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Believe It or Not: These Countries Have an American Football League

The NFL is expanding every year, both in popularity and global viewership. The championship game of the NFL, popularly called the Super Bowl, has enormous followings. It is the most-watched annual sporting event in the world after the UEFA champions league final.

According to the NFL, the game is potentially viewed in over 200 countries by almost one billion sports fans. It is no surprise that American football is gaining popularity in unexpected parts of the world. Also, the vast number of betting props makes it enticing for both casual gamblers and hardcore American football gamblers in such countries, which include:


Mexico has an old history of American football games dating to 1896. Mexicans version of NFL, known as The Liga Football Americano, became full-fledged in 2016 and currently has nine competing teams, mostly based in Mexico City. As a neighbor of the USA, it is not very surprising that its league is often ranked second or third football league behind the NFL.

There’s no risk of prosecution betting on Liga Football Americano, NFL and other known leagues in Mexico. The amendment of the gambling law in 2004 has opened up betting operations both online and traditional casinos, as long as they are licensed by the General Bureau of Gaming and Raffles.

Betting on Soccer and Basketball is more common among the Mexicans. But America football League is fairly popular in both brick and mortar sportsbooks and online casinos.


A lot of Australians are diehard followers of the NFL. Even with the time difference, many have no problem waking up in the early hours of 3 A.M on Mondays and tuning in to ESPN to watch the NFL RedZone.

A major NFL deal with Tabcorp, an Australian Gaming giant, has opened the sport to more Australians. They can now watch the NFL games live while wagering on overall results and live betting.

Gridiron Australia is the Aussie version of the American Football League that is gaining traction with 70 teams from 7 states. All these combined with a long history of legal gambling dating in 1980. The America Football League is a hot market for the Australian bookies, whether online or off.

New Zealand

Though a country of a modest population of 4.8 million people, the Kiwis are pretty enthusiastic about American football. It currently has three national teams, The New Zealand Steelblacks, Flag Football Makos and ​Steelblack U19 Colts. The country also has American Football Leagues in Christchurch, Wellington, and Auckland as well as a four-team women league.

The Kiwis follow Rugby, cricket and soccer passionately. As they love their sports, Rugby is the most loved by far distance, gambling on the games they are passionate about is a favorite hobby for the Kiwis.

About 40% are believed to bet on almost all types of sports in New Zealand, including the America Football League. There are a good number of NFL betting options for the kiwi gamblers, from Point spread bet to Future bets.

All reputable sportsbooks operating within the country have to go through the New Zealand Gambling Commission for licensing and regulation. The Gambling law is to regulate the activities of the betting companies. No law stops the New Zealanders from wagering in NZ online casinos that offer online sports betting, most of which are located outside the country and by that are completely legal.


Egypt is probably the most unexpected on this list. It doesn’t fit the description of the American football playing nation. Like several African countries, football is the most followed sport, followed by basketball. It is the only African country with a well-organized America Football league. The Egyptian Federation of American Football (EFAF) was launched in 2013.

As an Islam nation, Egyptians are legally not allowed to play at a physical casino. But there is no restriction for them betting online. Egyptians looking to bet on the NFL and other American football leagues from different parts of the world can do it, without looking over their shoulders.

South Africa

Gridiron South Africa started five years ago and it has been a slow but steady growth. It currently has five teams from different regions with more awareness about the game and developments still ongoing.

The law backs the South African gambling industry. A bookie that is planning to open its operation, online or land-based, must have a license from any of the regulatory bodies in the country’s nine provinces. South Africans are free to bet on any sports available in their preferred betting location or websites.

The country loves football and Rugby and loves betting on them. Popular leagues, such as the NBA, NFL, and others, also have good wagering markets in South Africa.

Final Thought

The massive following of the super bowl is exemplified by the huge $7 million wagered on the Super Bowl game between San Francisco 49ers and Kansas City Chiefs. There is bound to be continued increase in the participation of America Football, the viewership, following and its betting actions in the coming years.

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