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How Green Bay Packers Cope with NFL Start and What They Are Doing with New QB

Since the coronavirus pandemic broke out earlier this year, we have been living with a lot of uncertainties. This has led to the cancellation of so many things such as the NFL preseason. But since the spread of the virus shows no signs of stopping any time soon, people are learning to adapt and continue with their lives the best way they know how. As a result, it was decided that the NFL training camps would start but everyone would strictly adhere to the set guidelines for safety purposes.

One advantage that the NFL teams have had over other teams such as professional baseball, hockey, and basketball is time. While some of these teams were in the middle of their seasons, others were about to start when the pandemic started. With the NFL, this was at the beginning of their offseason. How lucky, don’t you think? The teams handled all their offseason programs virtually and things went smoothly.

But unfortunately, the training cannot be done virtually, and seeing that time is not waiting for anyone the training camp has to start. For the first time in more than six decades, the training camp couldn’t be held at St. Norbert College. This is due to the NFL protocols put in place to minimize the spread of the coronavirus. So many challenging decisions had to be made including how many preseason games to play and whether or not the fans will be allowed to attend training camp. Every decision arrived at is for the well-being of the health and safety of the players, coaches, and fans.

The Green Bay Packers too, are faced with difficult decisions to make…

What is the Quarterbacks best and worst-case scenario for the Green Bay Packers? Here’s a brief assessment of the scenarios…

At the moment, the Packers only have 3 quarterbacks on the roster. This is after cutting Manny Wilkins in April and releasing Jalen Morton a while ago. What remains has the potential to be one of the best quarterback rooms in the NFL. They’re led, of course, by Aaron Rodgers. The team also includes third-year player Tim Boyle and 2020 first-round pick, Jordan Love.

During all seasons, players on all teams add to their career body of work in the NFL. This included years upon years of work for every guy in the locker room. The Packers are no exception. Most of the players on the roster such as Rashan Gary and Marquez Valdes-Scantling have very high ceilings and very low floors.

Green Bay Packers’ general manager, Brian Gutekunst, decided to draft Jordan Love in the first pick of the 2020 NFL draft. Gutekunst’s decision created a whole new set of questions.

Can Gutekunst find the next franchise quarterback without interruption? When will he look for Aaron Rodgers’ replacement? His legacy will ultimately hinge on how he handles such situations.

Stephen A. Smith and Marcus Spears are on opposite sides regarding the Packer’s QB dilemma. The epic argument is about the selection of Jordan Love and Aaron Rodgers’ status in Green Bay. This decision shows that Gutekunst isn’t afraid of making bold moves as long as he believes it’s in the best interest of the franchise.

If Gutekunst is right about Love, his decision could set up the Packers for another decade-plus of success. This presents a great opportunity for Love to learn and grow his career. He has the chance to learn from 36-year-old Rodgers while he’s still being coached by LaFleur. If Rodgers takes to Love, this could work out great for the Packers.

Gutekunst’s efforts come as states across the nation are looking towards legalizing sports betting with more and more making the move every year since the landmark repeal of PASPA. Will Packers fans in Wisconsin ever be able to wager on their favorite team? That remains to be seen.

Ed Rooney

Just a guy with too much free time trying to help out.



  1. Stephen August 14, 2020

    These 2nd and 3rd year receivers are going to be a real plus for this team. All that hype about selecting a receiver # 1 in the draft, is a bunch of hogwash. With so little time to train these new players, many of them will be rendered quite useless. That’s just where our young receivers have advantage in having had a year now, to learn HC Matt LaFleur’s system. Whereas other teams will be scratching and clawing to get these new rookie players they drafted, any sort of valuable experience, The Packers players are far advanced in the wide receiver dept.
    Watch for this huge advantage, to pay the greatest dividends for us on the NFL playing field. This was a great team last year, for having so little experience in the new system being installed by HC Matt LaFleur. While only having to shake off a few injuries, and a little rust, The Packers offense should be able to hit the ground running this year, while many other teams will be bogged down.
    God Is Great !
    Cheese Is Good …🐀🧀
    GO PACK GO 😁 … 🏈 … 🚀… 🏆

    1. PF4L August 14, 2020

      The same logic..repeated to us for the 7th time by Richard Gobbler.
      In Dick’s world….you don’t need high wr draft talent to succeed in the NFL, all you need is time.
      TIME….Just ask…..
      J’Mon Moore
      Malachi Dupre
      DeAngelo Yancey
      Trevor Davis
      Jared Abbrederis
      Jeff Janis
      Charles Johnson
      Kevin Dorsey
      Brett Swain
      David Clowney
      Cory Rodgers

      1. R.Duke August 26, 2020

        Even Van Jefferson is doing well with the Rams. He was not aggressive moving up after Pederson took Reagor. Talent over scheme.

  2. PF4L August 14, 2020

    “Whereas other teams will be scratching and clawing to get these new rookie players they drafted, any sort of valuable experience, The Packers players are far advanced in the wide receiver dept.
    Watch for this huge advantage, to pay the greatest dividends for us on the NFL playing field. ” – Dick Gobbler

    Teams that will be scrambling with their 1st round picks, trying to keep up with the Packers offensive juggernaut according to Dick.
    1) Raiders #12 pick Henry Ruggs III
    2) Bronco’s #15 pick…Jerry Jeudy
    3) Cowboys #17 pick CeeDee Lamb
    4) Eagles #21 pick Jalen Reagor
    5) Vikings #22 pick Justin Jefferson
    6) 49ers #25 pick Brandon Aiyuk

    I’m going to go out on a limb and say…..each of those receivers (barring injury) will be more productive on the field their first year than either last years #12 pick Rashan Gary, or #26 pick Jordon Love.
    To fully appreciate my scathing sarcasm. Most, if not all those teams have more offensive weapons than the Packers, without their 1st round wide receiver pick.
    But…….according to Dick……..the Packers enjoy a HUGE ADVANTAGE, ” to pay the greatest dividends for us on the NFL playing field.” – Dick Gobbler

    1. Stephen August 14, 2020

      Agreed. I don’t understand how anyone can be so high on the receiver group. I keep seeing the argument that they will have more experience in “the system” so there should be an improvement. I acknowledge that I am no expert, but to me “the system” is another meme that gets repeated but means almost nothing.

      As an example, Scantling was expected to improve from 2018 to 2019. When that didn’t happen, I’m seeing defenders say that it’s only the first year in LeFleur’s “system”. To an extent, this argument makes sense, but as an observer, the receiver group just doesn’t look strong.

      Also, it’s my understanding that LeFleur’s plan doesn’t rely as much as McCarthy’s offense did on 1-1 match-ups. If that’s the case, guys should be coming open based on scheme. However, at some point, they must win 1-1 battles. So either it’s lack of ability or scheme or defenses stopping it. I think it’s probably a combination of all three.

      Also, isn’t the whole point of training camp to learn the offense? How is it they go through a complete training camp and regular season last year and still don’t show up in the NFC Championship game? I’m supposed to believe it’s all because they just didn’t have enough time with the system. Yet, Lazard, who is no superstar himself, surpassed Scantling during the year. Graham never showed up until the divisional playoffs. What I see is a complete lack of ability.

  3. Cheese August 14, 2020

    Is there two Stephen’s showing up here with the same exact username? Or is it the same guy with a split personality?

    1. Ferris August 15, 2020

      There must be 2 loser twins in a basement somewhere.

    2. PF4L August 17, 2020

      One is a viking fan.

      Stephen June 9, 2020
      “Cousins certainly is at the top of his game, when he has the protection. He ranks within the top 5 NFL starters in the game today.”

  4. Cheese August 15, 2020

    I see the front office has made Kenny Clark the highest paid NT in NFL history. Meanwhile, Rodgers has one NFL caliber receiver to throw to…
    What I find to be more historic than Clark’s contract is the fact that GB has a first round defensive lineman on their roster that they haven’t converted to OLB yet.

    1. PF4L August 15, 2020

      Considering the Packers recent history of signing free agents, and extending their #1 draft picks to a 2nd contract (Nick Perry). Plus, the history of the Packers past 10 drafts.
      I don’t have a big problem with the Clark signing. He’s rare…in the the last 10 drafts of #1 draft picks, he’s actually earned a 2nd contract, he shows up for work and battles. Hopefully his numbers continue to climb, especially his stuff tackles.
      I don’t know if he deserves to be paid #1 in the NFL, but he’s a hell of a lot closer to it than Jimmy G or Nick Perry ever was.
      I’ll need more info, but the timing of this signing might be beneficial considering the uncertainty of next years salary cap. I won’t get deep into it yet, but….the NFL has guaranteed a 190 million dollar cap next season, as a minimum. That’s almost 9 million less than this season. Important……because the cap has routinely grown 8-12 million a year the last several years. But obviously, even with a full season, total NFL revenue will be way down in the 2020 season.
      Thanks to Mr. Rooney for writing a new article. I was about to request a welfare check.

      1. Cheese August 15, 2020

        Not saying Clark didn’t earn it. I’m sure he deserves it more than all the other bums GB doled out millions to. I just thought it was interesting when I saw the headline “highest paid NT in NFL history.” Can Russ Ball sign anyone without making them the highest paid player, or damn near, at whatever position they play, whether they deserve it or not? The short answer is no. I know I don’t have to go into detail with that one.

        1. PF4L August 16, 2020

          Yea…it wasn’t my intention, it just came across as i was questioning you. I realized it could be read that way right after i sent. My bad.
          I’ve always questioned….why Russ Ball never gets questioned.
          Where can you piss away tens of millions on bad deals, and then……have the President want to promote you to GM?
          Some, like Murphy, maybe a couple others, thinks Russ Ball is very successful. I have looked at most of his signings (excluding UDFA nobodies) and his “success” seems to come from one method, grossly overpaying. I say that comparing what they made from the team that didn’t want them anymore, to what Russ paid them vs their production. In almost every case, he overpaid by a lot, from what other team(s) offered. Example: The Saints wanted to resign Graham for 7 mill a year, Russ gave him 10 mill, 3 mill extra, 6 mill total. over two years
          That’s on the rare occasion he was bidding against anyone.
          In the case of Billy Turner, Turner was shuffled between 3 NFL teams, being cut 2 times and picked up on waivers twice. Never making more than 2.1 million right before the Bronco’s decided to not resign him, making him a free agent.
          With no teams having any interest other than the Packers. Russ Ball gave him a 4 year deal for 28 million, which is 7 mill/year on average. BUT…..it’s even worse than that!!
          In Turners first two seasons, Russ Ball is paying Turner $21,958,643. Yes…almost 22 million his first two years? WTF has Billy Turner ever done in this league?
          The Packers won’t offer Pro Bowl tackle Bulaga 9 million a year, but they’ll pay an under achieving nobody guard 11 million a year? A guy who’s been cut multiple times.
          Keep in mind…this is under Gutes, and Murphy’s watch.
          There has been recent articles insinuating this was a bad signing. I remember a guy saying the same fucking thing, back when he was signed.
          Apologies for the tone, but the pattern of pissing away money on non deserving players just pisses me off. Made worse, is when the team and most of the fans don’t seem to have a problem with it.
          In summary, …Billy Turner made 5.1 million his first five season. In Green Bay his first year from Russ Ball, he pockets
          11 million, with 10 million plus due this season.
          When you have a 2019 PFF score of 64.8, you are getting into the danger zone of possibly being cut, which Billy Turner is used to in his career.

          Maybe i’m just completely stupid….but a right guard who is making over 10 million a year should….i don’t know….maybe be a Pro Bowler? Or at least, in the conversation?
          What am i missing here? What does Russ Ball know that i don’t?
          Thank God Mark Murphy is large and in charge, where no decision is made without his approval.
          Then….during all the years of these bad signings. I read some fans say Rodgers should take less money to help the team acquire talent. Like the “team” has any clue, how to handle money?
          Excuse me, but under the circumstances that might be the dumbest thing i’ve ever read in here.

          1. PF4L August 16, 2020

            *meant TJ Lang, not Bulaga

          2. Cheese August 16, 2020

            No problem. I can see where someone might see my post as a dig towards Clark getting paid. It was intended as a dig towards Russ Ball’s negotiating skills and the front office for making absolutely zero effort to legitimately improve the WR position.
            Plus, it’s good to question and be questioned. If not, who knows… one could end up being the next Mark Murphy. An oblivious dolt who doesn’t know what’s going on within your own company, who stumbles and lies through his teeth whenever he’s asked tough questions from the press.
            I agree with you 1,000% about Billy Turner and others of the like. How in the fuck did Ball ever think Turner was worth that much? Or how about your favorite, doubling Tramon’s $2.5mil contract in Arizona to $5mil to come to Green Bay at the age of 35 to, in essence, be a glorified positions coach and teach the younger guys Pettine’s new system.
            There’s no rhyme or reason to any of this shit and it’s mind boggling.

          3. PF4L August 17, 2020

            Yea….it’s like everyone he signs gets a 30% – 800% raise from their previous season, sans Devin Funchess.
            Like i posted, i’m not lost on the fact that Murphy is just as responsible.
            Because Murphy made damn sure to let everyone know (multiple times) that he was in charge back during the Ted Thompson (re-assignment).
            When i mention “re-assignment”…i really mean “going away gift of millions.”
            Yea….When i hear someone try to justify the T Willy signing by saying he helps the younger players. My first thought is….why do we have coaches then? If you want to pay him to coach, make him a coach.
            I don’t have a problem with T Willy signed for depth, but then pay him accordingly, instead of being a 5 million dollar/year band aid.
            But then again this is the Packers we speak of, sometimes there is no room for logic.

          4. joefan August 22, 2020

            I was one of the people that was okay with the Turner signing because I read that he had a good season in Denver. From what I remember, he started as a bench player then got the starter role for 11 games and only gave up 3 sacks and 27 pressures while switching between guard and tackle. That seems impressive at first, and PFF had him as the 33rd best guard in 2018.

            However, I think this was a bad deal for all the reasons you pointed out. I think Gutenkunst was paying him for his versatility and as insurance in case Bulaga went down. But Bulaga had another solid year, and Turner got paid a lot of money to have a mediocre season. They should’ve just used the Turner money to extend Bulaga last year.

            The salary cap is getting very tight now with little margin for error. It matters who the big bucks go to. At least the big five of Rodgers, ZaDarious Smith, Preston Smith, Kenny Clark, and Davante Adams are deserving of their contracts.

            However, we can already see how bad signings hurt the team with unknown opportunity costs. Jimmy Graham was the highest paid tight end in the NFL last year. Terrible. Billy Turner probably cost us Bulaga.

            It’s also disappointing that there didn’t seem to be any bidders for Turner at the time of signing. It seems like what could’ve happened is the Packers panicked that they didn’t have enough depth and paid too much.

  5. NobodysBurfect August 16, 2020

    On Clark; is he the highest paid D lineman overall in league history, or the highest paid NT specifically? I think for NT that would make sense – he can be a true nose and also rush the passer, which is rare. But he doesn’t deserve more money than Aaron Donald, that guy is on another level.

    Rookies deserve 3 years, plain and simple. It was frustrating as hell watching Adams in his second year, just like MVS was this year. I’m not trying to make a comparison between the 2 players, but everyone deserves a mulligan. Look at Clowney, Derek Henry, plenty of other players too – sometimes it takes guys a minute to click. Which is great because football isn’t happening this year. Wash your hands and put on a goddamn mask when you’re in public.

    1. PF4L August 16, 2020

      Respect your post…..always.
      You’re correct, everyone deserves a mulligan (even Jordy Nelson if his QB was Brett Hundley) Wish the Packers had felt the same way vs. spitting in his face with an insulting minimum offer.
      But here’s the thing. Nobody i hear is giving up on MVS including myself. I don’t think anyone questions giving MVS a mulligan. What people question, is a GM standing pat and drafting for the future instead of getting help to win now. MVS isn’t the bad guy here who doesn’t deserve a chance.
      In the big picture, MVS has little, to nothing to do with the problems in Green Bay.
      Adams vs MVS are opposite comparisons . MVS has speed, but doesn’t have the precise route running natural talent that Adams had.
      Adams was given time to get his ball catching skills together, mainly because he earned it with his outstanding route tree. Fun Fact:….There were a few in here who wanted Adams cut, and Janis to take his spot.
      MVS and EB will have this season (maybe even next season) to step up. Whether that happens or not i don’t know. But if MVS could be productive again, and EB could show us he can be a dependable possession receiver, we’d have something.

    2. Cheese August 16, 2020

      Highest paid specifically at NT. I believe it said Clark was the 12th highest paid defensive player in the league.

  6. Deepsky August 16, 2020

    This season will be difficult to predict. Look at what’s happening in the NHL and MLB. There’s going to be missed games and teams that you expect to be good may be terrible for a number of reasons. We’ll probably see a vaccine two weeks before the election, so I think the NFL may complete at least most of the season.

    1. KazooPackFan August 17, 2020

      LOL. Are you signing up for a vaccine announced two weeks before the election???

  7. PF4L August 17, 2020

    In a humanitarian note…..
    Congrats to Alex Smith in being cleared to practice for the Redskins. He went through nearly two years of 17 surgeries, rehab, while battling infections. The man took a tour through hell and came back.
    Godspeed brother.

  8. PF4L August 17, 2020

    Looking back…….This made me smile :)
    PF4L April 5, 2019
    Can we please get to the next article so we can blast the shit out of Aaron Rodgers and give him blame for all the dysfunction on the field and in the front office?

    Lets do this!!

  9. Cheese August 19, 2020

    Looks like Mark Murphy sold his house in DePere for $1.05Mil. Does Murphy plan on moving onto other things? Who knows, but the article did say that he bought a nearby condominium. The condo would be cheaper and easier to deal with if he left for somewhere else. Maybe he just wanted to downsize, Idk.
    Interestingly enough, the house was also up for sale in the summer of 2018 which was not long after all the front office drama was going on with getting rid of Ted (or relocating), finding a new GM, reorganizing the power structure, Russ Ball, McCarthy, etc. Maybe these things have no correlation, maybe they do. Either way, it is interesting to theorize.

    1. PF4L August 19, 2020

      If someone from the Packers left, and wrote a book containing how things unfolded in the front office the last 9 years, i’d be first in line to buy it and no matter the cost, i’d be happy to pay.

  10. PF4L August 20, 2020
  11. PF4L August 20, 2020

    Red China Lives…..
    Sad, but true
    Aaron Nagler
    “Packers just updated their coverage guidelines for the media. We are now not allowed to mention who is getting reps with the first team, second team, third team etc., or who is being used in certain packages or if players are rotating among positions. Brave new world. ”
    LOL…i know, i know…….Gamesmanship?
    If the Packers feel like they need that “EDGE” of secrecy over other teams, they can’t be very comfortable with what they have. (God forbid the rest of the league knows that Tonyan was playing with the 1st team, or that
    Christian Kirksey intercepted Rodgers)…GASP!!
    Will it soon be mandatory that the reporter’s now have to have the final draft of their articles stamped with approval by the Packers before being released to the public or they lose their media credentials? Isn’t that the next step?
    It’s strange (coincidental) that when LeFleur came on board, he started redesigning the Packers headquarters by taking much of the Mantra’s and legacy items off the walls. Preferring the players aren’t exposed to the past and wanting a clean canvas to work from……………….. THEN, this year ………..He want’s the reporters to report on the Packers, BUT, only information that the Packers deem….appropriate.
    What’s next year…..no media allowed at practice’s?
    The waiting continues.

  12. PF4L August 23, 2020

    Should i just say it?
    Should i be the one….as usual?
    Should i talk about what everyone is thinking?
    There is no nice way to say this (or maybe i don’t care enough to try).
    But……wtf is going on in here?
    2 articles so far through August 23rd….Really?
    I was counting the articles written in another Packer website…64 Packer articles in August, with over 30 podcast
    Things i learned since i was in there.
    Gutenkunst took responsibility for the new training camp Red China rules, and his reasoning doesn’t hold water according to the article written.
    Billy Turner is sharing time with Rick Wagner at right tackle. which tells me that the Packers may not be comfortable with Wagner there.
    It is what it is, call me an asshole, that’s fine, i don’t care. I provide more content in here than the owner, or the writers, so i have a say.
    I mean…C’mon….If your only going to write 2 or 3 articles in August, you might as well just shut it down.
    I don’t know about anyone else, but i feel stupid visiting a website where the only activity is no activity, unless a reader post a new comment.

  13. NobodysBurfect August 23, 2020

    Yeah I’m with PF4L – you guys short on writers? Because I can guarantee you there are thousands of un/underemployed packers fans right now. You’ve got my email – let me know.

    -An underemployed Packers fan

  14. MMSUCKS August 24, 2020

    My concern is that we lose a great site that is irreverent and tells it like it really is. It is like an old tavern with an attitude. where else can you speak your mind about the Packers fucking up without an avalanche of witless Packer homers descending on you with the same tired, insipid, sarcastic vomit? I’ll keep hanging out and wait for the articles and posts to come. Fuck those other sites! Every post you make on them is fraught with landmines if your post is not some cunt-ass Pollyanna Go Team Go! Rah! Rah! Rah! drivel . . . Those senseless posters are nothing but a bunch of cheerleaders in drag.

    1. PF4L August 25, 2020

      Yea…i’m going through that (witless Packer homers) now…lmao. I’m fairly certain a good amount of those fans weren’t even born when Favre joined the Packers
      It’s serious brain damage, but…….it’s active with countless articles about real information from camp.
      Football season starts in 16 days.
      I’m with you, i’d rather stay here, but at some point you have to say……for what?

    2. PF4L August 25, 2020

      MMSUCKS……lol……i’m pretty confident i won’t last very long in the “new place”. I’m laughing as i type that :)
      To say i’m not making many friends is an understatement. They have a thumbs up, thumbs down count, so far i’m 36 up, 74 down :) ….about a 3rd of them understand everything i try to convey.
      It’s like you explain something, then they miss the point of what your trying to say, then you have to explain to them …again….trying to help them understand the point. I got so frustrated i just wrote that it’s like talking to the special olympics of football fans…lol. Yea…my days are numbered :)
      Here is an example of a guy who told me he went to graduate school (with honors) as if i’m supposed to be impressed. Here is my reply to him……….

      Coming out of Graduate school (with honors), you CLEARLY miss the point. It isn’t about Rashan Gary personally.

      It’s about, where do you want to spend your resources? You have two starting edge rushers, but you are very thin at pass catchers, you have a void coming up at right tackle, you need some run support on defense.

      For the last G D time…. THE POINT IS…..why draft an edge rusher at 12 who is a project, when you have more pressing needs on your team?

      IT ISN’T ABOUT RASHAN GARY!! It’s about winning now. The Packers say there goal every year is the Super Bowl….it doesn’t look that way.

      What is this….the special Olympics of football fans?

      Keep chugging down that kool aid…..WOW”

      1. MMSUCKS August 25, 2020

        Every time that I post on one of those sights . . . the fireworks start. Which as you know, I have no problem with. However, most of them are clueless as to how to digest, or even address the post. So it is an exercise in futility discussing anything that is abstract or not B and W with them. They cannot grasp the possibility or cannot think outside of their own insular world. Sad. Stay safe!

      2. Cheese August 26, 2020

        Lol… 36 up, 74 down. Atta boy!

        1. MMSUCKS August 26, 2020

          Yep! Lol! It is like trying to explain quantum mechanics to an infant.

  15. Steve August 25, 2020

    It is about acquiring the BPA to compete.
    (best player available)
    Players go down all the time. Gary could provide the help to replace one of them.
    Other positions are more easily filled when necessary, with free agents or trades.
    By having a player or players of this high caliber, the team has a very valuable asset.
    All NFL teams operate under a salary cap.
    Yet some people think that you just go out and buy or draft, what the uneducated fan thinks you need, or should have. And Then,
    These fans say the GM or Coaching staff don’t know what they are doing, after they have gotten their teams into the playoffs, or won their divisions for 10 years running.
    Some fans think that having a new Coach, means he should win the Superbowl the first year he’s here, and 13-3 and playing in the NFC Championship, just isn’t good enough, for a 1st year head coach and a team that hasn’t had the opportunity to learn his system yet.
    Some fans, just aren’t that bright … 🚀

    1. PF4L August 25, 2020

      Who put a nickle in you Lonely Boy?

      Are you calling a player with a PFF grade of 54.1 “high caliber”?
      Am i reading that right?

      1. MMSUCKS August 25, 2020

        LOL!!!! To both our point(s) . . . they are here as well . . . At least in here they are definitely in the minority.

    2. MJ August 26, 2020

      Then why did the 49ers pick up a 1st rd WR right after losing one to free agency? They also operate within the salary cap system, but did not get carried away on an abstract pursuit. They tried to address their weaknesses now, to have a shot now, before their talent level regresses to the mean.

    3. Cheese August 26, 2020

      “It is about acquiring the BPA to compete.”
      It’s not called competing when you spend most of the season on the bench.
      “Other positions are more easily filled when necessary, with free agents or trades.”
      Easily filled when necessary? GB just signed two pass rushers to hefty 4 year contracts prior to drafting Gary, all while the WR cupboard is bare bones and has been a position of need for years.
      “By having a player or players of this high caliber, the team has a very valuable asset.”
      Assets are on the field. As PF4L said, a player with a grade of 54.1 sitting on the bench is a project. Should the Kansas City Chiefs sign Aaron Rodgers to be an asset on the bench in case Mahomes goes down? No, their resources would best be used elsewhere.
      “Then these fans say the GM or Coaching staff don’t know what they are doing, after they have gotten their teams into the playoffs, or won their divisions for 10 years running.”
      More like most draft pundits gave the Packers a draft grade of D or even F this past year because of GB’s incessant want to collect 1st round projects, sorry I mean assets, that are going to sit the bench while all the highly paid “real assets” are on the field providing actual value.
      Won their division 10 years running? With the exception of last year, GB missed the playoffs two consecutive years in a row because of their reluctance to “easily fill necessary positions.”

      1. Cheese August 26, 2020

        The only thing I can think of is that Gute wasn’t confident in his signing of the Smith Bros at the time so he picked up Gary as a plan b. In essence, stockpiling at one position. Kind of like he did at WR with a bunch of late round picks, hoping at least one of them would become a steal. The verdict doesn’t look great on that one. Or how about stockpiling DB’s in the first two rounds of the draft every other year hoping just one of them will work out. Not confident in your decisions? Just stockpile a bunch of the same and one of them has to work out! Right?!
        Gute is either without a doubt Ted 2.0, or it was Gute that was making all the decisions for Ted in his later years while Murphy did nothing about the obvious.

        1. MMSUCKS August 26, 2020

          Correct! This makes sense. Gute is Ted’s (The Frugal Gm) protege. I am not impressed with Gute at all. Other than him signing a few decent FA’s. His draft picks have mostly been either just another player, or busts for the most part. There are a few that show potential, but have not maintained any dominance throughout a full season. That is worrisome. Couple that with his “all in” rhetoric and you have a GM who talks out of both sides of his mouth, making head scratching draft choices while pandering to the Packer fans with empty statements to keep them quiet.

          1. PF4L August 29, 2020

            To Cheese’s point, the Packer do sometimes draft in “clumps” 3 running backs one year, 3 wr’s, 3 lineman (all in the 6th round last April), and as Cheese pointed out, they drafted 7 def. backs in the 1st 2 rounds for years, too bad one or two of them weren’t wide receivers.
            This is what i’m talking about when i say the Patriots fill a position, they do it quick and precise.The Patriots need a corner….Stephon Gilmore, 12 million….done
            The Packers hem and haw and make filling a position a process that usually takes years of hit and miss, mostly miss.The Packers need a tight end. Cook, Bennett, Graham (10 million)
            Guess what, after all that brain damage and wasted money, the Packers still need a tight end. Cook proved the be the right one, but they showed him the door after 1 year.
            MMSUCKS….you are correct about the few decent FA signings, but even those still have to pass the test of time And even then, after that, you have to put the bad FA signings into the mix before actually giving him a complete grade.

            What strikes me odd, is he had Rodgers, and some resources (to go for it).
            Instead…..he drafts Gary and Love and doesn’t give Rodgers help (again).
            Which tells me two things…..1) He was in love, obsessed, and hell bent on signing Love.
            2) If Love flops….Gute will become the laughing stock and ridicule of Green Bay Packer fans for some years to come.
            IF…Love turns into an above average or Elite QB, than that is his own glory.
            Good luck to him.