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Game Day: Week 10 – Jacksonville Jaguars at Green Bay Packers

The timid Jacksonville Jaguars will limp into an empty Lambeau Field today to face the Packers to receive their 8th loss in a row after managing to top the Colts in week 1. As an added bonus, we will have John Kuhn reporting on the sideline.

The weather will be cold, windy, and generally shitty with temperatures in the upper 30s.

Packers Inactives:

This will be the fifth missed game for CB Kevin King although the absence of CB Jaire Alexander will be the greater felt of the two.

Pregame Roster Moves:

WR Allen Lazard will not be playing and will miss the remainder of the season if he is not activated on Monday — however, the team has indicated that he likely will be activated on Monday. Meanwhile, LB Christian Kirksey will be making his return today after being placed on injured reserve for a pectoral injury in early October.

Full Injury Reports:

A Few Things to Know:

  • Packers are 4-2 all-time against the Jaguars, including wins in both of the last two
  • Each of the last five games in the series have been decided by single digits
  • Last season, Green Bay won both weeks after it played a game on a Thursday night
  • TE Marcedes Lewis was released by the Jaguars in 2018
  • Former S Josh Jones plays for the Jaguars, but he will not be active

Game Information:

Where: Lambeau Field – Green Bay, Wisconsin
When: 12:00PM Central
Television: NFL on Fox – [Wayne Larrivee – Play-by-play, Larry McCarren – Analyst, John Kuhn – Sideline]
Radio: 620 WTMJ


Oct 25, 2020; Houston, Texas, USA; Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers (12) celebrates with wide receiver Davante Adams (17) after a touchdown during the first quarter against the Houston Texans at NRG Stadium. Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Jason Parker

I'm Just Here So I Won't Get Fined



  1. Rico November 15, 2020

    Dear Packer players. Please stop anointing yourself “best defense” “best WR” etc in the league after games. Total joke.

  2. Kato November 15, 2020

    At least Bakhtiari got extended. 4 years, $105 million. Dang.

    1. Rico November 15, 2020

      Sled hill account is empty. So expect Murphy this spring to announce another round of Packer stock being available to all us loyal Packer fans!

  3. PF4L November 15, 2020

    That game made me giggle a little all the way through.
    Let me sum up that game for ya’ll. Fetch your favorite beverage.
    Get comfortable in your favorite chair. PF4L is going to go deep, breaking this game down.
    The Jaquars…were just incompetent enough….to lose this game.
    The Packers….were just competent enough…to win this game.
    The End.

  4. Hinder Head November 15, 2020

    Yep. Losers find a way to lose.

  5. Mick November 15, 2020

    We all know we’ll take a win whenever, or however we can get it. Don’t know about you guys but, I’m getting very concerned how this team preps for home games. They come out with no enthusiasm, lack of fire—-so to speak. I’m beginning to look at coaching as a problem in as far as not having the team ready to defend home turf. McCarren made a comment on the radio that hit it on the head. He said the Jags came out with snap, crackle and pop; the Packers look to be dazed and nonchalant. This is troubling! Can’t quite figure if it’s lack of leadership on the field or sidelines;(coaching). Maybe both. On the bright side, Pack won the game and Seahawks lost today.

    1. PF4L November 15, 2020

      It’s a bit sad when a win feels like a loss amirite?
      Take away Jones 20 yard run and he averaged 2.1 YPC
      The O line got manhandled in the run game.
      I don’t care what the Packers record says after this game anymore.
      If you can barely beat a 1-7 team at Lambeau with a 6th round rookie QB making his 2nd start, you might not be a Championship team.
      The Seahawks O line got steamrolled.

  6. Mick November 15, 2020

    P.S.—- There was an MVS sighting today.

    1. PF4L November 15, 2020

      Yep…that’s how you use him, that’s his wheelhouse.
      That 78 yard TD was pretty impressive, earned it after the catch with movement

    2. Rico November 15, 2020

      As long he has five yards on his defender and the play is just a bomb throw it up there type play hes great. Those workouts with Randy Moss in the off seasons are finally paying off.

  7. PF4L November 15, 2020

    All of our sack specialist got a piece of Jake Luton at least once during this defensive slaughter.
    That should teach the Jags a lesson about prancing their 1-7 team, their 26th highest scoring offense into Lambeau field with a 6th round rookie QB against the Packers defense, thinking they have a chance to win.

    1. Rico November 15, 2020

      The Gary pick is validated after this one. Couldn’t have won it without his late game pressures against a rookie 6th round draft pick. Gutenkrust can take a big exhale. His golden boy first round pick from powerhouse Michigan is almost on the cusp of being an competent OLB backup.

      1. Stiggy November 16, 2020

        I agree up to 12 tackles and 2 sacks on the season. We need to get the DPOY trophy ready for Rashan. Might even score some more clients for his sports agency after this one.
        Btw? If there was ever a team built to beat the living shit out of the packers its the rams. Ramsey will completely take adams out of the game…they can collapse the pocket with Donalds prowess….and im sure mcvay would salivate at the opportunity to scheme against this defense.

  8. PF4L November 15, 2020

    For NFL fans….Watch one of the NFL’s sickest game winning catches
    Kyler Murry to DeAndre Hopkins with .02 seconds left in the 4th quarter.

    1. Rico November 15, 2020

      According to Twitter Hopkins is the best WR in the NFL after that catch and it isnt even close. Maybe next week Amendola gets crowned as the best WR in the NFL after a catch. Stay tuned.

  9. Finkelstein November 15, 2020

    Pack barely did what they were supposed to do. Win. A little too soft for my liking; I could go for some nastiness. Where’s the ghost of Wayne Simmons?

    1. Rico November 15, 2020

      He was there. His name is Myles Jack and the Pack passed on him in the 16 draft.

      1. stiggy November 16, 2020

        He was there…his name is Jeffrey simmons…the packers passed on him in the 19 draft.

        Well get to see him soon enough.

  10. Cheese November 15, 2020

    Looks like the Packers are back doing what they do best, beating single win teams. A win is a win, but as PF4L mentioned, a 1-7 team with a rookie 6th round QB making his 2nd start in the league gave you all that you could handle?
    JK Scott is a tackling machine…. J/K J/K

    1. Kato November 16, 2020

      Lol that was goofy as hell. But I don’t blame him, he is a damn punter. I saw a screenshot of the return from behind the returner., There were six Packers literally all in the same coverage lane. When I was being taught kick coverage in like 7th grade, it was drilled into our brains to “stay in our coverage lanes.” Looks like these guys missed that memo.

  11. Mick November 16, 2020

    For sure! Special teams were a disaster. I suggest not watching any replays——— it’ll give you nightmares!

    1. PF4L November 16, 2020

      Although it isn’t discussed much over the years. It was a reminder to us how bad our own return game is and our special teams as a whole, outside of kicking.

  12. PF4L November 16, 2020

    Just because….it’s important
    It took Wisconsin 7 months to reach 100,000 covid cases starting early this year.
    Just in the last 6 days, Wisconsin has accumulated 40,599 covid cases.
    If that doesn’t get people’s attention, i don’t know what will.

    1. Deepsky November 16, 2020

      I was in Wisconsin this weekend where I had some drunk dude tell me it’s all fake because the hospitals and doctors are getting paid money to report cases. Supposedly this guy had friends who gave their names in line to be tested, then left before being tested, and got positive test results back.

      1. PF4L November 16, 2020

        That was a fantastic story.