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How to Bet on Sports Legally in Wisconsin?

Wisconsin, also notable as the Dairyland due to its delicious cheese, is one of America’s primary donators to the national economic, tourism, and IT sectors. This marvelous state is also notorious for its residents’ passion for sports, especially soccer and baseball. However, strict lawmakers put roadblocks to domestic sports bettors, making the Dairyland one of the rare states non-loyal to wagering activities.

US gambling policy

To the moment of writing the article, sports wagering is officially legal in 18 US states, following the Supreme Court verdict to unban the gambling activities in 2018. In other regions, the situation varies by state. In some areas, online bookies are under a ban, while brick-and-mortar casinos operate legally. In other territories, punters can use mobile wagering, but can’t attend physical gambling establishments.

The situation considering sports wagers has always generated vivid debates among the state authorities. They were at the swing set, banning and unbanning gambling throughout the decades. The 1961 Act prohibits bookmakers from accepting wagers by phone and telegraph lines. The Interstate Act 1977 allows pony wagers in some vicinities. Finally, the Act 2006 permits banking institutions to proceed with transactions between gamblers and online bookies.

Is it legal in Wisconsin?

When you are in Wisconsin and plan to spend a fantastic time in casino institutions, the state authorities feel OK with it. Tribal casinos receive surprising support from the regulating bodies, unlike their brothers-bookmakers.

The domestic lawmakers take zero steps to legalize wagering in WI, though it seems like the perfect moment after the 2018 ban removal. No corresponding bills have been introduced by the WI lawgivers, which seems weird as other states in the illegal zone are already halfway to gambling legitimation.

The reason why WI authorities tend to relax on the sidelines is the necessity to hold several state sessions and referendums to push the bill and legalize sports wagers on the federal level. Pony wagers are the only permitted statewide. Fans can bid on horse races at multiple tracks.

How to bet legally in WI

The local lawmakers’ passivity should not become a reason for sports enthusiasts to relocate from the Dairyland to more gambling-friendly states. WI residents have proven options to wager on beloved sports rightfully on the online platforms that gladly open their doors to the Wisconsin folk. However, they should be careful with the platforms’ choice not to bump into scammers.

The WorldBookmakers’ expert team prepared a manual on how to pick up trustworthy platforms for online wagering:

• Trust only reputable bookies: The license and good reputation are the hallmarks that distinguish responsible companies from frauds. Experts always check this information before suggesting sites to bettors.
• Pay heed to payment alternatives: The top-tier sportsbook operators offer several payment alternatives to punters (cards, bank transfers, e-payment). Please note that reputable bookies hold no fees for deposits and min levies for withdrawals for their customers!
• Focus on the odds movement: Seasoned bettors know that high-profile sites move odds more intensively, increasing punters’ chances for valuable wagering. Moreover, some providers notify bettors about the odds changes right away, even if they are already submitting a bet.
• Cross-check the market diversity: Eminent sportsbooks have 30+ sports in their content offering menu, extra to entertaining options (TV shows, Oscars, etc.), politics, and fantasy sport. If you are a wrestling fan or a Formula 1 admirer, you won’t like to miss these events on the bookie’s platform.

List of reputable bookies for WI residents:

• BetNow
• 888sport
• Bovada
• Ladbrokes
• Betway
• 22Bet

Popular sports in Wisconsin

WI residents are notable for their genuine love for soccer. The local enthusiasts don’t miss any NFL season and know all reputable FC’s players by name. It is no wonder that soccer wagers, alongside fantasy and college football, take the leading position among the domestic punters.

Pony wagers and baseball share the second place in demand among the Wisconsin punters; the third winner is motor racing. Several largest world motor-racing events take place in WI, including the iconic Off-Road Raceway. It is fair to suggest that locals adore speed and races and follow all horse- and car-racing events with great interest.

Summing up

It’s hard to predict when Wisconsin lawgivers will start making the first steps toward legitimating sports wagering in the state. Meanwhile, WI is not even halfway to unbanning wagering activities, unlike most of the brother-states. Luckily, local punters can address alternative resources to enjoy their beloved pastime. Numerous online platforms accept Wisconsin users and allow them to wager on popular sports safely and lawfully. The paramount rule to remember is to trust only licensed and reputable sportsbooks. The experts’ rankings can be of service in making the right choice.

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