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Packers RB AJ Dillon Tests Positive For COVID-19

The Green Bay Packers cruised through the first quarter of the season going undefeated. However, they have dropped two of their last three, including a 28-22 decision this past weekend to the then 1-5 Minnesota Vikings.

The Packers were without running back Aaron Jones due to a calf injury. Jamaal Williams has picked up the slack in his absence, rushing for 294 yards for the season. Jones still hasn’t practiced, which makes him unlikely for Thursday’s game against the 49ers.

More bad news has hit the Packers’ offensive backfield, as RB AJ Dillion has tested positive for COVID-19, as reported by Adam Schefter. Dillon played Sunday against the Vikings and there is now concerns about other members of the Packers offensive unit. The Packers will be in a bind with Williams as the only healthy running back on the roster.

Tom Pelissero of the NFLNetwork tweeted through a source that the Packers will have virtual meetings as a precaution since Dillon tested positive. The Packers can only hope that other team members in close proximity to Dillon do not test positive as well. Dillon has rushed for 97 yards on 23 carries and has one reception for 16 yards this season.

This is another setback for the team so far this year. While the Packers’ luck this season has not been so great, feel free to try yours at vip casino Canada.

Things might be looking up soon as the rest of their schedule this season is a relatively easy one — especially compared to the second half of last season.

Ed Rooney

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  1. PF4L November 2, 2020

    We are probably better off not knowing the details how he could have acquired the virus. Lets hope his stupidity wasn’t spread among the team.

  2. MMSUCKS November 2, 2020

    One of Gutes very questionable pick’s.
    Yesterday’s game was a shit-show in the second half. Every position that was NOT SERIOUSLY ADDRESSED during the off-season came and bit this team in the ass.
    Seriously, this team has upper management issues that go back a decade plus. They obviously cannot assess talent, nor can they own up to their errors in judgment. This team has failed in their pursuit of getting back to the SB. Murphy, Gutekunst, and ALL OF HIS SCOUTS need to go. They should take Pettine with them.
    They have NO IDEA how to build a team around Rodgers . . . All that they know how to do is buy up land around Lambeau Field to maximize their footprint, which will help their profits for the PACKER CORPORATION to then buy up more land around Lambeau. When will that “profit” start to bring in more blue chip players’ is what I want to know!

    1. PF4L November 2, 2020

      Well…here’s the thing. If this team starts to have consecutive losing seasons, less people and less revenue will show up to experience the new PackerDisneyland experience. All that development wasn’t built for free and the Piper has to be paid.
      This season of no fans isn’t going to be a good start and after Aaron leaves…a certain level of mystique leaves. They still have the legend of Lambeau, but it will then be….of only years past.
      Trust me when i say….this fan base is 3 decades in of having a HOF QB, once that is gone, this thing will have a whole new feel, and probably not a good one.

      What i worry about…is years later, we discover how much money was spent that came from the Packers reserves that never was paid back.

      1. Ferris November 2, 2020

        May feels like the Cheaters feel now. Cam looking like Mark Sanchez. Maybe it was TB12 and not the system of the genius cheater Belichick.

      2. kj November 2, 2020

        The very same thing I ve been saying for a while. Who is going to go to Lambeau when they start losing? Fans are different nowadays. The old Packer fans that showed up year through crappy year are gone. Theyve been replaced by millennial’s and corporations pouring big money into those cushy seats. Those people want winners. They wont come to Lambeau to see mediocrity year in and year out. They start calling it LameBo. Green Bay will be the Siberia of football again. All because Management thought they were smarter than everyone else.

    2. Ferris November 2, 2020

      Like I said clear out everyone named Mike or Mark. Mike P should have left the building with Fat Mike.

  3. Skinny November 2, 2020

    I would love to hear this supposed offer the Packers made for Fuller already according to the Athletic. If i know the Packer organization this is probably all hung up on them not wanting to part with a 4rd round draft pick.

  4. Stiggy November 2, 2020

    Too bad we don’t have more of Murphys silos. Silos would be a very effective way of stopping the spread of covid.

  5. Stickman November 2, 2020

    After they drafted Love in the first round I made a statement about the Packer’s brass only really caring about $$$.
    I’m starting to believe that I was sadly right… Well, Pigs get feed and Hogs get slaughtered…

  6. Mick November 3, 2020

    We’ll see how clever (tongue in cheek); Gutey is by the end of the day. If he does nothing by the dead line, he runs the risk of losing his FA players next spring. His players are going to think our management isn’t serious about improving this team; especially when they were so close to playing in the big game last year. All they needed was a few pieces, here and there. But our bumbling GM chooses to ignore the obvious needs on this team. If this organization thinks they are gonna get lucky again at the Q-back position and land another HOF player like Favre or Rodgers——–good luck! As for the offer made to Fuller, who knows what it was. Based on how the past regime operated, Gutey probably low-balled the offer. We all know the Pack is strapped by the salary cap, and not looking good for next year. Like many of you are suggesting, Gutey, Murphy, need to go. And pick up Pettine on the way out of town.

    1. PF4L November 3, 2020

      ” His players are going to think our management isn’t serious about improving this team;”
      I think by now, most of them have a clue already.

  7. PF4L November 3, 2020

    Per Rob Domovsky via NFL….
    The Packers will not only lose Dillon for Thursdays game. But they also lose Jamaal Williams and Kamal Martin for 5 days. Apparently because they are close to Dillon.
    In other entertainment….
    The Big Unit posed this question to his listeners
    Are the Packers one player away from being a serious SB contender and should sign Will Fuller, or are they farther away than that?
    At first i thought it was a ridiculous question.
    But after further careful thought….i still do.

  8. PF4L November 3, 2020

    Call me quirky….
    But if the Packers traded for Fuller, then Fuller opted out the rest of the season…i’d giggle a little.

  9. Ferris November 3, 2020

    Now the trend is picking up PI flags. Happened in GB game and Tampa. How are those not penalties?
    “After discussion we the referees decided we want to go home and not chance overtime, therefore it was not PI”

  10. Howard November 3, 2020

    If the Packers SF game goes as scheduled, as it should, it sure looks like the NFL is playing favorites with certain team (Patriots). The Patriots chiefs game was postponed because Newton and some Chiefs practice squad guy tested positive. At the time close contacts to Newton were given “point of care tests” and were deemed O.K. Then Gilmore tests positive and the Broncos Patriots game is postponed.
    The Packers have Dillion test positive and two other players deemed close contacts with no “point of care tests” administered are determined out of the game and the game is not postponed? I agree Dillion is no Newton or Gilmore, but Williams is an important part of the Packers and Martin is in the early stages of being a starter. Be consistent NFL, or just let the games play out, as they should. Better yet, just quit pampering the Patriots.

    1. PF4L November 3, 2020

      I think they fly out tomorrow, so a decision from the NFL would have to come today sometime. Like maybe any minute now, sometime.

      1. Howard November 3, 2020

        Thanks PF4L.

  11. PF4L November 3, 2020

    “The NFL rumor mill was abuzz all day about the possibility of the Packers landing Houston Texans receiver Will Fuller – or, really, any receiver. In the end, the Packers didn’t want to pay Houston’s price, so they remain where they’ve been since last year at the receiver position.” – Dan Garziano
    Let me correct that…..
    “so they remain where they’ve been since 2018 at the receiver position.”

  12. Mick November 3, 2020

    Exactly right PF4L, the NFL is even less consistent than the weather man. We all know viewership is down across the league for all the various reasons, that they probably don’t want to go without theThursday night game. They are running out of options to re-schedule anyway. Plus, they feel it’s a marque matchup and they are hoping the viewership ratings go up. On another note, I heard the Green Bay area is being hit hard with the virus……………everyone stay safe out there. Anyone out there surprised that we didn’t make a move by the dead line? Same ol, same ol !

    1. Ferris November 3, 2020

      You mean almost trading for a #2 isn’t the same? Ron Wolf would have made a deal somehow. Dorsey too, Schneider too. Too bad GB got the GM wrong again.

      1. MMSUCKS November 4, 2020

        This appears to be the ONLY thing that they consistently do get right . . .

    2. PF4L November 4, 2020

      This is no excuse not to address the need for receiver on this team, i’ve advocated for it for some time.
      But my opinion hasn’t changed on Fuller. He wasn’t worth trading for 3 reasons.
      1) He has to come in, learn plays, pick up the verbiage, for what? A handful of games for 5 million dollars??
      2) If Fuller is the one piece you need to get to the Super Bowl….trade for him….if he’s not….it doesn’t matter.
      3) The Packers weren’t going to keep and pay Fuller a 2nd contract to stick around after this season…again…why bother teaching a player our offense when he’s leaving shortly. That makes no sense.

  13. Mick November 4, 2020

    Good point,,,,,,, not only that, if they choose not to resign him, they lose the draft pick it took to get him in the 1st place.