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Packer Player Acquisition Strategy Contributing to Victories

In 2019, Packer GM Brian Gutekunst drafted two defensive players with his top picks, trading up to secure a second first round pick. Drafting with an emphasis on the defense in early rounds is a pattern the Packers have followed for over a decade until 2020, when they drafted QB Jordan Love.

In 2018, the Packers drafted defense with their first three picks. In 2017 they went defense with their top four picks. In 2016 they went defense with their first pick, Kenny Clark, and three of their next four picks. In 2015, the Packers went defense in rounds one, two, and four. The the three preceding years they went defense in round one every year. Clearly, the Packers have focused on defense in the early rounds of the draft for more than a decade.

Sunday, against the New Orleans Saints, the Packer defense made enough plays to secure the victory. But how many of those high priority picks contributed? When you look at the tackle totals, the results demonstrate the need to search beyond the first three rounds for defensive help.

LB Krys Barnes

Green Bay Packers linebacker Krys Barnes (51) is shown Saturday, Aug. 15, 2020, during the team’s first practice at training camp in Green Bay, Wis. Packers16 26 Hoffman

The two top tacklers for the Packers vs. the Saints were Ty Summers and Krys Barnes. Summers was drafted in round seven. Barnes is a rookie UDFA. The only player to record a sack, and he totaled two for the game, was Kingsley Keke, drafted in round six. The defensive play of the night, a forced fumble and recovery, was from free agent signee Za’Darius Smith. His brother from another mother on the defense, Preston Smith, recorded three tackles along with another free agent signee, Christian Kirksey. These three free agents did not meet the tackle total of the fourth FA starter, Adrian Amos, who had 5 total tackles, 4 solo. All of these defensive free agents were signed by Gutekunst.

Only two of Sunday’s eleven defensive starters were first round Packer picks, although first rounder Kenny Clark, usually adds a third first rounder to the starters. Top three pick starters include Kevin King. The second team includes two more top three picks, Josh Jackson and Montravius Adams. The second best defensive stop on Sunday was on third down in the fourth quarter by UDFA, waiver pickup Chandon Sullivan.

Gutekunst has developed a defense that finds contributors from every possible avenue. He is wise enough to realize that a high percentage of early draft picks don’t contribute to winning in the NFL. His staff has been proficient in targeting and signing free agents that contribute on Sunday. While expanding their free agent focus, they have not abandoned the draft and develop philosophy of his predecessor or Thompson’s ability to find UDFA’s that can contribute to the defense.

This Gutekunst model of leaving no stone unturned, is contributing to the Packers winning on Sunday.

Paul Edwards

Paul Edwards is a lawyer, victim advocate, writer, and long term Packer fan and Packer history enthusiast.



  1. PF4L September 29, 2020

    Gutekunst has developed a defense that….so far……
    Gives up 28.3 PPG. (i have given the Packers defense credit last season for reduction in defensive scoring. At 28.3 PPG this season, it is what it is,,,so far)
    But it’s all good because they are 3-0.
    This LeFleur, Rodgers, Hackett offense model is contributing to the Packers winning on Sunday.
    In other news, the Titans report 8 positive covid test, including 3 players, shut down facility. Vikings report 0 positive test.

  2. PF4L September 29, 2020

    I think whoever plays MLB in the Packers defensive scheme is bound (should) to make a lot of tackles (some more than others based on skill level).
    If an opposing player gets through the Packers front line, they should be there for the MLB’s and the strong safety to tackle.
    I appreciate the fact that Amos had 4 solo tackles, good for him. But tackles aren’t the sole judgement on a players performance.
    Amos is playing like shit this year evidenced by his 56.1 PFF grade.
    Martinez made a shit ton of tackles, a lot of players in the NFL can make tackles, it’s their job.
    There is a difference between a tackler, and a playmaker. Tacklers are a dime a dozen.
    Z Smith is a playmaker, he didn’t have a lot of tackles, but he changed possession.
    Preston Smith had 1 solo tackle and a bunch of zero’s…..
    For the season…Preston has earned himself 5 solo tackles, 1 sack and a PFF grade 48.7
    It’s great that some UDFA’s and late rounders made some tackles, But the players who get played …to make plays…need to step up their game.
    As i’ve said, you can sign free agents to huge contracts, but one good year doesn’t make it a great signing, they keep getting paid after year one, they are expected to keep making plays after year one. A PFF grade of 48.7? GTFO!!
    Long season, lets see how it shakes out.

    1. Deepsky October 1, 2020

      Amos and P Smith need to realize the season has started and even if half your team is on Covid reserve or whatever it is, this season still counts.

      1. PF4L October 1, 2020

        I brought those two up because it is what it is when the defense is giving up 9 more PPG over last season.
        But….just as i won’t crown a player after a few games, or even a season. I won’t say those two are failure signings…sure, it doesn’t look good, but there is a lot of football left.
        Why won’t i crown a player after 1 good season? 6 words…Nick Perry..Damarius Randall…Quinten Rollins

  3. MMSUCKS September 29, 2020

    I appreciate the article, but it is not very realistic in telling the truth regarding this Packer defense. They should be ashamed with their inability to contain Kamara this past week. The main reason that New Orleans lost was that they abandoned their running game, which was raping the Packers defense. Sure! They tackled Kamara eventually . . . What they did do right was to get a few key plays at the most opportune times. That type of defense will eventually fail. As it did twice last year against San Francisco. Suspect defenses will always show up against better teams as BAD. Gutekunst DID NOT ADDRESS the holes in the Packers defense. They did not just need stop gaps! They needed play-makers in those positions. For example, the ILB for New Orleans! He was able to disrupt part of our offensive game to the point it had to adjust several times. We DO NOT have that type of player at ILB period. What we have on defense are a few Blue chippers, a few solid players, and a slew of good athletes that ARE NOT play-makers. Those “play-makers” are what are needed. Whatever Gutekunst and the Packer brain trust have done in the past few years speaks just as LOUDLY to the fact that they have not figured out how to find the requisite amount of . . . Play-makers. When they do that, I will start heaping the earned praise on Gutekunst and his team of scouts. Because I believe that they are leaving way too many gaps in the Packers defensive lineups PERENNIALLY. Thank goodness that the offense is hitting on most cylinders at the moment. Otherwise, you may be calling for Gutekunst’s head, because this defense is NOT very good overall.

    1. Kato September 30, 2020

      I think it’s more on Pettine than anything, but that’s my opinion. There appears to be talent on defense, but it just seems like they aren’t being put in positions to succeed

      1. MMSUCKS September 30, 2020

        I agree with those points. I just believe that Gutekunst has forced Pettine to over think his creative process for his defenses because of his lack of real talent in the middle of the field. Too much scheming, etc.

  4. PF4L September 29, 2020

    In Wisconsin…this Covid situation is getting outa fucking control. Everyone’s been wearing mask for 2 or 3 months now?
    Maybe in retrospect schools should not have opened.
    Wisconsin has one of, if not the worst Covid resurgence in the Country. If this keeps up i see another round of stay at home orders coming.

    1. Ferris September 29, 2020

      Conservative idiots challenging mask orders. So stupid. I’m embarrassed that I lived there. Next they will challenge seat belt laws, it infringes on their rights.

      1. NobodysBurfect September 29, 2020

        And watch the Wisconsin supreme court shoot down an executive order mandating masks…again. Then the proud patriots will be filmed again, in their fucking pajamas, pounding Beast Lights in a bar at 10PM because the tyrannical governor tried to h̶e̶l̶p̶ ̶a̶ ̶p̶u̶b̶l̶i̶c̶ ̶h̶e̶a̶l̶t̶h̶ ̶c̶r̶i̶s̶i̶s̶ ̶ “TrEaD oN My FREEDUM”

        I love my home state, I really do – but for fun, google “Wisconsin Democracy” – the first few articles are literally about how Wisconsin is the state where democracy goes to die. For all those who live there, for fucks sake social distance and wear a mask.

        1. MMSUCKS September 29, 2020

          Amen! Another person that see’s through the shit . . . I too lived there and graduated H.S. there. But I have been out on the West coast for decades. Some of my H.S friends are just. Fucking. Daft. The only way to control this shit, is to hit it head on and get some discipline and wear a mask, while staying the fuck at home as much as possible, and washing your hands! WTF is wrong with Wisconsin?
          And you are right! The WI Supreme Court are fucking clueless including that fucktard majority leader Fitzgerald in the State Senate! because both are ALWAYS caving in to the big money interests, Who I WILL GUARANTEE are sitting at their homes following those mandates to stay safe while watching a bunch of slack-jawed yokels cosplaying’ with AR-15’s and screaming about their “infringed” rights! all the time spitting Rona out of their mouths while they are yelling at whomever as they then continue (unabated) spreading the FUCKING RONA around . . . Then, they go into the bars, get shit-faced and brag about how tough that they looked while doing it . . . all while remaining unmasked. Just like those fucktards did in Michigan at the State Capitol!

          I thought Wisconsinites had more fucking sense than those fools in Michigan!!!!!! Fuck! Wear a damned Mask! And STOP BELIEVING the party of Walker. Walker’s ignorance is over, stop listening to his party. Wear a fucking mask.

          1. NobodysBurfect September 30, 2020

            @MMSUCKS It’s fucking absurd. I’ve been in Chicago since 05 – Illinois is the state that brought you George Ryan, Rod Blagojevich, and is basically a caricature of corruption and government mismanagement – to watch Walker and the current supreme court fuckery unfold over the last few years has blown my mind. Imagine living in Illinois and thinking “You people need to get your fucking government under control!” It’s like the Twilight Zone.

          2. Kato September 30, 2020

            I live in Illinois too lol. You forgot Pritzker and his toliets, and the biggest of all, Mike fucking Madigan

          3. PF4L September 30, 2020

            Lets just thank God no liberals had any part in spreading Covid. Could you imagine if the left weren’t so innocent, how much worse it would be.

          4. NobodysBurfect September 30, 2020

            @PF4L – notice the only people I called out were lefties, coulda shoulda mentioned Bruce Rauner too. And trust me man, I see plenty of anti-masking “liberal” Karens here too. There’s blame to go around everywhere. Fuck psuedoscience on both sides of the political aisle.

          5. PF4L September 30, 2020

            That’s my message…i was just repeating it….there is always plenty of blame to go around, not many are truly innocent. Whether it’s P
            olitics, Covid, Social Justice issues, or what have you.

            Although the issue was largely ignored by Liberal leaders….how many cases of Covid were transferred over the months of protest around the Country? Maybe we were too busy watching all the buildings burning and the innocent business owners being robbed and the City’s vandalized to look like war zones for the taxpayers to pay for repair.
            It’s everyone!!
            Blaming one side all the time accomplishes absolutely nothing but perpetuate hate.
            This great Country of ours has it’s share of internal issues and problems. Pointing blame is easy, but does
            Finding solutions is a bit more complex.

          6. PF4L September 30, 2020

            HINT: Cutting every African American a check for $25,000, and defunding Police Departments, are NOT solutions.
            Low household income Students graduating high school with an achieved GPA, getting meaningful financial assistance for college……is a start.
            In life…you want to help those…who want to help themselves. Helping the others is just a waste of money.

          7. MMSUCKS September 30, 2020

            You do know what they mean by “defunding Police dept’s” right? It is NOT what it appears to be in reality. They are NOT taking money away, they are diverting some of the monies to create task forces that deal with domestic violence, mental illness and other similar esoterica’! These task groups WILL WORK in concert with the Police Dept’s to create safer and fairer outcomes! That way, Police can concentrate on doing their regular already heavy load of duties! This is actually created to HELP Police Dept’s!!!!!!! Sometimes BRUTE FORCE by PD’s do nothing but escalate an already volatile situation. With TRAINED mental health professionals on board, much of that morass will be handled in less violent ways.

            Regarding the alleged (only spoken of) reparations? Another right-wing scare tactic. All indigent, mentally ill, and house-bound individuals NEED our help! Regardless! We used to have mental healthcare for decades until Reagan got rid of it! Where did these people go? To warmer climate areas in America? Hence, large amounts of mentally fucked up people in Los Angeles! Thanks to a Republican president REMOVING Gov’t mental healthcare from the budget . . . But as usual, guess who gets blamed? Yep! Big liberal States! All we did was incur the gift of inadvertently receiving busloads of Mentally challenged EX healthcare individuals with nowhere to go.We need to help all people that need help. One way would to be to realize that spending billions of dollars on CORPORATE WELFARE for billion dollar profit companies would go A LONG WAY in helping America’s most needy. CONFLATING lazy people of only one color without calling out all of the lazy white “crackers” in trailers fucking like bunnies and making as many, if not more babies than other races all while leaving those ignorant young adult women to live off of the states assistance while Billy Bob goes and pumps up another misguided gamen is anathema to anything reasonable and logical regarding this topic.

            We are ALL in this together, just because some of us listen to grifters that conflate falsehoods with truth . . . does not make it real. This country has been going in the wrong direction for quite a while! Especially the last 4 years. Shame on all of us. As you say PF4L; “BROKEN”

          8. R.Duke October 1, 2020

            Getting armoured personnel carriers and other war on terrorism, bullshit, surplus out of the police force and getting cops on the beat is a start. I’ve seen too many sleeping it off in the back alleys on the third shift while the crooks work the streets and gun play rings out. Take the bullshit nixon chant, he stole from George Wallace and the Klan, of “law and order” and apply it to wall street and drug money-laundering big banks. Get the manufacturing plants back on U.S. soil and pay a middle class wage.
            Tax the living hell out of the billionaire Class.

          9. MMSUCKS October 2, 2020


          10. Ferris September 30, 2020

            All I said was it is Republican “Conservatives” challenging mask orders. I didn’t say both sides weren’t spreading it. I don’t understand why wearing a mask is so hard. And I am embarrassed to say I grew up in WI. I also lived in FL for 15 years…don’t get me started on that idiot Governor.

          11. MMSUCKS September 30, 2020

            The Corrupt Dem machine in Chicago is an abomination and is NOT how other Dem’s feel. Those guys are all serial and career criminals that have so much money and pull that it is impossible to get them out. The Madigan family comes to mind. Illinois is a political anomaly for certain! Wisconsin? is just Nazi as fuck. They don’t give two shits for their people. As bad as Pritzker is in Illinois at times, at least he made strong attempts at containing Covid-19. Tony Evers in Wisconsin made the same attempts as you know! Only to be thwarted by bully pulpit tactics from the likes of Fitzgerald and crew in Wisconsin. It is surely a clusterfuck that we are all having to suffer through because of IGNORANT citizens and greedy corporate tools beholding to their campaign contributors. Both sides have blame for certain, however, the right-wing holds the lions share of blame for this profound clusterfuck.

          12. PF4L September 30, 2020

            MMSUCKS…most of the protesters don’t know what “Defund the Police” means. Half the protesters out there are videoing the fires, looting and destruction for social media, or to catch the cops in a “gotchya” moment.

            Yes i know what it means and i’ve heard the various ways they want to disperse the cash, like housing etc.
            If leaders want to find the money to fund those things, have at it, BUT, why target law and order? Why not take it from the school budget? How about Transportation? How about Parks and Rec? How about a 20% cut in political leadership payroll? How about the Fire Dept? How about the Health Dept?
            It has to be from the Police?
            You cut the cops budget, you cut protection services for it’s citizens. The last thing the inner Cities need…..is less law and order.
            I (respectfully) didn’t read the rest of your post as to not give myself reason to keep going…Wrong forum…a little back and forth is ok, but, it’s football.
            As always, i don’t always agree, but i respect your opinion.

          13. Kato October 1, 2020

            Some of my conservative friends do think that Pritzker did do a good job with COVID. At least the ones that are educated, rational people anyway. Give credit where credit is due.

    2. Deepsky October 1, 2020

      I am a moderate but I really don’t understand the aversion to masks. I knew in January this was going to be bad and bought a couple dozen 3M N95 masks having done research 20 years ago on mask effectiveness. I prefer the Asian KF94 mask because it’s much more comfortable. I know people who have died, friends who have spent weeks in the hospital and are now tens of thousands of dollars in debt. This aversion to science nowadays is crazy and I’m sure it’s propogated by Russian trolls. People never protested against no shoes, no shirt, no service.

      1. MMSUCKS October 2, 2020


  5. CORKY DEYULIO September 29, 2020

    ML should get more pub. As weird as it sounds the Packers going 13-3 last year resulted in ML getting less pub because all we heard was how the Pack was a “weak” 13-3 team If they finished 10-6 he might have gotten more pub. He should be getting alot now. Where is Dillon on these short yardage situations?-2nd round pick use him!
    Corky DeYulio-Geneva, NY Packer Backers

    1. MMSUCKS September 29, 2020

      Agreed. he has definitely warranted more press than he has been getting. Perhaps that is a good thing for right now. It may be helping him maintain his focus. Remember, Sean McVay for the Rams got way too much hype after his first few years and then proceeded to shit the bed for about a season before he pulled himself out of it. Either way, ML is doing a great job in many ways. I just wish that our defense could rev it up a notch or two. That would be great.

      1. Kato September 30, 2020

        Yeah, and he would do an even better job if he fired Pettine after the year if the defense doesn’t improve.

        1. PF4L September 30, 2020

          If the defense doesn’t improve, i don’t see where ML would have any other choice but to replace Pettine if he wants to be taken seriously. As far as the final say….does ML have to get special permission from Murphy to fire Pettine?
          Remember, Murphy said all decisions have to be ok’d by him.
          It’s possible, that Pettine might not even be there now if it was LaFluers call. Remember back when LaFluer got hired….it was widely reported that Murphy and Gute demanded that Pettine stay in place.
          Maybe that was done for stability, idk…but the bottom line is that should be the head coaches call, not Murphys.

          1. PF4L September 30, 2020

            I’ll go one further, based on Murphy’s non action with Ted over the years, since when is Murphy an expert on football management decisions?
            Will we have to wait for someone on the board to tell tell Murphy, he has to act on Pettine?
            If you get the impression that i don’t think Murphy is qualified to be the President of the Packers because it involves making football operational decisions (which he clearly neglected to do in the past). You’d be correct
            Then…he anointed himself large and in charge and insist they keep Pettine.
            So the bottom line is…if Pettine is a failure this season, that is on Murphy for insisting they keep Pettine. It’s not on ML.
            Plus after all the high draft picks, all the free agent money…and (if) you still can’t get the defense right….it’s been mostly a big waste of resources.

            You can’t remove 70% of the disease and just expect the rest to go away.

  6. Kato September 30, 2020

    Good post PF4L. Particularly about tackles. I could give a damn about how many tackles people have. It is the most meaningless statistic on defense. I don’t really get into advanced analytics, and don’t have a PFF account. Maybe there is a stat for average yards downfield a player makes a tackle. If there isn’t, there should be. Obviously players like free safeties and corners will be further downfield. But linebackers and typically linemen should be lower numbers. (Though I can see a situation where a defensive lineman makes a hustle play downfield and makes a great tackle and that could hurt that score even though it wasn’t his fault the offensive player has gotten downfield.
    Building on what PF4L said, we should focus on these plays from a defensive player: pass defenced, tackle for no gain or loss, sack, pressure (particularly ones that lead to turnovers or incompletions), forced fumbles, interceptions, and missed tackles (lack thereof).
    The COVID outbreak on the Titans is concerning. I hope the coaches are driving it home with these guys that they need to be responsible because A) they are being paid handsomely to do so while other people don’t have jobs, and B) they owe it to each other, and the coaches are practicing what they are preaching. As it turns out, adults are being stupid about this, not just college students. My old high school football coach got it real bad, he is 70, and he could barely walk across the living room. He got it from his daughter who went to the Ozarks for a bachelorette party. Go fucking figure.

    1. PF4L September 30, 2020

      Thanks Kato…despite whatever….
      Good to have you back contributing to the sport and team we love.

      1. PF4L September 30, 2020

        Touching on your sentiment about tackles, i do value them to an extent, because some players are more skilled than others.
        But one thing i don’t look at is shared tackles, sure…i guess it happens where two players get there at the same time, but usually one player gets there first and holds him up, then another player hits him or falls on him and gets an assisted tackle….in other words, it’s usually one guy 90% of the time who got there, and caused it to happen.
        If a guy is listed at 12 tackles, including 4 solo…in my eyes, he had 4 tackles.
        If a player has a runner/receiver bottled up, and someone else is close, i want that other guy going for a strip (turnover).

  7. PF4L September 30, 2020

    Dan Hanzus of NFL.com came out with his power rankings for week 4.
    He has the Packers #2 (wow) and he has the 0-3 Falcons at 27.
    Am i the only one who has a concern about the Packers losing that game Mon. night?

    1. Mark September 30, 2020

      Power ranking of 27 might be a bit harsh for ATL, but they do have a sorry-ass defense, particularly against the pass. Packers as 7.5 point favorites sounds about right to me, although it could be a much closer if Julio Jones is healthy for this game.

      1. PF4L September 30, 2020

        History (and current team conditions) should tell us this will be a shoot out.
        From 2014 -present, these two teams met 5 times, Packers winning 3 of them.

        The lowest combined score of those 5 games was 54 points (2018), the highest combined score…80 (2014)
        For those five games, Rodgers threw 15 TD’s – 2 picks.
        It seems on National Prime Time TV…the Packers alternate looking good…then shitting the bed.
        Maybe that’s what i’m concerned about coming off the Sun Night game.

      2. Howard September 30, 2020

        Hi Mark, I always look at points per play, opponents points per play, and point per play margin. Points per play margin combines how quick the offense is scoring points per play combined with how fast the defense is allowing points per play. Points per play gives you an idea of how well a certain team is performing together. The Top Five points per play margin teams at the end of the regular seasons are usually playing in the SB. In many years since 2010 two of the top three teams are playing in the SB. That was the case in 2010, 2013, 2014, 2016, 2017, and 2019.
        So right now GB is #1 in points per play, Atlanta is #14.
        GB is #32 in opponents points per play!! That is sorry ass, but so is Atlanta As you correctly state at #31.
        GB is #7 in points per play margin and I think that is about were the Packers should rank in the NFL. Atlanta is #25 in the same points per play margin stat, so a power ranking of 27 may not be that far off. However, as the saying goes, anything can happen on any given Sunday.

  8. PF4L September 30, 2020

    Dan Quinn seemingly never runs out of reasons to lose a game. I don’t think the question is will he be fired, but when? During the season or after.
    I think Arthur Blank is a gold standard stand up guy, maybe he’ll wait for the end of the season, but i think Quinn is a dead man walking.

  9. Kato September 30, 2020

    For some reason, I don’t see new responses on this board without posting something. Any idea Jason? Also, if I go to the website, the most recent comments listed will be ones made before mine

    1. PF4L September 30, 2020

      If you refresh the page Kato, it will become current.
      When you post, that’s also refreshes the page.

      Before you post…..Right click mouse and click reload.

      1. Kato October 1, 2020

        I am on my phone. I have refreshed the page, closed the tab and opened up a new one, closed chrome and reopened the app altogether and it doesn’t work. The only way I see new posts is if I post something. It also doesn’t save my information like it used to, so I have to fill it in each time I post even with having the box checked for saving my info for the next time I comment.

        1. PF4L October 1, 2020

          Yea…i don’t think it saves info for anyone, and i agree… that is kind of a pain in the ass
          They had it dialed in awhile back, where it did save it…for awhile anyway.

  10. Stiggy September 30, 2020

    When did this site turn in to a bunch of political bitching?

    Go back to reddit all you whiny bitches.

    I’m conservative and wear a mask all the time. I’m also highly educated. There go your stereo types.

    Maybe the Illinois folks should worry about this governor actually staying out of jail…and you west coast elites should worry about the mass gentrification and wealth gap peppering the coast.

    Once you get your own house in order then worry about wisconsin politics. And when you do so…do it on reddit where you can join the never ending circle jerk.

    1. MMSUCKS October 1, 2020

      And another opinion (yours) . . . just as arrogant and out of place right? Regarding stereotypes? That was a generalization from having lived in Wisconsin for so MANY years, and still having family there. So I can speak knowledgeably about it. I also OWN LAND in Wisconsin, So I do have a stake in it . . . wrong assumption.
      IF you are so highly educated and are wearing a mask and are conservative . . . Just based on Herbert McKlosky’s massive amount of research on the conservative mind vs the liberal mind; you are an outlier (which you already knew, so why be so intellectually dishonest about it?) And yes! I am concerned about the mass gentrification on the West Coast. However, I am more concerned about the “scotosis” pandemic running rampant among the U.S. population throughout the country mainly from the conservative side of the aisle, which (obviously) includes their constituents. Out here in “Elitesville” (a stereotype) I see more people of color wearing their masks vs “white people” (of which I am one). Fucking shameful and repugnant display of enabled and propagandized fucktards selfishly displaying their scotosis like it is a badge of honor.
      Stiggy, your conservative viewpoint is NO LONGER defined under conventional means. It has been usurped by witless, inculcated, cosplaying, call of duty fucktards. It is time for you to crack open your “books” and realize that your “conservatism” has left the building and merely exists as a talking point for division and ignorance.
      I’ll pass on the “Circle Jerk” ! However, you can be my proxy . . . Go Pack Go!

      1. Stiggy October 1, 2020

        Ill take the bait champ.

        Thats a lot you wrote there. Conservatives are “not educated” right? Im the “outlier” right? Then why are waukesha county, lake country, ozaukee county, and every other highly affluent area surrounding Milwaukee staunchly conservative? Do you think factory line workers live in those areas? Do you think those people rolled out of bed with MDs/CPAs/law degrees etc or was it merely a birth right given to them via white privilege? Im willing to wager they went to schools and became highly educated.

        Im sorry you loathe white people, the tavistock institute has certainly pulled a number on you. The dysfunction in liberal utopias is astounding… Illinois, California, and others are beyond broke and are only propped up by the federal government. Thats not to say the rest of the country isnt beholden to the printers of fiat currency, but they are in much worse shape than places like Wisconsin. The coastal elite mentality is certainly not a meme as evidenced by voting and the flight of many affluent people from these coastal regions.

        As far as the liberal vs conservative mind…I think you should spend more time studying the mind of people who use social media. You would find a lot more genuine substance there.

        Youve also painted yourself in to a corner here So make a choice….the talking points the media heads, and you in turn, are spitting out is essentially “corona virus disproportionately affects minorities via “institutional/systemic (insert faux academic buzz word). Yet your anecdotal evidence is “less white people wear masks”

        By that mere statement you are implying one of two things…either wearing a mask is an ineffective waste of time….or minorities arent wearing masks. You cant have both friend so pick one.

        Funny how corona virus levels spike after thousands of people congregate on streets marching in close quarters in unity for months on end. But surely they all wear masks right? Ive heard that talking point but a quick photo search of “peaceful protest” on google shows quite the contrary. Go ahead and point to “Wisconsin Policy” or whatnot…but there is a reason other congregations of people…such as sporting events, theater, etc are cancelled. Why dont they just wear masks at those places too?

        As i said…stick to football. Nobody is going to convince anyone of anything, especially on a forum that is solely designed to mock mike mccarthy and rashan gary. There are plenty of places to spout liberal views and get a nice pat on the back…which is why i referred you to reddit.

        1. PF4L October 1, 2020

          Lets call it a tie and close the book.

        2. Ferris October 1, 2020

          Go away and stay away stiggy. The more people say they are highly educated the less I believe it. Just like your stable genius leader.

          1. PF4L October 1, 2020

            Nobody goes anywhere, i could GAF whether anyone like’s Stigg’s political views or not. That’s not why were here. This site is about Green Bay Packer football and Stigg is a valued Packer fan that contributes quality content.

            I’m not the smartest guy in the world, but how about a new article and we move on.

        3. MMSUCKS October 1, 2020

          Awesome! Excuse the length! Tons of untruths from you that need correcting. First of all, if you are going to argue “generalizations” REMEMBER to keep it in the MACRO! *
          * I was expecting at least a better level of debate from you. Do you suffer from the Dunning Kruger effect? Because your statements appear to suggest this.
          You stated as follows: “That’s a lot you wrote there. Conservatives are “not educated” right? I’m the “outlier” right? Then why are Waukesha county, lake country, Ozaukee county, and every other highly affluent area surrounding Milwaukee staunchly conservative? Do you think factory line workers live in those areas? Do you think those people rolled out of bed with MD’s/CPA’s /law degrees etc or was it merely a birth right given to them via white privilege? I’m willing to wager they went to schools and became highly educated.”
          So, first of all STIGGY, I was speaking in the macro. You can give me ALL of the counties in Wisconsin that are affluent! That just QUANTIFIED my statement! How many OTHER COUNTIES in Wisconsin fit that criteria? Answer? Not many! If you extrapolate this bit of data and use it as a guide throughout the rest of the country you will see that you and YOUR ELITE **** counties ARE the outliers! How many people live in those counties’ vs the rest of Wisconsin? Go ahead! that should be easy for you!
          **** Seems a tad bit arrogant on your part. Who gives a fuck who lives in your neck of the woods? What is wrong with “factory line workers”? . . . Seems like an “elitist” POV to me! I am beginning to believe that YOU may be one of those selfish, egocentric people (like Trump) who care LITTLE for the average citizen (which may be why you support him? IDK! I can only speculate if you even support him). Because those kinds of Freudian slips? Don’t. Just. Happen.
          Just by your wording I can see that you make way too many assumptions about who your opposing side is. I never referenced/inferred anything other than what I wrote down in response to your diatribe.
          You also stated, “Do you think those people rolled out of bed with MD’s / CPA’s/ law degrees etc or was it merely a birth right given to them via white privilege? I’m willing to wager they went to schools and became highly educated. I’m sorry you loathe white people, the tavistock institute has certainly pulled a number on you.”**
          ** “White Privilege”? where did that come from? Answer, from you listening and being INCULCATED by right-wing scare tactics and propaganda! Fox Cable News much? Again, IDK! Just speculation at this point.
          **” I’m sorry you loathe white people, the tavistock institute has certainly pulled a number on you.”
          Listen STIGGY! I am laughing at the IRONY in your words! What you have proffered to me is a morass of “TALKING POINTS”! so again, who is suffering from the “social Engineering that the Tavistock Institute is writing about? Certainly not me! I am not aware of any talking points that I have unleashed . . . You have tossed out a ton of them in your retort to me. Good Lord! LOL!
          In this section you state: “The dysfunction in liberal utopias is astounding… Illinois, California, and others are beyond broke and are only propped up by the federal government. That’s not to say the rest of the country isn’t beholden to the printers of fiat currency, but they are in much worse shape than places like Wisconsin. The coastal elite mentality is certainly not a meme as evidenced by voting and the flight of many affluent people from these coastal regions.” . . .
          Let’s break this, down shall we? “Liberal Utopias”? What kind of hyperbole is that? I am not aware of ANY Utopia on earth. Let alone Liberal.
          Regarding California being broke? Are you aware that California IS the 7th LARGEST ECONOMY in the world? Are you also aware that the State of California’s federal taxes COVER MANY RED STATES who are perennially in the red? Are you also aware that Trump holds back monies that are intended for California because he disagrees with its politics? And that is the ONLY reason? Speaking of California, did you know that Trump accuses California of NOT taking care of their land from fires? But did you know that the State of California ONLY OWNS 3% of the fucking land in CA? The rest is owned by private citizens AND corporations and the Federal Gov’t? The Federal Gov’t owns the lion’s share of that amount (National Parks, Forests, and Military )! Of all THE LAND BURNING . . . 97% of it is owned (and allegedly cared for) by the Federal Gov’t . . . TRUMP RUNS the Federal Gov’t! It is on his watch! and his responsibility! So, he is just letting it burn as a political stunt to blame California! Fuck STIGGY! who would have thought that? Right? Right??
          You stated: “The coastal elite mentality is certainly not a meme as evidenced by voting and the flight of many affluent people from these coastal regions.” *
          * What sort of spurious statement is that? All I see are RISING VALUES in land and property. The only people that are leaving are the ones that are retirees and Right-wingers that can’t handle the truth.
          Next . . . “You’ve also painted yourself in to a corner here So make a choice….the talking points the media heads, and you in turn, are spitting out is essentially “corona virus disproportionately affects minorities via “institutional/systemic (insert faux academic buzz word). Yet your anecdotal evidence is “less white people wear masks”***
          *** I NEVER said “corona virus disproportionately affects minorities via “institutional/systemic (insert faux academic buzz word)”; You are putting words in my mouth that were NOT written by me. Nowhere have I ever stated that Covid-19 affects minorities more! Nowhere! Moreover, I will counter with this, everywhere that “white People” are gathering en masse, there have been huge upticks in Covid-19 cases. Take the STURGIS rally for example. Or the “White Trash Bash” on the Illinois river, there have been tens of thousands of new cases that have been tracked directly from STURGIS and the White T. B. in Peoria Ill. (btw Central Illinois IS a bastion for Trumpsters ).
          ​The rest of your screed is apropos to your position. So, I need not go further, other than to say that we could argue for a month about all of the “doctored” pictures from these protests, or that many that were used by the right-wing were pictures of protests and violence from France, Spain and other countries NOT named America to conflate the truth with a narrative.
          I am NOT looking for a pat on the back, just attempting to clear up misconceived and inculcated narratives. Peace Out! from the alleged “liberal” Lol Go Pack Go!

          1. MMSUCKS October 1, 2020

            As an addendum, Many affluent people are leaving the Coasts because . . . Wait! . . . Global Warming conditions are worsening! Their land, property, and safety are all at RISK! I thought that I put this in earlier.

          2. PF4L October 1, 2020


          3. MMSUCKS October 1, 2020

            If you read it, You would see that it is a cogent response. Sometimes you just have to call out people on their BS . . . I am not beholding to anyone in here. I do NOT attack unless attacked. PERIOD. When people are ill-informed and attempt to paint the other as the dunce, they should get a response. STIGGY got his response. Talking to some people in here about certain topics is like trying to teach quantum mechanics to an infant. Go Pack Go!

          4. Kato October 2, 2020

            Here is my problem with the bs that climate change is driving these forest fires. I learned about forest fire ecology in middle school. They are natural, and necessary for healthy forests. Actually many plants depend on fires for germination. The problem is for the last 100 years man has interfered with that process by putting out these fires rather than letting them do their natural thing, probably because of people living adjacent to these forests. Now we have a situation where humans have interfered with this natural process for decades and dead wood/trees have accumulated so much in many areas that it has become a tinderbox and these fires are out of control.
            Blame Trump all if you want if it makes you feel better, I don’t care. But the science suggests this has been an ongoing problem, and if the Democratic party was truly the party of science, they would acknowledge this. Yeah the Republican party often ignores science, but the Democratic party often ignores it in situations that can push their narrative.

          5. MMSUCKS October 2, 2020

            BS Kato!
            You stated: “I learned about forest fire ecology in middle school. They are natural, and necessary for healthy forests”: So learning about forestry in middle school makes you an expert? That is a classic example of the Dunning Kruger effect. Were you aware, or did you forget that California has been having massive problems with droughts as well. Most of those fires in Northern California would not have even started if there was not Global Warming. There have been overt amounts of massive lightening storms throughout the West that have never been seen to this level or degree. In some ways you could compare these fire outbreaks to Covid-19 deaths. It is the “CAUSAL” (lightening storms) not the “MECHANISM” (dry tinder CAUSED FROM DROUGHT); also, the lack of federal intervention on the 97% of land burning (or already burn’t) that the Federal responsibility under Trump has been ABDICATED. Which I stated earlier that you must have OBVIOUSLY OVERLOOKED.
            If all Americans would educate themselves (to the best of their abilities) on as much information that they can that is RELEVANT to our lives, then this kind of shit would still happen, but to a much LESSER degree. Fuck! READ! EDUCATE yourselves before blindly showing your abject ignorance on topics that you only know superficially.

          6. PF4L October 2, 2020

            Kato….you’re not too far away, how about we start a study group and get our learnin on. Maybe we can rent a place around Pleasant Prairie. Limit the group to say 20 people. Have 4 study groups of 5, or 2 of 10 depending how we want to structure it. I’m open to idea’s.
            The last thing i want to watch is you blindly showing your abject ignorance…LETS FIX THAT!!
            Fuck….all of a sudden i just feel like bowing down.

          7. MMSUCKS October 2, 2020

            Ha Ha . . . if you would care to refute any of this . . . Have at it my wise football friend.

          8. PF4L October 2, 2020

            To refute it, i’d have to read it.

          9. Kato October 3, 2020

            MMSUCKS- I have a biology degree, I understand the situation perfectly. Yes California has had drought, which may or may not be due to climate change. Assuming it is, that doesn’t explain the fires being out of control. Don’t sit and accuse me of “not educating myself”. I have read up on this quite a bit. So these fires are Trump’s fault? What about the previous presidential administrations?
            Educate yourself besides watching CNN. You are showing your ignorance. If you want to blame climate change for the hurricanes being stronger, I wouldn’t disagree. But blaming the wildfires solely on climate change is intellectually lazy

          10. Kato October 3, 2020

            Riddle me this. Why aren’t many fires burning in Canada? Possibly, because, it is wilderness and fires have burnt there periodically unabated?
            If you are more of a video learner

          11. PF4L October 3, 2020

            Listen…..i’ll pull this car right over and nobody’s going anywhere!!

          12. MMSUCKS October 5, 2020

            Canada does NOT suffer from droughts . . . anything to defend your narrative right? Even when it is full of holes? BTW, I was NOT defending the “Rural” area fires, just the ones closer to the populations. I am not against burn-offs when they are done correctly. Fuck!

          13. MMSUCKS October 5, 2020

            I don’t watch CNN (horrible assumption!!!!)! I live out here, I have for over thirty years. I watch, I read, and I listen. I DID NOT BLAME the fires solely on Climate change. They are caused by arson as well as from ineptitude. Drought plays a HUGE ROLE as well. Trump was SOLELY BLAMING the Democrats for this mess! So why don’t you acknowledge that????? While his Administration runs the federal parks, forestry and land management! if you actually LIVED OUT HERE, you may understand that much of the fire damage is in areas that are NOT ACCESSIBLE to cleanup and brush removal. The ecological ramifications that YOU are referencing? They are ONLY applicable if they can be contained, or if there is enough fire safety presence. With more people moving CLOSER to those type of areas, burn-offs are much more hazardous to perform . . . NOW! go educate yourself a bit better! Stop with your Dunning Kruger effect responses please.

  11. PF4L October 1, 2020

    What have we learned from this….
    Don’t make Packer fans angry!!

  12. Howard October 1, 2020

    Not sure when this happened, but earlier this year Ted Thompson was still listed as a consultant to director of football operations for the Packers. Ted has been listed as a consultant in the player personnel section of the Packers website since he was removed as GM. Ted is no longer listed by the Packers as an employee in the player personnel department.
    Maybe someone has already mentioned this as I was away from this site for awhile.

    1. PF4L October 1, 2020

      I noticed that awhile back (this year). When i saw he wasn’t there i didn’t take note of the date. But maybe his contract ran concurrent with the league year (or close). Meaning his contract might have been up around early March.
      My best guess …..¯\_(ツ)_/¯

      1. Howard October 1, 2020

        Sounds reasonable to me. Could have also ran through this years draft. Most scouts have contracts that run through the draft process. If I remember correctly I think I saw Ted was still listed as a consultant in April, around the start of the draft or just after?

        1. PF4L October 1, 2020

          Well…a year and a 1/2 ago, health wise, they were worried if he could even make the trip to be inducted into the Packer HOF. He was up at the podium for what….10-15 seconds.
          Now i don’t have any first hand knowledge about his condition. But i wouldn’t be shocked to learn he is far removed from providing any real input the Packers would be using.


  13. PF4L October 1, 2020

    I can’t stand the Packers website. They have Press Conf. every Wed. But they take their sweet ass time putting up the video, still isn’t there, same with injury report. Week 3 is still up.

    1. MMSUCKS October 1, 2020

      Yes, their latency is extremely annoying and very unhelpful to the Packer faithful

      1. PF4L October 2, 2020

        I didn’t take into account the extra day for the MNF game.

  14. PF4L October 1, 2020

    According to Rob Demovsky of ESPN, Kirksey’s shoulder injury is likely to keep him out of next week’s game against the Atlanta Falcons and he’s not guaranteed to be ready coming out of the Packers’ Week 5 bye.
    His start in Green Bay has been disappointing. Among the NFL’s 84 qualified inside linebackers (20 percent of defense’s snaps), Kirksey ranks 77th in overall grade at Pro Football Focus after three weeks.- Rob D

  15. PF4L October 1, 2020

    In local news….18 people shot in a 12 hour period in Milwaukee.
    What we’ve learned….if attending a funeral in the inner City, wear bulletproof body armor.
    This, after a 2 year old and a 4 year old were shot a few weeks ago.
    If you want to attend the protest for these shootings and killings, Protesters should gather at 8pm at……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….

  16. Kato October 1, 2020

    Well, game is postponed now for Pittsburgh and Tennessee. Knew it was a matter of time. I hope the Packers coaching staff is really driving home the message to stay home after practices.

    1. PF4L October 1, 2020

      Another Titan player and staff member tested positive so it’s the right call.
      You have to remember there are over 2,000 players in the NFL plus coaching staff and employee’s.

      Having 4 or 5 players test positive isn’t ideal, but if you take 10 people infected, out of 3,000, you have a .33 positivity rate.
      In Wisconsin, we are testing about 2,200 – 2,300 people a day with a 20% positivity rate.
      Just to put it in perspective. all in all, the NFL is in good shape…………for now.

  17. Kato October 1, 2020

    Wait. When the f*** did Allen Lazard get hurt, and he may need surgery?

    1. Kato October 1, 2020

      I am sick of this Red China bulls*** from the Packers. Why the f*** are we hearing about this four days later?

      1. Howard October 1, 2020

        Kato, Please remember when a team plays on Monday night their first injury report is not required until Thursday (today). Teams that play on Sundays have to make their first injury report available on Wednesdays. The only other time Lazard’s injury would have been required by the NFL to be reported is if it occurred during the Saints game and Lazard was going to miss or be restricted in some of, or the remainder of the game. Lazard never missed any of the game, in fact Lazard was the player who would have tried to cover the onside kick by the Saints if it stayed in bounds.
        Lazard did not appear to be hampered during the entire game including the 4th quarter, and last play thereof . The injury may not have showed up till after the game and in that case the Packers are not obligated to report the injury until today.

  18. PF4L October 1, 2020

    Here’s the thing, EVERYONE first reported that Kirksey had a shoulder injury, now it’s listed as a pectoral injury?
    Kirksey suffered a shoulder injury in 2018, but he had a torn pectoral tendon last season after week 2. He had surgery on it and missed the next 14 games.

    1. Skinny October 1, 2020

      Call Clay, seriously. For what the Packers were willing to put into the position. Meaning no high draft pick or big FA sign Clay was always the best option. Instead we appear to be back in the mode of lets throw shit on top of shit and hope it all works out.

      1. MMSUCKS October 1, 2020

        You are correct, they should at least kick the tires. I believe Matthews still has enough drive in him to play at ILB. But seriously, have the Packer’s ever checked out anyone that we have suggested over the years? Perhaps quietly without our knowledge, but nothing ever comes of any FA that we have wanted them too. What amazes me is that I would believe that a good football organization SHOULD comb their teams’ blogs. There is always some good, objective, and sometimes brilliant ideas that come from fans on occasion. Obviously, the Packers do very little, if any phishing in Packer blogs! If they did, they may have done much better over the last decade and a half!

    2. Kato October 2, 2020

      They need to call some veteran receivers because they may be going into Monday with MVS as their #1

      1. Skinny October 2, 2020

        For some reason im not as worried as in years past. I feel like with the Packers surging and surprising use of all their TEs and the ability of Irvin and Jones to line up as WRs the offense should still be fine. Call me crazy, i know.

        1. PF4L October 2, 2020

          I tend to think (guess) that Adams won’t play Mon. night, but idk. I’m guessing that based on the following bye week the Packers need desperately.
          Maybe they can play call and scheme themselves to a victory anyway, We will see.