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The Most Memorable Games Between the Green Bay Packers and the Chicago Bears in Recent Years

The Packers and the Bears have played in the same division since 1933, and the two teams have developed a long-standing rivalry. Due to meet in week 17 of the 2020 season, now seemed like a good time to look back at the history of the matchup, and the most memorable moments between the two sides from the last decade.

The history of this rivalry stretches all the way back to 1921. Green Bay has played 201 games against Chicago, with the Packers winning 105 of those games, and the Bears winning 95. Recent history also favors the Packers, with them winning their last three matchups against their rivals from Chicago. This sets Green Bay in good stead for the upcoming matchup in week 17 of the 2020 NFL season, and is likely to make them a favorite with the bookies. If you want to look at odds regarding the game, you can go to bonusfinder, which lists bookies that also offer additional bonuses.  

So, will the upcoming matchup between these two rivals be able to match the drama of previous games? Let’s refresh our memories on the history between the two in readiness for week 17.

January 23, 2011: Packers 21 Bears 14

Remarkably, the 2010 NFC Championship game between the Packers and the Bears, was the first meeting in the play-offs between the two sides since 1941. The game started well for Green Bay, and they were 14-0 up by half time. The game would get tenser in the final quarter, however, as the Bears made it a one-score game. With the score at 21-14, Green Bay was holding on as the Bears had the ball with 2:53 left on the clock. Despite this, the Packers’ defense held strong and was able to end all hope for the Bears when cornerback Sam Shields made his second interception of the game, allowing Green Bay to hold on for the win. 

November 6, 2014: Packers 55 Bears 14

In week 10 of the 2014 season, the Packers demolished the Bears in what would turn out to be the highest-scoring game between the two sides since 1945. The Packers ended up winning the game 55-14, after being up an incredible 42-0 at half time – the second-largest half time lead of all time in the NFL. The Packers’ victory was their biggest win over the Bears since 1962. It was a night to remember for quarterback Aaron Rodgers, who threw six touchdown passes in a major contribution towards the scoreline. What made matters worse for the Bears, was the fact it was the second consecutive game that they had conceded over 50 points.

September 9, 2018: Packers 24 Bears 23

An opening first week matchup between the Packers and the Bears is always bound to be entertaining. That’s exactly what happened in the opening week of the 2018 season – with Green Bay edging out their rivals from Chicago by a narrow margin of 24-23. The match is remembered for the thrilling comeback pulled off by the Packers, which showcased Aaron Rodgers in his finest form. The Bears went into the final quarter leading the game 20-3. However, Rodgers went on to pull off three touchdown passes, which gave Green Bay the lead, and they were able to hold on to claim victory. The 17 point fourth-quarter comeback is the Packers’ biggest in franchise history to date. 

Will the next meeting between these two sides be another iconic game? History suggests it might be, however, Green Bay fans will settle for a victory, regardless of how the game plays out.

Ed Rooney

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  1. PF4L December 11, 2020

    The 2010 NFCCG….
    The game Cutler had to leave because he suffered a torn Vag.
    The game that the defense showed up and won a game.
    The season…..way back when defense mattered in Green Bay.

    1. Cheese December 12, 2020

      Not too long after that game I got some hefty tickets in the mail from the Illinois Tollway. Needless to say I was pissed. I had to mail in a money order for the ticket amount so I printed off a picture of BJ Raji extending the football across the goal line on that pick six he had and sent it in with the money order to try and spite them. I wonder what their reaction was, or who opened the envelope? A Bears fan, Packers fan, or someone who could care less about football. It made me feel better about pissing away some cash so that’s all that matters.

  2. Mick December 12, 2020

    AAAAHHHH, back in the glory days. Back when we had bonified leaders on defense. Solid leadership with vets such as Woodson, Pickett and Jenkins; and young rising stars in Mathews, Raji and Collins. Back when they actually drafted players on defense that could make an impact in big games. It’s been a decade and we’re still waiting !!!!!

    1. PF4L December 12, 2020

      My Man…..The one thing i’ve said over the years to the kool aid addicts. The ones with SB hopes and dreams, hoping the stars will align, the God’s are happy Packer fans, flukes or miracles are welcomed.
      I’ve always said…pull up the rosters of the 1996 and 2010 Packers, then pull up the current roster, and compare them side by side.
      THAT…..will let you know where this team is.
      There is a good chance nobody’s ever done it and there’s nothing wrong with that. Some people only want to see, what they want to see.
      Pretenders don’t win Super Bowls. I’m not saying this Packer team is a pretender when it comes to winning a Super Bowl.
      Well…..yes i am.
      We’re weeks away from firing our Def. Coordinator for Christ sake.

  3. Howard December 12, 2020

    I loved it when games use to be played with no team scoring more than 17 points, and gaining no more than 300 yards. Those games are for the most part gone. You hardly ever see two very good defenses shutting down the other teams offenses.
    One of my top three most memorable Packer and Bears games, that kept me on the edge of my seat throughout, and met all of my criteria was in 2010. The game was the last regular season game for the Packers in 2010 that ended 10-3.
    The game was memorable (for me), hard fought, low scoring, low yards, in the cold, at Lambeau, and the Packers won. What some forget is if the Packers did not win that game they were out of the playoffs. No 2010 NFCC game or SuperBowl. Both defenses, for the most part, imposed their will throughout that game. That game is probably forgotten because there was not enough offense, That game kept me on the edge of my seat throughout the game, and next to the 2010 NFCC game is the most memorable to me. Without that win over the Bears, on a cold day at Lambeau, Packer Super Bowl history would have been different.

  4. Mick December 12, 2020

    Good point Howard. Looking at defense today, in both college and pros; the game has changed over the last decade. Rules are constantly changing to the benefit of tv revenue, and handcuffing the defenses. Why? Because some people want more scoring. Some people complain that low scoring games are boring. Well, it may benefit those ideals but I’m not so sure it benefits the game of football. I take great joy in a hard fought battle on both sides of the ball whether the score is 31 to 30; or 13 to 10. Some of these college games, in my opinion; are hard to watch. Some of these games that end in scores like 56 to 51 are all to common these days. Sure, it’s fun every now and then to see a high scoring affair, but you see it every week these days. At times, it seems like these kinds of games are more conducive to flag, or touch football. But, it is what it is; and we’re forced to adapt——– I guess!