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Rodgers Leads Packer Offense Off Course

The Green Bay Packers rode into Tampa Bay on an offensive train that some said could not be stopped. The offense was the first to go four straight games to open a season scoring at least 30 points a game without a turnover. Their offense has scored on every opening drive in 2020.

Their offensive dominance continued in the first quarter. The Packers led 10-0 at the end of the opening quarter. The Packers had two scoring drives, 21 total plays 10 points and just over 12 minutes in time of possession. Call it the shoe dropping, call it the bottom falling out, or just call it getting out played, Aaron Rogers gave up the equivalent of two pick sixes in the next 4 offensive plays from scrimmage and the Packers had no answer from there. The Packers defense gave up 24 unanswered points without a sniff at a turnover after the fourteen point gifts by Rogers and the offense

Oct 18, 2020; Tampa, Florida, USA; Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers (12) is sacked by Tampa Bay Buccaneers inside linebacker Devin White (45) during the fourth quarter of a NFL game at Raymond James Stadium. Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

The interceptions both came with Rogers forcing throws to Davante Adams. The game had a strange similarity to the 2019 return of Adams from injury where the Packers were dominated by the Los Angeles Chargers — 26-11.

This is a game where Rogers needs to own his failure. For all his immense talent and leadership skills, he has been criticized in the past for not owning his own human failures. LaFleur stepped to the microphone after the game and admitted he was out coached. He also said the team had a lacking effort in practice and it showed on the playing field. What showed on the field was the offensive line being manhandled for three quarters. A few of Rick Wagner’s run block attempts while replacing the injured All Pro David Bakhtiari were complete missed assignments, blowing up the play. Outside of defensive rookie, Krys Barnes, making a few of the toughest tackles Packer fans have seen from an ILB in years, there were few defensive highlights after the first quarter. The Packer’s pass rush was non existent.

No one expected this team to go undefeated. But it is shocking to see the team literally fold its tents up and submit to a beating. How this team deals with adversity will determine their success in 2020. That adversity, started Sunday in Tampa.

Paul Edwards

Paul Edwards is a lawyer, victim advocate, writer, and long term Packer fan and Packer history enthusiast.



  1. Skinny October 19, 2020

    Yeah, true, Paul. Again and i was hoping we were past this shit. But until we punch a team in mouth after getting punched this is going to be the outcome of these types of games. Two weeks we go to San Fran. Cant go out there and again lay down.

  2. Pandabucks October 19, 2020

    Just a grossly overrated team. No nose tackle next to Clark, no reliable run game, and a QB in decline getting exposed.

    This wasn’t a wake-up call for the team. It was a wake-up call for the fans.

    1. Skinny October 19, 2020

      Mean Dean Lowry isnt good enough for you? Well hes got 3 years and 20 mil that says otherwise. Thats a bargain. You cant find that many guys anymore that will get washed out of plays for that price.

      1. PF4L October 19, 2020

        Panda makes a good point…..A QB who can’t throw for 350 yards, 3 TD’s and zero picks just because he’s landing on his ass the whole game is no excuse. He should do the right thing and retire and hand it over to one of our younger gunslingers.
        BTW skinny…..3 year, 20 million…lol…..bargain, good one.
        Seriously though….can we start a petition to get an old guy like Rodgers in decline put on the bench? Hasn’t he been exposed long enough? He’s not helping.
        I’m done with his shit!!

  3. Kato October 19, 2020

    I am not ready to write off the team’s super bowl aspirations yet. It was an awful 3/4 of a game. They were in control of that game until what was essentially back to back pick sixes. The team didn’t respond well to that adversity. But blaming an interception on the wind is lazy. Pull yourself up by your bootstraps and keep plugging away, maybe hit the wide open Marcedes Lewis for what may have been a TD. Maybe it’s time for Billy T to earn that money and be more than serviceable, and maybe actually make some good blocks more than once or twice a game. Maybe it’s time for Pettine to make in game adjustments when you aren’t getting pressure on the QB. Everyone knows the best way to beat Brady is to get pressure on him. The defense isn’t the reason they lost, but it sure as hell didn’t help the cause, they still gave up 24 points on their own.

    1. Skinny October 19, 2020

      Im not either. Im waiting to see what Billy Ts next shitty clothing line design looks like before i make up my mind on whether or not this team can make a SB run.

  4. Kato October 19, 2020

    So this is what Dean saw on tape: When Davante Adams went in motion to the wide left of the formation, Rodgers would throw him a sideline route. “The minute he motioned over,” Dean said, “I automatically knew the route was coming. I did a whole lot of film study this week, and I just kept seeing that same thing over and over. You play Aaron Rodgers, and you know you can’t half-step a guy like him.”

    The play developed, Dean lurked.

    “What are you thinking when you see Rodgers throw?” I asked.

    ”I’m gonna jump it,” Dean said.

    “Did you think you’d pick it off?” I said.

    “Oh, I knew I was gonna get it,” he said.

    “Then what’d you think?”

    “End zone.”

    1. Kato October 19, 2020

      You hardly ever hear anyone on our defense discussing film study after making a big play. That’s a problem. It’s also a problem when you offensive tendencies like this

    2. Skinny October 19, 2020

      Thank god we have Shepard and Equanimous out there as decoys.

  5. PF4L October 19, 2020

    “Rodgers doesn’t take enough chances because he’s too afraid of throwing interceptions and ruining his stat record…waa waa waa waa…” – Packer fans.

    ” Aaron Rogers took unnecessary chances and gave up the equivalent of two pick sixes…..waa waa waa waa ” – Packer fans
    Listen up you spoiled little ……
    The equivalent of two pick sixes? WTF is that? A way to make it sound worse?
    Gee, an NFL QB threw an interception, who does that? Now what?…….should we stone him to death? 20 years prison time? Huber work release? 10 million dollar fine and 40 years of probation. Maybe write an article blasting what a piece of shit he is?
    Since when…..is a NFL QB allowed to throw an interception? Who does he think he is…Brett Favre?
    What are we talking about here? We have a QB who owns the NFL record in Td/int ratio at better than 4:1.
    He very rarely throws a interception. Who does Rodgers think he is throwing interceptions. WHERE DOES HE FUCKING GET OFF?
    Why don’t we do this….If our QB throws an interception, rare as it is…..why don’t we write an article and blast him for it, and show everyone what spoiled little bastards we really are.
    Not one, but two interceptions? That will not stand!!…We as Packer fans will NOT tolerate that kind of behavior.
    I have had enough of Aaron Rodgers interception antics!! Bench him and put in Boyle or my man Jordan Love, or bring back Hundley and lets go win this thing!!
    Mr. Rodgers wants to throw interceptions?…Not in my neighborhood fucker!!

  6. PF4L October 19, 2020

    Stay tuned for the next more accurate article titled….
    Tampa Bay Front 7 Leads Packers Offense Off Course.

    1. Stiggy October 19, 2020

      3 failed drafts under gutenkust leads pack off course is the best headline

      1. MMSUCKS October 19, 2020

        Amen! This^^^^

        1. PF4L October 19, 2020

          What he lacks in draft success, he makes up for in free agency. Lets try to be nice and just appreciate what we have. Where would we be without Amos, Turner, Wagner, Kirksey, and company?
          Also, just wait until Preston Smith comes off of IR and gets back on the field wreaking havoc.

  7. Deepsky October 19, 2020

    Interesting reading about the what the defender had to say. It might explain why the team does worse when Adams plays.

  8. Kato October 19, 2020

    It’s one game. I fully expect Rodgers will play better next week. In fact, I will bet there is a good week of practice and we see him extra motivated. Rodgers had one shitty game in 2014 when he won the MVP. It happens. I would rather him have it now than in the postseason

  9. Kato October 19, 2020

    So, to keep beating a dead horse, watching the KC Buffalo game, I am more annoyed with the Packers defense. There was a play ruled a fumble, ended being overturned. Why is it this defense literally never attacks the ball? There hasn’t been anyone besides Charles Woodson that goes for the ball (non pass rushers). Do they not coach it? Creating takeaways should be a priority. Hell, if you’re not good at stopping offenses, at least be able to create turnovers

  10. Mick October 20, 2020

    Right on Kato! I think there is a reason Pettine got the vote of confidence at the end of last season and his seat is getting hotter each week. This unit lacks a true leader. They have drafted some good players in the secondary and Kenny Clark. However, no quality players at the critical positions in a 3-4 defense; meaning inside line backers and defensive line. They are set at outside line backer. Is it Pettines scheme that’s the problem, talent scouting, the GM, coaching? Let’s take a look at the draft picks from 2016 to 2020. They drafted 42 players and only 11 starters out of those drafts are contributing. What is more head scratching is the fact that when Gutey took over the job he said this team was devoid of talent. And yet, only 11 contributors from the drafts are contributing. The simple fundamentals of tackling are pitiful, to me, that is a coaching problem. Or, is it the scheme? Maybe both!
    Even with more talent drafted since Pettines’ 1st year, this defense is no better than when they had less talent in the secondary 2 years ago.. I’m afraid that until they address the inside backer and D- line problems, we are gonna see more of the same. Hell, if management cant see and learn what happened in San Fran last season, I don’t know what it’ll take to see the obvious voids on this defense. I’m thinking a change at the D – coordinator position is right around the corner. Gutey is as much to blame also! He didn’t help these obvious needs in this draft. By the way, not one player in the 2020 draft is starting. Thank god they found a player in free agency in Kris Barnes. He can tackle and is a smart player. Let’s all hope that Martin comes in when healthy and can contribute.

    1. Howard October 20, 2020

      I think everyone notices the Packer’s DBs playing off coverage by several yards on third and short or medium. Look at how Tampa DBs play in coverage. In your face. It can cause hesitation in the QB by disrupting the timing, and allowing less separation giving the D front an extra fraction of a second to get to the QB.
      Did anyone notice how fast Tampa Bay’s ILBs reached the QB and RBs? The TB ILBs would beat the Packer interior O-lineman’s reach blocks easily. In addition they beat the blitz pickups. No doubt Tampa’s ILB’s are fast, but how much do you think it helps the TB ILBs to be 4 or less yards from the line at the time the ball is snapped. Guess how far from the line the Packer ILBs play, 5 to 6 yards. One to two yards can make a lot of difference in the NFL.
      To me Pettine does not put players in position to make or disrupt plays. Pettine shows more concern with putting players in position to not allow the big Pass play, and for the most part fails at that Strategy.
      The defense needs to be more aggressive and physical. I don’t think Pettine is the guy. In fact I said after Capers was fired that McCarthy should be fired if he wasn’t sitting at Gus Bradley’s front door the next morning. I know LaFleur knows what a good defensive scheme looks like and I’m fairly certain it is not Pettine’s scheme. The problem is the scheme I think LaFleur would like, and is most familiar with, may require the team change to a base 4-3. With the exception of Tampa bays defense I think all the other defense’s the Packers have lost to With LaFleur have been base 4-3 defenses.

      1. PF4L October 20, 2020

        Not only are TB’s linebackers fast, the Packers looked like they didn’t have a clue what they were seeing sometimes, or anticipating what was coming as far as stunts and blitzes. On a rare occasion, i took notes of this game, until halftime when i lost interest.

        On one play at 3:41 before halftime, Rodgers (shotgun) was talking to Williams, telling him (i’m assuming) to pick up Lavante Davis off the left edge, but he whiffed. While this was happening, Bakhtiari slid over to help Jenkins double up on Suh.
        Davis got the sack but if he didn’t Shaquill Barrett would have gotten it as he came in free past Bakh and Jenkins while they were busy.
        I did take two note the 2nd half at 3:40 left in the 3rd quarter because it was rare and noteworthy. Not a game changing play, but a play nontheless.
        Adams got into the back field and stopped McCoy for a 3 yard loss.
        The other….It should be noted someone should explain to Josh Jackson when he covers a receiver deep in the end zone with good coverage….to turn around before the ball hits you in the head and you get a 40 yard PI penalty. Next play…12 men on the field.
        Score: 10-38
        What can go wrong, will, and did go wrong.

        1. Kato October 20, 2020

          Lavonte David*
          Sorry, I am an ass. But good point either way.

          1. PF4L October 20, 2020

            STFU with your 6th grade bs.

      2. Stiggy October 21, 2020

        Id love to see them switch to a 4-3 / cover 2 scheme. They already have 2 good pieces in Kenny Clark….and im going to get murdered for saying this…but Rashan Gary…hes a prototype 4-3 end miscast as an OLB (yet another position change fail). Lowry does jackshit on the outside so why not try him and lancaster inside in a 4-3 look?

        Amos would play better in that defense…and maybe…just maybe….the ever so closer to being a bust Darnell Savage….could play center field and use that speed to make a play or two. Z smith is pretty versatile as well.

        Jaire and King can both play press.

        They would need to get a dominant middle linebacker to make it work.

        1. PF4L October 21, 2020

          I think Stigg might be absolutely correct on Gary
          What say you Howard?

          1. PF4L October 21, 2020

            Stigg, LeFleur says that King excels at playing press, problem is we rarely see it.

    2. Kato October 20, 2020

      Mick my biggest issue with this defense, and Howard hit on this too, there is no aggressiveness whatsoever. It’s almost like they are playing scared. Playing off the line of scrimmage, not looking to create turnovers. Darnell Savage hasn’t been the ball hawking safety he was advertised as being. Josh Jackson did play fairly well for the most part, but he was supposed to be a ball hawk too. When is the last time they forced a fumble on a skill position player? I see a passive defense that is playing not to lose. And that starts with coaching. I personally have seen enough of Pettine to know that I can’t trust him to put the defense in a good position to be a positive in a playoff game. Some of it might be talent related, but just watching the games these guys aren’t being coached well or put in positions to succeed.

  11. Stickman October 20, 2020

    Well #12 had a bad game!!!. From what I saw, the o-line got there ass kicked, plain and simple.. It disrupted the whole timing thing and I also think coming off a bye week is harder then we can imagine…

    P.S. Did #33 forget his glasses. And what really broke my heart was not seeing #30 dancing around like half a rag.
    Humble Pie is hard to swallow, so stop acting like a Hollywood movie star`s and play some football…..

    1. PF4L October 20, 2020

      Humble Pie…with Peter Frampton.
      The birth of acoustic sets, back when Rock had soul.

  12. Kato October 20, 2020

    Gutey, have you reached out to the Bengals about acquiring John Ross? Guy was a top ten pick for a reason. Their offense has been so much more successful when using motion this year, and undoubtedly would have put them in a better position to succeed against the Bucs given their speed at linebacker. Ross can be that guy. He is fast. I can’t imagine that a 6th round pick wouldn’t get him.

  13. PF4L October 20, 2020

    You think Gutey comes in here? Are you expecting him to answer?
    Why not try to e-mail him, you may have better luck D F.

  14. Skinny October 20, 2020

    For a team that shuns FA i find it funny that literally all their great players in the last 30 years or so have come from FA and not the draft. Think about that. I can think of two drafted Packers off the top of my head that became big time stars. Anybody wanna guess the two im talking about? Ill give you a hint one is a defensive player and one is offensive. Im talking guys that became pro bowl, all pro, hall of fame type players that were drafted Packers. Has to be in the last 30 years.

    1. Cheese October 20, 2020

      Rodgers for the offense obviously. Defense, not quite sure because no one drafted by GB in the last 30 years is in the HOF. My first thought was Clay Matthews but I’m not sure if he’s Canton bound. You could say Nick Collins if he hadn’t gotten injured, or on a similar page Leroy Butler if the HOF wasn’t so stingy about safety’s.

      1. Stickman October 20, 2020

        I don`t know were CECIL got drafted??? But he`s mine!! Dude had blood on his nose before half time, had same blood coming out of tunnel for the 2nd half.

      2. Skinny October 21, 2020

        Rodgers and LeRoy Butler is what i looking for.

        1. PF4L October 21, 2020

          Chuck “The Hit Man” Cecil!!

  15. Stickman October 20, 2020

    Brian Noble or Timothy Harris? I still like #26 as “big time star”

  16. Cheese October 21, 2020

    Did anyone see the comments from the Cowboys players after their most recent loss? I guess they aren’t too impressed with McCarthy and his staff while sitting at 2-4, which I guess could easily be 0-6.
    “totally unprepared. They don’t teach. They don’t have any sense of adjusting on the fly.”
    “They just aren’t good at their jobs,”
    Despite an offense that leads the league in yards and is fourth in total points, Dallas tops the league with 15 turnovers and its defense has allowed an NFL-high 218 points — 26 more than anyone else.
    Hmmm… Sounds a lot like McCarthy’s time in Green Bay aside from the offensive turnovers. I wonder who we can thank for that? A QB with a stellar TD-INT ratio. I guess all the studying MM did in his free time isn’t paying off.

    1. Kato October 21, 2020

      Yeah it’s not a good look, being six games into the season. The offense has been better than it ever was under Garrett, but it feels so empty. That defense is so bad, despite having some really good players like Jaylon Smith, Demarcus Lawrence, Aldon Smith. I wonder if that’s mostly the source of frustration

      1. PF4L October 21, 2020

        Very informative. I was on the edge of my seat reading that.
        Good try.

    2. PF4L October 21, 2020

      Mike McCarthy, in the off season, self professed, he was re-inventing himself.
      Reading between the lines he was trying to sell himself to teams as somebody becoming an innovator, trying to shake his reputation as frigid, stale, offensive minded head coach. He established (hired a staff to work with) including Mike Nolan.
      McCarthy reinvented himself, much the same way he re-wrote the Packers playbook (from page 1).
      He also publicly acknowledged he had problems at home with his family. Breaking down emotionally in front of the camera. Which i think might have caught Jerry Jones heart strings, but that’s speculation on my part.
      Once hired by the Cowboys for 5 years guaranteed, i was of the opinion he can’t lose for two reasons. He has talent coming out of his ears on offense.
      They play in the incredibly weak NFC East where Carson Wentz enjoys masquerading as a franchise QB.
      Proof to that point is the Dallas Cowboys, that at 2-4, lands you in 1st place in the NFC East. It’s a real possibility that the Division Champions of that Division, finish with a losing record.
      If the downslide continues, as we saw in Green Bay. There inevitably has to be a fall guy. I think we know who that will be as this interesting nugget provides a clue.
      Dallas has allowed 14 passing touchdowns and 10 rushing touchdowns through the first six games.

      The last team to do that? Mike Nolan’s 2005 San Francisco 49ers.

      — Bobby Belt (@BobbyBeltTX) October 20, 2020

      1. Stiggy October 21, 2020

        I knew Dallas was screwed when I heard about Mccarthy “8 man analytics team” during his pr campaign where they interviewed him from his office

        A guy who never gave a shit about analytics all of a sudden wanted the most robust analytics team in all of sports…..

        That was the biggest red flag.

      2. Justafan October 21, 2020

        I’ll offer a counterpoint. Dallas is hyped every year. I admit completely I dont follow their team as close as the packers, but I think you can make an argument its not all McCarthy. But he should’ve known not to take this job because of that. The media has said every year since Prescott and Elliott got drafted about how good the roster was. Its become less so since then. They lost Byron jones in free agency. Defensively theyre not good despite having some good pass rushes, but we know just having some elite players on defense doesn’t mean anything. The packers defense sometimes looked bad with Charles Woodson on it. Look at the packers now with zadarious Smith and Kenny Clark. Good players but as a group their play is lackluster this year.

  17. Mick October 21, 2020

    Yeah, that situation in Dallas is a smoldering dumpster fire. All the media talking heads are saying the Cowboys, on paper, have one of the deepest collection of talent across the board. Well, If that’s the case and McCarthy and co. can’t right the ship; I wonder how long the smile on Jerrys’ face will sour. We all know how bullheaded McCarthy is………… Steven A Smith jokes about the black cat that haunts Jerrys’ world. It might not be circling the field but, it isn’t hiding under the bleachers either……. LOL.

  18. PF4L October 21, 2020

    Current PFF grades….
    Gute acquistions.
    Preston Smith = 55.7
    Rashan Gary = 54.1…i thought we were told this was his year
    Billy Turner = 54.9
    Lucas Patrick =65.9
    Kevin King = 57.1…contract year…TT/BG?
    Adrian Amos = 63.1
    Darnell Savage = 55.3
    Josh Jackson = 44.3……….TT/BG?
    Christian Kirksey = 31.9……..(Blake Martinez = 79.8)
    Jace Sternberger = 49.3
    Oren Burks = 54.3
    Marquez Valdes-Scantling = 58.2
    Equanimeous St. Brown = 38.7…(incomplete)
    Corey Linsley = 88.4… Excellent…(may or may not get resigned). (TT)
    David Bakhtiari = 90.0 …Superior ….(wants a new contract at a minimum of 22 million year). (TT)
    Elgton Jenkins = 68.6 …decent…Gutes acquisition
    Jaire Alexander = 90.6…Superior…Gutes acquistion
    Davante Adams = 79.0….Very good (TT)
    Za’Darius Smith = 71.0….ok, but slipping (BG)
    Kenny Clark = 51.4…as with ESB, (incomplete) (TT)

    Take from that what you will.
    When i factor in the Nelson move, the Graham, Wilkerson signing. I don’t care what the team record is, i know what i see.
    What i see is a GM who had 3 good moves….but they are clearly dominated by all the bad moves, the wasted draft picks, and the wasted …i don’t know how many tens of millions.
    * Notice how it is no longer the “Smith Brothers”. Za’Darius won’t let Preston sink his ship.

    1. PF4L October 21, 2020

      Forgot Tonyan @ 69.6 and Aaron Jones @ 66.7 (seems low, but ok)
      Jones has recently made it clear he wants to be paid, rightfully so.
      But so does Bakh, Linsley, King, etc.

  19. Mick October 21, 2020

    I see the Pack just signed a veteran ILB (James Burgess) from the Falcons practice squad. Word has it that he was productive with the Jets before landing in Atlanta. Could be in response to Barnes leaving late in the game with injury at Tampa.

  20. Mick October 21, 2020

    Well done,,,,, PF4L. Many do not think highly of TT or BG. Questionable free agent signings, overpaying underperforming players and below par drafts have brought about the team we continue to see. Also, lets not rule out the talent scouting.

  21. PF4L October 21, 2020

    One thing i read lately is how the Packers defense aren’t forcing turnovers. That, it’s something they should concentrate and work on.
    My thought is…..are creating turnovers something new in the NFL? Don’t defenses already work on this in drills during camp, practice and in meetings? In other words, shouldn’t creating turnovers already be one of the weekly focal points for a NFL defense?
    Just thinking out loud.

  22. Howard October 21, 2020

    I agree with Stiggy about Gary. I think Gary can hold the edge better than either of the Smiths. Gary also is fairly strong with the bull rush against offensive tackles. I don’t see that Gary gets pushed around or manhandled by OTs. The other thing is Gary in a three point stance can get a faster takeoff and develop more speed/ power in his rush. The other thing that I think would be helpful is put Gary (same with Z) as a defensive tackle late in games or halfs when the opponent is in obvious pass downs. Gary’s quick get off out of a three point stance can create problems for guards that may be tired.
    I do think the Packers have the ability to change to a 4-3 base. Preston Smith could be the Sam, Barnes could be the Will. Stiggy is correct who would be the Mike???. In addition Z would need to be converted to a DE. We know Z can get to the passer over guards and tackles. Why pretend you are going to drop Z in coverage.
    Pettine was a consultant for the Seahawks in 2017. I had hope that Pete Carroll’s defensive philosophies and system may have rubbed off on Pettine. I guess not. It always made me wonder how tough minded Pettine was when he said that after two years as the Browns head coach he was beat up mentally and physically. Really and you are going to hire him to run your defense for a few years? I think Pettine is probably at least beat up mentally at this point. How long has it been since the Packer defense played well for a complete game? I think the opening game last year.

    1. Howard October 21, 2020

      Shit I don’t know what I did there, that was meant as a response to PF4L regarding Stiggy’s comment.

      1. PF4L October 21, 2020

        Actually, you were right to address Stigg, it was him who brought up the idea (to his credit). I just wanted to get your take because i thought it might be a legit point. You are actually the last voice of reason in here concerning football acumen, as it should be, it’s been earned.

  23. PF4L October 26, 2020