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Green Bay Packers in Popular Culture

Over the decades, the Green Bay Packers have appeared in various forms of popular culture. References to the football team have appeared in TV shows, movies, animations, video games, and songs. Here is a look at some of the most memorable Packers appearances in pop culture.

Ralph Malph Should Have Bet the Other Way in Happy Days

In an episode of Happy Days, Ralph bets that the Packers will lose their Thanksgiving Day game at odds of 10:1. Much to Ralph Malph’s annoyance, the Packers are victorious, which leads to him owing a lot of money.

The Packers Are Playable Characters in Madden Video Games

The Green Bay Packers themselves have appeared in the Madden series of video games. Based on the National Football League, Madden NFL 09 features quarterback Brett Favre on the cover. He is also a playable character in the game. The latest Madden video game, Madden NFL 21, features playable characters such as David Bakhtiari, Davante Adams, and Aaron Jones. If you enjoy playing football and sports games, there are various fantastic sports-based slot games available at an online casino.

Louie Meets Lombardi in Life with Louie

The 1990s animated sitcom Life with Louie is based on the childhood of the stand-up comedian Louie Anderson, who grew up in Wisconsin. In an episode of the show called “Go Packers,” Louie and his dad attend a Green Bay Packers game, where they meet coach extraordinaire Vince Lombardi. From that moment on, Louie becomes a die-hard fan of the Packers.

There’s Something About Mary… and Her Boyfriend

In the hugely successful romantic comedy movie, There’s Something About Mary, the title character played by Cameron Diaz, continually talks about her boyfriend Brett, as other men vie for her affections. At the end of the film, it is discovered that her boyfriend is none other than Packers’ star Brett Favre.

Lil Wayne Is Such a Fan of the Packers that he Released a Song About the Team

Rapper Lil Wayne is clearly a massive fan of the Green Bay Packers. In 2015, he took the Pittsburgh Steelers song Black and Yellow and remixed it as a track to support the Packers. The song was called Green and Yellow.

An Evil Villain Is a Packers’ Fan in Danny Phantom

The Annie Award-nominated animated TV series Danny Phantom follows a teenage boy who becomes a human-ghost hybrid. By using supernatural powers, it is his task to save his hometown from ghost attacks. The main villain in the show is Vlad Plasmius, and he is a Green Bay Packers fanatic. His lifelong ambition is to own the Packers, but he obviously cannot because shareholders own the team. Plasmius’ prized possession is a ball autographed by middle linebacker Ray Nitschke.

According to Jim, the Packers Suck!

The sitcom According to Jim starred Jim Belushi as a father in suburbia. In the 2001 episode called Andy’s Girlfriend, Jim’s brother-in-law Andy begins dating a piano teacher. When Jim and his wife and the other couple double date, Jim discovers the piano teacher is everything he despises. She is a feminist and a vegetarian. But worst of all for Chicago Bears supporter Jim is finding out she is a massive Green Bay Packers fan. Jim’s buttons are pushed during their dinner date, to say the least. The Packers are also referenced in another episode of the sitcom called The Packer Ball, in which Jim’s son Kyle has a Green Bay Packers football. Being a die-hard Bears fan, Jim is far from happy.

The All-singing All-dancing Packers in Pitch Perfect 2

In the popular 2015 musical comedy movie Pitch Perfect 2, outside linebacker Clay Matthews appears with David Bakhtiari, TJ Lang, Josh Sitton, and Don Barclay, as one of the competing acapella teams at the singing competition. The Packers group sing and dance to Destiny’s Child’s Bootylicious in a very memorable and funny scene.

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  1. Ferris September 2, 2020

    What about Red Forman and that 70’s Show?
    Big Packer fan.

  2. Sal September 2, 2020

    Maynard from Tool is a well-documented Packer fan.

    1. Jason Parker September 2, 2020

      I am a fan of both and did not know that. Shame on me. I know Chris Farley was a big Packers fan

  3. NobodysBurfect September 3, 2020

    General pop culture moment; there’s that scene in “A Christmas Story” after Ralphie beats the shit out of Scott Farkas – the mom says “I see the Bears are playing Green Bay this Sunday!”. The dad grumbles something about how he wishes he could get tickets but he doesn’t want to “freeze his keister off”. Always makes me laugh around Christmas.

    Does it seem just nutclusters to anyone else that the season is starting in like 10 days?

  4. Deepsky September 3, 2020

    One of my favorites is a Mystery Science Theatre 3000 episode where in the movie a huge mob has broken out and is running through the streets and robot says “The Packers have won the Super Bowl, the Packers have won the Super Bowl!!”

  5. PF4L September 3, 2020

    I think the Packers have the most iconic franchise name in NFL history.
    People could argue intelligently that it also could be the Bears and the Cowboys.
    But the way i see it, the Packers get the edge because it’s the smallest NFL City. Plus, how can you have the most Championships and not be considered in the argument?
    I’m sure it’s overlooked by some…but all Packer fans should appreciate what the Packers mean to Wisconsin, and the NFL for that matter.
    Other NFL teams, in most all aspects, will never hold the clout that the Green Bay Packers do, for multiple reasons.
    The Green Bay Packers…are Wisconsin’s treasure.

    1. Savage57 September 5, 2020

      When the Packers were trying to get the funding for the renovations approved, I remember telling people, “Pony up. Without the Packers, Green Bay is Fargo or Toledo.”

      1. PF4L September 5, 2020

        I remember it well Savage.
        There were basically 2 options back then…renovate the current structure as it sat, or take the structure down and build a new stadium but keeping it’s current location and field and play at Camp Randall for a couple years.
        I always felt if you renovate, the only thing that remains is the guts (mechanics) and old engineering and design. That the stadium will eventually have a new look anyway. About 700-845 million (not sure) has been spent on our stadium since 2003. Keep in mind that Jerry Jones built AT&T Stadium for 1.3 billion in 2005 and that was considered “over the top” at the time.
        So i was for taking it down, and build a new stadium around the same sacred ground (field). The actual ground (field) in my mind was what was important (sacred).
        They obviously just renovated the old stadium, but it didn’t bother me as we still have what we have. Although structure wise, i thought a new facility was the way to go, and still do. But it’s still a iconic treasure and that’s what’s important.

  6. Ferris September 3, 2020

    In other news…nobody wants Ha’Sean. Not even McRib. Bye Felicia.

  7. KazooPackFan September 4, 2020

    No roster prediction article??

    1. PF4L September 4, 2020

      I predict Dustin Johnson wins the Fed Ex Tour Championship this weekend and it’s 15 million dollar winners check.

  8. NobodysBurfect September 5, 2020

    In other news, farewell touchdown Jesus. May you rise again in three days elsewhere.