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Two Players That Will Have an Immense Role in Packers’ Offense

GM Brian Gutekunst and the rest of the Packers front office made most picks a surprise to the Green Bay fan base. They started out by making a splash in the first round and drafted a Quarterback. I did see the Packers Taking a Quarterback in the third or fourth round, but not this early. Jordan Love is a very athletic Quarterback with a strong arm and will push Rodgers and also the defense when preparing during the week.

This is Rodgers’ team — do not get scared by this pick, it is a business and they are preparing for the future. I do not think this is disrespectful towards Aaron either because it is a part of the game and preparing ahead for the future is how the Packers have been so good for so long. After this pick my first initial reaction was that there are so many other holes that they should fill, but then after processing it we have to keep in mind that being a packer fan is like being a spoiled little kid who gets everything they want. Going from Favre to Rodgers…Hall of fame Quarterbacks are players that you do not find in every draft. Maybe Jordan Love can be special too!

The Packers went the whole draft without picking a Wide Receiver which I thought was one of their biggest holes. They made it clear that they want to establish their run game by drafting AJ Dillon out of Boston College with the compliments of three offensive linemen (Jon Runyan, Jake Hanson, Simon Stepaniak). They also drafted a versatile Tight End in the third round Josiah Deguara who I am very high on. This allows the Packers to run formations containing two Tight ends for run plays.

The Packers will now have Adams, Lazard, and hopefully a healthy Funchess split out. Then they can also use Jace Sternberger who is built like the 49ers’ George Kittle and is a playmaker that has a lot that he wants to prove. Deguara will be a split out Tight End who is able to stretch the field like a Wide receiver especially in the red zone.

RB AJ Dillon

Nov 30, 2019; Pittsburgh, PA, USA; Boston College Eagles running back AJ Dillon (2) rushes the ball against the Pittsburgh Panthers during the second quarter at Heinz Field. Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

AJ Dillon (2nd Round)

College: Boston College

The second round pick ran for over 4000 yards and had 40 touchdowns over his career as an Eagle. Boston College was a run first team which allowed Dillon to touch the ball a great amount. He is a physical runner and it usually takes a couple defenders to take him down. Dillon thrived on draw plays and inside zone runs. One aspect of this athlete that I thought was really interesting is when he is thrown a screen route or a ball in the flat he is elusive and almost looks like Titans Running Back Derrick Henry when he gets into the open field. Obviously he isn’t Henry… but I think this is just what the Packers need, an old school run your face over type back, who is able to catch some screens and make magic on a big down. Third and one in the red zone I am running a dive play to Dillon!

Dillon is going to continue to run behind a great offensive line which is an advantage for him. Also, he will be considered the third down back on short downs and a great compliment to Aaron Jones. Aaron Jones and Jamaal Williams both are on contract years and I think this could be Williams’ last year as a Packer because of all the starters they need to pay. This makes a possibility of an upgrade at running back.


TE Josiah Deguara

Jan 2, 2020; Birmingham, Alabama, USA; Cincinnati Bearcats tight end Josiah Deguara (83) pushes away Boston College Eagles defensive back Mike Palmer (18) at Legion Field. Marvin Gentry-USA TODAY Sports

Josiah Deguara (3rd Round)

College: Cincinnati

Personally I do not think Gutekunst is getting enough credit for this pick. The more I read and watch highlights on his game, the more I like him. He fits what the Packers want, giving defenses to worry about stretching the field Tight End. He is built like a defensive end, but is an efficient route runner and hard to bring down. My favorite routes that Deguara runs is the slant, seam, and flag routes in the red zone. This guy is gonna make plays for them and having a big Tight End that is able to stretch the field and catch the ball is a huge advantage in the NFL.

Hopefully the Packers will be terrorizing teams with tight ends now, not getting terrorized by them like the past. One thought that scares me is the comparison to Richard Rodgers and hoping he will pan out to make more of an impact.

Do not hate on this guy because it only brings more formations and route combinations for Lafleur to mess with defenses with. This helps them create two tight end sets including Jace Sternberger in passing situations and Marcedes Lewis in blocking situations. Also, he will be split out more than in a three point stance because of how he is able to run routes. Rodgers just got another huge target and the NFC north will be surprised by his production during the season. I am hoping to see a prime Jimmy Graham type of play out of Josiah Deguara making him a reliable target in the red zone for a jump ball type play or a post corner to the back of the end
zone. When the offense is settled in the middle of the field, I would like to see him thrive in slants, seams, and flag routes.

Tommy Pernetti

Tommy will soon enter his sophomore year in college. He is a Packer Junky and has been playing or watching football since little. Go Pack GO!



  1. PF4L May 12, 2020

    Let the crowning begin.

  2. Deepsky May 12, 2020

    I like Dillon because he is more elusive than backs his size, plus he has a good first cut and is hard to take down. The Packers needed a back like him to keep drives alive. He’s more elusive than Derrick Henry. He’s not as elusive as Eddy Lacy, but his playing speed seems much faster than Eddie Lacy who never could break a long run. He’ll probably contibute more this year than a 2nd round receiver would have contributed (Cobb 375 yards, Nelson 366 yards, Adams 446 yards, Ferguson 0 yards, Jennings 632, Mayes 46).

    1. tommypernetti15 May 12, 2020

      Love the stats.. and think he will be a big contributor too. can’t wait to watch him.

  3. BigHeez76 May 12, 2020

    I am also excited about the Josiah Deguara pick, but for very different reasons. This pick screams of Matt LaFleur and his style of offense, but I feel you may be mistaken about Josiah’s game and body type. He is not a big tight end, he is on the small side for the position. I feel comparisons to Jimmy Graham are unfair to both Josiah and Jimmy. Jimmy Graham is a very tall, athletic tight end with unbelievable speed for his position in his prime. While I would love to see 1000+ receiving yards and 10+ touchdown seasons from Josiah, I don’t see him being used in that way. I think you will see him behind the line of scrimmage, as a hybrid fullback/h-back, much like the role Jace Sternberger filled following Danny Vitale’s injury last year. I think his production will come slipping out of the backfield, run block fakes in play action, and check down/outlet receptions. You are correct, we will see him lined up split out, or motioning to that position, but I think he will primarily be used closer to the rough stuff in the trenches given his talent as a blocker. My biggest hope is to see him help in the run game and play action pass game. As you mentioned, he has skill catching the ball. A trend I noticed is Matt LaFleur loves play action on first down, taking shots to MVS early in the season. The addition of Deguara allows the Packers to bring out in a bigger, heavier personnel (12), which forces the defense to react by playing more base defense with 4 defensive backs, putting them at disadvantage against the pass if your tight ends are talented receivers. In my opinion, if anyone is going to have prime Jimmy Graham type of play, Jace Sternberger is the leading candidate. I think he filled in admirably at the end of the year in the H-back role, but I anticipate seeing him as the more traditional tight end as well as splitting out wide this year.

    Again, I am in agreement with you regarding these 2 picks, I think they will help Lafleur to run his type of offense and give more options/misdirection.

    1. tommypernetti15 May 13, 2020

      Thanks for the input. I agree how he fits for lafluer. Never thought about him coming out of the backfield… I can see that I like that.

  4. Empacador May 12, 2020

    Stopped reading after the spoiled little kid comment. Listen Tommy, realizing you’re a new contributor here, what happens with those back to back HOF QBs actually matters. When did simply having back to back HOF QBs amount to anything? Maybe the Packers can erect some banners noting how they had back to back HOF QBs. Unless, you know, you are one of those homer types that are apologetic and completely happy with simply making the playoffs without ever reaching the pinnacle. The Patriots seemed to make it work though, huh?
    How soon people forget McCarthy was CONSTANTLY mentioning championships PLURAL during his time in Green Bay with both of those HOF QBs. How did that work out for him? Is it possible through all his rhetoric (and the front office) the hopes of the fans were raised to seemingly unrealistic levels? Is that what makes us spoiled, entitled little kids? Maybe he can finally deliver on that promise down in Dallas. I’m not holding my breath.
    No matter who writes these columns trying to hype the positives, this entire draft was a shit show for the Packers and the propaganda coming out of 1265 doesn’t change that narrative. These people need to actually do something productive to warrant any praise. We’ve heard this all before and are still waiting for previous draft picks to pan out. I don’t see this group of draft picks jumping to the head of the line anytime soon. Hopefully I’m wrong but, with this team, history over the past 10 years is kind of on the side of those of us who are realistic/pessimistic.
    How in the hell does Bart Starr have as many Superbowl wins as Favre and Rodgers combined? 5 NFC championship appearances since 2007 with a sterling 20% success rate. The last 2 losses were blowouts. I said it before, if the Packers go to 10 Superbowls during those 28 years with back to back HOF QBs, then I’ll proudly bear the burden of being called a spoiled little kid who gets everything they want. An embarrassment of riches if you will had the Packers been dynastic like the Patriots have been.
    In future years when people are sitting around drinking or getting high with friends and/or family reminiscing about the good old days with Favre and Rodgers, always remember something.This period of underachieving/ineptness/lack of accountability will basically amount to, as Ron Wolf once said, a “fart in the wind”.

    1. tommypernetti15 May 12, 2020

      Wow this must of really hurt your feelings…
      ok first off this is the classic packer fan argument, blaming it on McCarthy or Thompson, even the bostick fumble. Im pretty sure the packers are in the top five in winning percentage since 2010. Appreciate that. Thats a lot of great football to watch as a fan

      Ron Wolf said this week on a podcast, “Its not just super bowls, its your one loss percentage, and the packers is pretty damn good.”

      The patriots (generational dynasty) and the steelers are the only two teams who have a better winning percentage than the packers in the past ten years. (Oh yea Big Ben is a HOF too).

      Don shula (won the most games in NFL history) never one a super bowl with DAN MARINO. Yea he stinks I guess…

      Football is a team game.

      The one hilarious comment you made was comparing Starr and his achievements to Favre and Rodgers.
      one the game has changed so much and there is a different dynamic to the game, two bart star was apart of a dynasty. The amount of HOF on that team… Favre and Rodgers never were on a dynasty which shows how much they did accomplish with the pieces they had around them. Including Lombardi there was 13 HOF on that team… Favre played with one… Reggie White… Rodgers hasn’t played with one.

      Football is a TEAM game… TEAM not one person.

      Saying that this draft was a “shitshow” is just something you cannot prove yet. none have these guys have played yet. When wolf was just hired he traded a First rounder for Favre and got bashed for it. Look how he turned out. you just do not know these guys have not played a snap of pro ball yet. in ten year if all these guys are busts ok then maybe you’re right, but cannot be a “shitshow” before any of them have played.

      This is the spoiled type of fan that just cannot appreciate the positives. yes it is frustrating that they are right there every year, but you are exactly the fan that just doesn’t appreciate what they accomplished and sometimes with so little.

      1. PF4L May 12, 2020

        Appreciate the lesson learned on the narrative on the Patriots and Steelers Tommy, i’m like a sponge.
        But should we then also acknowledge the fact that the Packers have had 2 HOF QB’s for 28 years and counting. If there has been another team that equaled that or came remotely close, i’d love to hear about it.
        One nice thing about this place Tommy is you have the freedom to say whatever you want. You can even come in here as a newbee if you wanted to and insult longstanding fans that have been coming here for years, You also have the freedom to go out and play in the expressway. This isn’t your everyday Packer blog Tommy, where everything is green/gold, cheetos and Packer kool aid. Critical thinking….happens here.
        Make yourself comfortable Tommy.

        1. tommypernetti15 May 12, 2020

          Exactly what I’m doing and exactly why I’m here ;)

          1. PF4L May 12, 2020

            Atta Boy!! :)
            I’m so happy JP has a new writer in here i’d buy you a drink, if you were old enough.

          2. tommypernetti15 May 12, 2020

            One day!

          3. PF4L May 12, 2020

            It’s a blast growing up, like when you got your drivers license 4 years ago.
            Good times

          4. tommypernetti15 May 12, 2020


      2. Empacador May 12, 2020

        Kinda pretentious for a new guy aren’t ya? You could use a little humility considering you don’t know me, or any of us for that matter, at all. I think I’m old enough to appreciate the positives just fine. You never had to suffer through the void that was the 70’s and 80’s but thanks for playing. You do you and keep fucking that football, pushing the Packer narrative, friend. Maybe someday you will understand.

        1. tommypernetti15 May 13, 2020

          You really know how to make me laugh. Don’t cry little girl 😘

          1. PF4L May 13, 2020

            Lol….If we’re going to start a pool (cough), put me down for May 29th, 2020.

          2. Empacador May 13, 2020

            Your youth is showing. Calling people little girls. That’s original and mature. Tommy Pernetti, ladies and gentlemen. Color me impressed and in awe…

          3. PF4L May 13, 2020

            Check that…May 27th, 2020

    2. Deepsky May 13, 2020

      Starr was in a different era. Most importantly, there was no free agency. I watched the Packers in 70s and 80s. Myself and all my friends were happy just to be able to attend a Packers football game. The first game I got tickets to as a kid, I had to clear a foot of snow off the bench only to watch the Vikings kill the Packers at home. It was awesome!!

  5. MJ May 12, 2020

    Deguara built like a DE? A college DE maybe, clearly not an NFL one. He looks more like a fullback than like a TE.

  6. stiggy May 12, 2020

    Deguara is not a big tight end…he also has short arms.

    1. PF4L May 12, 2020

      He’s a tweaner.

      1. PF4L May 12, 2020

        He big, like a full back

        1. tommypernetti15 May 12, 2020

          I like him a lot and can see him surprising some people!

        2. KzooPackFan May 13, 2020

          Strong, like bull!

          1. PF4L May 14, 2020

            I thought we lost you to Covid…welcome back soldier.

  7. PF4L May 12, 2020

    Deep may have a point…..
    But we don’t really know because it’s not what you did in college, it’s what you do in the NFL. So…just for kicks….
    Eddie Lacy had 5 runs over 30 yards in his 4 seasons with the Packers with a high of 60 yards. Not surprisingly all 5 of those runs came in his first two seasons. (I’m getting hungry all of a sudden).
    Aaron Jones has had 6 runs over 30 yards in his 3 seasons, with a high of 67. Not at all impressive considering how we’re constantly told by TV talking heads that he’s a home run guy, can break one at any time. One great season.
    Now…(drum roll)….our current off season CO- MVP….AJ Dillion had 8 runs at B.C. over two seasons, with TD runs of 61,74,75 yards. (Couldn’t find game log for 2017).

    So, he’s a bit more impressive than both Jones and Lacy. But there is only one problem with those comparisons. Dillon is now in the big boy league. Division I is a far cry from the NFL…..as history has taught us.
    Just sayin.

  8. tommypernetti15 May 12, 2020

    100 percent still has to prove himself. Thanks for the input

    1. PF4L May 12, 2020

      No problem my friend. I think you’ll find that there are a lot of seasoned Packer fans in here. We are all glad to help when called upon Tommy.
      I appreciate and understand you were probably about 5 years old when Rodgers was drafted and you were born about 4 years after Favre and the Packers won the 96 Super Bowl. But at least you were around to watch all the Farve/Packer drama go down back in 2007-2008. I believe you were about 7 at the time. So like us, you’ve lived it.
      Again, don’t be too bashful if you have questions, or want any thoughts and opinions on the Packers past, present, or future. From fans who were there and lived through it. While acquiring the knowledge to understand it with realistic logic and reason.
      Again, welcome to the site Tommy.

      1. tommypernetti15 May 12, 2020

        I am a die hard packer and football fan. I understand all of packer history very well and love to learn things about the packers I didn’t know. I have more knowledge then most of your average packer fans. my father has been a packer fan since he was little and his dad was a packer fan during the Lombardi era. its in my blood and grew up learning about green and yellow. I am confident and stick to my point and not afraid to speak my mind. Glad to be apart of the team. GO PACK!

        1. PF4L May 12, 2020

          Bloodlines….i fucking love it!!
          It’s settled then, your nickname in here is “Bloodline”

          1. PF4L May 12, 2020

            Just FYI….Everyone in here has more knowledge than an average Packer fan.
            Just sayin.

          2. Empacador May 12, 2020

            Green and yellow? That’s precious! LOL!

          3. PF4L May 13, 2020

            “Ron Wolf said this week on a podcast, “Its not just super bowls, its your one loss percentage…” – New guy

  9. Scott Spurgeon May 12, 2020

    I read all the points. Considered all the players. And still come away with drafts going back to 2015, that show very disappointing results. Yes, the Pack went 13-3 last year but in key games like with the 49ers, showed how vulnerable they were especially in the middle of the defense from the D-Line through the Safety position.

    What franchise survives over the long-haul with such a track poor record in the Draft? If the goal was to take Love why trade up? We lost a key pick in this years draft at No. 136. Why take a No. 12 RB in the second round at No. 62 when he was slated to go in the fourth round. Key players went undrafted like Hunter Bryant TE, Benito Jones DT and JR Reed S, etc which had higher combine ratings that 7-8 players we selected in the draft. These are the facts. I’m fine with taking Love with the 30th pick and taking AJ Dillion at No. 136 which to be truthful Dillon is a Boom or Bust pick. Last year, it was Rashad Gary whom I watched all through college and he was an under performer and over-all disappointment. What was the reason LaFluer gave wanting him? He said he was a big man that could run fast. How did Rashad Gary do last year for the Pack? Much like he did at Michigan.

    But you have to face reality, taking Bryant Edward WR at No. 62 and Malik Harrison ILB at No. 94 and Benito Jones DT at No. 242 would have pleased fans and built upon last year regardless of the other picks. By plugging the glaring gaps with the 2019 team. None of that was done the and glaring gaps from 2019 remain, and I believe the Pack is looking at 10-6 this season and getting blown out early in the play-offs.

    When a franchise has 5 or more drafts like the Packers have had, you have begin to question management and if they are really capable of judging NFL talent. Player retention from the draft is not exactly leading the league. Each year the Packers go against all the sports writers, all the coaches and former coaches and disappoint all their fans. If it happened with one selection, you can go against the odds but every pick? What’s done is done.

  10. Skinny May 12, 2020

    In 30 years of Packers football they legitimately had a shot to win SBs in 96 we did it, 97, 03, 09, 10 we did, 11, and 14. Two out of seven. Is that good? Should i want more titles out of that? I just dont know.

    1. Empacador May 12, 2020

      You could potentially say 1998 too but the Jerry Rice fumble that wasn’t derailed that season. The ’96-’98 teams were as close as the Packers have come to reliving a dynasty and living up to their potential.

  11. MJ May 13, 2020

    Deguara is going to strike fear in the hearts of defenses, if for no other reason that his name sounds like a South American big feline! (yaguarete, aguara-guazu)

  12. Ferris May 14, 2020

    One thing I know is that until the draft I had NEVER heard of either one of these 2 and never saw either of them play. Maybe they are Rob Gronkowski and Christian Okoye. But maybe they are nobody and nobody. Guess time will tell.

    1. PF4L May 14, 2020

      Time has been telling us things for about 9 years now.