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Game Day – Week 2: Detroit Lions at Green Bay Packers

The Green Bay Packers are coming off a 43-34 victory over the Minnesota Vikings. They are a six-point home favorite this weekend against the Detroit Lions, who fell to the Chicago Bears by the score of 27-23. Always a great match up, the Packers won both games between the teams last season by tight margins of 23-22 and 23-20.

Aaron Rodgers and the Packers’ offense got off to a blistering start in week one. Rodgers threw for 364 yards and four touchdowns, completing a gaudy 72.7 percent of his passes. The attack was well-balanced as Aaron Jones led the team with 66 of their 159 yards on the ground. Davante Adams had a career day, hauling in 14 passes for 156 yards and two touchdowns. Marquez Valdes-Scantling and Allen Lazard combined for 10 catches and for 159 yards and two touchdowns. Mason Crosby was in midseason form, drilling both field goal attempts.

Defensively, the Packers showed weakness against the run, allowing 134 yards and two touchdowns at 6.1 yards per carry. That could be troublesome against the Lions, who ran for 138 yards against the Bears with newly acquired future Hall of Famer Adrian Peterson accounting for 93 yards on 14 carries.

The Lions offensive attack is led by quarterback Matthew Stafford, who passed for 297 yards and a touchdown to tight end T.J. Hockenson, who was on the receiving end of five passes for 56 yards. Danny Amendola also had five receptions, stretching the field for 81 yards. Kicker Matt Prater hit three field goals, but missed on an attempt from outside of 50. Detroit had a difficult time getting pressure on the quarterback last week, which means Rodgers could have another field day.

The over/under on this game sits at 49, which is a little above last year’s average combined scoring output between the teams in their two games. There is little to indicate the Lions can slow down the Packers dominant passing game. They also allowed over 150 yards on the ground. Similarly, Detroit likely will be able to move the ball as well. The game has the feeling of one that will go deep into the fourth quarter with the outcome in question. But that is typical for a NFC North contest, right?

Few Things to Know:

The Packers enter Week 2 on a six-game regular season win streak, the longest current streak in the NFC

Last season, Green Bay swept the regular-season series with Detroit for the first time since 2016 and for the 11th time in the last 20 seasons (since 2000)

QB Aaron Rodgers has led Green Bay to eight wins in 10 starts at home against Detroit, throwing 19 touchdowns with just four interceptions and a passer rating of 106.8 in those games

WR Davante Adams has five receiving TDs in eight games played against the Lions, including one in each of the last two games he played against Detroit

In his first season leading the Packers in 2019, because the first coach in club history to lead the team to the playoffs in his debut season. LaFleur also led the largest one-year win improvement in team history (plus-seven wins)

LaFleur and Lions linebackers coach Ty McKenzie served on the same coaching staffs in 2017 (Los Angeles Rams) and 2018 (Tennessee Titans)

Click Here to Download Packers vs Lions Dope Sheet (PDF)

Broadcast Information:

Play-by-play: Chris Myers

Analysts: Greg Jennings and Brock Huard

Sideline: Jen Hale.

Radio: WTMJ 620 AM

Allen Lazard TD reception

Oct 14, 2019; Green Bay, WI, USA; Green Bay Packers wide receiver Allen Lazard (13) catches a touchdown pass against Detroit Lions cornerback Justin Coleman (27) in the fourth quarter at Lambeau Field. Benny Sieu-USA TODAY Sports

Ed Rooney

Just a guy with too much free time trying to help out.



  1. PF4L September 20, 2020

    Well fuck me Jen Hale…it’s Game Day!!

    1. PF4L September 20, 2020

      Week 2 tip for Mr. Rooney.
      Don’t take the under again.

  2. MMSUCKS September 20, 2020

    It appears that the Packers ARE what some of us expected that they may be . . . Thanks Gute . . . NOT! That D has no D in it . . .

  3. PF4L September 20, 2020

    It wasn’t enough that the Falcons lost a Super Bowl because of bad time management.
    Nope….the Atlanta Falcons are the ultimate “Nice Guys”.
    Cowboys down by 37-39, 1:49 ; left in the 4th. NEED to recover a on-side kick and keep possession for possible field goal.
    Zuerlin kicks a spinning grounder.
    The Nice Guys” from Atlanta WAIT, instead of pouncing on the ball to win the game…..they WAIT….and watch the ball progress forward, waiting for it to go 10 yards, so a Cowboy player can fall on it…lmao.
    Cowboys ball…..
    Cowboys 40
    Falcons 39

    Lesson learned? Learn the rules.
    Damndest thing i’ve seen since Packer/Seattle NFCCG.

  4. PF4L September 20, 2020

    My sympathies to all the queen fans who come in here under disguised names…Kirk Cousins….OUCH.
    He’s making how much?
    Top 5 QB my ass.

    1. Ferris September 20, 2020

      And….they extended him. Original contract 3 years $84M (gulp) After 2 years at $28M per year, they signed him to a 2 year extension for $66M (double gulp) Maybe they can give him a lifetime contract. He has my vote.

  5. NobodysBurfect September 20, 2020

    My God the Lions – what a fucking train wreck. Don’t get me wrong the Pack played well, Jones in particular, but holy hell that sequence of penalties & mismanagement from Stafford/Patricia to end the second half. We won’t be afforded the same luxury next week.

    Go Pack Go – and lol Lions.

    1. Ferris September 20, 2020

      I met a few Lions Fans at Lambeau. They were really nice. I can’t imagine being a Lions fan. Fat Patricia wasn’t the answer after all. Fangio, Patricia, Gase. How TF do they still have jobs? I mean it when I say I could do a better job. Anyone could.

      1. PF4L September 20, 2020

        The Ford family ownership is a curse, they make some nice trucks. But Championship football teams…not so much.
        Most football fans are good people. Outside of Chicago and Philly.

  6. PF4L September 20, 2020

    3-12-1 Team
    I doubt anyone in the world picked the Lions in this game.
    Yea, the Packers showed some positive things. They learned that gaining 250 yards is much sweeter than giving up 250 yards.
    Great jump from Chandon Sullivan on his pick 6, and great post and stop route on Tonyan’s TD catch.
    Passing offense didn’t look sharp like last week, disappointing against the Lions at home.

  7. Packtat87 September 20, 2020

    I liked what I saw after the defense got some reps in. Rocky start but learning to play without a top tier nose in Clark changes your defense a lot. In the Gary sack Zadarius is being triple teamed by lineman so his production is going to dip significantly I’m sure. I don’t think we can be great without Clark but we can be manageable and opportunistic enough to compliment an offense that has this much potential.

    Also Jaire played lights out today from what I saw. I’d just like more consistency after a somewhat disappointing season opener.

    Sternberger isn’t making good on his opportunities in routes or catches. Didn’t he drop his only target last week too? MVS’s errors are fully mental and if he can get through the pressure he’ll be dangerous, like when Adams was young and dropped everything that came his way.

    Overall so far what I’m seeing is same story as usual with this team. Seemingly the same issues we’ve had over the past few years. The only real difference to me so far is we have a bit more talent throughout the roster and a much more positive energy to the team. Not hard to see why after watching McCarthy’s game management last week and how he needed the grace of god and dumbass players to save him again today while we’ve put up 80 points in two games.

  8. Skinny September 20, 2020

    Lafleur just looks like hes in complete control now. Offense is ten times more crisper then last year. Rodgers looks focused too which i attribute to not having to spend his off days filming Danica’s yoga clips or going apple picking. Machu Picchu was a revelation for Rodgers. Its up there where he said, “what the fuck am i doing.” Im 36. I just bought an overpriced Malibu beach house with a chick im not into anymore and im hearing rumors that my employer may be drafting my replacement. Yeah, i need to get my shit together, and he did.

    1. PF4L September 20, 2020

      Skinny has it all figured out…..
      You best get up damn early if you think you’ll get anything by him.
      Keep us informed Skinny.

  9. Kato September 20, 2020

    Rashan Gary looking good this year makes me smile. Especially since if he succeeds, people here will eat crow

    1. PF4L September 20, 2020

      A #12 pick of the draft made a sack and a 1/2 against the 3-12-1 Lions.
      It’s a crazy ass world out there. Some stupid people think a person drafted that high should make plays. They don’t know shit.

      1. Deepsky September 21, 2020

        Gary caused Stafford to throw early on the pick 6. He did the same thing last week on the pick. At least he’s doing something, unlike the other Agent Smith.

        1. PF4L September 21, 2020

          He’s definitely getting more snaps, thus more opportunities, i don’t know about this week, but against the queens most of his added snaps were taken from both the Smith Brothers.
          I agree, so far this season he’s made more impact than Preston. Which creates a different problem. Do you start Gary, and make Preston Smith a back up at 13 million a year?
          Or do you tell Preston to add weight and make him a starting lineman. It was reported from more than one source, that Preston came into camp wearing a spare tire. I only saw one photo from camp, but it looked to be true….so idk.
          Or…they just keep it as it is, Preston plays himself into shape and starts making plays…we’ll see how it unfolds.
          Maybe we just wait and see how they keep doing, 14 games left to show what you show.

          1. PF4L September 21, 2020

            On the pick 6, i’m giving Sullivan 100% full credit. That was just a great jump.

  10. PF4L September 20, 2020

    In other News….
    Former Badger standout and N.E. Patriot James White’s parents were in a horrific car accident. His Father perished in the crash and his Mother is in critical condition. I hate these stories.
    Prayers for James and his family as they struggle through this tragedy.

  11. Zwoeger September 21, 2020

    Has AJ stamina. 75 yards and not slowing down.And all the other things he brings.

  12. Deepsky September 21, 2020

    Nice to see Aaron Jones rip a long one. The Lions had 8 men in the box and still gave up the TD, the blocking was that good. Eddy Lacy never seemed able to do that, so teams continued to load up against the pass playing the Packers. Not this year. This offense is much more balanced than Mccarthy’s offense.

  13. stiggy September 21, 2020

    The packers have taken care of business against two sub par teams…nothing wrong with that as championship caliber teams should take care of teams like the vikings and lions.

    Next 4 games will tell us what we need to do.

    4 qbs with pro bowl/mvp/hof potential or credentials.

    For the last decade the packers have not fared well against top flight qb play. Will this year be different?

    We will know a lot more in 5 weeks.

  14. PF4L September 21, 2020

    Stigg is on top of it as usual.
    Credit when due.
    But one word i preach (as i did last Sunday).

  15. Kato September 22, 2020

    One thing that pisses me off in hindsight, and maybe this silly to be pissed at this point, but McCarthy neglecting to use Aaron Jones when he was in Green Bay.

    1. Cheese September 22, 2020

      Are we really surprised at this point though? McCarthy is the same guy that helped piss away the NFCCG in Seattle because he had to “stick to his running play count” and predictably run Eddie Lacey straight up the middle three fucking times in a row and then punt the ball away with the Super Bowl on the line. The same guy who refused to answer legit questions in press conferences because he thought he was above everyone else with his “highly successful” ego. Remember when McCarthy sat Aaron Jones for an entire game, after having a stellar game the week before, only to have Jones score a 20 yard touchdown on his very first carry of the game in overtime? How is that not a giant red flag that your couch is a stubborn, egotistical buffoon? I don’t know how he’s doing in Dallas, but I hear it’s more of the same old predictable McCarthy.