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Provocative Reactions to the Jordan Love Pick

“They don’t draft any weapons that can help immediately, to my knowledge. That sends a disrespect message to Aaron Rodgers. He has every right to be disappointed, if he is.”

– Brett Favre interview with Rich Eisen

“Let me tell y’all something right now: Look out! Aaron is about to be on fire.”

– David Bakhtiari

“Many believe that, because of his contract and cap charges, Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers will spend at least two more years in Green Bay. As recently explained, however, the Packers would save nearly $4.8 million in cap space and $22 million in cash by trading Rodgers after the 2020 season.”

– msn.com

“(Speculating about Dallas trading for Rodgers if Dak Prescott leaves in free agency) Just a year removed from Aaron Rodgers’ exultation after Mike McCarthy was fired as the head coach of the Green Bay Packers, the future Hall of Fame QB could end up playing for him once again after the Packers made some puzzling moves in the 2020 NFL Draft.”

– 12up.com

“I think the frustrating part for [Rodgers], and for the organization, will be this story will not go away after the first press conference for Aaron when the team finally is back together. It’ll keep coming up—not just this year. It probably doesn’t help that [Rodgers and LaFleur] probably won’t be in the same room for a while.”

– A.J. Hawk

“When Aaron Rodgers was drafted to Green Bay, obviously they didn’t trade up, but they took a quarterback in the first round when Favre was still playing well and had years left of playing. I’m sure Brett wasn’t real fond of that happening and I’m sure Aaron wasn’t real fond of it happening today, especially after going 13-3 and playing good football.”

– Eli Manning

Per a recent report from Mike Sando of The Athletic, there is at least one NFL executive out there who sees the Raiders targeting Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers next offseason. Sando iterated that the (unnamed) executive listed Las Vegas as a “prime destination” for Rodgers given the state of their roster and the bright lights of the city.

“I will not be surprised if Aaron Rodgers wins MVP this year. He is that type of player, that when he’s motivated and has something to prove he is a very scary dude. I’ve been around him and he is a perfectionist, and now you draft a guy who you say is going to be his successor? He’s going to go out there and show the world that he’s still the best to do it.”

– James Jones

“Public niceties aside, my sense is LaFleur, fresh from a terrific 13-3 baptismal season, simply had enough of Rodgers’ act and wanted to change the narrative. With a first-round talent on the roster, the Packers would gain leverage with their imperial quarterback and his passive-aggressive style.”

– Bob McGinn, the Athletic

In response to Rob Demovsky tweeting ‘Will Aaron Rodgers’ Packers tenure end similarly to Brett Favre’s?’:

“This is a bunch of BS, Rob, for you to pretend to be @AaronRodgers12 spokesperson is a joke! Aaron is a big boy. He isn’t losing sleep over this. He is chilling, training and enjoying his off-season. He can handle the business of the @nfl. If anything, he has mastered it.”

– Brady Poppinga

“(When asked if Rodgers’ response to drafting Love would be a problem) I don’t think so. He’s always been a true pro, a pro’s pro, and a really, really good teammate. I know what his goals are, so I don’t (anticipate it being an issue).”

– GM Brian Gutekunst


Aug 30, 2019; Winston-Salem, NC, USA; Utah State Aggies quarterback Jordan Love (10) looks to pass the ball during the third quarter against the Wake Forest Demon Deacons at BB&T Field. Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

Rob Born

Smart drafters don’t select the best available players, they fill a team’s positions of greatest need.



  1. PF4L May 11, 2020


    RIP: Jerry Stiller

    1. Jason Parker May 11, 2020


    2. PF4L May 11, 2020

      Of the hundreds of funny moments from Mr. Stiller, One stands out. On the King of Queens, he’s lying on his daughters bed upstairs, Doug and Carrie walk in, all Carrie is wearing on top is her bra, She’s see’s her Dad and covers up while having a hyper fit, he says to her…..”relax, i’ve seen better” lol

  2. PF4L May 11, 2020

    Ok…so…..A.J. Hawk and Poppinga might be the smartest quotes of the bunch.
    The media loves to make up, manufactured drama. Remember back when the media couldn’t get enough of the story of “Can Rodgers get a long with LeFleur?”. that was all i freaking heard about all off season. Gary Ellerson made a summer (plus) of talking about it. I even heard the words…”Coach Killer”. Now, excuse me….how stupid of a statement is that? Rodgers had the same coach for 13 years. that’s a coach killer?
    Is this how a GM describes a “coach killer”? “I don’t think so. He’s always been a true pro, a pro’s pro, and a really, really good teammate.
    This season it will be about that again, AND, how he treats Jordan Love.
    Eli Manning said that Rodgers played good football last year. Maybe i’m not the smartest guy in the room, but i’m going to go out on a limb and say Eli Manning knows a thing or two about being a NFL QB. I know, call me crazy, but if Eli meant “below average QB” he should have said that.
    I understand why they say it, but i’m not buying the narrative that Bahktiari and JJ are dishing out. i think his play, the offense will be better with another season (if they can practice). He has a 1st year undersized tight end, and Gute insulted him by signing a 3rd rate receiver who’s catch rate is the league’s worst. We’re going into the 3rd straight season with receiver problems, That isn’t Rodgers fault, or HIS job. When our #2 receiver isn’t a running back…When a player other than Adams or Jones can be relied on…THEN come talk to me.

    1. Robster May 11, 2020

      What receiver problems? The new run-centric Packers can feature twin tight ends and Jones and Dillon in the backfield. That leaves a spot for Rodgers and the final spot for Davante Adams. A base offense with one very fine receiver! Climb onboard, PF.

      1. PF4L May 11, 2020

        Ok, just so i can follow along and jump onboard, Who are our 2 starting tight ends? Right tackle and #2 receiver?
        Also, with our run centric offense, where are you in run/pass ratio…60/40, 70/30?

        1. PF4L May 12, 2020

          “Additionally, it’s a way to compensate for having such an iffy group of wide receivers.” – anonymous sports writer

          Those receiver problems?

      2. stiggy May 12, 2020

        You forgot all world MAULER by day…fashioniata by night….Billy Turner….will be opening up holes big enough to drive a car through.

        There is a reason the niners traded DeForest buckner…and its because Billy turner exposed him.

  3. Todd Chike May 11, 2020

    Rodgers is laughing all the way to the Super Bowl this year.

    1. PF4L May 11, 2020

      I’m going also. I don’t know where his seat is, but i hope it’s close to mine.

      1. KzooPackFan May 12, 2020

        ^^^ Ha!

  4. Hightower May 12, 2020

    “there was a bucket in the middle of the train car to use for the bathroom.”

  5. MJ May 12, 2020

    That’s the issue when you make a deal with the Devil. They told him to take them to the Superbowl. The Devil got first-row tickets for everyone.

  6. Cheese May 12, 2020

    I’m not sure what happened, maybe the message board is acting goofy again. The other day I had a response to some newbie about receivers. At first, my post was on the list of recent comments. Then it wasn’t on that list anymore, but the comment was still visible underneath the article. Now, I can’t find it at all. It’s not a huge deal but I typed it out on my phone so it was kind of a pain in the ass to put together.

    1. Cheese May 12, 2020

      Nevermind, found it. It was an article was from way back. The recent comment section was acting strange though.

      1. PF4L May 12, 2020

        It’s not you, it’s acting up. Keep refreshing to get an accurate post count. My shortcut is TP Blog page. that way when i pull it up i see a comment count.

  7. Deepsky May 12, 2020

    McGinn is the quote that annoys me the most. Back when Rodgers began starting, McGinn would frequently deride him for any mistake he made. He would throw 4 TDs and a pick and McGinn would call his performance average. At the end of Favre’s career, McGinn would rave about the mastery of Favre if he threw 2TDs and a pick. Why? Because McGinn wrote a book or two with Favre . So now he’s trying to stir the pot to make Rodgers look bad again. The fact that he calls him an “imperial quarterback” just goes to show that he stil has something against Rodgers. I highly doubt the Packers were “sick of his act”, but instead were looking to the future at the expense of the current QB – just like Wolf and Thompson did. That being said, Rodgers is still going to be furious, even if LaFluer’s offense might be what gets an aging Rodgers back to the Super Bowl.

    1. PF4L May 12, 2020

      McGinn has always been like that. Back when he got fired ,,,,oops, when he “retired” from the Journal.

      He really started getting angry when he had his kid help him start a website and then the Packers wouldn’t give him credentials, even with all the connections and people he know by covering the Packers for 30 years.
      There is nothing more frightening for a sports reporter in Green Bay than to lose their credentials. that’s why they tow the Company line .

  8. Scott Spurgeon May 14, 2020

    Everyone is saying the 13-3 season and crediting it to LaFluer. The 49er games showed that to be an inflated record. I remember a HC in San Francisco named Jim Harbaugh who fell into a similar situation as LaFluer. SF won big and it was credited to Harbaugh but then over a few seasons SF began going down hill, as GB will with continuing draft results like 2019 & 2020 and maybe LaFluer will wind up coaching in college somewhere.

    Aaron may very well win the MVP and if he does, he will deserve it.