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Game Day: Week 7 – Green Bay Packers at Houston Texans

Running late today so gonna keep this short…


Following an a tough loss last week against a Tom Brady led Tampa Bay Buccaneers, the Packers roll into another road game against the 1-5 Houston Texans. With the Chicago Bears at 5-1, the pressure is on the Packers to continue their previous winning streak before going in the their bye-week. As for the rest of the NFC North, the Vikings aren’t really a contender this year and the Lions are still the Lions so no issue there.

RB Aaron Jones will not be joining us today due to an injured calf:

“Just kind of felt my calf get tight during practice [on Thursday], really didn’t pay it much attention and then after and throughout the later parts of the day is when I started to feel it. And then came in this morning and we took a look at it. I feel like I’m confident I can play, but I know our trainers and doctors have the players’ best interests in mind. I’m gonna do everything in my power to make sure I can get out on the field, but it’s up to the team doctors.”

After last week’s return, WR Davante Adams will be active today for Rodgers to force passes to.


Roster moves this week:






Game Information:

Location: NRG Stadium – Houston, Texas

Time: 12:00pm Central

Television: NFL on Fox

Radio: WTMJ 620


QB Aaron Rodgers looks downfield against Saints

Sep 27, 2020; New Orleans, Louisiana, USA; Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers (12) against the New Orleans Saints during the second quarter at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome. Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

Jason Parker

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  1. stiggy October 25, 2020

    Packers playing well. Honestly won’t know much about this team cause its looking like it will be their 4th win against a 1 win team.

    Really hoping for a real game soon so we can see if they learned anything from Tampa.

    They didn’t learn dick from the San Fran games last year but hope springs eternal I suppose.

    1. Skinny October 25, 2020

      I felt nothing about this win. I feel like ive seen this act before, many times. I just dont believe they can do it against a superior opponent on the road. Yeah Davante has these types of games against shit defenses but then he gets hurt in the game against the good teams, misses a couple weeks then comes back and shreds more shit defenses, lol.

  2. Ferris October 25, 2020

    Guess I didn’t realize just how bad Houston’s Defense is. Wow.
    I can’t imagine being a Falcons fan. Even a bag over your head isn’t enough. You have to chop off your head.

    1. Ferris October 26, 2020

      Atlanta fans are saying…”At least we’re not Dallas”

  3. PF4L October 25, 2020

    Lol….1st and 10 Packers 5:35 left in the 4th.
    Wagner and Lewis opposite Watt (who has been getting doubled all game). On a called run play they both ignore Watt.
    Watt runs in untouched to tackle Williams behind the line of scrimmage for a two yard loss.
    Lewis will probably learn from this (maybe) as he turned around in time to watch the tackle unfold.

  4. PF4L October 25, 2020

    Lol…Is Chandon Sullivan on the hands team?
    Apparently he graduated from the Brandon Bostick school of how to handle an onside kick. :)

    I’m just having fun watching the game on delay. I’m happy we beat a 1-5 team with a bad defense. We’ve been pretty good at that this season.

  5. PF4L October 25, 2020

    JP…you hit it on the head referring to Rodgers going to Adams.
    Good to see you got released before game time.

  6. NobodysBurfect October 25, 2020

    Arthur Blank deserves better than whatever the hell the Falcons are.

    Oh yeah we steamrolled another shitty team also. Looks like that AJ Dillon pick was.,.ah fuck it, I drank too much last night and we won, I won’t bitch.

    Stay healthy friends, especially those of you who are in the motherland – my best friend and much of his family just caught covid, and there were three cases in my grandma’s assisted living home so we’re all pretty freaked out.

    1. PF4L October 25, 2020

      Agreed on Arthur Blank.
      Yea…it’s hard to bitch when your team is 5-1. But at the same time, some fans are smart enough to know where the team is at. They have something to prove and until it’s proven, reasonable minds won’t believe they have any real chance in the playoffs against top teams. They don’t allow the teams the Packers have beaten into the playoffs, so it’s a concern.
      One thing i will say, is Turner handled his business at LT unless Watt switched sides. Wagner had help all game against Watt all game which is justifiable. The problem with that is, it limits your offensive play calling, especially when it’s at a game where you don’t have Aaron Jones who provides the offense with so much flexibility.
      So life is good, plus we get to go through a whole week of no Rodgers bashing (except for going to Adams to much of course).
      I was a bit surprised they couldn’t get more pass catchers involved citing they were playing one of the league’s worst pass defense. IDK, maybe Jones being out and needing to keep a tight end in on Watt had something to do with it. Maybe Howard has a thought on that.

      1. Howard October 25, 2020

        I think Adams was single covered almost the entire game. Rodgers might as well throw to the guy who has quick moves and is usually on the same page as Rodgers. It beats the hell out of me why the Texans would not double Adams when the Packers are without Jones, but I guess that is one of the reasons they only have one win.I don’t think the Packers would throw to Dillion, or the Fullback who I believe has a cast on his hand. I do think LaFleur at least wanted to start out with TE’s next to both tackles. As the game went on it looked like LaFleur was comfortable with Turner not needing help. Wagner was a different story. I do think Watt only lined up over Turner 2 or 3 times. Turner basically was against Mercilus.

  7. NobodysBurfect October 25, 2020

    Agreed on Turner – also, I think it’s fair to say that the MVS experiment needs to come to an end. Jaire might be our best first round pick since Rodgers, he’s killing it.

    1. PF4L October 25, 2020

      Yea, i had a bit of doubt after he was drafted about Jaire because he’s short, he’ll give up a few passes to tall receivers but at the end of the day…the dude just brings it. Just needs a few turnovers to get recognized around the league.
      Best wishes to your friends family, and hope your Grandmother doesn’t become ill.
      I’ve had 2 consecutive surgery’s and am now in my 2nd rehab so i don’t get out much. But truth be told, i’m so disgusted with this virus and recent spike the last month i wouldn’t go out much anyway. I just hope they bring out a vaccine that is effective.
      Take good care of you and yours.

  8. PF4L October 25, 2020

    This…..is FAST…DK Metcalf 6’4″ 229lbs.

  9. Kato October 26, 2020

    Why the fuck do you draft AJ Dillon in the second round to not use him when Aaron Jones is hurt

    1. MMSUCKS October 27, 2020

      Good question . . . Perhaps it is because he was another “stretch” in the draft and was again over-valued talent-wise. From what I have seen from him so far, he has NO moves. At this point (still too early) I would say that he will be a bust. If, in fact he continues performing like he has in his limited time.

  10. Kato October 26, 2020

    Well. A win is a win

  11. Kato October 26, 2020

    Per @PFF:

    In 195 snaps, King has allowed 8 catches on 13 targets for 109 yards (13.6 ypc).

    In 167 snaps, Jackson has allowed 8 catches on 12 targets for 49 yards (6.1 ypc).

  12. Mick October 26, 2020

    It’ll be interesting to see who the Pack loses in free agency next spring. My hunch is they drafted Dillon in case they can’t get Aaron Jones signed. Also, I think this is Kings’ last season in GB. Maybe Linsley is also gone. With contracts up this coming off season, we all know they can’t keep them all. Is this draft Guteys’ attempt at damage control? It would be foolish to let Jones and Bakhtiari go.

  13. Cheese October 26, 2020

    I see that he Packers plan to sign “Veteran WR” Seth Roberts (Who?). He’s supposed to bring “experience” to the Packers roster, scratch that, practice squad. This is after being released by the Carolina Panthers (Funchess 2.0?). Gear up boys, in a few weeks this may be the new #2 WR. Things are looking up!

  14. Mick October 27, 2020

    Wow! Imagine that! Gutey signed yet another undrafted player at WR. (Roberts) How many is that this year? Better yet, how many have panned out? Looks like Gutey might have preferred signing an available veteran like Roberts over trading for a receiver before the trading deadline next week. Word has it that he has experience playing in the slot. Let’s hope that he picks up the playbook quick enough to make a contribution this year. Also, if Rodgers even looks his way while going thru his progressions. Hopefully Lazard is close to coming back. I wonder how much longer the team is going to have patience with MVS. By the way, what’s going on with St Brown?

    1. PF4L October 27, 2020

      Lets all just R-E-L-A-X
      I remember reading this from one of our esteemed contributors.
      “This offense is currently better than the 2011 edition that featured an Aaron Rodgers in his prime, and better talent at receiver. Let’s not forget that ESB is coming back and he is a perfect fit for this style of offense. He will probably play out of the slot and he probably has the best run after the catch ability out of any receiver on the team.”
      Even if ESB doesn’t break out this season, look for him next season to make that 4th year leap.
      Lets not underestimate the positives that Gute has brought us. You may have heard of “The Smith Brothers”?
      Well….correction…maybe we’ll just go with..”The Smith Brother”.

  15. PF4L October 27, 2020

    The Panthers are 3-4, i just don’t understand how they can just release him.
    They still want to win but they get rid of their 8th best pass catcher?
    Who is going to make up for those 4 catches he’s made this season?
    For those of you who are worried about,,,receiver this…receiver that..
    Don’t worry….Gute’s on top of it.

  16. CJ October 27, 2020

    Jones and Bakhtiari will be gone after this year. They will draft a receiver and LT in rounds 1 & 2 in 2021. They need to set the table for the Love experiment to start 2022. Surround him with playmakers so he does not fail. Draft another RB early round 2022. Resign D. Adams. Will not matter how they finish 2021 season or how well Rodgers plays. He will be gone. Murphy will see to that. What a waste of talent.

    Who really makes the decisions….Murphy and Executive Board? Long term vs current? No accountability stadium sold out for 40 years?

    GBP Front Office is criminal and getting away with it. After last years finish, there is no other team in the NFL that would NOT have gone “all-in” on Rodgers. And the saga continues. So very sad!

    1. kelly October 27, 2020

      after watching the Cowboys with Mcarthy “the highly successful coach” ,the whole world is seeing what a lot of us already knew. Mcarthy and the entire team was carried by Rodgers ,and for a few years Favre..great QBs. Packer FO and BOD just showed that they are just fine going forward every year without doing much because the stadium sells out and they got their great big new sledding hill. If they really want to do something,admit the mistake of drafting Love ..trade him to the Jaguars for Myles Jack and some draft picks and let Rodgers retire from GREEN BAY when he is ready. Judging by Mertz’s performance, the Packers should see that Love is not the end all be all. There are other QBS coming up through the ranks that are just as good if not better. Do we even know if Love is that good? They should admit their mistake and go all in now.

    2. Howard October 27, 2020

      No way do the Packers let Bakhtiari go for nothing. Bakhtiari counts about 15 million against the cap this year. Bakhtiari’s salary this year is about 11.5 million. The rest is in prorated signing bonus of about 3.2 million.
      The 2020 non-exclusive franchise tag for an O- lineman was a little under 15 million. The 2021 franchise tag amount is not determined yet. However, the franchise tag amount formulas include a factor for the upcoming years salary cap amount. If the salary cap for 2021 is reduced that will impact to some degree the franchise tag amounts for each position.
      If you consider that the franchise tag amount for O- linemen will remain the same or a little less than 2020 then the Packers slap the tag on Bakhtiari. I know that Bakhtiari wants 22 to 23 million, but the Packers aren’t going to let him walk when they can tag him for about the same cap hit they incurred for Bakhtiari this year.
      With a non-exclusive franchise tag Bakhtiari can still negotiate with other teams and if Bakhtiari and another team reach an agreement the Packers can match that agreement. If the Packers don’t match then the team signing Bakhtiari owes the Packers two first round draft picks. There is no way I see the Packers not tag Bakhtiari. The Packers could still lose Bakhtiari, but they are going to get something extra if they lose him. In addition I think the Packers wait until the last month of the regular season and extend either Linsley and/or Jones.

  17. PF4L October 27, 2020

    In other news……We have the vikings coming to Green Bay this Sunday.
    Call me crazy, but when the Packers face a 1-5 team…i like their chances. No matter who the receivers are.

    1. MMSUCKS October 27, 2020

      Whatever happened to our favorite Vikings fan?

      1. PF4L October 27, 2020

        I can’t prove or substantiate it. But awhile back i did tell him…No totalpackers for you…..1 year!!

  18. Mick October 27, 2020

    I agree. We’ll see if the Vikings put up a fight or if they already cashed it in for 2020. . Here’s hoping The Pack doesn’t overlook this game. LaFleur seems to have the Vikes figured out, we’ll see what happens.

  19. kelly October 27, 2020

    Minnesota has pretty much cashed in…The fans,everyone. I live in MN and its kinda of sad actually. You wouldnt even know its football season. Covid has tons to do with it,but when they lost to Atlanta,everyone just said well ,screw it. They know as long as Cousins is there,nothing is going to happen. No one even talks about it. I thought everyone would be all over me at work when the bucs beat the Pack,but nothing….crickets. Its either they are done with the Vikes,or they have finally realized there is more going on in the world.