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5 Successful Techniques In Finding Valuable Football Bets

The NFL season is coming every football fan’s way as its newest edition will begin on September 10, 2020. Everyone can expect the face-off between thirty-two teams representing the four divisions in the American Football Conference and National Football Conference. The opening is contested by the defending champions, Kansas City Chiefs, against the Houston Texans.

In line with the upcoming NFL season, bettors are also thrilled to anticipate many betting opportunities that this tournament would bring. For many years, the NFL carried big paying betting games, which enticed every fan to wager. In fact, many sportsbooks run these games, starting with divisional playoffs until the finals.

While betting in the NFL provides you greater possibilities in growing your bankroll, it can be challenging most of the time. Remember that every team is doing their best as they vie for the NFL pride and picking which side to wager needs through research. To make your job a little lighter, here are some wagering techniques you can ponder on when making your NFL betting with fanduel.com and other common sportsbooks.

Review the Performances of Two Opposing Teams

In an NFL match, there are two competing teams scheduled to take the playoffs. One is going to be the underdog, while the other is the favorite. This betting game usually falls under the Points Spread, Money Lines, and Over/Under Bet. Depending on their previous performances, each team is scheduled accordingly.

When you get the full schedule of the football playoffs, it’s time to do your homework. The first thing to find out whether what team to bet on is to take a closer look at their past performances. Make sure that you do not only refer to a single game. You should look at how long they played well or lost for quite some time to correctly weigh in your options.

Review Short-Term Trends

Once you have successfully understood each team’s long-term performance, it’s time to dig deeper. Reviewing every group’s short term trends is by looking at how they perform in the first few games of the season. Try to watch their first 5-10 games, which usually settles during the divisional playoffs, and it should determine how well they can play.

You should also know how to scrutinize each player’s scorecard, goals conceded, goals scored, or even average possession. It will surely help you, especially since there are some teams that can play big in the kick-off week but slowly fall apart as the season progresses.

Get Updated With The Latest News

Seasoned punters always know that the key to finding good value bets is to get updated with the news. The NFL is one of the sporting tournaments where players commonly suffer from injury, which can hinder them from missing the season. If you are updated with player injury reports, you are heading to making successful bets.

Aside from finding out injury reports, you must also evaluate how the team won their match. Although the team’s objective is to send home a high goal percentage, you should look at how they played. Understand whether the team displayed an impressive defense that gave their rivals a hard time scoring or got excellent offenses.

Reconsider Each Two Team’s Previous Meetings

Another technique you can heed when picking successful football bets is to consider each competing team’s previous games. It is the only way you can tell why the favorite won against the underdog or the other way around. Besides that, you can also compare why some players had slacked-off while others had given their all.

Moreover, their historical data should not be underestimated as it will tell you all the possibilities of knowing which side to gamble. You can find out if one of them has played in a home-court advantage and won. You will also know how many times they maintained a win or lose streak facing the same opponent.

Listen To Experts

Today, the internet can help you find useful sites that give early predictions about which NFL team can come stronger this year. Although some of them can look confusing most of the time, experts can still give you a handful of correct football interpretations. These experts usually have dedicated football gurus who have been into the NFL since then.

When you find a lot of good reviews about a team you’d like to punt, don’t forget to note their weaknesses. It will help you weigh in your options as to how well they can play when facing their biggest rivals.


Building a winning strategy when betting in the NFL is a bit difficult. It is because the teams are expected to lay out their best weapons as the season begins to start strong. Hence, if you are a bettor wanting to find good chances when gambling in the upcoming NFL season, the techniques above will surely not disappoint you.

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