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How Do Most Popular Football Players Earn Money?

We live in the age of capitalism. When there’s demand, there’s also supply. Football players are no exception to that rule. They earn a lot of money because millions of people want to watch them play. However, not every cent ends up in their pockets thanks to the enormous contracts they signed and stadiums they filled.

Sometimes, footballers like to invest their money to multiply their capital. This practice can be useful in numerous ways. It can bring stability into the player’s life, full of suspense because of injury threat. And, of course, it can get them a lot of money. After all, to maintain a luxurious lifestyle, you need a lot of cash.

As it turns out, some football players consider getting out on the pitch as only the starting point of gathering money. So, what top footballers do when they want to break the bank? This article is here to answer this question.

Playing in Casinos

Like every other human being, football players like to relax a little from time to time. In this case, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that many of them spend their free time playing in casinos. Who could blame them? With millions of dollars sitting neatly in their bank accounts, they have a large pool of assets they can use.

However, gambling may be a source of entertainment and a way to gain some more money. If you are skilled and lucky enough, you can make a fortune on sites like online.casino. Football players have one advantage, though. They can help their luck by playing their favorite game longer. Being able to pay for one more round of blackjack might be the difference between a significant gain or a substantial loss.

The most notable football superstars to visit casinos are Cristiano Ronaldo, Mario Balotelli, Gianluigi Buffon, or Zlatan Ibrahimović. These big names can often be seen taking trips to casinos, having some fun, and winning some money. Next time when you visit a casino, and a famous football player is sitting at the poker table — don’t be surprised.

Contracts With Clubs

The most obvious way to earn money as a football player is to play football. Preferably, in the big leagues, such as Premier League, La Liga, or Serie A. In these leagues, contracts can get very luxurious. The best footballers like Lionel Messi earn over half a million dollars per week!

However, there are a few things to remember. Players still have to pay their taxes. Also, almost every player has an agent. This agent also needs to get paid for negotiating the contract terms with the club. With significant earnings come higher expenses — you can’t escape that.

The contracts with clubs are where the player’s dedication and hard training pay off. They can finally monetize all the work they have put into this point. If they manage to keep their bodies in shape and play the best football possible, football contracts can last for their whole lifetime.

Sponsorship Deals

Not only clubs can benefit from having a sponsor. While some players earn tremendous amounts of money, they still can’t overlook the benefits that come with getting a sponsor on their own. After all, with sponsors comes money.

Starring in TV commercials, playing in specific types of boots, drinking isotonic drinks of certain brands — all of these activities are monetized. It seems that almost every area of football players’ life can get him a sponsorship deal. The biggest sports companies like Nike or Adidas are willing to pay attractive prices to be featured on a famous footballer’s Instagram post.

Sometimes, the best way for football players to earn money is to create a name for yourself and contact popular brands. Big brands are always on the lookout for new stars willing to advertise their products. If a footballer has a smart agent and a recognizable face, it’s only a matter of time before an excellent offer from some company will land on their table.

Oct 25, 2020; Houston, Texas, USA; Green Bay Packers running back Jamaal Williams (30) celebrates with center Corey Linsley (63) after scoring a touchdown during the fourth quarter against the Houston Texans at NRG Stadium. Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Final Notes

As we can see, playing football can be a very profitable activity. The best of the best become millionaires, or even billionaires. But that’s not the only way for them to make a profit.

Whether it’s by playing at their best, advertising products, having a sponsor, or gambling, professional football players are guaranteed to sustain a reliable way of living. They often work on and off the pitch. Some might even say that players are brands themselves.

With a little help from PR specialists, even the most antisocial footballer, if talented, can become the new face of a sports drink. This realization only shows the possibilities that modern football players have laid out before them. All they have to do is extend their hands to reach them.

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