and 1942. He totaled 105 touchdowns in his career, 99 passes, 3 rushing, one interception return and two on blocked punts.

One of the historic ironies of Hutson’s Packer records is that they almost never happened in Lambeau. When Hutson came out of college there was no NFL draft. Hutson actually signed contracts with the Packers and the Brooklyn Dodger Football Team. . Hutson donned a Packer uniform thanks to a ruling by the then NFL President who declared Hutson a Packer because his Packer contract was signed a few minutes earlier. The Dodgers ran a run based offense. The Packer’s Curly Lambeau scheme was pass happy. Luckily, the greatest receiver of his generation found the perfect offense for his talents to blossom into record after record.

Below is a list of some of the records that, according to Packer Wiki, Hutson still holds:

• Most seasons leading league in pass receptions (8)
• Most consecutive seasons leading league in pass receptions (5)
• Most seasons leading league in pass receiving yards gained (7)
• Most consecutive seasons leading league in pass receiving yards gained (4)
• Most seasons leading league in pass receiving touchdowns (9)
• Most consecutive seasons leading league in pass receiving touchdowns (5)
• Most seasons leading league in scoring (5)
• Most consecutive seasons leading league in scoring (5)

Paul Edwards

Paul Edwards is a lawyer, victim advocate, writer, and long term Packer fan and Packer history enthusiast.



  1. Finklestien December 14, 2020

    Nice game by MVS, nice to see making a couple tough catches. Perhaps he stumbled into an old bucket of stickum?

    1. PF4L December 15, 2020

      Yea, this dude refuses to let you dismiss him 100%.
      As i posted elsewhere, he’s trying hard to change my mind.

      That end zone grab where he had the ball in his right hand while falling to the ground in a twisting motion, and still holding on as his right elbow hit the turf was Beckham and Landry worthy.

  2. Mick December 14, 2020

    Good article Paul! I knew Hutson was great, and he held many records but I wasn’t up to speed how great he was. Adams is entering rarified air indeed. Thank You!

  3. PF4L December 14, 2020

    Don Hutson was a great, great player…back in his time, and should get all the accolades that come his way, no doubt about it. But those were far different times.
    Back then there were 10 teams, not 32
    When Hutson retired there were 10 games in a season, not 16.
    Back in the 30’s and 40’s Football was more of a hobby, or part time job, than a career.
    Where did Hutson go if he wanted a McDonalds hamburger after he retired? He went home and waited for 10 years until McDonalds opened their first restaurant.
    Hutson joined the Packers, 18 years after the first Model T rolled out of the Ford plant.


  4. Howard December 14, 2020

    Who else thinks the news about Aaron Jones firing his agent is a strong signal that Jones wants to stay in GB.
    I don’t think you fire your agent this late in the year because you want to go elsewhere. You fire your agent because you think a deal was close, and your agent is complicating the deal getting done.
    I did not think the Packers would extend Jones, but the firing of Jones’s agent is the strongest news I’ve heard that says Jones wants to remain a Packer, and Jones is willing to accept, in general, the offer the Packers have on the table. Jones was not happy with what his agent wants, or he would not fire him at this point in the season.

    1. Kato December 14, 2020

      I did not see this. I don’t know how I feel about spending big money on a running back, especially after investing a second round pick, under the premise the Packers weren’t interested in paying Jones and would rather stay cheap at the position. That being said, locker room dynamics are important, and by all indications Jones appears to be well liked and respected in the locker room.

      1. Howard December 14, 2020

        Maybe I’m just biased, but I just saw Jones’s new agent is Drew Rosenhaus. Rosenhaus in my opinion is an agent that creates problems for teams.

        1. Skinny December 14, 2020

          Hes mellowed ALOT over the years. Hes not the same wild child agent he was in the 2000s.

          1. PF4L December 14, 2020

            My uneducated opinion (guess) is the the only reason someone hires Rosenhaus in a contract year is to test the market.
            Not sure why Jones fired his agent but…if he was close to getting a deal done…if i’m the agent, i make sure it’s going as smooth as can be, i want my commission.
            It’s hard to speculate why he fired him, it could be just about anything i guess.

    2. Ferris December 14, 2020

      Or maybe his Agent said take this deal and stay with AR, and Jones said go get me my money. Money makes good people do uncharacteristic things. We will see.

    3. MMSUCKS December 15, 2020

      Forget about A. Jones firing his agent to get a deal done with Green Bay! He is cashing in period. Fuck the Pack and their fan base! He hired the worst douche-bag agent in the sport agent world . . . Drew motherfucking Rosenhaus. This game is over. Rosenhaus is the greediest fucker out there. Jones IS GONE. The Packers cannot afford what Rosenhaus will demand for Jones. Jamaal Williams is now our #1 RB next year. Get used to it, period.

      1. Ferris December 15, 2020

        Big money for a RB is a risk. Just ask Carolina.

        1. KzooPackFan December 15, 2020

          This ^^^. And I love Aaron Jones.

      2. Howard December 15, 2020

        As I said above, Rosenhaus creates problems for teams. Once I saw Rosenhaus’s name attached to Jones you knew Jones was gone. The question now is it next year or the remainder of the season?
        It is not uncommon for Rosenhaus players to develop minor muscle tweaks like hamstring or groin issues when Rosenhaus
        wants them traded, so they can procure more money for Rosenhaus. We have seen it with Mike McKenzie (Packer) and recently with A. Brown (Steelers). There are others also.
        What worries me with Rosenhaus is not that Jones is going to stay, he isn’t, the question is will Rosenhaus protect his future (next years) pay day by telling Jones to sit some of this years remaining games because of a phantom injury. It is in Rosenhaus’s playbook and past history to do such.
        Maybe Skinny is right Rosenhaus has changed. I guess anything is possible in this world and in the NFL. I would never trust Rosenhaus to not corrupt a player (feign injury) under contract with a team to guarantee Rosenhaus a big future contract.

    4. Ferris December 15, 2020

      I just checked…his former agent was Leigh Steinberg….How does that frying pan and fire thing go?! His price is going to be too high. Maybe Rodgers will take a pay cut to sign Jones…Ha!

  5. Kato December 14, 2020

    I was concerned about the defense, and they do have their issues. But it seems for the most part they do just enough week to week. I am becoming more concerned with the special teams. You can’t allow big returns, as those are momentum shifting plays. And you certainly can’t allow a return like that up ten with a couple minutes left. Make them drive the ball down the field and survive the Packers pass rush, while burning clock in the meantime.
    Besides, who do you think the favorite is to the win the Super Bowl, the Chiefs? Their defense is ranked 18th in terms of DVOA, while the Packers rank 20th. Not really a whole lot of difference there. Their offenses are ranked 1,2. Pretty similar teams to be honest. Maybe, just maybe we are worried about the wrong unit, and our priors are clouding our judgement about the defense.

    1. PF4L December 15, 2020

      The Chiefs are favored because they ARE the Super Bowl Champions, have an MVP caliber QB, have fast weapons and the defense and the coaching, good enough to win Championships.
      Most importantly…. because they are proven. That is the DIFFERENCE
      Fuck….i’d be happy if the Packers could prove they can get to a NFCCG (win or lose) and simply not embarrass themselves getting steamrolled when the world watching.
      Until i can see that with my own eyes, it hasn’t happened. Regardless if we can beat the Titans.

  6. Eduardo December 14, 2020

    I’ve been yelling that Sullivan needs to go, behold, they yank him out of the game. First time the coaches see the same stuff we do?? 👍🏻

    1. Howard December 14, 2020

      Agree Sullivan has not been been playing great. However; I don’t think the Packers pulled Sullivan because of poor play. Sullivan pulled up lame on the Lions first punt in the third quarter. Sullivan did not look injured before the punt. Sullivan was running full speed on punt return duty, and then let up and grabbed his right upper leg in the hip area, and started limping.

  7. Ed December 15, 2020

    I agree with Kato :
    KC is ranked #1 in special teams.
    GB is ranked #9 for special teams.
    Take away all the Mason Crosby categories and GB would probably be last.

    1. PF4L December 15, 2020

      When i think of the Packers special teams, all i think about is the return game, for and against.
      I’m not giving anyone in the Packers credit for having Crosby, they didn’t bring him here.
      I don’t think JK Scott is anything special, he’s ranked 18th in average and he’s 2nd last in net average at 35.9
      Plus, i have no stats, but it seems like he has one of the slowest delivery’s in the NFL. I’m amazed he doesn’t get more punts blocked.

  8. Robster December 15, 2020

    Great tribute to Don Hutson, Paul. I love it when my contemporaries are not forgotten. On Sunday, Davante twice went right around a one-on-one defender – I’ve never seen anyone do so in that manner. He gets them to lean one way just as he breaks the other way. It’s a thing of beauty. The closest I’ve seen to this is Antonio Brown, Odell Beckham, maybe Barry Sanders, though none does it quite as well as the league’s best receiver.

  9. Mick December 16, 2020

    We all give praise to D. Adams, which he rightfully deserves. He’s a solid veteran, crafty, sure handed, has enough speed, and has terrific chemistry with Rodgers. There is little mention of how tough this kid is. Week after week, he takes some pretty good licks across the middle; and at the goal line. And he keeps on ticking, even when hurt. We all know he’ll miss a game here and there a/c injury. But, if he can play——- he is money!

  10. Mick December 16, 2020

    Here’s a disturbing fact in response to Katos’ criticism of special teams. Just read an article on Packers Wire that, states Crosby in his 14 years as kicker, has 27 tackles on kickoff returns. At least one in 12 of his 14 years. I don’t know about other teams woes in that department, but that seems abnormally high. So yes, our defense has warts, but ST has been a concern for a long time. (At least Crosby can tackle, which is more than I can say for our punter!!!!!!)

  11. PF4L December 17, 2020

    Look at Billy T’s pad level, completely fucking unacceptable.
    He should thank God he doesn’t have to suffer the wrath of Coach McTriple.