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Game Day – Week 14: Green Bay Packers at Detroit Lions

Going into this game, the Packers are still hoping for the #1 playoff seed that eluded them last year. While the Detroit Lions should be a pushover, no NFC North matchup should be taken for granted. A win over the Lions with the Vikings losing to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers would clinch the division for the Pack, but a few other factors are still at play in regard to their #1 seed hopes.

Mike Spofford at Packers.com explains why, despite the Buccs win over the Packers earlier in the season, we should still hope for a Vikings loss:

Others might be eyeing Minnesota’s upcoming Week 16 game against New Orleans, wanting the Vikings to stay in the hunt long enough to be playing for something on Christmas to help the Packers claim the No. 1 overall seed. But again, that shouldn’t really be a concern. One loss this week won’t knock the Vikings out of the wild-card chase.

So don’t overthink it – root for the Buccaneers to beat the Vikings and push the Packers toward the division crown.

If the Vikings win and deny the Packers the NFC North for now, Green Bay can still clinch a playoff spot with a win and either a loss by the Cardinals or a win by the Seahawks.

One thing is certain though: we should all be hoping for an Eagles win over the Saints. The Pack’s week 3 win over the Saints could be the most important factor as the two teams jockey for the #1 spot.

Packers Injury Report

Out: TE Jace Sternberger (concussion), G Simon Stepaniak (knee).

Questionable: S Darnell Savage (groin), WR Equanimeous St. Brown (knee/concussion), WR Malik Taylor (hamstring).

Lions Injury Report

Out: RT Tyrell Crosby (ankle), WR Kenny Golladay (hip), CB Jeff Okudah (groin).

Questionable: DE Austin Bryant (thigh), DT Da’Shawn Hand (groin), S C.J. Moore (ankle), DT John Penisini (shoulder), QB Matthew Stafford (thumb), RB D’Andre Swift (illness).

Odds According to BetMGM:

Money line: Packers -450 (bet $450 to win $100) | Lions +350 (bet $100 to win $350)

Against the spread/ATS: Packers -9 (-110) | Lions +9 (-110)

Over/Under: 54.5 (O: -110 | U: -110)

Broadcast Map:

Packers vs Lions - TV Broadcast Map

Sep 20, 2020; Green Bay, Wisconsin, USA; Detroit Lions wide receiver Danny Amendola (80) rushes with the football after catching a pass as Green Bay Packers outside linebacker Christian Kirksey (58) defends during the fourth quarter at Lambeau Field. Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

Jason Parker

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  1. PF4L December 13, 2020

    Well sob…i posted a comment earlier and now …nothing.
    Someone is in real danger of being taken off the Xmas card list.

  2. PF4L December 13, 2020

    Slow down with the comments people.
    You want the server to go down again?!

  3. KzooPackFan December 13, 2020

    Packers had a couple of fortuitious breaks on replay today. Helped offset the ticky tack calls against the defense and lack of facemasks called on Jones runs…When was the last time GB had 12 penalties against vs the opponents having only 4. Quite unusual.

    I think the Lions should definitely give Bevell strong consideration. Watched them last week v Bears, and this week again I think the competed hard for a team playing with a significant talent deficit to their opponent.

    Speaking of that, my impression was GB was also aware of that deficit. They knew they could get by, and they did. Next real test is probably against Titans. I like that we didn’t have any significant injuries (as far as I noticed). Health will be key rolling into the playoffs.

  4. Skinny December 13, 2020

    Rodgers is gonna take us all the way. Hard to believe at 37 hes gonna lead the the NFL in TD passes, win his third MVP and win his second Super Bowl. Thats some serious shit.

    1. Kato December 15, 2020

      Are you bipolar?

      1. PF4L December 15, 2020

        Maybe he is, maybe he isn’t.
        But at least he didn’t say anything ultra stupid like Rodgers should be benched for Brett Hundley.
        Can you imagine anyone saying anything that dumb?.

  5. Cheese December 13, 2020

    Looks like Kevin King went to the Haha Clinton-Dix School of Tackling. And Thank God it was Crosby at the end of that kick off to make the tackle because if it was JK Scott that would have been a touchdown.
    Otherwise the offense looked nice even if it was against the depleted 5-7 Lions. MVS and St.Brown had some good catches. The TD pass to Adams was fun to watch. Rodgers was Rodgers. Good to see the Saints lose. All you can do is enjoy it one week at a time.

    1. PF4L December 13, 2020

      Lol….i was wondering if i was the only one who saw that. The punishing no hands, no arms, diving one shoulder tackle. Feared across the league.
      The game went about as i expected….
      The Lions are 31st in defensive scoring at 29.8 PPG. The Packers offense rank 1st in scoring @ 31.6 PPG
      The Lions offense scores 23.8 PPG. The Packers defense gives up 24.9 PPG
      When you throw all that in the computer it spits out a final score of ….
      Packers..31………Lions 24
      Sounds about right.

      1. Cheese December 14, 2020

        Or how about when Lowry simply pushed Stafford, and Stafford just stood there before Lowry finally decided to wrap him up and take him to the ground… It puzzles the crap out of me. Must be another Clinton-Dix Alumni.
        On one play it looked like King was trying to tackle by diving his shoulder into the ball carriers ankle. Needless to say it didn’t work out too well.
        Speaking of not working too well, I see that behind the line of scrimmage pass to a wideout finally worked when Davante took it for, I forget, 15-20 yards? That’s probably the first successful attempt of that play in the past thirty tries. So, roughly a 3% success rate. Might as well keep it in the play book.

        1. PF4L December 14, 2020

          Lol….Maybe Lowry wanted to decide how to sack him…ya know…so he doesn’t get a roughing the passer, idk :)
          I want to give him credit, his solo tackles are way down but at least he’s got 3 sacks (and he forced a fumble back in 2018….once.)
          I thought the same thing as that play unfolded with Adams, IT WORKED finally.
          I don’t care how anyone wants to slice it, Adams is having a great season. Not sure where this team would be without him.
          The King tackling the guys ankle was the one i was thinking about. They showed the replay where the guy just lifted his left leg and King whiffed…lol
          How about Savage’s sack on Stafford? His first sack of his career.
          So….of course, Savage has to get in Stafford’s grill and start talkin some smack to him right?
          What could he be saying?
          I mean…Savage didn’t beat anybody, nobody blocked him, he came in untouched and got a sack.
          Good for you, here’s a cookie…now go sit down.
          Next time act like you’ve done it before.
          Just remembered….Kevin King is covering somebody (don’t remember who).
          Anyway, over the middle the guy has King beat, the pass comes to him, and he just drops it, King was behind him, had nothing to do with the drop.
          So…of course, King has to start dancing around, putting his finger up signaling the back and forth (NO-NO) ..like….he had something to do with it….lol, putz.
          But then again, if i was a 1st round pick and PFF graded me at 51.7 in a contract year, maybe i’d try to steal some credit also….idk.

          Hope your world is good in these crazy times my man.
          Meanwhile, as a Packer fan, i’m just waiting for the inevitable. BUT…….
          I’m ready for the Packers to shock the World……..SHOW ME.

  6. Mick December 14, 2020

    I really get a kick out of some of these game forecasters, disguised as sports journalists; predicting scores for upcoming games. Many predictions for the Lions game went like this. Pack 38 to 13; Pack 35 to 14, Pack 42 to 17 and so on. Given that these 2 teams know each other well; and given that our knowledge of our shaky defense, and inept special teams, I thought this game would end up being a 6 to 10 point differential. When the Pack went up 28 to 14, you can bet your bottom dollar that Pettine would revert back to the dreaded prevent defense——- which he did once again. Where’s the Q-back pressure that worked so well earlier in the game? Stafford picked apart the middle of the defense with screens and short crossing routes and GB had no answer for it, just like other teams have done. Stafford toyed with the middle part of the defense, especially Kirksey. I watched the Bills- Steeler game after the Lions game. In the 2nd half of that game, when the Bills got the lead; the Bills defense harassed and smothered the Steelers Q-back. Now, that’s what I call making halftime adjustments. My question is this! What are the defensive and special teams coaches working on in practice? Because, very little is showing improvement. With 3 games left, time is running out to get these areas shored up. My concern is if they don’t, they will be the downfall in the playoffs.

    1. PF4L December 14, 2020

      My concern…..
      Besides my post…..4 people posting on a Game Day article?