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Brett Favre Offers Take on Lambeau Field’s Low Capacity Rule in 2020 Season

For those that wish to attend the Packers home games this season, there is still a chance you may be able to do so. President and CEO of the Packers, Mark Murphy, said it’s possible that no fans will be allowed to attend games this season, but the organization is holding out optimism. In fact, the team sent a notification letter to season ticket holders that there are plans to play in front of fans, although at a much smaller scale.

Clearly if fans can attend, there will be strict protocols, including wearing masks and social distancing. There will be several options available to season ticket holders, including the chance to opt out. Those that opt out will get either a full refund or keep their ticket package for next season.

With the absence of preseason games, it will be interesting to see how well-prepared teams will be to kick off the regular season in less than three weeks. There still is no official word as to whether or not fans will be permitted to attend games.

There is a possibility that some teams in cities less heavily affected by COVID-19 will be allowed to have fans, while others are not so fortunate. In an interview with Fox Business Network, former Packers’ great Brett Favre clearly noted that home field advantage is a real thing, and to play without fans takes away from teams and somewhat evens the playing field.

Favre believes fans, if they take the proper precautions, should be allowed to attend games should they choose to do so. He added that the players clearly thrive off the emotion of the fans, particularly at home.

With a significant number of top 25 college football teams not playing this season, Favre hopes there will be some semblance of college football this year, and thinks if the SEC plays, there will be some college football. Maybe not all the teams will play, but any kind of football this year is a bonus, with or without fans in attendance.

Brief transcript of Favre’s comments on Fox Business Network’s Varney & Co.:

I can’t imagine Lambeau Field on a Monday night game with zero fans watching in attendance.

You know, home field advantage is a real thing. And you are going to take that away from some teams. But I’m curious to see how it all plays out.

Me personally, I think they should allow fans to attend as they wish, and take the proper precautions. And if you — you’re fearful of catching this virus, then you stay home.

But there’s no question that the players feed off of the fans, especially at home, obviously. And I think, of all the sports, here in the States, at least, football certainly, I think, thrives, feeds off of the fans.

So, it’s going to be interesting.

Brett Favre and Aaron Rodgers

Aug 7, 2016; Canton, OH, USA; Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers (12) greets Hall of Fame member Brett Favre before the game between the Indianapolis Colts and the Green Bay Packers at the 2016 Hall of Fame Game at Tom Benson Hall of Fame Stadium. The game was cancelled due to safety concerns with the condition of the playing surface. Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports

Ed Rooney

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  1. Alberto August 26, 2020

    Enter Brett Favre for President, He Knows A Bit About Football. Additionally, Don’t let teams travel to towns, where the danger is high. Filthy Cities with looting, rioting, and protesting, need not have football. Till the people know how to act, and show some semblance of respect for one another, it shouldn’t be a part of their daily diet. They are too busy burning buildings, and doing harm to one another, to enjoy a good game of football anyway. Let them stay off of the football fields, and either stay home or go to jail.

    1. MMSUCKS August 26, 2020

      I think that I just lost brain cells reading your inane post. Obviously, you have no awareness of what is actually going on in these “Filthy cities” . . . Wow! The dumbing down of “Merica” is in full bloom with you. My first reaction to reading this post was . . . this must be some script from the “Idiocracy” Sequel. Continue to listen to right-wing propaganda . . . Start thinking for yourself if that is possible. Fuck.

      1. Stiggy August 27, 2020

        Well the above comment isn’t the brightest but if you think people are running around singing kumbaya you are nuts.

        In kenosha a 71 year old man was bricked in the head with a water bottle full of concrete attempting to stop people from burning a business.

        A woman was also assaulted at her business while being called a multitude of racial slurs

        In Minneapolis yesterday looting started again cause a murder suspect committed suicide.

        Idiocracy also applies to those who are willing to burn down their own city based on a twitter feed as well as those who blindly support it.

        How about cops stop shooting people and how abojt people stop burning down peoples businesses and homes who were not complicit.

        Two wrongs don’t make a right and silence is violence is a conplete crock of shit.

        1. PF4L August 27, 2020

          StIg Is rIght…Everything isn’t always one sides fault. there is always plenty of blame to go around to who ever is in the wrong.
          I know in the last few years i’ve opened up my mind to look at the big picture.
          These cops make me sick to my stomach, including the keystone cops in Kenosha. We have to get rid of bad cops. The problem is, it’s a double edge sword, because to find the bad cops, we have more victims.
          On the other side, …….Grow a brain.
          If your worried about social profiling, if your worried about being the victim of police brutality.
          Is it in your best interest…to be combative with the cops? Grow a brain.
          What’s the common denominator with all victims of police brutality including what i call murder? The victims are almost always combative in some manner.This isn’t excusing the cops, but….
          With that said….wouldn’t you have better results by cooperating? Common sense?

          1. Cheese August 28, 2020

            Exactly PF4L. If you wrestle with cops, have zero intent of complying, and allegedly reach for a weapon, you’re not doing yourself any favors. On the other side, jui jitsu probably would have helped earlier in the altercation to restrain the guy so there’s a lack of training, and seven shots to the back is rather excessive.
            Meanwhile, the actions coming out of these “peaceful protests” are absolutely disgusting, as evidenced by what Stig wrote above. When you set a building on fire that has a family trapped inside, I’m sorry, your movement has lost all fucking credibility. You don’t give a shit about lives. Black, white, purple, whatever. All they care about is pushing some bullshit agenda that’s being sponsored by the media.

          2. PF4L August 29, 2020

            I agree with the concept the cops should use whatever means necessary. But in todays climate, i’m not so sure a rear naked choke, (although effective) would be widely accepted…..On the other hand….it would have been a better result than what happened.
            I don’t know, what the cops following him with there weapons drawn…accomplishes (other than walking him to his drivers door). The cop in front doesn’t get physical…UNTIL the perp is allowed to reach in his car. But who allowed it?….the cops did.
            Take the guy to the ground!….Don’t walk with him…..Do your fucking job.

    2. R Duke September 2, 2020

      Did the hillbilly pay back that $ 1M bribe from Senator swamper down in dixie??

  2. Deepsky August 27, 2020

    The NFL season will be played because I would bet any amount of money a vaccine will be announced in October for delivery in the weeks after.

  3. Hinder Head August 27, 2020

    Another gem from Bert Farve. And I am supposed to care what this numb nuts says, why? I guess that texting pics of your wiener makes you a health expert.

  4. PF4L August 27, 2020

    It seems to me that teams make their own policy of letting fans in their stadiums. I’ve heard of some teams allowing x amount of fans in, citing social distancing.
    The Packers announced they would have no fans, at least for the first two home games. This was announced after a questionnaire was sent to season ticket holders asking them if they wanted to “opt out” this season. I believe the result was that around 80% would opt out.
    Personally, the most important thing to me is playing the games, fans or not. Sure, in an ideal world the stands would be full. But, i can tell you this….i never once tuned into a sports event to watch the fans.

  5. PF4L August 27, 2020

    In other news, because sometimes life supersedes sports.
    Can the Kenosha Police Department look any more inept?
    First they allow a guy to walk around his vehicle and open the door to lean in where he may or may not have been grabbing a knife (weapon).
    1) This may sound crazy, but how about…….When cops followed him walking around his car to the drivers door, how about tackling him from behind before he can get inside his vehicle? instead of walking along with him giving him an opportunity to get inside his vehicle?
    2) After getting reports of a shooting, a bunch of squads are heading down the street to the scene. They slowed down, because there was someone walking down the middle of the street with an assault rifle strapped around his shoulder. The guy put his hands up……..as if surrendering. So what do the cops do?……….they yell at him to get out of the way. Multiple squads, multiple cops.
    Again…..You’re on your way to a reported shooting, along the way you witness a man(boy) with an assault rifle hanging down from his shoulder, then the man puts his hands up as if he’s surrendering and walks up to the squad cars with his hands up.
    So that begs 2 questions……..
    1) Not one of these cops felt this guy looked suspicious?
    2) Not one of these cops thought….hey, maybe we should check this guy out?

    The only way he could look any more suspicious, is if he had a sign hanging on his chest that said he just shot some people.

    1. stiggy August 27, 2020

      This is the smartest post on this I have read. Whatever happened to tackling someone?

      I see a lot of municipalities banning the rear naked choke but I feel it would be prudent to require all officers to become proficient in Brazilian jui jitsu.

      It is a safe way to subdue people…and with training a rear naked choke and other choke moves are not very dangerous. They become dangerous when the person applying them is unskilled in doing so.

      1. Cheese August 27, 2020

        Agreed on the Jui Jitsu part Stig. I’m not informed enough on either of these situations but there are actions on both sides of the coin that make me think WTF.

  6. Jason Parker August 27, 2020

    This post should have been attributed to Ed and not myself. I changed it

  7. Skinny August 27, 2020

    Sounds like Brittany Favre had a hell of a year. Anybody hear that story? Unreal. That could have ended a helluva lot worse for her.

  8. NobodysBurfect August 28, 2020

    The problem with letting teams handle Covid individually is that I have no faith in the morality of certain owners. Jerry Jones said he wants a full house for the opening game, all while Texas has a massive number of cases. Money grubbing dipshit.

    I’m pleasantly surprised with the quality of most of these comments about Kenosha. Y’all read Urlacher’s inane bullshit? It’s like Bears players can’t help but suck even when they retire.