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Packers Dominate 49ers in “Covid/Injury Bowl”

This victory was supposed to taste sweet. Admittedly, there are no excuses that determine playoff rankings in the NFL. This win could help the Packers with playoff seeding. So why do Packer fans feel this win lacks the taste they have been craving?

The Packer first team defense kept the Niner’s out of the end zone. The offense was only stopped by one third down drop and a pass interference call that was missed by the referees on Davante Adams. This was a game of total domination. Aaron Jones played well early and Aaron Rogers to Davante Adams repeatedly burned the patchwork San Francisco defense. LaFleur was imaginative with Tyler Ervin in the run and pass game. The Packer defense created turnovers and stops and the team is now 6-2. The Packers even got to play their second team defense and let FB John Lovett run wild in the 4th quarter. Finally, fans could relax and enjoy an easy win. So what is missing? The hard thing to determine from this victory is whether the Packers improved in any phase of the game.

When the 2020 schedule was announced, the Packers looked to be bitten by the NFL scheduler when this game was announced as a Thursday night travel game against the defending NFC champs. That scheduler could not have predicted that injuries and Covid would reduce the 2020 49ers to a group of strike season players from 1987, not the dominant 49er team from last year’s NFC Championship. Packer fans will take the win, but most had circled this game as the ultimate litmus test for the Packers. Instead of feeling the joy of beating a team that dominated them last year, this game left fans feeling like they paid top dollar for seats at a play, and just before the it began, an announcement from the loudspeaker told them that the understudies will replace the stars of the show.

Packers WR Davante Adams

November 5, 2020; Santa Clara, California, USA; Green Bay Packers wide receiver Davante Adams (17) runs the football against San Francisco 49ers safety Marcell Harris (36) during the third quarter at Levi’s Stadium. Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

The biggest question going forward may be which Packer starters will be ready in ten days to face the Jaguars. Injuries to Rick Wagner, Krys Barnes, and Jaire Alexander, leave the Packers with roster questions that will probably not be answered till Sunday, November 15th. The saddest injury may have been to Dexter Williams who finally had a chance to put down some good film and was injured after only a few plays.

The Jaguars have their holes, but the Packers face the Colts and the Eagles after the Jaguars and both teams have good defenses and enough offense to test the Packers. While 6-2 keeps the Packers division leaders, there are opponents coming that will test the Championship potential of this Packer team that could not be determined by this win. But this weekend, it is time to celebrate. R-E-L-A-X — and enjoy the victory.

Paul Edwards

Paul Edwards is a lawyer, victim advocate, writer, and long term Packer fan and Packer history enthusiast.



  1. Finkelstein November 6, 2020

    Pack did what they were supposed to do. The lack of fire during this game was coming from my couch.

  2. PF4L November 6, 2020

    Agree with the ^^ new Finkelstein guy^^
    They did what they were supposed to do.
    Also with Edward, the game’s end resulted in satisfaction, albeit the injuries and covid.
    If the Packers didn’t win or won a very close game, God help them.
    Clear minds know what this game was, a nice victory, a great night for three players,
    But…make no mistake, this was not the team that schooled them twice last season.
    Lets be honest, if the Packers face a full 49ers team in the playoffs, yes, this game will be mentioned, but as a footnote concerning the injuries and covid. This was/is a feel good game, it wasn’t redemption.
    Ironically…minutes before MVS caught that long TD pass, then cut and came back for Rodgers to hit him again. I thought to myself, i have officially given up on MVS. I swear it was like 3 minutes before the 1st TD….So i smiled at the irony.
    Herein lies the problem, it doesn’t change a damn thing for me. It didn’t help him catch that easy pass he dropped.
    And lets be honest, this wasn’t knew, he’s caught long TD passes before. He’s still basically one dimensional.
    Can he be a 4th or fifth…..sure. But two catches sure as shit doesn’t make you a 2 or 3.
    Now, where is this beast of elusive running i’ve been hearing about? Where is this “best YAC receiver i’ve been hearing about?
    Since coming off of IR, ESB has a total of 1 catch in 5 attempts for 12 yards. 20% target catch rate.
    I think that’s enough years of coddling somebody, fill a roster spot with players who can contribute. You can admit a mistake and release players Ted!!! Improve the team, this isn’t a day care center.
    Oops…i meant Ted 2.0

    1. PF4L November 6, 2020

      Just in case Kato wants play spellcheck officer on me.

  3. Howard November 6, 2020

    I would not blame anyone for claiming that the Packers defense caught a big break in this game. There are only two battles that I would put any credence in, and that is did the Packers defenders playing over the 49ers left guard and right tackle win their battles. Otherwise the 49ers were depleted.
    I take exception in down playing what the Packers offense did to the 49ers defense. The 49ers defense missed no players due to COVID. The 49ers were missing Bosa from their opening day roster and that is big, but don’t think missing Bakhtiari isn’t just as big to the Packers. The 49ers were also missing Sherman and that may have hurt, but the 49ers have been without Sherman for weeks. Otherwise except for exchanging Solomon for Kinlaw, and K. Alexander (traded) for Greenlaw the 49ers defense has not changed much, except for maybe backup depth(?). The Packers offense was missing their opening day starting right guard, and WR in Lazard. We can also not forget Williams is a big contributor to the Packers offense, so the Packer offenses backup depth has also been tested.
    I don’t put much into what the Packers defense did to the 49ers depleted offense. I think it is wrong to not give credit for what the Packer offense did to the 49ers defense.

  4. Mick November 6, 2020

    Ted 2.0; That’s a good one. (giggles) As far as ESB, i wasn’t impressed with him when we drafted him. I’ve seen him play a. few times at ND, and he had a habit of dropping easy passes. I think they picked him cause of his height. (red zone target). Which was McCarthys’ game plan Let’s take the win, for what it was. It’s a game we needed and shit, never apologize for a win. Let’s hope we get our walking wounded and covid stricken players back for the 2nd half of the season STAY SAFE EVERYONE!

  5. Ferris November 6, 2020

    Asshat Terry Bradshaw picked San Fran in the pregame picks. Is he related to Skip Dickless?

  6. Ferris November 6, 2020

    Who besides me though MVS would drop that pass that was in the air for 10 minutes for him to think about it. He caught it though…what a shock.

  7. NobodysBurfect November 6, 2020

    Am I the only one who noticed that the secondary let Richie James have 184 yards in this game? I know Jaire went out, and I know some of it came in garbage time…but still, seriously? I am not a doctor, but isn’t the “prevent” defense meant to stop the big plays he was making near the end? Pretty sure Jerick McKinnon averaged near 4.5 yards per carry too.


    Garbanzo bean Capers needs to go, and I am tired as hell of this drafting strategy. Stay healthy and wear a mask friends. I, for one, will be spending this next week sleeping better than I have for about 4 years now. Chat with y’all next week.

  8. Stiggy November 6, 2020

    Packers beat a bottom feeder (due to injuries) yet again. Good for them but this game doesn’t tell us much. They get a nice break then they play another bottom feeder competing for Trevor Lawrence.

    As far as I’m concerned the packers are 1-1 this season. The saints were dumb and stopped giving it to Kamara…but that isn’t the packers fault and they beat a quality saints team. We all know what happened against the bucs.

    In positive developments it looks like Dean lowery played less and less this game. Both Keke and adams are taking snaps from him…and while theu didn’t look amazing..I didn’t see 10 yard wide holes for the ninerd running back on every carry.

    1. PF4L November 6, 2020

      I could be wrong Stigg, but i thought i saw a lot of 3 down def. lineman, if memory serves…Lowry, Lancaster and Clark.

      1. PF4L November 6, 2020

        Oops…and Adams got some snaps also.

  9. PF4L November 6, 2020

    The 49ers were missing Trent Williams, Samuel, Mostert, Kittle, Sherman, Garoppolo, Bosa, Aiyuk, etc.
    Those aren’t hand me down players.
    I guess we could parcel things out in sections, offense, defense, positions, etc if it makes us feel better.
    We were depleted, they were depleted. I look at as a whole…it was a good win, it wasn’t redemption from last season. We got our asses handed to us twice for Christ sake by these guys last season, Once, that kept us from going to the Super Bowl.
    Redemption is running back the NFCCG….and winning. Other than that, it’s a regular season win.
    We had Aaron Rodgers, they had a guy named Mullins or something. Is that fair? No, and who GAF?

  10. Mick November 7, 2020

    Ya, this wasn’t a redemption win; as PF4L stated above. But, in a way, it was a feel good win, in that it put a huge blow in the Niners chance at making the playoffs. The NFC west is very competitive. By the time the Niners get back their important pieces, it might be too late. I, like everyone else, am waiting for the day when we step up to the plate and go punch for punch against some of these physical teams. Meaning the upcoming games against the Bears, Titans, and Colts. Pettine better tighten his belt, cause it doesn’t get easier. By the way, let’s tip our hat to our OL coach. With all the adversity the line has been dealt, he has done a fantastic job.