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Game Day – Week 12: Chicago Bears at Green Bay Packers

Coming off a disappointing road loss to the Colts, the Packers are back at Lambeau to hopefully vent their frustrations on a mediocre group of players that call themselves the Chicago Bears. This is the Pack’s first NFC North matchup since falling to the Vikings in early November.

The Bears are on a four game losing streak, but are in second behind the Packers in NFC North due to the division being a bit lacking this season. QB Mitch Trubisky is expected to start so L5 could be in their future if the Pack can play some defense tonight.

No one followed up on their death threats, so MVS should be playing tonight. WR Davante Adams is coming in healthy as he and Aaron Rodgers are both ranked #1 by PFF for their respective positions.

While the temperatures are expected to be close to freezing, we won’t see any frozen tundra tonight. The chilly temps should awaken the Packers’ run game led by RB Aaron Jones

Injury Reports:

Game Information:

Packers vs Bears
Where: Lambeau Field
When: 7:20pm – Central
Television: Sunday Night Football on NBC
Radio: 620 WTMJ

Oct 25, 2020; Houston, Texas, USA; Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers (12) celebrates with wide receiver Davante Adams (17) after a touchdown during the first quarter against the Houston Texans at NRG Stadium. Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Jason Parker

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  1. Ferris November 29, 2020

    Those Colts that beat them got drilled by Tennessee. Green Bay should win this game 42-0…but ALWAYS play down to their opponent.

  2. Finklestien November 29, 2020

    First half offense was impressive. I liked the movement and traps. O line played well. The defense is still soft, not like anything has changed. Second half was a yawner.

    Did what was expected, win.

  3. Mick November 30, 2020

    Finally, the Pack came out of the gate and played inspired football at Lambeau. LaFleur called a great game plan on offense that kept the Bears D off balance. The D showed up to play and got 3 turnovers. Special teams played better. We’ve seen this team play well when they get out to a big lead and what we need to see is this kind of inspired ball when they run up against playoff caliber teams coming down the stretch.

  4. harry November 30, 2020

    victory for the packers i am a danver fan all the way but i have a boiling hate for the bears so i uf course chose the oposing team

    1. PF4L November 30, 2020

      Thanks Tiger, now get back to your virtual studies, i’m not so sure you can miss many classes.

  5. stiggy November 30, 2020

    Mitch Trubisky is like drinking when youre sick. You feel better when youre drunk…but when you wake up you feel worse. Pack did what they had to do but nothing was really addressed. They simply beat a team with a non nfl caliber qb, non nfl caliber coach, worst offensive line in the league, minus their best defensive player (hicks). They bears have no fight, have quit on their coach, and hicks absolutely dominates the packers and holds his defense accountable.

    Packers rushed for 180 yards without him in there minus their all world center. This game told us nothing. In fact if you watch…the bears did what the saints and others have done to piss away games against the packers this year. They beat themselves by not sticking with killing the packers via 7 yard crossers and 6 yard rushes. Bears were moving the ball fine till they decided to let trubisky sling 40 yard passes in to our prevent defense. A couple of turnovers later…the game was out of hand.

    1. MMSUCKS November 30, 2020

      Great summation period.

  6. PF4L November 30, 2020

    The Packers defense and the Bears defense are tied for 13th in the league (YPG), the difference being the Bears give up 3 points less per game. Or…48 points a season…semi substantial
    The Packers defense showed up and got 3 turnovers. Darnell Savage caught himself 2 interceptions, and Preston Smith unwrapped the gift from our playmaker Z Smith. All 3 turnovers directly off the hands of Trubisky. More on that later.
    I’m no bleeding heart. But i do have compassion for humans struggling through mental illness, disease, victims of criminal activity, and children of parents who GNF. I also have compassion for Bear fans. Chicago is a great sports City. I think if i was a bear fan with the same passion i have as a Packer fan, i think i’d be in jail for something. Live with Cutler…reward him with a long term 100 million plus contract, finally…….get rid of him, and then you trade two three’s to move up one spot to draft Trubisky 2nd in the draft?
    If i was the Bears GM…..i’d be hiring someone to start my car everyday.
    Is Trubisky officially a bust yet? How about giving him a 5th year option Mr. Pace?…how long do you want to live with that mistake?
    Man…..there are a lot of Packer fans out there that have absolutely no clue how good they’ve had it. But they will learn….sooner rather than later. Those Packer fans that claimed Rodgers “lost it” or should be benched….will be begging to have someone just like him in a year or two.
    Now….the Bears play calling. You have Trubisky at QB, and your running the ball at an average of 7.6 YPC against the Packers stout defense.
    BUT…….out of 62 plays….the bears only called 16 rushing plays. Yes…i know they were down….but at 7.6 yards a rush, you could still come back, or at least make it respectable
    Instead, put the ball in Trubisky’s hands for 46 pass plays?……..Maybe not the best strategy for a comeback win.
    Watching that game, it’s not real hard to understand how the Bears have lost their last 5 games
    So in closing….yea…the D showed up (sans run defense). Z Smith did the playmaking work…Preston Smith saw a ball and picked it up off the ground. Preston is a star again…..Everybody eats.
    Notice to the NFL…..The Packers defense manhandled Trubisky and the Bears 31st ranked offense.
    You’ve been warned.
    Next up…..The 3-6-1 Eagles featuring their 26th ranked offense and Carson Wentz, who brings his 73.3 passer rating to the fight.
    In all fairness to Wentz. The 0 line and receiver group the Eagles provide him, have much to be desired. The Eagles lead the league in sacks allowed. Look for the Smiths and Gary to feast.
    Man….the schedule Gods have been good to our Packers

  7. Mick November 30, 2020

    At the start of the season, the schedule looked challenging. 49ers, Saints, Texans and Bucs on the road. Eagles, Titans and the home and away with the Vikes at home. All those teams made the playoffs last year. We luckily caught the Niners (many injured starters); Saints (without Thomas); and the Texans (in disarray). We gave the Colts game away, got punched in the mouth in Tampa, got outcoached and outplayed at home against the Vikes; and with our own covid issues, injuries etc; you could say the Gods have smiled on our Pack. I think good fortune more accurately describes it. If this team is legit, it should take care of business against Philly, needs to match the physicality of the Titans, and win out. The Titans game will decide if we can play with the big boys;;;;;;

    1. PF4L November 30, 2020

      I couldn’t disagree more. The Titans game might be a test, but the Titans defense allows the same amount of PPG the Packers do. The Packers offense scores more points than the Titans.
      The game is week 16, will they have anything to play for, will the Packers? The game could be meaningless. In that scenario they will use their bench more to avoid injury to key players.
      If the Packers have one incredible game in the regular season, can you judge one game to mean they will reach the Super Bowl?
      This is the NFL, bad teams can beat a good team….any given Sunday.
      The 1-5-1 Bengals beat the 5-1 Titans, did that game decide if the Bengals could play with the big boys? I highly doubt it.
      The ONLY thing that proves that the Packers can compete with the Big Boys in the playoffs, is beating top teams in the playoffs,
      Not what the Packer/Titan score was in week 16.

      1. Stiggy November 30, 2020

        I agree with both of you in some ways. The reality is yes it could be a meaningless game at the end of the year. But if it isn’t it will be a true test against a playoff team..and more importantly a test to see if the defense can man up and not get blown off the field by a physical well coached team.

        A win certainly doesn’t mean the super bowl…but if the packers get blown off the field it sure as heck will tell us a lot about their ability to compete in the playoffs. This team needs to beat a team like the titans to have some confidence in the post season cause as of now they are 1-2 against good teams.

        1. PF4L November 30, 2020

          So…lets say we win…but we win ugly. You remember those wins where we all write in here…”well..a win is a win”
          Will that decide if were ready? How about if we win by 10, but give up 7.6 YPC rushing like we did against the Bears? We ready then?
          Yea….i think i’ll stick with….you’ve proven your ready to beat a good team in the playoffs, when i actually see you beat a good team…in the playoffs.
          When you get into the playoffs…the regular season or it’s results mean nothing…nothing
          Unless of course you get fucking steam rolled twice by the same team. See 49’s…also see…(didn’t learn a damn thing the first game)
          I remember a team that went 15-1 in the regular season (super bowl bound right?), losing to a 9-7 team in the playoffs at home….one and done. In the locker room after the game…i doubt the players were high fiving each other celebrating their 15-1 regular season record.

          1. PF4L November 30, 2020

            My apologies if i’m coming off a bit rough.
            But after the Seattle debacle i guess i look at this team in a different light than most. Rooted from the verbal speak of Mike Daniels, i’ve since adhered to the mantra of “Show me, don’t tell me” concerning this team.
            So yea, i’ll be honest….simply beating the Titans in week 16 doesn’t convince me that the Packers are ready to face the big boy teams in the league in the playoffs,

  8. Mick December 1, 2020

    Good points made by both Stiggy and PF4L. In my last article, i mentioned winning out. That was in reference to having a chance at the #1 seed and home field throughout. In winning the Titans game, it would at least prove that they can play well against a quality and physical playoff team. Packers do have the better Q-back and offense than the Titans; neither defenses are world beaters; but the Titans are more physical on both sides of the ball. This team struggles against physical teams, and have for a very long time. Until they shore up the middle part of the defense, which has been or sore spot for a very long time; they will continue to struggle against runners like Henry Cook and any RB’s with a good OL. Not to mention, short passes over the middle to crossing routes and TE’s. So yes, I’m on board with the phrase; “show me don’t tell me”.

  9. PF4L December 1, 2020

    TY Mick…….Maybe we can look at this at a different angle……
    What improvements have the Packers made to be a better team in 2020, in comparison to the 2019 squad? We didn’t have a good enough team to play with the big boys in 2019. So….What has changed? Where do we find evidence of improvement?
    I’ll handle the easy part because….well, i’m just a simple man.
    The offense is definitely better. Although Gute decided to ignore the pass catchers for Rodgers. IMO…the offense still improved mostly due to the natural progression of the team learning the plays in year 2, where they are supposed to be, when they are supposed to be there, etc. Not to mention a positive working relationship between the Boss, and the HOF’er
    The run game (to my surprise) will slightly outperform the 2019 squad at it’s current pace for yards, and YPG.
    The passing game is improved as evidenced by the eye test. Big gains here…..2019 = 345 YPG…2020 = 392.
    Through a season of 16 games, that’s an improvement of 752 yards overall (REAL). That’s huge, which will explain the following and most important improvement.
    Scoring….2019 = 23.5 PPG…..2020 = 31.7 PPG….Again..huge.
    A scoring improvement like that may or may not improve a teams record. It would be dependent on if the defense progressed, or regressed i’d imagine.
    I’d handle the defense, but like i said…i’m just a simple man, it’s clearly above my pay grade.
    If anyone wants to jump in and discuss the defensive improvements over 2019, please…..be my guest.
    In closing, IF…this years team is better equipped to play with the big boys, it’s only because of the offense. But generally speaking……. like the last 9 years, hasn’t that been the story?
    As far as my memory goes back since 2011, i don’t ever remember the defense carrying the team into the playoffs.
    I’ve said it once , i’ve said it 50 times….this team…will go as far as Rodgers arm will take it. But…..to get to and win a Super Bowl…you need more than that, this isn’t golf.
    1996 SB winning Packers defensive scoring = 13.1 PPG
    2010 SB winning Packers defensive scoring = 15 PPG
    2020 Green Bay Packers defensive scoring = Stay Thirsty

    1. Mick December 1, 2020

      I agree! Since the 2010 super bowl, this management leans on Rodgers arm;;;;; way too much. Kudos to Rodgers for performing well under that kind of pressure. But, like you said; you need more than that……….. it’s a team game. Offense, defense and special teams.

    2. stiggy December 1, 2020

      Agreed. Only differences from last year are/or potentially are-

      Year 2 of the offense has been magnificent. They are performing after the first drive. They still have an issue of playing 1/2 of a football game, but coaching seems to be better at making adjustments.


      Has lafleur taking a bigger role in ensuring his idiotic defensive coordinator fixes some of the fixable issues…ie playing soft coverage on short passing downs….playing dime defense on 3rd and 4….etc. Fun fact packers have the 3rd best man to man defense in the league per qb rating….and the 28th best zone defense per qb rating….. will the head coach mandate his d coordinator plays more man to man? This is all fixable without acquiring new players. We have the best corner in the league this season…time to let him have his own island and earn the big pay day they are gonna give him anyway.

      Will Rashan Gary continue to improve? he certainly hasnt warranted the 12th overall pick to date…but anyone watching the game can see hes become a far bigger difference maker than preston smith. If he continues the trend of improvement he could be an asset in the playoffs.

      How will the other young question marks do? Sternberger has certainly shown improvement. Barnes has been out for covid but he was one of the decent surprises this year. Both could improve…but both could fall off a cliff.

      How will the 2 new players the packers acquired do? With Winn coming back from injury and replacing shepard with the speed demon austin…they could have a couple x factors ie: howard green/desmond howard.


      Now lets get this straight…if the stars align…and all those things happen….the packers still arent a legit super bowl contender in my mind. However…they are a contender for at least not getting blown off the field on a nationally televised playoff game.