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Nothing Like a Bear Beatdown to Bring Thanksgiving Smiles to Lambeau

If you didn’t like that, you must be a Bears fan. Both the Packer offense and defense contributed to a crushing 41 points against their arch rivals; and that was after just three quarters of action. Aaron Rodgers, Davante Adams and Big Bob Tonyan had good games for the offense. Rodgers threw for 4 TD’s and had a QB rating of 132.3. Tonyan had 5 receptions for 65 yards and a touchdown on a well executed 39 yard route. He also caught two passes that converted fourth downs. Adams went for six catches and 61 yards, including a beautiful high jump for the first Packer TD on 3rd and ten. Coach LeFluer was aggressive on 4th down and the Packers executed. The Packer defense, often maligned, came up with two big interceptions from Darnell Savage and a sack/fumble recovery run back for a touchdown by Preston Smith. It was good to see #91 playing fast without the shoulder brace that has limited him for many weeks.

Green Bay Packers free safety Darnell Savage (26) intercepts a pass intended for Chicago Bears wide receiver Anthony Miller (17) during their football game Sunday, November 29, 2020, at Lambeau Field in Green Bay, Wis.

After last weeks Indianapolis collapse, the Bears touchdown at the close of the second quarter, kept most Packer fans from completely relaxing at halftime. The defense started the third quarter with a stop, but the offense’s penalty and subsequent punt had many Green Bay faithful nervously taking extra sips of their beverages.

Then the Bears overall number two pick of the 2017 NFL draft eased all our fears. Mitch Trubisky had his best week of practice in his three years as a Bear according to head coach Matt Nagy. He was fired up with his team surrounding him before the Bears kicked off to start the game. He looked focused. Once the game began, he reverted to the inaccurate, turnover prone QB that has frustrated Bears fans since he put on their uniform.

Packer tight ends Tonyan, Lewis and Sternberger combined for 8 catches, 2 TD’s and 88 yards. While the Packers tight ends had a big impact, ex Packer Jimmy Graham was invisible until garbage time in the 4th quarter and was outplayed by rookie Cole Kmet.

Nov 29, 2020; Green Bay, Wisconsin, USA; Green Bay Packers wide receiver Allen Lazard (13) is upended by Chicago Bears cornerback Jaylon Johnson (33) after catching a pass during the first quarter at Lambeau Field. Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

Allen Lazard survived a vicious clean hit from Bears 2020 second round pick, cornerback Jaylon Johnson, but returned to the game. Both Lazard and St. Brown played well for the Packers. Even the loss of Corey Linsley to an apparent knee injury did not slow the Packers down. Elgton Jenkins slid to center and Jon Runyan played admirably at right guard as the Packers rushed for 182 yards and kept Aaron Rodgers completely clean in the pocket all night. While every true fan wished we had been allowed in, we all got a laugh from the lucky Packer family member attendee’s sign, “Deep dish pizza is overrated”. That laugher and sign seemed to be equally true of the Bears defense on this chilly night in a mostly empty Lambeau Field. The Bears vaunted defense had no sacks, no QB hits besides a roughing the passer penalty, and only one tackle for loss.

Except for some poor open field tackling by Raven Greene and one huge run for the Bears on their opening drive it was hard to have anything to even try to gripe about. Hopefully Linsley and Lucas Patrick will be available for next Sunday’s game.

Enjoy this one with your leftovers Packer faithful, this was a true Thanksgiving weekend present for Packer fans and their families. Next up, the Eagles.

Paul Edwards

Paul Edwards is a lawyer, victim advocate, writer, and long term Packer fan and Packer history enthusiast.



  1. Jason Parker November 30, 2020

    Deep dish “pizza” sucks

    1. Cheese November 30, 2020

      Giordano’s is delicious.
      Jett’s “Detroit style deep dish,” delicious.
      That unknown folded piece of paper, I mean pizza, that looked like it came from a gas station warming oven? Probably delicious

  2. paul durenberger November 30, 2020

    Jason, I have never seen that before. Hilarious!!🤣😂🤣 Thank you.

    1. PF4L November 30, 2020

      Welcome new guy.
      ” your pizza, is like sex with a corpse made of sandpaper ”
      That’s dark…who thinks like that?….lol

  3. Mick December 1, 2020

    Very funny! Twisted, but funny! If I have to settle for a frozen pizza; lotsa motsa , is my choice. Not to offend deep dish lovers but, if you have to eat pizza with a fork; or worse yet, a spoon; not my idea of pizza. But i digress, other than cheap frozen pizza, i guess all pizza—– is good. On the Packer news front, according to Packers Wire; GB is releasing WR/KR Darius Shepard. Also, they have signed WR/KR Tavon Austin.

    1. PF4L December 1, 2020

      Brew Pub i think they also call it, not bad. Not a hug fan of frozen, but if i partake, Home Run, or Connies. Tomestone is ok, but let it thaw to room temp (cooks better).

    2. Skinny December 1, 2020

      Top 3. Digiorno rising crust pepperoni. Orv’s thin crust pepperoni. Kwik Trips thin crust peperoni.

  4. Kato December 1, 2020

    Deep dish is overrated. Thin crust all the way.
    I love the Tavon Austin signing. Needed a more reliable option as the jet motion guy in the offense. Not to mention he is big play guy waiting to happen.
    Gute hasn’t been great,and has made a few bad decisions. But he also has made a few smart decisions, had be followed the masses, would have ruined this team. One, thank God he didn’t trade multiple draft picks for Will Fuller. That would have ruined this team. Guy isn’t playing a other down this year with the suspension.
    Also love the move to start Gary and light a fire under Preston’s ass. This team needs to do that more often. This definitely improved Rodgers’ play this year. If you don’t think drafting Jordan Love wasn’t at least partially to motivate Rodgers, well, you might be homer. And a Rodgers buttlicker

  5. PF4L December 1, 2020

    Yes!!….Jordan Love was a great pick. For 13 years the Packers have had to find a way to get Rodgers motivated each year, it’s been a REAL problem. Now they have to spend a 1st round pick, just to get him to up? That’s bullshit!! I have to say…i’m getting tired of his sorry lazy ass.
    This fucking Rodgers clown, already 4 interceptions, matches ALL of last season.
    He’s pretty G D lucky Brett “The Deer Hunter” Hundley isn’t still around. Rodgers would have splinters in his ass sittin on the bench next to all of our high draft picks.
    I think any team interested in Fuller was probably aware of his PED test. Houston would have to disclose it imo. hence why they couldn’t move him.
    But yea….smart decision. Must have took days of thought and then went to ask Daddy and Daddy said NO.
    I remember a guy here who would defend McCarthy at all cost…McCarthy made Rodgers!!….he can get a job on any team he wants….he can write his own ticket!! blahblahfukingblahasscreamerblahblahblah.
    Funny how Rodgers has done better with less pass catching talent..after McCarthy got fired, go figure.
    But yea….McCarthy’s a great coach…look at him now.

    1. Kato December 6, 2020

      Coming from the guy that blasted Turner constantly. When he has been the best pass blocking tackle in the NFL. We are all wrong. I still think McCarthy was a good coach, in his day. He never evolved. One could say the best coaches evolve with the times and I would agree. McCarthy never did. You are right. I admit that. It remains to be seen if Love is a good draft pick, it will define Gutekunst as a GM for sure. Maybe you are right and he blows. Either way, you can’t deny this didn’t motivate Rodgers. You also can’t deny that Rodgers, as a whole, did not play like a top 5 QB 2015-2019. With the exception of a few games here and there.

  6. Kato December 2, 2020

    Also of note, Billy Turner now leads the NFL in pass block win rate among tackles. Who woulda thunk? Bahk is third in that category. Also, Rodgers has only been hit 16 times this year. Fewest in the NFL.

  7. Mick December 2, 2020

    Good point about Rodgers. When Adams doesn’t play because of injuries, it forces him to survey the field and go thru his projections to make something happen. If my memory isn’t clouded, the team has won those games and the offense was more diverse. He spread the ball around against the Bears and the offense clicked. We need more of that to keep the opposing defense guessing what’s coming next. As for the O line, hats off to Stenovich for keeping this unit humming along amidst the injuries and shuffling around they have had to do this year.

    1. PF4L December 2, 2020

      If a receiver or tight end, or rb can get open in about 2.5 seconds this season vs past seasons, that definitely helps.
      If i recall correctly, Rodgers is among the quicker releases in the league this season, which would explain his low Sack and hit totals.
      Not discounting the O line (sans getting mauled by the Bucs) but when you can scheme pass catchers open, add a quick release QB, that contributes greatly in making an O line look good.
      We like to compare Rodgers this season, with that of the 2011 season. Rodgers 2011 season has gone in the record books as statistically the best season a QB has had in NFL history. Ironically, he was sacked 36 times, and hit, a lot more in 2011. He did that with far better receivers. Which tells you, how God awful bad that O-line was back then. See Marshal Newhouse.
      Despite that and the defense ranked 32nd, the team still went 15-1 and Rodgers still won MVP.
      A fact that some (Packer fans) seem to forget, and can’t appreciate just how good that one player was/is.
      So here we are in 2020. A (our) 37 year old QB putting up similar off the chart numbers with a less talented receiving group, but….a better O-line.
      Next time any of these fans want to say Rodgers has lost it, or bench him for Brett Hundley. Go become a Bear fan.
      Show some F****** RESPECT.
      I’m sure those same fans have crawled back on the Aaron Rodgers wagon. For the 3rd or 4th time now.
      I’ll repeat what i said to those mentally handicapped so called Packer fans the last 5 years, those who gave up on Rodgers and/or wanted him benched….whenever his passer rating dropped below 100.
      Aaron Rodgers didn’t just “forget” how to play QB.
      I said other things to those pickle lickers, but we’ll skip those.

  8. PF4L December 2, 2020

    Can we stay on topic people!??
    Now….what about Emils pizza?