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Are the Packers Doomed to Repeat Past Mistakes?

The Green Bay Packers had a curious 2020 NFL Draft, which has raised doubts about whether the team can improve from their NFC Championship Game appearance from the 2019 season.

Instead of providing Aaron Rodgers with firepower in a draft that was loaded with top-end talent in the receiver positions, general manager Brian Gutekunst looked to the future to select the heir apparent to Rodgers in the form of Utah State quarterback Jordan Love. The franchise then selected Boston College’s AJ Dillon in the second round, known for his uncompromising bustling style at running back, before adding tight end Josiah Deguara in the third round.

Most pundits were stunned to say the least at the selections, with the Packers finishing bottom of the class in most draft grades. Gutekunst could still have the final laugh should Love take the league by storm in relief of Rodgers, or Dillon is the next dominant running back, or Deguara is the next Travis Kelce.

However, there is not a great deal of belief that the Packers can remain contenders for the NFC crown and the Super Bowl, considering their value to lift the Vince Lombardi Trophy ranging in the +2500 region. The top NFL betting sites for wagersoffer good bonuses for signing up and free bets, and the Packers for the 2020 season are entering the shot-to-nothing category that would make good use for one of those, rather than place solid cash behind a charge for the title. Once again it all looks to hinge on the performances of Rodgers.

Packers cannot afford familiar offensive failings

The 36-year-old has changed his style somewhat over the last few seasons. He is not the same player he was in the early years of the last decade, winning the MVP award twice in the 2011 and 2014 campaigns. Some of that has been a result of circumstance and a reduction of talent on the roster. Outside of Davante Adams and Aaron Jones, there is not a great deal to work with on offense. Devin Funchess could make an impact after signing in free agency.

Marquez Valdes-Scantling and Jace Sternberger have to take a step forward to ease the burden on the quarterback. The more Rodgers has to buy time for his receivers to create separation, the greater chance he has of taking serious hits. In 2018 he avoided a major injury in the season opener against the Chicago Bears. If another incident along those lines were to occur, then their Super Bowl hopes would end in an instant. If Rodgers performs to the levels he has over the past two years, it should be good enough to win the NFC North due to the standard of the competition. Whether it’s enough to match the San Francisco 49ers or the New Orleans Saints is another matter.

Will the Packers break the trend?

The script for the defeat in the NFC Championship Game was eerily familiar. Green Bay’s defense, which had made serious strides during the regular season – due to the additions of Preston Smith and Za’Darius Smith, were cut open with ease by the 49ers and Raheem Mostert. Rodgers and the offense were powerless for the majority of the contest, slumping to a 37-20. The manner of the loss was familiar to defeats suffered at the hands of the 49ers in the past, along with the Atlanta Falcons.

In crunch NFC Championship Games, the Packers have not been able to lay similar punches on their opponents. It’s not an indictment on Rodgers, but the Packers have lacked the explosive offense that have allowed the 49ers, and the Falcons among others, to advance at their expense towards the Super Bowl. That does not appear to be changing any time soon, even under Matt LaFleur.

Say it quietly, but the Packers are using a dated system that needs to change. The 2020 Draft picks are not encouraging for short-term success, although LaFleur could well spring a surprise in the upcoming campaign.


Aaron Rodgers and Matt LaFleur on sideline

Nov 10, 2019; Green Bay, WI, USA; Green Bay Packers head coach Matt LaFleur talks to quarterback Aaron Rodgers (12) before game against the Carolina Panthers at Lambeau Field. Benny Sieu-USA TODAY Sports


  1. PF4L August 4, 2020

    There is a lot to agree with in Andrew’s article. We say a lot of the same things, although he does it in a nicer manner than i do.
    I would respectfully disagree with the notion of Funchess providing an impact for the offense, mostly citing the fact he’s averaged 36 ypg in his career.
    Plus the fact that he opted out makes it impossible.
    Again, here we are…..we hear/read about the Packers chances of reaching the Super Bowl. The article notes that the Packers SB hopes are hinged on Rodgers QB performance. I don’t think Murphy and Gute agree with that principle. If they did, there wouldn’t be a consensus that the Packers graded at the bottom of most draft grades. In 2018,2019….they would have drafted for now. They would have drafted/traded/signed players for offensive weapons. They barely even tried helping on offense in those two seasons….can we all admit that signing Devin Funchess was nothing more than a token signing? And now, for those who love chugging the kool aid, you don’t even have that dream anymore, with Funchess opting out.
    So we go into the season (if there is one) with basically the same receiver/tight end group. The worst in my memory. Take a bow Gute.

    1. Steve August 4, 2020

      One season, is what they’ve had, to learn a different system, than what was in place.
      You act as if this new coaching staff, was merely taking over for Mike McCarthy or something. Bombs Away is no longer here, no need for the entire offense to depend on Aaron Rodgers. You rank the offense really low don’t you ? Did you consider any of the receivers, trained, in Matt LaFleur’s offense ? Do you think that anyone will have gotten better, having had some time to learn, and a season off now to study ?
      Why don’t you bad-mouth the offense after their 2nd year instead ! They didn’t have a chance at 8 – 8 last season according to some of these nit wits but they got to 13-3 + the NFC Championship. All of this was done with a Rookie Coach, and a team on offense that lacked any full knowledge of their Rookie Year playbook. Yes, the entire offense was in it’s Rookie Season last year.
      10 wins would have been commendable, but do you give credit, where credit is due ?
      You’ve had your lips flapping, before any of the players on this past years team, has had any opportunity to display, what they have learned, in a system that is brand new to them. Aaron Rodgers was a Rookie in this system, last year ! It’s quite asinine to judge the caliber of the players on this team, without giving them the opportunity to even learn the playbook, in much of it’s entirety. ( I said, the entire offense was in it’s rookie season, under a rookie coach, and accomplished a great deal.) Dah 🤔
      You say good luck with that ?

      1. PF4L August 5, 2020

        “Yes, the entire offense was in it’s Rookie Season last year.
        10 wins would have been commendable, but do you give credit, where credit is due ?”

        I guess you weren’t around last season, when all i did was heap praise on this team for their record.
        But go ahead and tell me i didn’t give this team credit.
        You were here last season……right Steve?
        I constantly gave credit, i repeatedly said you are what your record says you are. Don’t fucking tell me what i did or didn’t do. Show us a post you wrote last season, to show us you were even in here. If you can’t, because you weren’t here, then stfu and eat a dick.

        1. PF4L August 7, 2020

          Nothing yet?
          You remind me of a guy who used to (try) to speak for me.

          1. PF4L August 10, 2020

            Steve……Will now be known as “Richard Gobbler”.

  2. Steve August 4, 2020

    The Packers offense was learning a new system only last season. That is to say that with the raw talent that was available, this team went 13-3, in only it’s first season, not having experience, in a lot of areas. Before We Judge, let’s see what was learned in that one season. How do these people who write these articles figure that The Packers did so poorly in the draft. Many think that Green Bay should have drafted another rookie receiver. The new receiver wouldn’t have the year of experience, that last year’s team gained, so how does that make this team any better. What these morons have to say, is that we don’t have the talented people we need, to compete. But we do, now have people with experience in our new Coach Matt LaFleur’s offense. Just what is it that makes drafting an early 1st or 2nd round rookie receiver, that makes him a better player, than a player that we had last year, learning the system, and gaining health and strength. I just don’t get what makes a green horn rookie draft pick, better than and of our players that were gaining experience last year. It seems so completely asinine to me, to think some new rookie, is going to give a tremendous boost to our offense, having never before learned or played on an NFL team or field.
    Geronimo Allison was let go of, as well as a couple of other receivers. What makes so many people, so sure, that The Packers, don’t have the talent they need, at W.R.???
    It’s a little early to Judge the Coaching, the Players, or the Talent the Packers may now have after 1 season. The selection of a New Quarterback, Running Back, Tight End, that all could be breakout forces for this team, in the near future, doesn’t suggest a poor draft to me ! These selections may be exactly the choices The Packers need, to get the job done. We already had our young receivers in place, and we were simply in their rookie like, first season of training. So I don’t think I’d Judge Brian Gutekunst, Matt LaFleur, our new offense, or our array of talent, just yet. As opposed to shooting my mouth off about the training or the drafting of the players we got, I’d rather like to encourage, all of the above. I’d sincerely wish that some of the other people would do the same. I think Brian Gutekunst, and Matt LaFleur have a great plan in place for The Packers, and given the time to put the new plan together and implement it, will be all the reward any Packer Fan could ask for.
    Go Pack ! 😁 … 🚀
    Cheese Is Good 🧀🐀… 🌕

    1. PF4L August 4, 2020

      Kool aid….GOOD!!
      Listen Steven…
      The premise of your post is that Gute is “in process” of building this team…for the future. At least admit it. Admit he hasn’t done all he could to acquire talent to win now. Be honest with yourself at the very least and admit he’s given up on the Rodgers era..
      You seem to put unquestionable faith in Gutes talent, and his “plan” for this team. Outside of Zadarius Smith and to a lesser extent Preston Smith. I’m not so sure Gute has earned that kind of trust yet, do you?. Do you think that Gute hasn’t made any bonehead personnel moves, or do you just wish to ignore them and act like they never happened?
      Stay Thirsty

    2. PF4L August 4, 2020

      “What makes so many people, so sure, that The Packers, don’t have the talent they need, at W.R.???” – Steve

      A) They dumb?
      B) They watch the games?

      1. Cheese August 4, 2020

        Lol, I thought about commenting on the same sentence. Then I figured who cares… Anyone who thinks the Packers have enough talent at WR is so delusional it’s not even worth the argument. Outside of Adams they have a bunch of 4th stringers vying to hopefully, someday, maybe be a #2 WR. We have heard so much hype about “under the radar UDFA’s, late round steals, practice squad champions, and most recently CFL stand outs,” over the years that I can’t take this shit seriously anymore. A few decent catches doesn’t make a quality starter. Aside from Davante, the whole receiving core is a GIANT question mark, even before Funchess opted out.

        1. Steve August 4, 2020

          Delusional, is to think that these players just step into the field, with a new Coach and offense, and play with the best teams in the league by year’s end. You would throw the experience our players gained last year, for a couple of rookie receivers for Rodgers to throw bombs to. That’s about all you really care about. You don’t consider that any one of them 1st round receivers has absolutely no experience in our new system. Some of them 1st and 2nd round receivers, won’t start a game this season. What do you think about the Vikings selection of Laquan Treadwell in the 1st round, about 4 years back? Why isn’t he playing for them now. You guys won’t be degrading our receivers by this seasons end. Instead, you will start off bragging about how far they have come along, while other teams don’t have any experience, due to lack of training, and/or no pre-season games. I want to know who it is, that you think the Packers should have picked, so I can watch that player fail quite miserably this season. With The Packers Running Attack, Offense, and Jordan Love taking over for far less money, look for the Packers to make great strides, in the near future. We won’t have to lose offensive weapons like Bryan Bulaga, because we have spent too much on a quarterback. If Rodgers wants some rings for his fingers, he can go to the jewelry store, (with some of the money he deprived others of) and buy some. It gets sickening hearing about Rodgers, not having what he needs. He has control over that himself. If he lacks the talent he needs, he could restructure his huge contract, and send Gutekunst out to get him whatever it is he needs. If Rodgers had taken just a few million less, for a few seasons, he may have had both, the team players he needed, and a big box full of them Soupy Bowl Rings. I don’t care about how many SB’s Rodgers can win. He can’t win them if he is overpaid, and can’t afford the cast of players he needs to get the job done. Superbowls are being won most every year, by lesser capable, or lesser paid quarterbacks. It’s time for the Packers to move on now, the team can move forward, and go back to playing Championship Football, when the entire organization isn’t constrained by it’s controlling quarterback.

          1. Cheese August 5, 2020

            Lol, right… It’s Rodgers contract that has been holding this team back for years now. Not the contracts of Jimmy Graham, Randall Cobb, Clay Matthews, Nick Perry, etc. or the fact that the Packers haven’t picked up any WR’s worth a damn in SIX YEARS. If the front office could show Rodgers that they actually knew what they were doing and had a commitment to winning maybe he would be up for taking a pay cut. But that’s not the case.
            Remember when Jarrett Boykin was the next big thing?
            Remember when Janis was the next Julio Jones?
            And Abbrederis was right alongside him?
            Remember when Allison was a lock to be the #2 WR?
            “Last season, over 50 percent of the team’s snaps by receivers were played by undrafted free agents.”

          2. PF4L August 5, 2020

            He’s a child…..
            “What do you think about the Vikings selection of Laquan Treadwell in the 1st round, about 4 years back? Why isn’t he playing for them now.” – Steve
            Gee Steve, what’s your point?…idk Steve….Could he have been a first round bust? Is there such a thing? Has that happened before at any position, or is he the first one?
            Or is your point that……we shouldn’t draft a receiver high because the vikings did that 4 years ago and he was a bust?
            You sure do teach good Steve, i know i’m learn’in a lot.
            lol……i’m losing too many brain cells.

          3. PF4L August 5, 2020

            AHHH…it’s Rodgers fault!!!!
            “If Rodgers wants some rings for his fingers, he can go to the jewelry store, (with some of the money he deprived others of) and buy some.”
            ” It gets sickening hearing about Rodgers, not having what he needs. HE HAS CONTROL OVER THAT HIMSELF” – STEVE
            Interesting….and here, all this time i didn’t think Rodgers was in charge of player acquisition…..silly me.
            That greedy S O B!! …..
            “I don’t care about how many SB’s Rodgers can win. He can’t win them if he is overpaid, and can’t afford the cast of players he needs to get the job done. ” – Steve
            Because the Packers are known to spend their salary cap money wisely? See Bennett, Graham,Wilkerson, Perry,Turner, etc.
            I guess it’s Rodgers fault that Gute can’t draft a wide receiver higher, or trade down and catch a couple of receivers in the 2nd round….because of how much Rodgers makes (according to Steve)
            I guess it’s also Rodgers fault Gute signed Graham to 10 mill a year.
            I guess it’s also Rodgers fault that Gute picked Rashan at #12 to sit on the bench
            I guess it’s also Rodgers fault Gute sent Jordy packing.
            I guess it’s also Rodgers fault Gute picked a wide receiver in the 4th round that couldn’t make the team.
            I guess it’s also Rodgers fault for signing Wilkerson.
            I guess it’s also Rodgers fault for not resigning Cook, or going to get Cook last off season.
            I guess it’s also Rodgers fault Gute paid 11 million to Billy T his first season for a guy with a PFF grade of 64.8
            I guess it’s also Rodgers fault Gute picked a QB and trading up a 4th round pick so Love can sit on the bench alongside Rashan. thereby giving up on Rodgers.
            Maybe Rodgers told Gute to draft 2nd round pick Josh Jackson in 2018, instead of taking a wide receiver, because…..Rodgers HAS CONTROL OF THAT….i heard.
            Since the 2015 draft, the Packers selected 7 Defensive backs, all in the first or second round.
            In that same time frame. NO receivers or tight ends were taken in the 1st 4 rounds of each draft, except for one in the 4th round. He contributed 2 catches for 15 yards before being released after his first season…….but then again…..from what i’m learning, that all might have been Rodgers fault. He has control of that……i’m being told.
            I’m not trying to talk down to Packer Nation….My apologies to most of you, For the rest of you…..
            STAY THIRSTY

          4. PF4L August 5, 2020

            Fun Fact: Since 2002 all of the “PRODUCTIVE” wide receivers that made any real impact on the field for the Packers were drafted high….
            1st round..
            Javon Walker (2002)
            2nd round…
            Greg Jennings (2006)
            Jordy Nelson (2008)
            Randall Cobb (2011)
            Davante Adams (2014)
            3rd round….
            James Jones (2007)
            If this doesn’t tell you a story, i don’t know what will.
            Sure, you can draft receivers in the 4th, 5th, and 6th rounds for Rodgers and put all your eggs in that basket and who knows, maybe you’ll get lucky with one. But history will tell you……that’s a foolish plan.
            I said back in the 2018 draft of the 3 wide receivers taken, that they were hoping to find one good one out of the bunch
            So make no mistake with the Packers…..drafting receivers high who have proven to be productive is neither an accident, nor a coincidence.
            Again, and i’ll repeat myself…..this is a lesson that Mr. Rob Born tried teaching us back around 2016. The man was spot on, as i have previously acknowledged.

        2. MMSUCKS August 6, 2020

          I might venture a guess that STEVE is a 1265 Lombardi salt, that is in here to do damage control . . . OR, to make attempts at persuading people on this site to come around to the “Packer Homer” way of thinking. Either way he is a Homer who is in abject denial of just how bad and how often that the Green Bay Packers management has shit the bed and not supported Rodgers NOR their fan base. PERIOD.

          1. Todd August 20, 2020

            If their management is so bad and drafted bad these last some odd years then why do they have such a high winning percents age and always in the running for the division etc. sorry guys but Steve has is spot on. Rogers has been a drag on the team. Why do receivers have to quote”earn his respect before he will throw to them? Never hears such BS in my life. So how do they earn it if he won’t throw to them? Brady don’t seem to have a problem with new receivers (you know, because he is always compared to him). Brady is on another level by the way. Don’t know if you remember but just about all the starters were hurt last year at receiver. Healthy with a year under their belt your going to be pleasantly surprised. Your completely right Steve.

  3. cj August 5, 2020

    Anybody that blames Rodgers for the packers front office mismanagement, just doesn’t get it. This team behind the current front office will never make the SB. Their decision making is based on ego’s. Or, they are just that inferior or inadequate in their capacities. Rodgers is a super bowl caliber quarterback with more talent than 99.9% of them out there. Who cares how much you agreed to pay him….you made the decision. Stick with him and win now. That is exactly the reason you paid him so much money. You absolutely know as a smart GM you have to surround your high priced QB with superior talent and you do that through the draft with low priced rookies who are 1st and 2nd rounders. And, a few key FA acquisitions. Win now is the absolute mantra in this highly competitive league. This front office has completely gone in a different direction and have now missed their opportunity. Don’t blame Rodgers. Is Steve going to blame every QB who signs a record breaking contract and doesn’t get to the super Bowl. Sorry, but that is the game. High priced QB and GM does their job correctly surrounding him with the necessary talent every year. It goes to show how absolutely inadequate this front office is. Pay him all that money and then turn your back on him. That my friends is allowing your ego’s to enter into your decision making. Plain and simple.

    1. PF4L August 5, 2020

      After you re-up your franchise QB, spend 150 million on free agents, then months or a year later you hire a new head coach and then decide to have a new vision for your team, taking the team in a new direction. Well, that might….contribute problems.
      #1) Financially…i shouldn’t have to explain that.
      #2) Team unity….players start scratching their heads as which direction the team is going. Most players can detect a change in strategy, a shift to build for the future. This also has to cause some dissension in the locker room toward management.
      #3) Players know the team isn’t doing what it takes or doing all they can, to win now. So the message is…for now, were giving up.
      #4) Fan base…..Most fans aren’t stupid, they see what’s going on. Some don’t care…but a lot more do.
      #5) National Media….is looking at the Packers scratching their heads wondering wtf the Packers are doing.
      #6) Going through the motions…..that’s what this team will do until it see’s some direction.
      #7) Losing faith in the Franchise….Players and fans alike are confused what to make of this team, it’s leadership. They are being 2nd guessed, for obvious reasons.
      #8) Sink or Swim……That is what Gutes move has come down to. He is betting his career on Jordan Love. If Love is a flop, he probably won’t find another GM job. He may have bought some time from the Packers past his 5 year contract, but after that, it’s back to scouting.
      If Love and the team succeeds, he will guarantee himself another 10 years as a GM…wherever, maybe.
      The problem for us….Packer Nation is…after waiting, and waiting years for the bleeding to stop under Big Ted, Gute takes over and flips the team on it’s head. What this has done…….is extended the waiting game for Packer Fans. Lets face it….we are all waiting to see what happens to Rodgers. Instead of waiting to see if we’ll make it to the Super Bowl like we used to do some years back.
      Here’s what i know, or hope for. Let Love learn under Rodgers for a year, trade Rodgers, let the kid take over.
      I want a front row seat to watch Gute’s vision spread it’s wings.

    2. average fan August 14, 2020

      Yeah I don’t know why, but Packers management is too conservative. The 2019 offseason was the most aggressive I’ve seen them in my lifetime. But this offseason is very puzzling because it doesn’t build off of 2019 at all.

      Jordan Love and Deguara are prospects. AJ Dillon looks the most NFL ready, but the packers weren’t bad at running back. For the first time since Lacy, the running back position was a real asset on the offense. I understand they want to maintain the health of Jones, but they were doing that fine anyway by being selective with his carries and receptions.

      And if the goal is to have a 49ers style offense, this plan still fails. The 49ers haven’t stopped acquiring wide receivers. They got Deebo Samuel in the 2nd round of the 2019 draft, traded for Sanders during the season, and then drafter another receiver in the 1st round this year.

      What did the Packers do during this time? As of right now, not many impressive additions. They drafted a project tight end/fb. Signed Funchess who, despite having the most upside among the current group, opted not to play this year. Signed Malik Turner as a Funchess replacement afterwards but was just a depth player on Seattle. The plan is to still hope that the 2018 draft develops. I do look forward to St. Brown returning. I’m just not sure it really makes a big difference.

      I think this teams ceiling is wildcard or divisional playoffs. I just don’t see how they improved enough on offense to really get over the hump.

  4. Big B August 5, 2020

    So, Gute extends/locks up AR with a big bucks deal and two years later drafts his successor? WTF? Look at the contract numbers- if the Pack moves on from AR next year that will be $31+M of DEAD MONEY, or nearly 20% of what will likely be the reduced by COVID cap. That is financial suicide. Even moving on the following year, 2022, there is a $17M dead cap hit. So it is not financially palatable to move on from QB1 for at least 2, maybe 3 years. So why trade up and get a project now? Makes zero sense. They should have drafted a successor in a couple years and focused on improving the team NOW. Teams need to leverage the relative low cost rookie contract for QBs. In contrast to Pangloss, this is the worst of all possible worlds. If Gute wanted to go in a different direction he shouldn’t have extended Rodgers. Stupid, stupid, stupid.
    Thanks to overthecap.com for financial data.

    1. PF4L August 7, 2020

      Yea….the fact that Gute has “clearly” gone in a different direction, is why the NFL world is scratching their heads over the Packers new direction and not helping Rodgers. I said the day Love was drafted, the Packer gave up on winning for now, and they clearly gave up on Rodgers. This move by Gute is either his pot of gold, or it is what most people think it is, a colossal fuck up.
      But…..it isn’t just Gute. Remember….Murphy declared himself King. He said nothing happens on this team, no decisions are made, without his stamp of approval.
      If i can’t honestly say that the Packers team has improved itself over this off season (and i can’t) . Where is this team? My contention….this team’s mindset is back “trying to make the playoffs.” Sadly….i don’t even know if Gute cares about that this season.
      Good luck to them.

      1. Stiggy August 7, 2020

        I feel like Steve may be mark Murphy

    2. Ferris August 10, 2020

      The “Love fell to us” crap is the thing that gets me. In other words all the fans are stupid so tell them we didn’t plan to draft him.

      1. PF4L August 11, 2020

        PF4L April 24, 2020
        Gutes justification is…Love fell to him. but Love admitted there were multiple pre draft positive talks with Green Bay when he asked if he was surprised Green Bay picked him.. So Gute shouldn’t act like this pick was a surprise to him.
        People (everyone) were surprised (shocked) when Rodgers fell to 24. But no one last night was saying, hey, why hasn’t Love been picked yet. Night and Day difference.
        PF4L April 28, 2020
        It had to do with 3 strong reasons that prove Gute went into the draft targeting Love. I’ll condense it because i’m pissed off.
        1) Grabbed a plane last fall to watch Love play with one of his scouts. Called Love’s old coach last fall to have a long conversation about Love.
        2) How does a board “fall to you” when you traded up to go get him?
        3) Don’t take my word for it, listen to Ian Rapoport. who states the Packers had a pre-planned trade with Seattle, if they needed it.

  5. cj August 7, 2020

    I do not agree but what I continually here from a couple particular pundits is Rodger’s personality being “prickly”. I say give me a break……..can you hardly blame the guy for having a chip on his shoulder after watching the bone headed decision’s by the Packer front office over the majority of his career. Hell NO. I commend Rogers for handling the Love situation as he has of late. Would venture to guess deep down he can now hardly wait for the day they cut him loose and he can play for a franchise that actually appreciates his talent. It is so very unfortunate we are even experiencing this absolutely sickening situation. As someone mentioned in couple previous comments above, this Packer front office has failed their fan base. Seems they just cannot make the critical decisions which lead to super bowl appearances. Now we will have to sit and wait for the Love experiment to run it’s course. We all know with Murphy in charge it is going to be a long drawn out process before he admits fault with any one. Even if Love plays poorly for multiple years we will be in for the long haul. They have gone “all-in” on this guy and they are not going to admit to their woes until everyone in Packer Nation is screaming for their heads. I sure hope this running game they are banking on can hold together for many years. Just think of that…….with Rogers talent what do you say we double down on the running game. Unbelievable!

    1. PF4L August 8, 2020

      I don’t think i’m out of line saying….The Packers have put Rodgers in a position to fail.

  6. PF4L August 11, 2020

    Ok…even i’m getting bored with my own comments.
    How about we get a new article in here asap and………no one gets hurt?

    1. stiggy August 11, 2020

      Bill Barnwell posted a piece today on the packers being mediocre. Hes spot on.

      1. PF4L August 12, 2020

        Yea….he approaches it in a different way than looking at player acquisition, team strategy, draft strategy, etc. But his way is just as valid and he makes very good points
        Barnwell looks at it through more of an analytical lens to come up his point of view. In summary, after i read his article, it’s saying to me…the stars won’t align again for the Packers this season.

        1. stiggy August 12, 2020

          Yes. He said (and analytics also says) this is a .500ish team. You arent going to go 6-1 in 1 score games again…and their redzone defense and offense were unsustainable.

          1. PF4L August 13, 2020

            I think you hit on it Stig, when you bring up red zone defense. I think that’s where most of their close games were won. Without the labor pains of going through all the numbers, the Packers red zone D gave up 10 less TD’s in 2019 than 2018.
            It may come as a surprise to some because of our 2 shiny expensive new edge rushers. But the 2018 Packer defense actually had more sacks than the 2019 defense, not much more (3), but more.
            In other fun facts: the offense scored the exact same amount of points in 2018, as in 2019 (376)
            BUT…..in 2018 the defense allowed 400 points, vs 313 points allowed in 2019. Which…..put the Packers 9th in the league of points allowed. Which tells me……..if they had more potent offensive weapons, maybe they could have outscored other teams to get in the Super Bowl. A theory obviously not shared by Gute this off season. But then again, Gute and i agreeing on his and/or (Murphy’s) moves, would be rare indeed.
            In summary….We saw actual positive evidence of the teams defensive improvement in scoring defense, as i often brought up during last season. Pettine had/has something to show improvement and hang his hat on for now.
            25 PPG (2018) vs. 19.6 PPG (2019). Not quite the impact that Capers had in his 1st 2 seasons with the Packers, but respectable no less.
            As always….Free of charge.

    2. Cheese August 11, 2020

      Write an an article PF4L. I know you got more than what it takes ;) I considered doing it and have a few ideas in the back of my head, but as the saying goes… “If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.”

      1. PF4L August 12, 2020

        Those are my sweet (RIP) Grandmothers most famous words.
        As far as writing articles, sometime’s i feel like i already do…indirectly.
        I’m not saying I DESERVE IT….or…. my 9 years of work here should be appreciated by winning some kind of end of the year award for say…”Next Level” contributions to this site or anything…..but would a G D T-shirt, or maybe…. a free Cousins 1/2 cheese steak sub and fries kill anybody?

  7. PF4L August 14, 2020

    It’s hard to tell in here, but the NFL and the Packers are getting in full swing.
    Aug 12th – 16th…Non padded practice allowed (Max 3 1/2 hours/day
    Aug 17th – Sept 6th….Padded practice allowed (Max 14 total).
    The 2020 NFL season kicks off Sept. 10th with the Chiefs taking on the Texans at Arrowhead.
    Fun Fact: Multiple testing of all players showed a surprisingly low .46% positive rate. I almost don’t believe it’s that low, but hopefully that trend continues.