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Week 3 – Green Bay Packers at New Orleans Saints

Unlike last year’s slow start on offense, the Packers have shown a lot of improvement and early momentum in the season offensively the first two weeks. Traveling to New Orleans to face the Saints on the road will be an important early season test for the team. The Saints are a 3pt favorite over the Packers, but with homefield advantage, it about evens out.

If anything, it’s really the Saints with something to prove tonight. While the Packers have gotten off to an admirable 2-0 start, the Saints’ 1-1 performance so far has been below their capability as far as talent goes. Either way, it should be an offensive shootout with neither teams’ defenses being particularly hot at the moment.

Despite putting up 300+ yards in passing, QB Drew Brees failed to lead the New Orleans Saints to victory against the Las Vegas Raiders in what was a christening of the Raiders’ new stadium. Brees will not have his top receiver, Michael Thomas, for week 3 as he is rumored to not be returning until week 4 since the Saints did not place him on Injured Reserve. Thomas suffered a high ankle sprain in week 1 against division rival Tamba Bay.

WR Davante Adams’ participation is still up in the air after he injured a hamstring last week against the Detroit Lions in the second half. Adams had three receptions for 36-yards in week 2 which was a far cry from his week 1 performance of 156-yards and 2 touchdowns against the Minnesota Vikings. WR Darrius Sheppard was moved up from the practice squad to the roster to help improve depth with Adams’ potential absence. RB Aaron Jones has also proved himself a very capable receiver for Rodgers when needed.

Per Adam Schefter, Davante Adams’ participation will be a game time decision:

Gonna agree with ProFootballDoc and say that Adams will probably not be playing today, if past history is any indicator:

On the defensive side, Rashan Gary is looking to prove his worth as a first round pick and The Smiths should be reminding us way they get the big bucks. Za’Darius Smith currently leads Preston Smith for total sacks (2 vs 0.5). Kenny Clark is listed as being questionable to participate and will be a game time decision.

Game Info

Time: 7:20 PM (CT)
Location: Mercedes-Benz Superdome
Television: Sunday Night Football on NBC
Radio: 101 WIXX & Newsradio 620 WTMJ

Injury Report:

Packers QB Aaron Rodgers scrambles

Sep 13, 2020; Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers (12) drops back for a pass in the first half against the Minnesota Vikings at U.S. Bank Stadium. Jesse Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

Jason Parker

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  1. Kato September 27, 2020

    Gotta get the TEs involved today with no Adams. This will be a track meet even without the two star receivers. Whichever defense comes up with the most turnovers will win the game for their team

    1. Kato September 27, 2020

      Weird. It’s like I know what I am talking about

      1. PF4L September 28, 2020

        I’ll agree….That is weird.

  2. NobodysBurfect September 27, 2020

    Take your chances with Cook and try and bottle up Kamara.

    Go Pack Go

  3. PF4L September 27, 2020

    I understand how someone can become a viking fan. I get it, your a kid, and you think purple is a cool color and you like loud horns. Plus you dig the name viking.
    The question is, how do you get into your 30’s, 40’s, and 50’s and remain a loyal viking fan? I just don’t get it.
    Hell…i’m a Green Bay Packer fan, and although i never thought possible, even i questioned my team loyalty recently.
    In another NFC North observation….
    Give the Bears some credit for a great 4th quarter comeback scoring 3 TD’s in a 7 minute period to defeat the Falcons. Temporarily (hopefully) leading the Division at 3-0
    It was nice knowing you Mitch Trubisky.

    1. Ferris September 27, 2020

      The Bears didn’t win…the Falcons lost. OMG what a shit-show.

      1. PF4L September 27, 2020

        It’s the NFL, if you score three TD’s in 7 minutes in the 4th to win a game…..you won the game.

  4. Deepsky September 27, 2020

    No Adams. No Clark. We’re going to see the NFC Championship Rodgers, watching guys cross in front of him open while he holds on to the ball. It will become clear the Packers have a weak offensive line tonight. Brees won’t be touched by the Smiths. Taysom Hill and Kamara will be unleashed. Saints 38, Packers 20.

    1. Deepsky September 27, 2020

      Hurray I was wrong!!! Hurray I was wrong!!!

      1. PF4L September 28, 2020

        We know Deep…..we know.

  5. Ferris September 27, 2020

    Might be a long night watching Kamara run.

  6. PF4L September 27, 2020

    It came to mind that the Saints and the Packers share a similarity. They both have a stand out receiver, after that, they rely primarily on their running back for run and pass production.
    Until the last play before half i was reminded that the Saints went out and got another receiver in Sanders,
    Call me crazy…but where is this great speed that MVS possesses, it seems he’s being defended step for step.
    I’d be remiss without mention…. that’s one hell of a 1/2 for Allen Lazard.
    Like i said previously, i don’t know who will win, but unlike the Lions and queens, the Saints will give them all they can handle.

    1. Deepsky September 27, 2020

      Lazard, 146 yards, Emmanuel Sanders, 56 yards, and this was by far Sanders best game all season .
      Lazard is a legit second receiver.

      1. PF4L September 28, 2020

        Sanders is new to the Saints and still learning their playbook. He’s a proven veteran on the tail end of his career.
        Lazard played very well and could teach MVS a few techniques in getting open.
        Wasn’t Rodgers fantastic?

  7. PF4L September 27, 2020

    How cool would it had been if Lazard caught that pass one handed for a TD, same with MVS on the next play.
    Tonyan TD…and there is your DAGGER!!
    I’ll tell ya what, without Clark…Adams…i’m pretty G D proud of this team.

    1. Skinny September 27, 2020

      Once Deguara is back you may see 4 TE sets. I dont know how but LaFleur is a witch offensively and will make that work. The TE appears to be back in GB.

      1. PF4L September 27, 2020

        When Adams is gone it’s all hands on deck. Sternberger isn’t flashy, won’t break tackles or have many yards after the catch. But….he did enough to help his team win…kudos to him.

  8. PF4L September 27, 2020

    Collinsworth just said something righteous.

    “The great corners are not looking at the receiver, they are reading the QB”
    So true.

  9. NobodysBurfect September 27, 2020

    We got away with some questionable penalties, but the Saints were just hilariously undisciplined. That last drive was a clown car for their D.

    Great game overall though. 3-0!

    1. PF4L September 27, 2020

      It was a great game.
      Some credit needs to be given by me to some normally unsung players on this team, but i haven’t drank enough for that yet.
      Hint….it isn’t Kevin King.

  10. Skinny September 27, 2020

    I told you fuckers the Saints were not going to win this game. I said double digit win and if not for garbage time fg by the Saints i would have been correct. Fuck Brees and Payton. This is the Lafleur and Rodgers show now. This offensive is just out on the practice field in shorts running whatever the fuck they feel like. Good luck rest of NFL trying to defend it. The Super Bowl runs through GB this year.

    1. PF4L September 27, 2020

      Put it back in your pants junior!!
      Listen….you can call me a fucker, but i’ll be damned if you call the others in here that. Knock it off….fucker!

    2. MMSUCKS September 27, 2020

      I ALSO REMEMBER You saying; “Kamara isn’t even close to the same guy he was a couple years ago.” I said;”Kamara will have an above average day against Green Bay’s porous defense. That will open up the passing game for Brees” . . . those happened! Our Defense will bite us in the ass one of these games, just as it did last year in the playoffs. GUTE Did NOT address our needs as much as he should have in the middle of our defense.

      But yes! I am very satisfied that we won! It was a great game for our usually quite TE’s and lower tier WR’s! Great game by the Offense. With a few very important stops from the Defense that pushed us over to win. A good work in progress.

      1. MMSUCKS September 27, 2020

        quiet . . .

      2. Skinny September 28, 2020

        I saw this game coming a mile away. The Saints are not a power football team who have the balls to stick to the run if its working. They love to get cute and show off and let Brees throw all these garbage passing number stats to make it look like he still has it. You cant do that though when the opposing teams QB and offensive system is better then yours and has better players. It was in the Packers hands the whole time MMSUCKS. You worry too much.

        1. PF4L September 28, 2020

          So…you’re saying they “let” Bree’s throw all those garbage yards just to make it look like he still has it? So Bree’s…doesn’t have it? Did he lose it?
          I have to find a pen and write this stuff down so i can study and learn.
          And here i thought during the whole game it was close and both teams were trading scores.
          Maybe if Bree’s “finds it”…..he could improve on his completion percentage, TD’s, and passer rating…….He only completed 80% of his passes, threw 3 TD’s and had a passer rating of 127.8
          They should probably bench Bree’s.

  11. Jason Parker September 27, 2020

    Really excited about this win for some reason. Last two games felt like picking on short bus kids

  12. PF4L September 28, 2020

    There was a lot of talk lately about Bree’s age, he’s 41, it’s over…telling us how he “lost it” this season because he didn’t have high level production his first two games. As usual i had to smile and shake my head. It’s Drew fucking Bree’s….don’t talk so stupid.
    We had/have plenty of Packer fans here that have written off Rodgers through the years, he’s too old, he lost it…bench him…he hates Janis, i don’t like his woman…he has “trust” issues…blah blah blah fucking blah blah. We all know who they are, no need for me to embarrass them.
    What have i always said……Rodgers didn’t just forget how to play QB….Rodgers doesn’t need some blogger to point out open receivers he missed because they noticed they were open while sitting at their computer watching the coach’s game tape of the 22’s. The funny thing about these Rodger haters in here…..is they all end up shutting their mouths about all of Rodgers “flaws” and “deficiencies” they blast him for….like they are right now. Crickets.
    In Rodgers you have a generational QB, more intelligent than most, with higher level skills that most QB’s can only dream of having. Appreciate what you have…when you have it. Because soon will come a day when……

    1. Skinny September 28, 2020

      He didnt throw one attempt over 20 yards PF4L. Its all short game stats and garbage time stats from Brees. Call me when he starts dropping dimes from deep like Rodgers.

      1. PF4L September 28, 2020

        Whoa whoa whoa…..I didn’t mean anything bad…You’re the teacher, i’m just the student.
        I’m not looking for any trouble Mister.

      2. Kato September 28, 2020


        Are you trying to suggest that Brees isn’t good and his stats are garbage stats? Because he isn’t throwing 20 yards downfield? Brees has never had a big arm, especially after his rotator cuff injury in 2005 that threatened his career. Tell me, have you ever watched Drew Brees play football? Like, do you watch any football games besides the Packers? If Drew Brees just threw short all the time, you don’t think that defensive coordinators that get paid a lot of money wouldn’t pick up on that? I mean why play safeties 10-15 yards off the ball then? Just play them up in the box if he can’t throw deep. Brees literally is the all time leading passer. Those aren’t “garbage stats.” Is he not as good as he was five years ago? Probably. He is 41. But he can still operate the offense and still score points.

  13. SCPKRBKR September 28, 2020

    In other news, Fat Mike is 1-2 in the mighty Dallas…..

    1. Empacador September 29, 2020

      So close to being 0-3 except those inept Falcons keep snatching defeat from the jaws of victory. The dumpster fire that is the NFC Least will possibly see the Cowboys eking their way into the playoffs, and McCarthy’s legend as a highly successful football coach will keep growing as he chokes away another playoff game.

  14. stiggy September 28, 2020

    Packers only beat the saints cause of the saints coaching.

    Giving up on their running game to throw 4 yard passes when they were giving the packers the niners treatment…along with highly predictable taysom Hill runs killed several drives.

    Has darnell savage played since week 2 last year? I haven’t seen him do anything.

  15. Kato September 28, 2020

    Tight ends went over 100 yards on 9 receptions and two TDs. Some of them huge plays in the ball game. That Marcedes Lewis TD has a hell of a play.
    Let’s get this out of the way. The Packers tackling was pretty poor last night. But give credit where credit is due. Alvin Kamara is a very good football player, one of the best in the league. I am not necessarily alarmed that they allowed him to have that much production. The Packers defense isn’t very good but they come up with some big plays, which is enough when you have a good offense. There aren’t many good defenses in the NFL anymore with rules geared towards offenses. If they can force some turnovers, sack the QB and have a decent situational defense in the red zone and on 3rd down, they will be ok. That and avoid the shitshow of allowing opponents like Minnesota back into games.
    The Matt LaFleur pick as head coach is looking better and better all the time. He stayed committed to the run despite not having a ton of success (apparently the saints defense hasn’t allowed a 100 yard rusher in like 40 something games) and that paid off in the play action game. Rodgers was 13/17 on play action last night. Including the first bomb to Lazard, who I thought was going to fall down when he stumbled and the ball was going to hit the ground harmlessly. Huge night for him. Packers also lead the NFL in time of possession in the 4th quarter. That is definitely a winning formula

    1. Howard September 28, 2020

      Kato, the tackling was terrible, at least till that second to last series by the saints. The 3 and out series!
      I don’t know how good or bad the Packers D are going to be this Entire season. One thing I will say is the Packers D is not the same without Kenny Clark. When Clark comes back I expect the Packer D will be more solid. Using Z as a rover in the middle is not as effective as when Clark is in the game. You have a hard time doubling both players.
      I would also anticipate the Packers to reduce either Lancaster and/or lowery’s snaps and give Keke more snaps. It was not just the sacks. Keke caused some problems for the saints O-line on more plays than the sacks. The saints O-line is at least a top 5 line. Keke and Clark together will help the D line, and defense.
      For a first game with several snaps (Gary hurt ankle) it looks like Garvin is a very natural pass rusher, even though he produced no sacks.
      Has anyone noticed how when a series or game is on the line and a team goes after Sullivan, Sullivan just makes the play needed to close out the series or game. I noticed last year. That sure was a good tackle by Sullivan on the 3 and out 4th quarter series by the Saints.
      I don’t care about the final score, that was a good game, and the best team won. :-)

      1. Kato September 28, 2020

        Yeah, Keke’s game was promising. They desperately need someone else on that defensive line besides Kenny Clark to be a difference maker. Dean Lowrey clearly isn’t that even though his pay suggests he is. He is nothing more than rotational depth. I think back to 2010 when they had Cullen Jenkins and BJ Raji on that line, along with a solid rotational guy with Howard Greene. This defense could be a lot more effective if they can get better play on the defensive line from someone not named Kenny Clark

        1. PF4L September 28, 2020

          They had Pickett, Howard, Raji, Jenkins…..plenty of beef.
          That’s why i always say…compare our roster with one of our Super Bowl rosters.
          I think it’s a good gauge.

  16. PF4L September 28, 2020

    Good post Kato…..there are a lot of things to like about this team. I heard the same thing about no 100 yard rushers, the Saints linebackers read plays well and are very quick.

  17. PF4L September 28, 2020

    As long as the Packers pass catchers keep doing it, i’ll keep praising them for it. The wide open passes, especially in the red zone. Last night Lazard got wide open, as did Tonyan (again). Soooo refreshing

    I also need to give some credit…Sullivan, and Summers had a couple of key tackles. BUT…..otherwise this defense left WAY too many tackles on the field.
    Also…great play by Z Smith on T Hill. That’s why he gets the big bucks. Preston, i didn’t forget you, thanks for your one solo tackle. Rashan?….thanks for trying.
    Now…about MVS. How come a guy who runs a sub 4.4, can’t break away? More importantly….how come he doesn’t cut, put a foot in the ground and create some separation? Why doesn’t he even try? The back of his Jersey doesn’t say Janis does it?
    I haven’t lost all faith, but we gettin there soon. EQ has his own drama, it would be nice if MVS could provide some on field production.
    There has to be reasons why LaFluer isn’t game planning him, maybe it was the defense last night, idk. This situation just reeks of Janis. Maybe the Falcons can provide more opportunity.
    Lastly….is it just me, or is there actually someone out there who thinks Kevin King should get paid?

    1. Kato September 28, 2020

      Hard pass on paying Kevin King. He is nothing more than a middle of the road player. He isn’t bad, but he certainly isn’t good either. I am not concerned about the Packers lack of success with pass rush from their outside linebackers. Gary almost got there once. Give credit where credit is due, those tackles for the saints are very good players. I mean, think about the halcyon days where we had Bulaga (when healthy) and Bahktiari. Was it 2014 when they combined to allow like three sacks the entire year? I will give them a pass for this game because how good the saints tackles are. Next week is a different story, as they should have success against Atlanta’s offensive line. That game will be a challenge for the defense, especially if Julio Jones returns to the lineup.

    2. Empacador September 29, 2020

      It can’t remind you of Janis; MVS sees the field repeatedly and actually gets thrown to yet continues to underwhelm. Maybe year 4 is the charm for MVS like Cobb, isn’t that his contract year?

      1. PF4L September 29, 2020

        MVS does see the field more. But they both can’t run a route to save their life.
        Maybe MVS see’s the field more because Gute feels like maybe at least 1 of the 3 wide receivers he drafted…should see the field.

  18. Kato September 28, 2020

    Also, I think it is incredibly irresponsible when talking about the best teams in the conference to leave out the 49ers right now. Now granted, the Giants are a dreadful team. But the 49ers put up a 36-9 win despite their injuries. No Jimmy G, no Little, down their top two receivers, not to mention down Nick Bosa and Solomon Thomas, and without both starting corners. Yet people are sleeping on them and are in love with the Packers and Seahawks right now. I still view the 49ers as the best team in the conference until proven otherwise

  19. Kato September 29, 2020

    So, the whole issue with several members testing positive for COVID is a little worrisome moving forward. And the fact a Falcon tested positive Saturday and we play them next week. I am not understanding why these teams didn’t have “bubbles” for their players like the NBA and NHL did for their players. I would like to think these players are taking this seriously and not taking risks knowing what is at stake with the rules. But a lot of them are in their low to mid 20s, and I was a moron when I was that age. Someone like an Aaron Rodgers I am not worried about. It’s someone like a Jordan Love who has no shot at playing this year and being young might throw caution to the wind a bit.

    1. Empacador September 29, 2020

      I’d think the brash and somewhat cocky guys are more apt to put the team at risk, like a Jaire Alexander or others on that defense. It’s nice the Smiths changed the locker room dynamic when they came in last season. But for a defense that is still somewhat suspect, we sure do see them clowning it up out there quite often after catching a break from being used, abused and being beaten like a rented mule. Their antics remind me of any defenses that would command respect and be considered dominant, the ’85 Bears for example, instead of focused and determined to show they deserve respect. I wish more athletes took a page from Barry Sanders and acted professional, like they’ve been there before and simply did their jobs without all the show boating. Or at least refrain until they earn the right to showboat by being consistently good at their jobs.

    2. PF4L September 29, 2020

      Good post, agree with both.
      Kato…teams do have a bubble, but’s it’s not a true bubble. They have strategies and rules in place trying to create the best bubble they can.
      But….your right….you just can’t babysit the younger guys 24/7. Some are going to do what they want. Like the college kids back at spring break in Florida.
      I’m with you about Covid….but i’m a lot worrisome now with the Titans test.