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Game Day – Week 13: Eagles at Packers

The NFL team with the shittiest fanbase will visit Lambeau today; but thankfully, their cretin fans will not be allowed to attend due to COVID-19 restrictions still being in place at the stadium.

However, the Eagles will bring with them the stench that is the NFC East — a division with *checks notes* the New York fucking Giants on top with a 4-7 record. Mike McCarthy deserves to waddle in that cesspool of a division.

This game is important for the Packers since, at 8-3, they are still in close competition with the Saints(9-2) and the Seahawks(8-3) for the #1 playoff seed. The Saints recently lost QB Drew Brees to an injury, but the rest of their schedule is looking pretty relaxed as far as opponents go with the exception of a matchup against the 10-1 Chiefs.

Working against the Packers right now is the fact that C Corey Linsley was placed on Injured Reserve following a knee injury suffered last week against the Chicago Bears. Coach LaFleur has indicated that Linsley is still expected to participate in the playoffs. Linsley is currently tied at 5th in the league by ESPN for pass block win rate at 96.1%.


Injury Reports:

Game Information:

Who: Packers (8-3) vs Eagles (3-7-1)
When: 3:25 PM – Central Time
Where: Lambeau Field
Television: NFL on CBS
Radio: 101 WIXX Newsradio 620 WTMJ

Packers TE Robert Tonyan

Oct 5, 2020; Green Bay, Wisconsin, USA; Green Bay Packers tight end Robert Tonyan (85) is surrounded by teammates after scoring a touchdown during the third quarter against the Atlanta Falcons at Lambeau Field. Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

Jason Parker

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  1. NobodysBurfect December 6, 2020

    Keep Jenkins on Fletcher Cox or it’s going to be a rough day for A-Rod, hopefully they move him to center again with Linsley out.


    These next couple of weeks should be fun football, and then we’ll get to watch Derek Henry set the single game record for rushing yards against us. Good times. Season’s greetings commentariat!

  2. PF4L December 6, 2020

    Well….Fuck me Molly Qerim…it’s Game Day!!
    This is a special day. A day the defense could be the reason the Packers…win a (gulp) game?
    A day the defense can tell Packer Nation…..”See?…we’re tough!!”
    After the Packers defense beat up the Bears 31st ranked offense last week, they face another tough test of taking on the Eagles 28th rated offense. (This years schedule is just brutal)
    They also have to deal with the Eagles O-line, which has given up a NFL leading 46 sacks (and counting).

    Then….they have to deal with a QB who has thrown 16 TD passes, and has also thrown a league leading 15 interceptions.
    So yes..another week where the Packer defense have their hands full.
    Based on hours of theory’s, formula’s and calculations. I’m setting the Packers defensive scoring at an over/under of 28 points allowed in this game.
    Another week….another grueling test for our Super Bowl bound Green Bay Packer defense.

  3. Mick December 6, 2020

    Let’s not forget about another one of our all star units;;;;; special teams! GEEEEEEEEEZ.

  4. MMSUCKS December 6, 2020

    I have never seen a team shit the bed easier than this team when they play weaker teams. They are so arrogant that they just dial in the second half. How many dropped passes have they had in the second half????
    But this fucking ST and Defense? Wow the Achilles heel for this team once again! Win or lose today, they need some better coaching in two of the teams three facets.
    And sorry PF4L, but in this last quarter, Rodgers is NOT using his head. The forced passes are not working, ML needs to get a grip on this train wreck very soon. Mental error after mental error is not going to win many games. I believe it starte with MVS dropping “gimme” pass.

    1. Kato December 6, 2020

      That drop killed a small part of me. CATCH THE BALL WITH YOUR HANDS

    2. Bill December 6, 2020

      Time to part ways with MVS. Get Davante some real help.

      1. Jason Parker December 6, 2020

        He works for peanuts though. Dirt cheap

        1. PF4L December 7, 2020

          I don’t like some of the stuff Rodgers did in the 2nd half…6 solid seconds to look for someone open, then throw
          ‘s it out of bounds? I hate watching that shit. No one can get open in 6 seconds?
          Remember …Packer opponents usually find some success in making adjustments, more so than the Packers. Not an excuse, but it happens.
          Most important….After a non existent 1st quarter. It’s hard to bitch against a QB who completes 73% of his passes, throws 3 TD’s..no picks…and ends up with a 128 passer rating. As usual..i don’t like all the non productive dink and dunk shit. But looking at the end result, i’m not going to bitch about any of that. Not even the drops.

        2. PF4L December 7, 2020

          He gets peanuts?
          And here i am….i work for free?
          How about some cashews you cheap piece……

          1. PF4L December 8, 2020

            I apologize….that was out of line ..even if i was kidding.
            I’m not here to hurt people’s feelings.
            It wasn’t funny…i’m sorry

  5. Kato December 6, 2020

    Disagree with you, respectfully, MMSUCKS, I think Rodgers for the most part wasn’t forcing passes. He played very well. Btw, you need to add MP (Mike Pettine) to your screen name.

    But you are right about the special teams, wtf.
    I was glad to see more press coverage in this game, as Pettine seemed to have gotten the message he has two decent corners, one of them being elite.

    I like MVS, and he seems like he is a good guy, but it has gotten to the point we can’t count on him anymore to make plays down the field when he is only catching 75% of catchable passes down the field, at absolute best. Probably less. They need to upgrade that role player in the off-season. He isn’t the guy. I hope for the best for him.

    I still don’t think Preston Smith isn’t playing to his pay grade, but he is playing a lot better than he was. The soft benching definitely motivated him.
    I love how Rodgers has reinvented himself. He is actually trusting the offense, and playing within the structure of it. He is throwing half a second quicker, on average, per dropback than any year of his career. That helps your offensive line, and it helps your playcaller. Getting the ball out quick, and being decisive, taking the short throws when they are there rather than trying to extend the play hoping for something bigger. I said it a while ago, that he would have to do this if he hoped to remain an elite QB a couple years ago. I could quote that comment with the date I made it here like someone else here that is obsessed with himself that saves every comment he makes in a word document, but I don’t feel like hunting back through hundreds of posts, I have a life.

    The Packers very well could be the NFC representative in the super bowl, I just don’t see them beating the AFC team. Just not good enough on defense at this point

  6. Ferris December 6, 2020

    How did it take so long for the Eagles to go to Hurts? I guess giving up on a top pick is really hard. Great as a rookie, got hurt and never the same again.

    1. Kato December 6, 2020

      I mean, it was his second year he was great and got hurt. But yeah, he hasn’t been very good, but he also has had a terrible supporting cast. I was one of those people that though he was/was going to be a great NFL QB. Looking like I will be wrong. I don’t know if it is the David Carr curse where he is seeing ghosts because how horrific his offensive line is, or what. But he seems way too talented to be the QB he is right now

  7. Kato December 6, 2020

    So I have to say. Gute gets a lot of hate here. And his pick of Love will define him. It can be argued, legitimately, that him choosing to sign Graham over keeping Nelson for less money was a terrible mistake. I wouldn’t disagree. Every GM makes bad personnel decisions. John Schneider has made them. So has John Dorsey. But, let’s take a moment and look at what looks like the good decisions he has made. Starting off with Elgton Jenkins, looking like a great draft pick. Him fleecing the saints for a first so they could draft Davenport while still being able to draft Alexander, arguably the best corner in the NFL, and then using that first to draft Savage, who has played well after a poor start to his second season. Right now the Alexander and Savage trade for Davenport is a huge win for the Packers. Billy Turner is looking like a bargain. The Lucas Patrick deal is looking very nice as he is a starting caliber guard for a very cheap deal in a low key deal last year. Drafted Aaron Jones and Jamaal Williams. Robert Tonyan has been a great UDFA find. As has Lazard. Signing Zadarious Smith. Not to mention hiring LaFleur. It hasn’t been perfect by any means and he has fucked up. But, comparatively to other NFL GM’s, how has he done? Probably in the top 10.

    1. Ferris December 6, 2020

      Teddy T drafted Aaron Jones and Williams. Does that change your evaluation? It should.
      Gary at 12 was a reach, Love…well you know. No receivers…you may be feeling ok since their record is good but his drafts have been bad. A few good picks out of 30 that’s all. Easy to name the bad. J’Mon Moore…ESB. MVS, Burks, Cole Madison, Josh Jones, Dillon, Deguara, Sternberger.

      1. Kato December 7, 2020

        Dillon is a bad pick? He may well be the starter next year. Deguara is way too early to judge yet as well, he is a fucking rookie and he happened to tear his ACL. Sternberger has been ok, but at the spot they took him, a disappointment. MVS was a 5th rounder. Meh, hard to call that a bad pick when maybe 25% of those guys get a second contract with their team that drafted them. J’Mon Moore, fair. Gary is a starting caliber OLB. He might start next year if they decide to move on from Preston in a cost cutting move. Lazard is fine. This team is 21-6 the last two seasons. What team has a better record over the last two seasons besides the Chiefs? I will wait.

        1. PF4L December 7, 2020

          There are two ways to look at the 2020 draft….now, and for the future.
          NOTE: if the draft was for the future, Gute gave up on this team this season. Nothing anyone says…changes that.
          Now = Complete failure
          Future = Who knows? Deguara…After 1 catch for 12 yards, he has a torn ACL. After 97 yards and a long case of Covid, Dillion remains a mystery. Jordan Love….Well…lets just say we won’t hold his less than stellar camp against him just yet.

        2. Ferris December 7, 2020

          Like I said the record is good. You didn’t mention MVS, trading up for Burks, Dillon may contribute next year? He was a second rounder and can’t get on the field. Look at how Pittsburgh transformed their team in a couple drafts and trades. Trying to WIN NOW…in the playoffs. Watt, Devin Bush and their receivers Johnson and Claypool. Fitzpatrick, Haden, Ebron. I’m jealous.
          You think Green Bat beats them when it matters? I don’y

          1. PF4L December 8, 2020

            When MVS can get his target catch rate above 50%, i’ll mention him.
            When Dillion contributes, i’ll mention him. When anyone contributes, i mention(ed) them, even Burks.
            Love me some Claypool!!

          2. Ferris December 8, 2020

            I was replying to Kato. We must have been typing at the same time

          3. PF4L December 8, 2020

            Lol..yea, i hear ya….something wasn’t sitting quite right :)
            My bad

  8. Howard December 7, 2020

    You just have to like the offensive game plan (or adjustment after early sack) put together by LaFleur, Hackett, Getsy, and Rodgers. They knew that the only group that could wreck the offense was the Eagles front four. So who’s hands do you put the offense in, QB#1 and Mercedes Lewis.
    M. Lewis may not get a game ball for this game, but boy was he key to the Packers pass and run game. I know he only caught one pass, right. Lewis made key blocks in the run game, but more critical was Lewis’s blocking in the pass game, and Lewis did very well. It would not surprise me if Lewis is the fourth highest graded (PFF) Packer on offense only behind Rodgers, Adams, and Bakhtiari.
    Lewis was used many times as the pass blocker man up on Brandon Graham. By having Lewis single block Graham on many pass sets, and Bakhtiari single block whom ever was on his side, the rest of the line was able to double team the other two interior defensive linemen who are no easy task. In addition it allowed the the Packer interior linemen and Wagner to be available to pickup any blitzes.
    The Packers used several six man pass blocking sets (Lewis) and some seven man sets to keep QB#1 as clean as possible knowing Rodgers would find a reduced set of open receivers against a more suspect Eagles back seven.

  9. Mick December 7, 2020

    Just when you think the special teams can’t get any worse, ta da; comes sundays’ game against the Eagles. This unit is a complete dumpster fire. It has been this way since 2011. They have changed the coach; constantly changed the personnel groupings, changed schemes; and if not showing marginal improvement; continue to get worse. I’ve been watching other games and paid particular attention to tackling. I have to say the Packers are the worst tackling team; top to bottom, in the NFL. One of the basic fundamentals taught in playing this game on defense/ special teams, is tackling! WTF? How do some of these players even get into the NFL? Or, some of these assistant coaches? Even though the defense played pretty well against Philly, tackling is a big issue. Except for a sputter here and there, the offense is humming along. I’m afraid if they don’t shore up tackling and ST’s, it’s gonna bite them in the ass come playoff time. ONCE AGAIN!