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Midweek Miscellanea: Win Over the Colts Would Be Huge

My thoughts on the upcoming game are dominating my mid-week wait until Sunday. Though not a must win by any means, the Packers will be presented with a golden opportunity when they take the field against the Colts in Indianapolis.

The Colts are a quality team, and most favor them over Green Bay despite the Colts having one more loss than the 7-2 Packers. Otherwise, however, the only team that might be favored against the Pack over their last six games is the Tennessee Titans. The Titans and the Colts are currently tied atop the AFC South, with 6-3 records. While the Titans have lost three of their last four games, the Colts have won three of their last four.

The Colts have lost to a couple of good teams: the Browns in Week 5 by a 32-23 score, and the Ravens, by a convincing score of 24-10 in Week 9. Yes, the Browns are a surprisingly 6-3 on the year. Indy’s other loss was to Jacksonville to start the season.

If. . .if the Packers prevail on Sunday, their six remaining games are: twice against the Bears (5 wins), against the Lions (4 wins) and against the Eagles and Panthers (3 wins each).

If the Pack beats the Colts, they’ll likely finish the regular season at either 13-3 or 12-4. The Cardinals, Rams, and Seahawks, who as of Thursday night, all have three wins, so they can do no better than 13-3.

The Hawks, who just beat the Cardinals, still have the Rams to play, and then finish the season against the 49ers in Santa Clara – who could by then have several of their injured players back.

The Cards have a tough remaining schedule: two games against the Rams, and also a game against the 49ers.

As for the Rams, they might have the toughest schedule of the contenders: two games against the Cards, and also games against the Seahawks, 49ers, and the 7-3 Buccaneers.

Should the Packers defeat the Colts, they would seem to have the easiest path to becoming the top seed in the National Football Conference. One reward for that is of course drawing a bye in the first week of the playoffs; the other presumed benefit would be that the well-rested Packers would play their first playoff game at home at Lambeau Field in January.

If all this isn’t enough to inspire Green Bay on Sunday, then perhaps nothing will. In terms of Super Bowl prospects, the contest on Sunday looms as the most critical game of the year for Green Bay.

Oct 25, 2020; Houston, Texas, USA; Green Bay Packers head coach Matt LaFleur jogs off the field after the game against the Houston Texans at NRG Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Rob Born

Smart drafters don’t select the best available players, they fill a team’s positions of greatest need.



  1. Robster November 20, 2020

    I meant to say the Cardinals, Rams, and Seahawks all have three losses – not wins – so none can finish better than 13-3. With their loss on Thursday night, the Cards now stand at 6-4, so they fall to one loss behind the NFC West leading Rams and Seahawks. If the Pack beats the Colts, we’ll be hearing refrains of run-the-table. Even as of now, the Packers “controls their destiny” as to that top NFC playoff seed.

  2. Mick November 20, 2020

    Let’s see how the coaches and players respond to the challenge of playing the Colts on the road, especially after the kick in the pants/ wake up call they got from the Jags. The Colts are a complete team, with no glaring weaknesses. Shanked punts, lousy special teams play, and shabby tackling won’t cut it against Indy. Win or lose, if this team can’t get up for this game; then it doesn’t have a pulse. Go Pack!

  3. NobodysBurfect November 20, 2020

    This game comes down to our defense, which shouldn’t make anyone feel very confident. When people started talking about how good the Colt’s D around week 3/4, I watched a few games & they are fast, smart, and physical. Jones isn’t going to be able run all over them like he has other teams, our offense will need some big plays to keep them honest to get the run game going. We aren’t putting up more than 14-21 points if MVS has a bad day, which he…well who the fuck knows with him. So basically if our D can keep Rivers under 14-20 points we have a shot.


    I mean I have no faith in that, but who cares. Go Pack Go.

  4. PF4L November 20, 2020

    Well :)
    I think it’s entertaining how we can look at the regular season games, with anticipation to success in the playoffs and (GASP) even mentioning….the Super Bowl?
    One of the reasons, as noted in the article, is because of the Packers relatively week schedule moving forward IF/after we beat a winning team. The Packers playing weak teams has been the norm this season with a team with a winning record tossed in the schedule occasionally.
    One could argue beating a winning team is a positive thing for our Packers, especially citing the fact we’ve only done it once this season. As far as the Colts, who are they? What have they accomplished? 6 wins? That’s terrific. The Colts are one of 14 teams with a record of 6-3 or better.
    In the article, we’ve talked about IF we beat the Colts….now….what if we don’t? Do we then still speak of our chances in the playoffs, or getting to a Super Bowl after that loss?….or does reality start settling in?.
    Look…the Packers have done really well in the regular season, especially with sub .500 teams. But when push comes to shove and we have to face stiffer competition in games that matter in the playoffs, hasn’t it been a different story?
    When the whistle blows to start a playoff game, your regular season record doesn’t mean jack shit.
    You could have a 15-1 record going into the playoffs, but if you give up 420 yards and 37 points to a 9-7 team. The only thing your doing after that game is making vacation plans for the family. See 2011
    You have to be a solid team to find success in the playoffs. I’m not so sure barely beating a 1-7 team at home against a rookie QB starting his 2nd game…..is solid.

  5. Deepsky November 20, 2020

    I don’t know why, but the last few years the Packers have come out flat sometimes at home. They’ve also not played well after a bye and they had a mini bye. I’m hoping the Packers step it up with possibly the corners coming back. Rivers knows he can beat the Packers.

    1. Zwoeger November 20, 2020

      I thought this would be one of the first comments.

  6. Mick November 20, 2020

    Many important matchups in this game. LaFleur vs Colts D; Rivers vs Rodgers; Packers OL vs Colts DL etc…..etc….The most critical matchup is Rivers vs Pettines’ defense. I’m trying not to be pessimistic but, if Rivers isn’t pressured; and the tackling doesn’t improve;;;;it’s good night Irene.

  7. Mick November 21, 2020

    Updates as of Saturday am; King and Alexander ready to go; Lazard is a game time decision; Adams should be ready to go and and the Colts leading sack guy, (Autry) is out via Covid. Good news so far!

  8. Deepsky November 21, 2020

    Here’s the problem for the Packers. The Colts have a defense similar to last year’s 49ers team. On top of that, Aaron Jones either hasn’t recovered from his injury or he’s hit the wall, but he’s no threat anymore. The Colts offense is dink and dunk and Pettine will let them run that all game. It’s going to be one of those games where the Packers just keep falling more and more behind as Rivers will have an 80 percent completion percentage and 12 play drives.

    1. Stiggy November 21, 2020

      Ya i expect the packers offense to be frustrating to watch with short completions followed by the colts swarming them all game.

      I also expect the packers to start out hot on their first drive and maybe even get a td…just enough to give us some false hope.

      This is the type of team that shits all over the packers

  9. just_a_regular_fan November 21, 2020

    My prediction is that the Packers lose. After the loss everyone makes an excuse that it was just one bad game and they can bounce back for the next game! Of course, the next game is against the struggling Bears which the Packers will probably win. Then everyone buys another ticket for the hype train. This formula repeats itself until another terrible playoff loss. Maybe I’m being too harsh, but this season so far is playing out just like last year.

    The packers have only beat one team with a winning record. Their schedule this year was again very easy. It’s not their fault because they don’t choose the schedule yet I think it still explains how the Packers are 7-2 instead of 5-4 if they had a harder schedule.

    I thought Buccaneers were the first real test of the season, which was a failure. The Colts are going to be another test as they rank very well in defense.

  10. Kato November 22, 2020

    This will be a game for Kenny Clark to come out and prove his worth, going up against the best guard in the NFL in Quenton Nelson. He will have to win a fair amount of those matchups.

    Phillip Rivers isn’t a threat to run, so they should be playing man coverage a large portion of the game. Hopefully the corners are a little more aggressive and get up on the receivers, but I will not hold my breath given Pettine being as passive as a rabbit. Can the the Packers limit the run game? Will they stop DeForest Buckner from wrecking plays up front before they start? Can they run the ball effectively with the colts speed at linebacker? I have my doubts on all of the above.

  11. Kato November 22, 2020

    Also of note. There has been a lot of complaining about the Packers draft still. Not necessarily unwarranted, but just so you guys know, the player a lot of fans wanted them to take in the first round, Patrick Queen, is ranked 94/96 linebackers per PFF. Take that as you will.

    1. Kato November 22, 2020

      He is graded at 28.9 lol

  12. PF4L November 22, 2020

    Anybody can cherry pick draft choices, after the fact.
    It doesn’t mean a G D thing, nor does it justify drafting players for the bench,
    There are a lot of wide receivers doing very well this season as rookies.
    We can talk about players who haven’t played or graded poorly, but i’d rather draft players we need and players who can start and take my chances….rather than drafting players that you plan to “sit out.”
    In other words, i’d rather try and fail, than not try at all.

  13. Mick November 22, 2020

    Exactly, I said last year after the Niners game in the playoffs; that San Fran showed the rest of the league how to beat this team. They had their chance to upgrade the talent at DL and LB. But;;;;;;;;;;;;No. So, here we are, one year later, and nothing has changed. I agree, I’d rather draft players to help the team out where it is obviously weak. Most players in the 1st 3 rounds tend to contribute, at some point in the season, some contribute right away. The last 3 weeks, Gary has performed better than P. Smith. In a limited role- no less. But, coaches tend to play the players that have the most experience; or make the most money. Even if that said player is being out performed by the younger guy. RUBBISH!

  14. Mick November 22, 2020

    P.S> Look at how our top 3 picks have fared;;;;;;;;;; just saying!