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Some People Only Care About Black Folks When They’re Suited Up and Entertaining Them

Obviously, this does not apply to all fans or all white people. However, in light of recent events, it is difficult not to notice the flurry of social media posts from white folks expressing sadness and anger over destroyed property — these are mostly the same people that have remained silent over the decades as lives have been shattered by the law enforcement community of this country. The recent protests reflect not only the anger over the murder of George Floyd in broad daylight, but the centuries of racism in a country that touts itself on the international stage as the “Land of the Free”. Bullshit.

For years, peaceful protests against police brutality and racism in America have been mocked and ridiculed. Nothing changed as a result. The most notable peaceful organizer in American history, Martin Luther King Jr., was assassinated by one of the very racists he peacefully protested against.

While some are unabashed racists, the issue really is not with most of the police officers themselves, it’s their unions and the overall police culture in this country that runs on a cowboy cop mentality. A “good cop” can not stand up for themselves and speak out against “bad cops” because, if they do, their chances of rank promotion will disappear immediately — assuming they even keep their job.

Meanwhile, instead of utilizing proven de-escalation techniques, many departments are further antagonizing protesters and attacking members of the media:

There are frequent reports that a lot of the destruction around the protests are from outside influences that are using the events for their own gain — and in some cases, to stir up dissent against the protests themselves. Even when you do consider that there certainly are protesters that were violent: does this change the fact that black Americans live like second class citizens? Are you really more worried about buildings and consumer bullshit than fellow human beings’ well being?

Let’s be clear: property can be restored and rebuilt. Lives taken by the militant police in the United States can not. Let us mourn for our fallen brothers and sisters that have fallen victim to police brutality the way some of us mourn the injury of our favorite players and the destruction of some brick and mortar.

Now, more than ever, is a time for our country to embrace empathy for one another and for non-black folks to put ourselves in the shoes of those that struggle on a daily basis in a country that still does not take them seriously unless they are entertaining white people.

For those calling for law & order: when they have their justice, only then will you have your peace.

This post is my own opinion and does not necessarily reflect the opinions of other Total Packers writers or our commenting community

BLM protests 2020

Photo by Rob Bulmahn

Jason Parker

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  1. Dean June 2, 2020

    Americans (all colors and races), please listen to a absorb what George’s brother Terrence Floyd has to say about this subject that Jason posted. Please listen to it 5, 6 times until it sinks in! White & Black men in the cities under siege, join hands and peacefully march and together shut down anyone that tries to high-jack the peaceful protests! As American’s we can do better to honor the wishes of George Floyd’s family. https://time.com/5846264/george-floyd-brother-speech/

    1. PF4L June 3, 2020

      Yea Dean , well said.

      I have a lot of respect for Terrence Floyd and his message, also those close to them that represent the family. All the destruction takes away from the end goal. Only the destruction is talked about. Now all four officers have been arrested. They have to give them due process under the law, and under their union. They can’t take them out in the Streets and hang them on National TV to appease the rioters.

      What can be done so far, has been done. I don’t know what the end game is for the protesters, the criminals. Those two are separate to be and should be to all of us.

      But i just don’t know what can be done in an instant to appease these people. What ends this negativity to focus on positive change? What has to happen?

      1. Dean June 3, 2020

        The looting and violence affects inner city residents more than the rest of us in rural and suburban areas. I do not want to suggest I know what Terrence Floyd was feeling or trying to communicate — that’s why I encouraged people to listen to His remarks. Having said that, image if your neighborhood was being looted and burned down…

        1. PF4L June 3, 2020

          Arson, looting, and vandalism serve no purpose.whatsoever. You’ll hear the same from intelligent black leaders and protesters.

  2. GBPKRZ June 3, 2020

    Sports and politics do mix and NEED TO! 70% of your favorite players are potentially affected by police brutality and the racial bias of our justice system. Kudos for this article! I really wish the NFL had the guts to let the players kneel in protest and let the people who don’t like it stop watching. The NFL doesn’t need them and shouldn’t want them. America doesn’t need them either. If the idea that “Black lives matter” is offensive to you, then you offend the whole idea of America.

    1. PF4L June 3, 2020

      Lol…well…this is Interesting

    2. PF4L June 3, 2020

      I agree, black lives do matter, and i mean that sincerely. But…over 2,380 black on black killings happen each year across our Nation, Black officers have killed unarmed black men. Why are there not any protest for those black victims? Why doesn’t the organization “BLM” show up for those?

      Black lives do Matter, i just wish all blacks felt the same way.

      1. PF4L June 4, 2020

        Sometimes questions can be difficult to answer. Especially when their isn’t an answer.

      2. paul durenberger June 5, 2020

        PF4L. Your focus on black on black killings dodges the issue. White people created the black community “inner city”. Our past generations of white led communities wrote laws forbidding blacks from owning or renting houses in white neighborhoods. Our government wrote the 14th amendment to free slaves, but Jim Crow laws made sure we would be separate and unequal. When Jim Crow laws were abolished whites pulled out both their residences and their businesses from black neighborhoods.
        It’s not that black leaders don’t see and realize black on black crime is a problem. They just see racism and police brutality and whites using slurs, avoidance, and blame shifting as real, every day realities that suck hope out of young men and women in their community that turn them to hate and rage and violence. If we can address the racism, restore hope, and equal the playing field on education and job opportunity, hope will replace rage and violence will be reduced.
        There is white on white crime in the white community. Fifty percent of whites women are killed by an intimate partner. When was the last time white leaders marched about that.

        1. PF4L June 5, 2020

          Ok, the first sentence in i was willing to engage. But now your going back to past generations and it’s white people’s fault and thus, playing the victim over past generations.

          I’ve covered this.

  3. PF4L June 3, 2020

    I read the article.

    Lets hurry the hell up and get them justice before they destroy the rest our Country’s Cities. Lets get those cops in court for trial this Friday so we can send them to prison by Monday and stop this madness of destruction.

    JP’s right…Everything burned down, vandalized, looted, infrastructure damage,police cars, thousands of windows can all be repaired/replaced. All it takes is a lot of money. Maybe we could open a few lemonade stands this summer to pay for it. Maybe the people that caused the damage, will pay restitution to rebuild. IDK….we’ll figure it it.

    1. PF4L June 3, 2020

      Now….we just have to figure out how to replace the police officers who were murdered by the rioters (criminals).

  4. PF4L June 3, 2020

    “For those calling for law & order: when they have their justice, only then will you have your peace.”

    So i beg you, what has to happen…today, for law and order to be restored to our City streets….today? What has to be done….today?

    1. PF4L June 4, 2020

      Sometimes questions can be difficult to answer. Especially when their isn’t an answer.

  5. Savage57 June 3, 2020

    Five of seven comments from the same guy. Talk to yourself much?

    And you got the crust to call someone Lonely Boy?


    1. PF4L June 3, 2020

      Well….we know he can count now.

  6. GBPKRZ June 4, 2020

    PF4L, your snarkiness is SO inappropriate and speaks volumes about you. What is going to fix this now? Today? Who’s going to pay for the destruction? Maybe we could open up a few lemonade stands to pay for it. Where are we going to find replacement cops for the fired ones? What about black on black killings? Did you run out of anything else you could come up with to turn the attention away from the real problem of decades of police brutality against those of color? Don’t forget about disrespecting the flag, surely you can throw that in there. Your comments don’t even begins to disguise your contempt. Sad. You. Are. Part. Of. The. Problem.

    1. PF4L June 4, 2020

      Don’t like it, don’t read it. Maybe then you’ll stop crying.

      Write JP and complain, maybe he’ll ban me, then you can have a cookie and celebrate, i GNF either way.

      If that doesn’t work, go tell your problems to Jesus, maybe he’ll give a shit what you think, i don’t.

      I’ll write wtf i want to write, you don’t dictate it.

    2. MJ June 4, 2020

      Well, GBPKRZ, PF has formulated some questions. Admittedly, in a rather unfortunate style for this occasion, but you, by pretending to be offended, chose to insult him instead, calling him part of the problem. You could have at least addressed some of his points, as you are as able as him to look up the numbers involved. Let’s say, for instance, the lives lost to b-on-b crime. Why would those not matter, even when they vastly outnumber what the protests are marching about? You failed to address that. At the very least, you could have claimed that violence coming from the state should be severely condemned, as the state holds near-infinite resources (I’m thinking courts and lawsuits here) and the monopoly of violence (the police can exercise it to enforce the law), so they have to exert it very cautiously while minimizing harm to the involved civilians. Then, he may offer another argument, or interpretation, and so on and so forth.


      Then, there’s the issue that this incident is more racial than you may want it to be. The main perpetrator is white, but the other cops (all accomplices) were asian, arab and latino respectively. The MIN chief of police is a black man. So the issue is more than “white cop black civilian”.


      In any case nothing makes what the cop did excusable by any means, they had him subdued by then, so no need to apply any more force. That is totally despicable and they will be sentenced by the justice system. They are not getting away.


      Some people object that they were treating him too harshly before his unfortunate death. Well, Floyd was a big dude. He was resisting arrest, and the cops were not able to get him into the car, so then the struggle went go the ground. Why so many cops? It was known he was in possession of a firearm, and had some run-ins with the law prior to the incident. So that explains what was happening just before the cop crossed the line irreversibly. It was not “they were mistreating him because… cops are racist scum”. Context is needed to understand a situation, not just purposefully-loaded titles. The Arbery case has way more nuance, and the video evidence with the full context is out there for anyone to see. You can draw your own conclusions on that one. At the same time you may want to be more reticent to trust media that use purposefully-loaded wording and casually “forget to mention” the relevant information (that does not suit their interests), while eliciting emotional responses in their audience.


      You could have presented any other argument (like”cops in America have too much leeway and have little accountability, and this needs to be revised”). But being emotional and lazy with arguments are habits that have spread widely, more pervasively than corona itself. This does no good for any large group of people, where there will always be some dissent.

  7. bigbop June 4, 2020

    Get this shit off my Packer site. I bet your a bleeding heart liberal too. I hope you realize its been your crap liberal policies that have kept the black man where he is. But then you like it that way so you can get his vote.

    Google police violence and look at videos. White men get assaulted by cops all the time, and shot and killed.

    THERE IS a perverse culture of cowboy policing in this country I whole heartedly agree. Cops have been getting away with murder and assault disguised under the val of “defending themselves” for 20 years now. Shit cops basically have a free license to murder now, people of any color not just black. This bullshit narrative of cops needing to shoot first and ask questions later to “protect themselves” is such crap. You want to be a cop? Want to run around in your little cop car and pretend your top dog? Then you better be willing to risk your life and take on the risk associated with the job. So sick of this narrative that being a cop shouldnt be a job that is hazardous. When I went into the army I knew one day I could get shot at and have people trying to kill me. Um I knew that when I took the job. You want to be a fucking cop? Be willing to risk your life. But these days we see videos of cops shooting people in the back who are literally running away and we are told it was justified because the “officers life was in peril…” Um bullshit.

    The shame is the libtards are going to ride this horse being a white vs. black issue all the way as far as the horse will go. Thats all they care about, identity politics, they dont care about black people. The issue needs to be the culture of power in this country that starts with our judges, DA’s and trickles all the way down to our cops. They feel untouchable; we need to fix that.

    1. Jason Parker June 4, 2020

      Last I checked, it’s my Packer site.

      1. MJ June 4, 2020

        And by all means, express yourself. But when you get into politics, half your audience will, statistically, react negatively. It is advisable to steer clear from those topics, even if you are an articulate, tactful and respectful writer. When emotions take over… even proper arguments, facts, data and context will fall on deaf ears.
        Stay safe!

        1. Jason Parker June 5, 2020

          Black lives isn’t politics. I have no regrets making this post.

        2. PF4L June 5, 2020

          “even proper arguments, facts, data and context will fall on deaf ears”

          There are approximately 700,000 cops across our great Country. There is no occupation that doesn’t include bad element. Black people are often victims of bad policing. But lets not pretend that whites and other races don’t suffer the same injustice’s. The difference is the black injustice is brought to our attention more so for various reasons.
          Being a cop is a tough job, in certain demographics, it is highly stressful. These cops have to be on the defensive every second, or they could wind up dead. There is a reason cops tell you to take your hands out of your pockets and they are not playing. Cops get shot from perps who keep their hands in their pockets, cops know this and they have there hands on there guns in this situation The Bucks player Sterling Brown, who got detained was told numerous times to take his hands out of his pockets (watch the video) he didn’t comply other than to say “Wait a second”. THAT is why he was tazed.
          Cops get shot simply walking up to a car, entering someones home, ambushed walking down an alley, etc. How many of us risk our lives at our job?

          Much work can be done to weed out bad cops. The cop that killed George Floyd shouldn’t even have been on the force anymore, but the Police Union sometimes does more harm than good. Attitudes need to change for some, some act the way they do because of defensive mindsets, their stressful working conditions, or they are just plain power hungry assholes.
          It seems all you hear lately is the problem is how police treat black people and the injustice therein. Don’t buy into that bs, and it is bullshit. Yes, blacks do suffer injustice. But make no mistake about it. Whites and Latinos suffer the same injustices.
          What is the end goal?….that nobody ever gets mistreated by the cops ever again? If that’s what people are looking for, i have a bridge to sell them. It will never be perfect….lessons can be learned, and behavior can be changed to diminish the problem as much as possible.

          1. PF4L June 5, 2020

            It’s JP’s site, and i’d imagine he gives no shit what people think he should or shouldn’t write.
            Sure…it would be a nice gesture if i was given a 51% share. Or….. at the very least, be part of the profit sharing plan.

    2. Ferris June 5, 2020

      YOUR insulting second sentence is wrong. It’s YOU’RE (you are) not YOUR you idiot bigbop. YOU’RE TOO STUPID to insult someone. YOU’RE part of the problem. So take YOUR bullshit somewhere else.

      1. MMSUCKS June 7, 2020

        This^^^^ thank you Ferris . . .

  8. PF4L June 4, 2020

    “Did you run out of anything else you could come up with to turn the attention away from the real problem…..” – GBPKRZ
    Right, thank you for your guidance, sometimes i’m a lost soul…I’m sorry…..i spent too much time on the fake problems “going on right now” of cops getting shot, the fake buildings being burnt down, the fake lootings of innocent business owners. the fake problems of vandalism, making our Cities look like war zones.
    Please, PLEASE….forgive me for pretending those things were real problems.

    Thank you for forcing me to see the light.
    I’m woke

  9. PF4L June 5, 2020

    I’m not trying to extend this, or throw a wrench in it.
    I also realize a lot of statements need to be prefaced so they are not taken out of context.
    Preface: The 9 minute video is disgusting, whether the victim is white, black, brown, or red. There is racism in America.
    There is no justification in Derek Chauvin’s actions. I don’t know if Derek Chauvin is racist (shocking…right?). Ok..lets do some critical thinking.
    Everyone wants to paint Chauvin’s act as criminal, i agree. They also want to paint it as black injustice, racial inequality. Racist cops against the black race. Many want to describe it as a crime of racism. It may very well be, but where is the evidence to support that this lone evil act was rooted from racism? I saw a lot of blatant disregard for human life by Derek Chauvin. That’s what i saw.
    So….do we know this was a racist act because he said something racist during the act? When crimes are motivated by race, and can be proven with evidence, they are usually also charged with a hate crime.
    Or was this act said to be racist based on his skin color? So far….the evidence i’ve seen doesn’t support hate crime, or racism. What i see is a POS cop with no regard for human life.
    If racism can be judged and determined by skin color alone, then every single human being in the world is racist.
    Again, there is hate crime rooted from racism in our Country, but i just don’t default in this case simply by his skin color. I think it’s being used as a blanket and narrative. If evidence comes out this murder was motivated by racism, then it’s a different story.

    1. PF4L June 11, 2020

      I know…i know….
      It would be far more popular to placate, and label that cop racist (and he may very well be) . But some people independently look at details and evidence and then form an opinion based on the act itself. I’m one of those people.
      With that said, racist or not, he caused the death of another human being and shouldn’t see the light of day again. It doesn’t matter what color the victim is or what that persons past consist of. A crime was committed (period).

  10. NobodysBurfect June 5, 2020

    Jason don’t shy away from stuff like this going forward – usually when topics get people fired up they’re worth discussing.

    Amidst the sea of pissiness, there were some really good points made in these comments. The one thing everyone seems to at least acknowledge is that people – regardless of their race or ethnicity – are exploited all over the world.

    Why do you think you can magically hit a screen a bunch of times and digitally piss and moan about politics in sports? It’s because workers in China are paid cents on the dollar for you to enjoy that luxury. Or India for that matter – why do you think clothes are so cheap these days?

    Not acknowledging that black people have been exploited and abused in America is absurd. If you can’t think of an instance or two when we took advantage of black Americans and then treated them like shit, grab a history book.

    Nobody is asking you to sacrifice your rights or privileges as an American so people aren’t treated equally. Human rights aren’t pie – you don’t get less because someone got more. What the reasonable people behind these protests are asking is that people listen to and in some cases help a bad situation. It’s very sad how lost this message has become – intentionally or otherwise.

    1. MMSUCKS June 7, 2020

      This^^^^ Thank you NobodysBurfect . . .

  11. PF4L June 5, 2020

    The message is righteous. Yes, its sad the message gets lost. It gets lost in a sea of criminal and violent behavior. It’s hard to keep the message positive and ongoing when buildings are burning behind you, and all the rest of it. Hopefully the criminal activity is winding down.
    No one denies that black people were exploited. Luckily i wasn’t around to see a sign on a restroom door “Whites Only”. But fuck…..look how far it has come since then, it’s a positive. If someone is a victim, because of something done to them. Then they are a victim.
    But….i don’t want to hear about someone claiming he is a victim, because their great Grandfather was a slave. Stay positive about the advancements your race has made and keep it going in a positive way and build your life into something rich like so many colored people have done. Successful black people will acknowledge the plight of their race in history, But they don’t play the victim over it and let it consume them. They are too busy enjoying life the right way.
    Nobody can undo the sins of the past, it can’t be undone. But at some point people have to move forward and move on in a positive way and become an asset to society.

    My Uncle is an old racist, i don’t know if he’ll ever change before he dies. But whenever he says something stupid (and he always does), i get on him and embarrass him and i don’t care who is around, my aunt, cousins, i don’t care.

    These issue’s and these protest will not be in vain. I
    am fairly certain it will be discussed for the next 5 months at least, and then hopefully beyond.
    Change doesn’t come easy, especially when a strong Union is involved. I would be happy to see
    the Commissioner be able to terminate officers a lot easier than they do now. You have to weed out the bad ones from the top down. If a cop doesn’t turn on his body cam 1st offense..30 days unpaid, 2nd…. 90 days unpaid, 3rd…3 strikes your out.
    A bad cop is just as lethal as a bad Doctor.

    1. Dean June 6, 2020

      Great points PF4L. We do need to talk about this even though emotions get involved and feelings are hurt in the process. Here’s my 2 cents for what it is worth.
      1) The US Justice system has been corrupt/compromised/weak for decades at least. Let’s start at the top with the DOJ including the FBI. Since 9/11, and the changes to data collection with NSA (phones, computers, GPS, bank records, credit cards, car locations, video surveillance all over, ect) there is no excuse for something not being done to at least see more progress with injustice for things like bad cops, illegal drugs (FBI/CIA should have already taken care of illegal drugs from outside US), human trafficking — issues that hurt the inner cities hard. Think about it, everything you do basically is recorded and used to try to influence/sell you goods, services, or news. We had 8 years of a Republican followed by 8 years of a Democratic administration, now 3.5 years of Trump. 3 FBI directors Mueller, Corney, now Wrey. If Wrey can not figure out who the bad guys are, then he needs to be fired.
      2) The media is not doing their job. The media is good at distracting/dividing Americans and making us mad at each other. Both sides play on our emotions like fear to divide us.
      As Americans we need to look at who is all talk and no action when it comes to injustice and vote them out!

      1. PF4L June 6, 2020

        Thank you Dean.
        The reason i don’t have a problem with data collection is because most Nations (if not all) that have economic standing use it. If you don’t use it, you are a weaker Nation and you are behind other Countries and you are deaf, dumb and blind compared to those that use all those tools at their disposal. We also need that information for the security of our Country, again…without it, we’re blind. It’s not perfect and can infringe on citizens, but to me, it’s positives outweigh the negatives.
        The problem with the media is all of it is politically slanted, and that includes Fox News. So many times things are reported, that turn out not to be true. Whether they jumped the gun on a story, didn’t verify it to the standard they should have, or just wanted to put something out for purely political reasons.
        If anyone takes media info on it’s face to form their opinions is a fool. You have to practice critical thinking and pick n choose information to formulate your own opinions.
        Kudos Dean, for your accurate views concerning the media.
        Help me out…anyone. I just watched a protester holding a sign…”Abolish Police”. Can someone help me understand that?
        Has anyone proposed a better way to police society? What are they replacing the police with? Or do they just want a lawless and self policing society. I smile and wonder wtf….every time i see those signs.
        Thanks Dean for the well thought out discussion, and JP for letting us discuss it.

      2. Dean June 6, 2020

        Since I pointed the laser at the FBI for it’s lack of making enough progress on civil rights and police brutality — I should have added this link to the FBI website to go with the above post. Note and reconcile the “sharing of information and intelligence with state and local law enforcement” in light of all the info in the NSA data-base.


        “Since its earliest days, the FBI has helped protect the civil rights of the American people. A dozen of its first 34 special agents, for example, were experts in peonage—the modern-day equivalent of slave labor. The Bureau began battling the KKK as early as 1918, and for years it handled color of law cases involving police brutality. Today, protecting civil rights remains one of its top priorities.

        The FBI is the primary federal agency responsible for investigating allegations regarding violations of federal civil rights statutes. These laws are designed to protect the civil rights of all persons—citizens and non-citizens alike—within U.S. territory. Using its full suite of investigative and intelligence capabilities, the Bureau today works closely with its partners to prevent and address hate crime, color of law violations, and Freedom of Access to Clinic Entrances (FACE) Act violations.

        The FBI has also established productive and meaningful liaison relationships with state and local law enforcement agencies, prosecutors, non-governmental organizations, and community and minority groups to improve reporting of civil rights violations, promote the benefits of sharing information and intelligence, and develop proactive strategies for identifying and addressing trends in this field.”


    2. MJ June 6, 2020

      Thanks for presenting arguments before emotions. Based people like that are needed, not those vocal and emotional activists that make a ton of noise but do not represent the views of any substantial percentage of society.

  12. PF4L June 6, 2020

    This is one way you earn respect in life.
    If i had J P’s money, i’d locate these guys and pay their rent or mortgage for a year each. They deserve it.

    1. PF4L June 6, 2020

      Make no mistake, that cop looks like he can take care of himself just fine, Maybe not against a mob, but…i know, i wouldn’t F with him.

  13. PF4L June 7, 2020

    Aged wisdom…Bob Woodson.
    We say to blacks: “Your fate is never determined by what white America does or does not do.” – Bob Woodson
    “It’s more class than it is race … and now race is being used to deflect attention away from the failures of people running those institutions,” he added. “The question is why are black kids failing in school systems run by their own people?” – Bob W.

    “When Eric Holder was a U.S. Attorney in Washington, D.C., a lot of young people were shot by the police, but they were black police shooting black kids and not one was prosecuted. But there was no public outcry because as long as illegality or evil wears a black face, then it escapes detection and that’s what’s wrong with looking life through the prism of race.” – Bob W.
    “In the past 50 years, $22 trillion has been spent on poverty programs. Seventy percent goes not to the poor but those who serve poor people,” he said.

  14. PF4L June 7, 2020

    PF4L June 3, 2020
    I agree, black lives do matter, and i mean that sincerely. But…over 2,380 black on black killings happen each year across our Nation, Black officers have killed unarmed black men. Why are there not any protest for those black victims? Why doesn’t the organization “BLM” show up for those?

    Black lives do Matter, i just wish all blacks felt the same way.
    “But there was no public outcry because as long as illegality or evil wears a black face, then it escapes detection and that’s what’s wrong with looking life through the prism of race.” – Bob Woodson – Answered.

  15. Christopher Benson June 9, 2020

    Wow. PF4L “Piffle” is an even worse off morally and in common sense than I ever thought. He really hung his ass out there in an obsessive way. I gotta say, I’m sort of embarrassed for him. That must be a new personal record for postings by him and we all feel dirtier because of it. It was like binge-watching every season of The Shield at once.

    I’d like to keep this post short but a couple points need to be made.

    First, somewhere up there in the drivel was a deception that police kill whites just as much as blacks. Statistically, in an encounter involving similar sets of circumstances and reactions by the “suspect”, blacks are THREE TIMES more likely to be killed by the police.

    Racism is systemic in our America. Very sadly. When blacks and whites are convicted of the same crime under similar circumstances, statistically, the state and Federal judges sentence blacks to 20% longer prison sentences. On a 5-year sentence for a white person, on average, a black person, purely due to skin color, gets an ENTIRE YEAR of added time in prison. Plus then, of course, good luck getting a job let alone a decent job with that prison record and black skin when you get out. (Other studies have shown that black job candidates with a “black” first name like “Jamal” or “Keisha”, with applications and resumes otherwise exactly the same, are much less likely to be called in for a job interview.)

    Black on black crime does not make white on black crime just fine. False argument there. Black officers have, of course, shot black persons just as white ones have shot white persons. Out of need, out of error, and, sometimes out of power abuse not due to racism. That does not mean that white officers killing black persons due to racism is then just fine. The argument is false, seeks to muddle the issue, and devalue human life. Where other care and give a damn you seek to make them shrug.

    Change needs to start, not with street level criminals, but higher up. Hopefully this November, of course, as any reasonable non-racist must agree. When I meet a racist I always know exactly who they support. But also at the community level. Police are given a lot of power and a lot of respect and need to be better role models such as exemplifying non-racism by treating everyone the same and based only on behavior and not a color tone.

    Change starts at the top. It is like social trickle down theory. It is funny because the financial trickle down theory actually is flawed, yet the racist believe in it, and the social trickle down theory is true but the racists, rather than believing it or not believing in it, choose to believe no action whatsoever should take place and that no improvement is possible and all should keep going exactly as it is. The idea of not trying to do better, or that problems do not have solutions, or that problems caused by humans are “facts of life”, is absolutely 100% un-American.

    You’ve argued that these protests have done nothing and will do nothing. Well, this has already been proven entirely false. There are many dozens of examples out there. At the point of attack, those four cops likely never would have lost their jobs or been charged.

    If you want to keep it to the NFL, then we can do that to simplify. Goodell has admitted the NFL was wrong on their stand against peaceful abuse of power awareness respectful taking of a knee during the national anthem.

    Even Drew Brees, true scum though well-hidden (a scam artist, a zealot supporting a group that attacks gays, and many other examples) has seen the light and altered his world view acknowledging the always obvious = that kneeling during the anthem was not about disrespecting the flag or the country and never has been. It was not the intent and it was not the effect. Kaepernick’s kneeling was done by advice from a military veteran who told him that was how he could do it most effectively while still respecting the flag. In simple fact, just so obvious, kneeling shows MORE respect than standing. You see it with kneeling before royalty, you see it in church if you’re a Catholic, you see it in Islam and other religions as well, and in so many other places. In this case it also shows A LOT more respect for human life.

    Sports also has leadership and the duty to set a positive example. People like Colin Kaepernick and Eric Reid were ahead of the curve on that but many are starting to catch up with their wisdom, insight, and bravery.

    There will always be a few who try to take advantage of chaos. Criminals, white supremacists. You need to look past that. Yes, white police officers were slashing car tires and breaking windows to make the protesters look bad, true. Look past. Look at the actual protesters. 99.9% of them are just really good people who are trying to make a positive difference. They are spending time and effort and exposing themselves to terrible risks to their safety all for the good of others. Trying and succeeding!

    You should commend them! You should join them! Come, be a true American with them!

    PS Highest regards to Mr. Jason Parker (I know, you still don’t like me, that’s OK) and to MMSUCKS (Always!), NOBODYSBURFECT, GBPKRZ, and FERRIS. Amazing how your posting were so many fewer than Piffle’s and yet ten thousand times wiser. Effective!

    1. PF4L June 10, 2020

      I thought they were only 9 thousand times wiser….but hey, what do i know..

  16. PF4L June 10, 2020

    Welcome to the site “Christopher”. Always remember, all opinion’s matter..

    I’m with you with on Colin Kaepernick being way ahead of the curve. He wore racist white pig socks when nobody knew there was such a thing. He wore Fidel Castro t-shirts before it was cool. He sat during the Anthem after he was benched before other players did it. Until of course somebody had to do his thinking for him and told him to kneel.

    “You’ve argued that these protests have done nothing and will do nothing.” – Christopher Benson

    Show me where i said that. If you can’t, You have no credibility

    Thanks for the Novel.

    Have a nice day.

    1. PF4L June 10, 2020

      When i say show me where i said that, it means show me and show everyone.

      I’ll be waiting for your response to that but i have a feeling we’ll never see it….will we?

      1. PF4L June 11, 2020

        Take your time.

        1. Christopher Benson June 12, 2020

          PF4L, in a post near the top:

          “What can be done so far, has been done. I don’t know what the end game is for the protesters, the criminals. Those two are separate to be and should be to all of us.

          But i just don’t know what can be done in an instant to appease these people.”

          This comment says there is nothing more to be done or that can be done and therefore will do nothing. So, clearly, I am at least half right in my synopsis of your gist. I guess you couldn’t remember what you posted because it was way back on June 3rd and then you made, like, 20 more posts after that. As per the “have done nothing”, although your overall tone is dismissive of the protests, giving examples of other things not protested as if now this, too, should not be protested, I did see an acknowledgement, grudgingly perhaps, which was a possible acknowledgement that the protests did do some good.

          You stated “Now all four officers have been arrested.”. That appears to be an awareness that the protests led to and caused those arrests. You appeared to combine that with sort of a “job is done now go home” air about your post.

          Sometimes it is good to simplify and boil things down to their core elements:
          1. George Floyd would not have been killed by a police officer if he was white. Racists can try to hem and haw on that one but, at least, would have to statistically acknowledge that had he been white his odds of being killed that way would have been less than one third as great.
          2. The officer likely never would have been charged if not for the protests and neither would the others. Racists can hem and haw and say it took some time to charge and Chauvin would have been. This is possible. However. keep in mind the original autopsy was an excusing one falsely indicating heart disease and complications from Floyd’s own body and not even mentioning asphyxiation. Chauvin was only charged with 3rd degree murder and the others with nothing at all. Then the body was given for an independent autopsy it was found to be clear cut murder (as the video also showed). An independent autopsy is not common and may never have happened. This led to more appropriate murder charge on Chauvin and the arrest of the other officers who helped him. So we know the protests have led to a direct increase in the chance for justice as per George Floyd himself. + now much more good, more and more, effecting behaviors for the better, removing confederate statues, changing police hold tactics, police training, exposing Trump, and on and on, just a wealth of positive impacts by our heroes in the streets.
          3. The protesters (looters are not protesters) have gone way out of their way and spent their time, and exposed themselves to danger, all to make a positive difference in the world. Even in failure that would be noble but they are actually succeeding over and over, again and again, more and more.

          Zoom out a little more: Racist horrific murder. Protesters making huge difference. Protesters are American heroes.

          See? Actually pretty simple to see right and wrong here and who you should support.

          Put this another way. Whatever we focus on we get better at. Be aware of a problem and we get better at dealing with it and finding solutions. That is how it always works. You have to be aware of a problem before you can fix it.

          These protests focus attention on the ongoing systemic problems of racism. Many people are learning from this and becoming better people. We will come out of this with reduced racism. That is one of the greatest wins possible in today’s America.

          Big problem,- increased awareness – getting solved – huge win.

          1. Dean June 12, 2020

            A comment on item #2 above in regards to “removing confederate statues” in your post above. You may want to study history before you go down that road. I’m not saying its a bad thing, just that it may lead to some soul searching for you. Here’s a sample:
            “In the several decades that followed the Civil War, the Democratic Party—long associated with the states of the former Confederacy—struggled to restore its standing as a national political organization. “

          2. PF4L June 12, 2020

            Well…that’s terrific Christopher Benson….
            I’ll ask you again…..show me my post where…”“You’ve argued that these protests have done nothing and will do nothing.”
            I’m not interested in your “synopsis”. Or that you think you are still half right.
            I’m interested in you showing me where i stated “argued” that these protest have done nothing and will do nothing, like you eagerly proclaim.
            Show me…”in my words”, not your fucking synopsis.

          3. PF4L June 12, 2020

            PF4L, in a post near the top:

            “What can be done so far, has been done. I don’t know what the end game is for the protesters, the criminals. Those two are separate to be and should be to all of us.

            But i just don’t know what can be done in an instant to appease these people.” – PF4L
            “This comment says there is nothing more to be done or that can be done and therefore will do nothing.” – Christopher Benson.
            Is that what is says …asshole?
            That was a June 3rd post referring to the criminal element of rioting. Read the whole post in context asshole, don’t cherry pick it and then use it as your synopsis.
            SMH…you’re a piece of fucking work.

  17. PF4L June 10, 2020

    Here’s another nugget to digest Christopher.
    People are now saying…”See!, see! Kaepernick was right!!!
    Being a deep thinker Christopher, what’s wrong with that statement?
    Well, let me help you then…….Nobody said he was wrong, nobody said there wasn’t any racial injustice. The debate was never if Kaepernick was right or wrong about his core issue.
    If this confuses you somehow, let me know and i’ll explain it to you further, but i will have to charge you.
    Thank you for understanding.

  18. PF4L June 16, 2020

    5 people shot in Milwaukee within 12 hours, 3 fatal, 1 male serious cond., 40 year old woman in a car, not intended victim.

    This is the last you’ll hear about this.

  19. PF4L June 21, 2020

    “It’s not about the Flag or the Anthem” – Everyone

    Protesters bring down statue of Francis Scott Key.

    Francis Scott Key – Writer of the The Star Spangled Banner. Otherwise known as The National Anthem.

    Lets stop with the bullshit from now on.

  20. PF4L June 23, 2020

    Finally…..the media is waking up to what i’ve been talking about. Rooted from the ugliness in Chicago neighborhoods. 25,000 people shot in Chicago in the last 8 years, 5,000 homicides. People are now starting to acknowledge it and talk about it.
    BLM makes no mention of the 106 shootings in Chicago over the weekend on twitter, including the death of a 3 year old boy. Exactly what i’ve been saying. You hear nothing about black on black crime. As though it’s ……excused.
    “But when a white cop kills a black person………..”
    Then look the fuck out, that life mattered.

      1. Dean June 27, 2020

        Yesterday President Trump wrote a letter to Illinois Governor J.B. Pritzker and Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot offering assistance from his administration to help combat the violence in Chicago. Let’s see how the governor and mayor respond. I believe if they wanted to curtail the violence in Chicago they could — remember they have access to all the NSA database info to track down criminals if they go through the proper channels through the FBI.

        1. PF4L June 28, 2020

          Liberal States won’t use the Presidents help as far as i can see. They could morally, but i’m not sure they can politically. It almost seems like if Political leaders of Liberal States accepted Trumps help, it would put them on the shit list of the Democratic Party. Treated like an unwritten rule among the Left. Don’t aid in making Trump look good. .02
          Trump can take responsibility for a bit of it, although the majority of the Left want to destroy Trump whether he’s being a dick, or the nicest guy around, like they have from day 1. To the majority, it wouldn’t matter, nor would it change anything to raise their moral compass.
          With that said…i and i assume many others…could do without the selected stupid, stupid comments made from someone who sits at the head of the table of the free World.

          1. Dean June 28, 2020

            I think the laser pointer needs to be pointed to the issue of Chicago violence like you did a few days ago. This is because our media is not doing it’s job. In my opinion, if Trump can point the laser at Chicago also, maybe it will make the Mayor, Governor and BLM uncomfortable and force them get something done already. All I see related to Chicago violence is talk and no action for decades from the Illinois leadership team. The mayor has influence over the police department. For example, she could stop them from doing strangle holds for example. (In Minneapolis, looks like local leadership can eliminate the police.) Local city leadership needs to serve the people of the city. I suspect that illegal drug sales are part of the problem — lots of drug money to bribe people to look the other way? Again, if our media was doing its job, you and I would not have to be stating the obvious problems that existed for decades with nothing being done…

  21. PF4L June 23, 2020

    Here’s one for the deep thinkers…

    Two teenage girls were reported missing in Milw. last night in a black neighborhood. Today the police (yes, they called the Police) found them in a house in the same neighborhood, While not official….the crowd thinks they were taken for sex trafficking.

    The Newswoman said the residents think this is racism, because it doesn’t happen in white neighborhoods.

    I am now….officially brain dead.

    1. PF4L June 25, 2020

      The girls were found (no arrest) (might have just run away)
      The sex trafficking rumors were absolutely false. But that didn’t stop the crowd from targeting a house.The house had nothing to do with anything.
      But…..that didn’t stop the crowd from throwing rocks through the windows, and burning down the house.
      The occupants of the house left in a car when they started being attacked.
      They have video of 2 people in the crowd firing multiple shots at the car at close range while trying to escape the zoo they called their neighborhood.
      2 teenage boys shot during the gunfire.
      I’ll say it again…..When these people act like Black Lives Matter…then i’ll believe it.
      Black lives matter….both ways….whether it’s by their own, or by whitey.
      I feel like i care more about their black lives….than they do. That’s what their actions show.

  22. Phil Boger August 18, 2020

    Nothing more tedious than a boring woke white dude like Parker trying to sound like the most caring white person on the planet. The answer for black Americas is in black America. Whites can’t solve your problem no matter how many phony whites like Parker try to impress you. Fix the black family and the future will be great. Continue to whine and blame others and all the suck ups like Parker can’t help.