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Water is Wet and Brian Urlacher is a D-Bag

Former Chicago Bears LB Brian Urlacher, never one to shy away from expressing his opinions, has decided to weigh in on current issues such as police brutality and NBA players’ responses to the latest police excessive force event.

What this tone-deaf moron seems to miss is that these protests are the result of systemic racism that has been in place long before this dude-bro former linebacker was even thought of. Furthermore, not that it’s even relevant anyway, Favre’s father passed away the day prior to his historic Monday Night Football performance.

Also, Blake’s reaching for a knife is just something made up and spread among conservatives on social media to rationalize another attempted murder of a black man by police. This is the same police force that allowed a portly incel with a rifle walk away from a scene in which he murdered two people.

Urlacher seems to take issue with NBA teams boycotting playoff games and saw it as an opportunity to announce to the world that he is on the wrong side of the issue.

The Chicago Bears went as far as to distance themselves from his remark:

The social media posts in no way reflect the values or opinions of the Chicago Bears organization

Matt Forte also tweeted his own response:

The best part about Urlacher’s comments are that he is showing all of us, including his former teammates, his true colors. Racists like Urlacher are more comfortable than a long time to come out and express their views. Fortunately, history will not be kind to them.

Across the NBA, WNBA, MLS, and MLB, these were the games postponed in protest of the shooting of Jacob Blake:

NBA: Orlando Magic vs. Milwaukee Bucks (Game 5 — first round)
NBA: Oklahoma City Thunder vs. Houston Rockets (Game 5 — first round)
NBA: Portland Trail Blazers vs. Los Angeles Lakers (Game 5 — first round)
WNBA: Washington Mystics vs. Atlanta Dream
WNBA: Los Angeles Sparks vs. Minnesota Lynx
WNBA: Connecticut Sun vs. Phoenix Mercury
WNBA: Chicago Sky vs. Indiana Fever
WNBA: Dallas Wings vs. New York Liberty
WNBA: Las Vegas Aces vs. Seattle Storm
MLB: Cincinnati Reds vs. Milwaukee Brewers
MLB: Seattle Mariners vs. San Diego Padres
MLB: Los Angeles Dodgers vs. San Francisco Giants
MLS: Atlanta United vs. Inter Miami
MLS: FC Dallas vs. Colorado Rapids
MLS: Real Salt Lake vs. Los Angeles FC
MLS: San Jose Earthquakes vs. Portland Timbers
MLS: Los Angeles Galaxy vs. Seattle Sounders

Brian Urlacher is a douchbag

Sep 17, 2018; Chicago, IL, USA; Chicago Bears former player Brian Urlacher is honored during halftime of a game between the Chicago Bears and the Seattle Seahawks at Soldier Field. Patrick Gorski-USA TODAY Sports

Jason Parker

I'm Just Here So I Won't Get Fined



  1. Dannyjo herrin August 28, 2020

    I think I like Urlacher now!

  2. Lyle Perry August 28, 2020

    Frankly, I’m more in line with Brian. Wanna call me a d-bag, too? Or do ya wanna wait til the facts come out in court?

  3. jeff ircink August 28, 2020

    i’ll wait until the investigation is complete before i cast my opinion(s). i do agree that systematic racism is wrong….but i still report to work every day to do my job.

    1. PF4L August 30, 2020

      It took years, but you should be acknowledged for posting an intelligent comment.
      Nice job.

  4. Skinny August 28, 2020

    Urlacher lawsuit against Total Packers being filed as we speak, lol.

  5. stiggy August 28, 2020

    You do realize jacob blake has admitted to having a knife and you can see it in thr video right?

    That isn’t a right wing conspiracy…that would be like me denying he was shot…and chalking it up to a left wing conspiracy.

    I agree Urlacher is tone deaf.

    1. PF4L August 28, 2020

      It doesn’t matter, knife or no knife, gun or no gun. He should have NEVER been allowed to enter his vehicle.
      Like i previously wrote, these cops were inept on more than one occasion, and truthfully, i’m embarrassed they are in Wisconsin and the Nation is watching.

      1. Walk August 31, 2020

        Tough guy, come at me while I have a knife, in fact three people come at me while I have a knife and let me know how that works out for you my arm chair cop…..

      1. stiggy August 29, 2020

        I said he had a knife jp and you can see it jn the picture..it especially makes sense jt was later found on the floor of the vehicle after being shot.

        I never said he waved it af a cop. The only false your provided from poli fact disproved claims he had a gun.

        And also…it takes less than a half second to turn around and stab someone.

        With all thst being said the other posters are right. It should have never escalated that far.

  6. PF4L August 28, 2020

    Funny thing….i’m driving home yesterday listening to sports talk about this issue, and i’m thinking to myself, should i not go to work anymore until all innocent children are stopped being killed by stray gunfire? 2,3,4,5, 8 year old’s shot and killed?
    It happens all the time and it’s my big pet fucking peeve that people don’t show outrage or protest over child killings.
    Rarely….if ever…in any kind of media, do i ever hear anyone talking about their outrage of the hundreds of children killed each year. Just in Milwaukee, they average about 20 a year, so you can imagine how many annually, Country wide.
    There are far more child killings a year than unjust killings by cops, but clearly, nobody gives a fuck about the kids. The day Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton ever show up to protest a child killing, is the day i win the powerball lottery.
    I don’t have a problem with athletes wanting to sit out a practice, or a game. Canceling the season would be another story.
    I understand why they want to do it. When they do it, these issues get talked about and that’s how change starts.

  7. PF4L August 29, 2020

    Kenosha, Wis., Mayor John Antaramian told reporters Friday that he has no intention of requesting the resignations of Police Chief Daniel Miskinis or County Sheriff David Beth, despite calls from various civil rights groups for both men to step down.
    “I think when you look at what has occurred over the last week and all the activities going on, everyone is doing the best that they can,” Antaramian said at a press conference on Friday.
    If that is the best they can do…i’d hate to see them on a bad day.

  8. NobodysBurfect August 29, 2020

    If multiple cops can’t tackle a guy who’s walking away from them they’re a fucking disgrace to the uniform.

    In regard to the murderous little shit; have a look at the videos of a cop thanking him for being there (the 17 year old from out of state who was brandishing a gun & out past curfew), and then asked him to watch his back if things went south. Rittenhouse deserves to be thrown under the jail, but the system as a whole is broken.

    Hey speaking of broken, I hear our first round pick is having quite a camp!

    1. PF4L August 30, 2020

      That’s right, you take him to the ground.
      As far as the little shit wannabe cop. The first time i watched that video i thought to myself, this kid is going to lawyer up with good lawyers who will go on a full press of self defense and all they need is one juror to agree with them. I don’t think convicting him of murder or attempted murder is a slam dunk in the court of law. Of course the (anticipated) gun charges will stick. But past that, he may or may not be convicted of 2nd degree murder,or manslaughter, maybe getting a hung jury (my guess) (repeatedly).
      Obviously this is speculation, i’m not privy to all the facts and i’m not a lawyer, although i did sleep at a Holiday Inn Express last night.

      1. NobodysBurfect August 30, 2020

        @PF4L – GoFundMe (and I guess their main competitor too), took down the pages for donating to his legal fees. I’m not going to pretend to be a lawyer either, but this kid and his family are fuuuuuucked regardless – if not criminally from civil suits.

        1. PF4L August 30, 2020

          Yea, i didn’t think of civil lawsuits, good point.

  9. Frederick Douglas August 29, 2020

    There was a knife, sorry. He also had an outstanding warrant for a serious crime. ‘Systemic racism’ has nothing to do with it. Addle-brained criticism of somebody stating facts doesn’t make you one of the cool kids…..

    1. Jason Parker August 30, 2020

      Your bigot tears give me strength

      1. Steve August 30, 2020

        You even lacked the guts to post my comment, as you simply don’t tell the truth.

        1. PF4L August 30, 2020

          psstt….i don’t think calling the site owner…a liar, is going to help you.

  10. Alberto August 30, 2020

    Calling him what you call him, is indicative of promoting what the scum on the street would prefer to have. I’d like to see what would likely happen to you, if you had no protection under the law. I don’t see any reason to pass counterfeit money on the streets either, and if someone is caught doing that to me, I expect them to be punished. Do you think that people of any color should get away with that ? Don’t do the crime, if you can’t do the time, don’t do it. The news doesn’t tell us about the long lists of past offenses some of these folks have, and officers are informed partially when they arrest them, so that they have some idea as to what and who they are dealing with. When is it, you last had to deal with some large subject capable of killing you, strung out because he’s a meth addict, that’s also full of fentanyl. He would likely kill a wimp like you, which would be no great loss, but you are willing to let this happen anyway, so who cares. I don’t care what color anyone is, if they have to print a color on their signs to gripe about anything
    they are showing predjudice. I’m sick of you talking out both sides of your lips. So are a lots of others. Law enforcement at least gives scum like that a fair trial most of the time, and they should be thankful for that, because many of us wouldn’t. I won’t risk my life for 8 minutes to do that.

  11. Stickman August 30, 2020

    When is it OK not to obey a police officer. Too me there are two kinds of people. There are people that work for a living and there are people who don`t work for a living. The people that work put in 8 to 10 hrs a day, go home they eat and go to sleep so they can go to work the rest of the week. Not much time to commit UNLAWFUL acts. The people that don`t work for a living have nothing but time and a government subsidized check. Who would in there right mind would want to be a police officer when being a thug is justified by the LEFT. Get a job…

    1. PF4L August 30, 2020

      As i said at the time of the Minneapolis protest, the pool of finding quality people to become cops is going to shrink.
      What i’ve heard so far is about 20 percent of Minneapolis Police have filed for Post Traumatic Stress disability. Now….because of the fact that the city leaders didn’t fully support the cops, i don’t blame any of them. They probably want disability to be able to find a new career.
      I also have heard periodically, that the pool of quality police candidates was drying up from various sources. But that was a pretty easy call.

      1. Ed August 30, 2020

        Urlacher was a D-bag “way” before this.
        He was when he played for the Bears.

        1. PF4L August 30, 2020

          He very well might be a D bag. But he was one hell of a middle linebacker.

          1. Stickman August 30, 2020

            He`s welcome @ my house

  12. PF4L August 30, 2020

    If there are any golf fans out there and “target golf” bores you. Check out the BMW Championship, the 2nd leg of the Fed EX playoffs (Winner = 15 million).
    Whoever wins this weekend has earned it as only 2 players are in red numbers at -1. The bottom score is +30. Deep rough and dry greens with difficult pin placements.
    Tough course.

  13. Deepsky August 30, 2020

    So, how ’bout those Packers?

    1. PF4L September 2, 2020

      In fairness to JP, this site has never been one to report daily on Packer camp details, or the going on’s therein. Thereby giving us something Packers related to converse about before the season starts.
      Sure, i could research and find Packer related camp details and post them in here. But until i get a party pack of hardshell taco supremes with plenty of hot sauce packets……it ain’t happenin.

  14. Skinny August 30, 2020

    Ive filed for PTSD benefits numerous times through the state of WI for the trauma the Packers have put me through the last 30 years. Still havent gotten one damn cent. Im pissed! Someone owes my ass money for 2014. For 1997. For 2003. For 2007. I want my money! Henry i want my money!

    1. PF4L August 30, 2020

      I understand your frustration.
      i’ve been keeping this place entertained for years and years and years. Any acknowledgement? Maybe a simple fkn thank you? How about an fkn award? Maybe a fkn t-shirt, or a fkn hat? How about a fkn cheeseburger?…. fkn something (sigh).
      I use to let it effect me in a negative manner. But thankfully i’ve been able to keep it together through years of therapy and the right meds.
      Hang in there my man, don’t be too proud to ask for help. There’s always hope, look how good i turned out :)

      1. Yeah. You are a racist and have always been the worst part of this website You are rude, dickish, and not nearly as clever or smart as you think you are

        1. PF4L September 3, 2020

          I may not be as smart as i think i am, but its all good, because i’m sure as hell smart enough. I am a racist in it’s truest sense (we all are). I can be rude, no doubt about it

          But one thing i am NOT, is a coward. I have never posted under a different name…..ever.
          Lose the dress, and come back and post under your usual name.

    2. Stiggy August 31, 2020

      I wonder if that high school ref mc gravy practically assaulted filed for PTSD pay.

  15. I guess I’m a Libra August 31, 2020

    Done with this website. I’ve been bullied before and watched duckweed PF4L be unnecessary rude and dickish to,people. Should have known he was a racist. And so many other morons. I’m embarrassed that Packer fans and Wisconsinites have no empathy for victims and can rationalize murder.
    All you assholes can watch a league with majority black players but can’t have any sympathy for blacks who are gunned down in cold blood? What the ever loving fuck You aren’t human. I suppose this makes me a libtard, huh? Well, I have served my country and I have voted for Republicans most of my life. I’ve been a hunter, can take apart and put an M16 back together blindfolded, played football, blah, blah, blah all the same things many of the clowns on this website might identify with The difference is I have a brain and a heart.
    Good luck living happy lives with all the hatred and muck in your twisted Hearts.
    I’m out

    1. PF4L September 3, 2020

      LOL…How many names you got L B? (Libra Boy)
      I almost can’t believe you’ve been bullied, it’s hard to imagine.
      WAIT JUST A G D SECOND HERE…..”Libra” makes a good point!!!
      77% of the NFL players are black. WTF?…Is that fair? Why can’t white people have equality in the NFL? (that’s probably a racist question amirite?)
      Maybe white players should take a knee, maybe protest and sit out games?
      How about Goodell create a new NFL by-law where white players are represented equally.
      White players better start being treated fairly and respected, before some fools (not as smart as i am)
      start burnin shit down in protest.
      Sad to see you’re leaving Nancy. Thank you for your service.



    1. Ferris September 1, 2020

      Chris Rock. That is funny. If they have to come and get you they’re bringing an ass kicking with them.
      What is not funny is my old State WI. Glad I left in 1987.
      I can’t say anymore.. the Trump supporters will tell me there is no racism in WI. Yeah I grew up there…I know what there is.

      1. PF4L September 2, 2020

        Well, don’t let anyone bullshit you, there is racism in every state, always will be.
        The difference’s between them is the level of understanding, tolerance, acceptance and
        showing of respect (for those who want to help themselves).
        I personally have no tolerance for those who’s mission it is to claim victimization, not showing respect towards others, whether they are black, white, brown, or red.
        Show me anyone, of any color, who shows respect, who want to help themselves, and i’ll show you a person who is shown respect by mostly all, and by people willing to help
        People should NEVER complain about not receiving respect from others, when they first, refuse to show respect. That covers a lot of people.