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What Are the Odds of an NFL Season this Fall?

When the Coronavirus pandemic hit the United States earlier this year, much of the country — including the sports world — came to a screeching halt. While NASCAR, soccer, and golf have all resumed, plans are in place for the NBA and MLB to begin. What will happen with the NFL this season?

It’s not known at this point if the pandemic will claim the 2020 season as its victim with all the NFL to begin training camp at their regularly scheduled time late in July. There is, however, optimism that camps will open on time.

A memo to the league earlier this month notifying the teams that they cannot have joint practices with other teams this summer. This has becoming quite commonplace in the past several seasons.

For some teams, such as the Eagles, Jets, and Giants, this will not affect them so much since they have training camps at their team facilities. However, many teams that traditionally travel for camp include the Rams, Colts, Chiefs, Steelers, Redskins, Bills, Cowboys, Panthers, and Bears.

Practices on the field have been non-existent to this point with all workout programs done virtually, such as via chat classroom. Players will largely be responsible for working out on their own.

There’s a lot of fun speculating what may happen around the league, how well new players will fit in with their teams, which draft picks will shine, which team will come out of nowhere to contend, and which preseason favorites will falter. All of this may not matter, as Covid-19 plays no favorites. In a game of continuous contact, this goes against any precautions to control the spread of the virus that has no cure to this point.

Earlier this month Dr. Anthony Fauci noted that he has some serious doubts about whether or not the NFL can pull off a season, that it may need to “bubble” its teams to have a chance with perhaps, and seemingly increasingly likely that no fans will be in attendance.

The reality for a league that requires in upwards of three-digit personnel per team per game and to have all of those in a giant bubble seems a difficult task to pull off. Let’s suppose the season does take place, it will look entirely different from what anyone is accustomed to.

If a player tests positive for Covid-19, how much time will he likely miss? At least a couple weeks, even if the symptoms are non-existent or mild. Even after testing negative, it may not be so simple to return quickly. For Von Miller of the Denver Broncos, he was still feeling issues more than 2 ½ weeks after testing positive for the novel Coronavirus.

Who knows what will happen with the teams from day-to-day, let alone week-to-week. Numerous players and personnel could get sick at once, putting a big dent for upwards of a month during a four or five month season.

Also to take into consideration is that Covid-19 has been harder on the clinically obese, and while NFL linemen are in great physical condition, their immense size puts them in that category. The fact that football is a contact sport makes the socially distancing component impossible.

To play a football season during the middle of such a pandemic seems utterly ridiculous on many levels, yet there are plenty of guidelines put into place with frequent testing, mask wearing, hand washing, etc, that hopefully can make a season a reality.

There will likely be no fans, with rumors that TV broadcasts will feature fan noise sound tracks and perhaps video enhanced fans in the seats. It would come off like something out of The Twilight Zone.

Covid-19 has impacted a lot of lives and a lot of industries and the NFL will be no exception. From used car auctions to the U.S. dairy industry, a lot of uncertainty is still up in the air as scientists around the world work towards developing a viable vaccine.

In addition to the sports themselves, sports gambling outfits, such as nfl mvp betting are also hoping for a smoothly executed season — which may or may not include fans in attendance.

Here’s hoping the NFL can pull it off, but I wouldn’t put my money down that the season will be completed in its entirety. We can only wait and see.

Ed Rooney

Just a guy with too much free time trying to help out.



  1. SAP June 29, 2020

    This Pandemic is just half the problem.
    Fans may quit going to the games just because of the divide going on in our nation. To watch these people destroying our treasures, and complaining about old racist slurs that no longer exist is just too much. I tried to help the black community most all of my adult life. I always bought a fresh bottle of Aunt Jamima’s Syrup or a box of Pancake Mix, when I went to the store, but now, can’t even do that anymore.
    I used to like a bowl of Cream Of Wheat, to eat once in a while also, but the stores all been looted now, and I’m being told that these products are no longer available. These new look alike products ain’t quite as good, Cream Of White, for instance, is not the same as the Old Cream Of Wheat.
    Lots of us didn’t learn how to read, back in the day, so it was nice to see the color of the person on the package, so ya know who’s ya buy-in it from. I sure wouldn’t buy anything what’s got a liberal on the box.

    1. Dude June 30, 2020

      What a stupid comment

    2. Ferris June 30, 2020

      You really are a SAP. Keep your name idiot. And fuck off. Aren’t you late for the KKK rally anyway?

    3. MMSUCKS July 1, 2020

      Fucking flaming racist cunt. Stick the veiled comments up your ass. Your football comments are also insipid and useless. Like Ferris said; fuck off and go put your white dunce cap on . . .

    4. Increasingly, I equate “conservative” with “idiot”. Nasty and dumb. What a way to go through life.

      1. PF4L July 2, 2020

        Whoa whoa, whoa…..Lets all just take a breath. I understand everyone’s passion over racism and political views.

        But i can’t allow this behavior. Not on my website.

  2. NobodysBurfect June 29, 2020

    I don’t see any way the NFLPA allows a season to happen unless there’s a vaccine, it’s too risky for the players. Shit it took Von down for weeks! Add in the fact that certain governors are taking it more seriously than others, and it’s just not going to happen. That’s not political by the way – it’s just the truth. The Republican governor in Ohio won’t let stadiums fill up, same with Pritzker in Illinois. Thankfully they aren’t all shit for brained buffoons like DeSantis & Abbott.

    Go Pack Go – [next year]

    1. Sleazy July 3, 2020

      Like how the flu vaccine eradicated the flu?

      1. Jason Parker July 3, 2020

        Your ignorance is showing

  3. Ferris June 29, 2020

    Let me get my calculator and use a very complex equation….multiply that… carry the one…0% chance.
    NFW will there be a season. And even worse for some, no fantasy football for all you degenerates.

  4. MJ June 30, 2020

    Regular people : well, there’s a 70% chance we have an NFL season…
    Ed : wanna bet on it??

    Fourth or fifth article by Ed where he mentions sports gambling. There is a way out of this, Ed… first step is acknowledging there is an issue.

    Stay safe, everyone.

    1. PF4L June 30, 2020

      You as well MJ.

  5. PF4L June 30, 2020

    I’ve done almost a 180 on this thing, mostly because of the recent outbreaks in some area’s of the Country, not to mention a lot of disregard from some, as if were going to wake up one morning and the virus will magically be gone. I’m like most everyone, i want nothing more than to have a full season. Even if….the Packers are still broken, and they are.
    I’m a bottom line guy. I don’t take much going through labor pains (just bring me the baby). There is huge divide right now in society, not just socially, but medically. That means some people are lost and confused.
    Personally..if i don’t have a well educated understanding of something, there is only one smart play…..Refer to the people who have the most educated intellect on a subject and listen to them, even if they themselves don’t have all the answers. Those people are the medical scientist. I find it amusing to a point, when far less educated people think they know better than highly respected experts in their field.
    Bottom line? My uneducated synopsis is…..
    The success or failure of ANY of the 3 sports will depend on outbreaks. An outbreak here and there is expected (3 percent?). But if there are “clumps of outbreaks” (6,7 + percent), then i think you get to the point where clearer heads prevail.
    I’m sure Vegas has odds, but i wouldn’t wager a dollar on a full season and i’d love to be wrong.

  6. Deepsky July 1, 2020

    Sadly, all sports are in trouble because younger kids would rather play video games or watch people PLAYING video games than actually watch sports.

    1. MMSUCKS July 1, 2020

      I have been wondering that for the last few years myself . . .

  7. MMSUCKS July 1, 2020

    As I stated earlier in a previous article, it will take sequestering the players and staff for each team all year, plus the postseason for this to happen. Considering the age group of professional football players, that seems a daunting task, if not impossible! To make this even worse, was the concern of the spreading of the virus getting worse again (which I also stated in that other article), well it fucking did in a big way. Like NobodysBurfect said; some governors get it, while others absolutely do not! And as PF4L stated; Listen to the professionals! not that idiot snake oil salesman in DC or some YouTube conspiracy fucktard . . . it is obvious now that they were WRONG! let us trust that something good will be created that will stop this virus soon so that we can all get back to work and play and to watching our favorite sports! Stay safe! and for fuck’s sake wear a friggin’ mask!

    1. PF4L July 2, 2020

      I don’t think the sin was re-opening. Re-opening didn’t cause those outbreaks, people did, notably young people. Although it could be argued that policy makers should have anticipated it.

      The problem is…they open that door and the younger generation acts like nothing ever happened and it’s party time at the bars and beaches.

      Politically, both sides have shown bad examples of Leadership……On the left you have protesters across the Nation and the left is not saying anything about the dangers in doing so concerning the virus spread.

      While the right side holds Rally’s and and acts like all they have to do is take people’s temperature at the door. The left side will blast the right side for doing this, which is correct…BUT, the left side is hypocritical citing there own silence about the virus during the protest. Politics is an ugly business, on both sides.


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