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Roger Goodell’s Salary Reduction Amidst NFL Financial Troubles

As many businesses begin to notice a huge drop in revenue as a result of lockdown measures several redundancies and other measures are being taken to ensure their survival moving forward. One of the many that have had to implement these measures is the NFL as they experience a drop in revenue at the hands of the Coronavirus outbreak.

Coronavirus and The NFL

As the Coronavirus pandemic has gripped the worlds, we have seen over a quarter of the world’s population affected. This has meant that a majority of us working from home and restricted to just one hour of exercises outside the home per day. As a result of these restrictions, we have seen the temporary closure of businesses such as pubs and clubs as well as the cancellation of sporting events all around the globe. This could not be truer in the united states of America. With over 1 million confirmed cases as a result of the ongoing pandemic, major sporting associations such as the NFL have had to postpone the season until the peak of the pandemic has been passed.

Financial Struggles During This Time

As a direct result of these lockdown measures, we have seen promoters as well as NFL betting sites all struggling to make income. Though there are some still taking bets on when the season will begin, there is a significant drop in revenue as a direct result of the Covid-19. Though the are one of the lucky sports that have not seen to must disruption, the international outbreak has meant financial struggles for the NFL and their staff. With the news breaking that the NFL were set to furlough a portion of their staff and implement price cuts for those earning at least $100,000 it was boss Roger Goodell that came under fire. With a yearly salary of $40 million in his current position, many were angry that he appeared to remain unaffected by this.

However, this has since changed with Goodell appealing to have a wage cut to $0. This has the potential to save several jobs within the NFL and could also help to see the league come back stronger as a result.

The Potential To Start The Season

With the full schedule set to be released at the beginning of May, the NFL are still hopeful for their season to begin in front of fans in September. With just a few months until the scheduled beginning of the NFL season, the sporting association is yet to entertain the chance of postponing the season. This is something that several other sporting associations have been forced to implement until it is safe for these games to resume. However, fans are wondering whether or not the NFL season could continue, just without the live audiences.

As the lockdown continues across the world, many are wondering whether it will be possible for stadiums to be filled with sports fans in the near future. What do you think?


  1. PF4L May 1, 2020

    I think the question whether to bring back sports has to be dictated by the Covid-19 curve. I think it will be awhile before you see fans in the stands of any sport, maybe into 2021.
    As far as the NFL i think camps will be affected, even for the players as far as practicing. Usually after the draft players fly to their teams to work contracts, attend mini camp. i doubt any of that happens, but contracts can be done via teleconferencing. As a matter of fact, except for studying the playbook, i doubt they get much practice time in at all. They may have to use the season as their practice unless they can get pre-season in August.
    As far as the season starting on time, i think the NFL has the best chance of playing a full schedule. I think the best case scenario is no fans until late in the season, maybe the playoffs. I’ll still watch it and love it either way.
    I have seen where Goodell’s salary is between 30-40 million, or 5 years and UP TO 200 million, whichever you prefer. He won’t be giving it all up, a portion based on the Covid-19 standing. I think if they are playing, his salary will be re-instituted. but right now, my understanding is he’s being paid nothing. Sometimes with Executives the devil is in the details. It could be written to compensate lost wages at a later date.
    Whatever happens, i hope #1 this virus gets contained…quickly. #2…the NFL season starts on time, which i think it will.

  2. Deepsky May 1, 2020

    Can football be played using Zoom?

    1. JustNorthOfTheWall May 1, 2020

      Nah Only (Microsoft) Teams…. ;)

  3. Kato May 2, 2020

    I think Goodell will be just fine without pay

  4. Kato May 2, 2020

    Does anyone have any insight about how the TV contracts work if they don’t play this year? I would imagine the NFL wouldn’t get TV money? That’s going to hurt the NFLs pocketbook as I think that is a considerable source of their income