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What Do Packers Have in Jordan Love & When Might They Move on From Aaron Rodgers?

When the football season is taking a break, Packers fans need other things to do to stay busy. That is certainly the case at the moment with the 2020/21 season not due to start until early September. While Packers followers in New Jersey could fill their time with games at NJ live dealer casinos, others may choose to keep up with the latest football news during the off-season instead. That is an excellent idea as it means you still get your football fix and are in the know of what is happening at Lambeau Field.

When it comes to major team news, the recent 2020 NFL Draft is still worth talking about. Among the moves made by Matt LaFleur in this year’s draft, the pick of talented young quarterback Jordan Love caught the eye. After all, the last regular season was decent with a 13-3 record in NFC North, and Aaron Rodgers will still be around to power the team along again next time out. Who is Jordan Love, and why did the Packers pick him up?

The name is Love….Jordan Love

It is probably fair to say that the Packers raised a few eyebrows when they moved up to Number 26 pick in the draft to bag Love. So, who exactly is this young rookie with the world now at his feet in Green Bay?

Love played his college ball for Utah State and impressed in his time there to earn his pro move. He has a powerful arm and throws the ball with high velocity and accuracy. Love also showed in his college days that he could throw deep and also throw well if unbalanced. While his passing game is his major strength, he also has good athleticism and speed to run the ball.

Having said all that, Love is a little too raw yet for regular action in the NFL and will certainly not be starting ahead of Packers star man Rodgers. So, why did the Packers make such a bold move for him?


Aaron Rodgers reacts during NFC Championship against the San Francisco 49ers

Jan 19, 2020; Santa Clara, California, USA; Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers (12) reacts against the San Francisco 49ers during the second half in the NFC Championship Game at Levi’s Stadium. Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

A little bit of history repeating itself

Many Packers fans will remember the planning that was needed to ensure a new player was ready to replace Brett Favre when the time came. That saw a young Aaron Rodgers drafted, and it was a move that gave the inexperienced Rodgers time to grow as a player. In essence, it looks like the Packers have made the same play again. If it is true, it makes perfect sense – grooming Rodgers to succeed Favre worked out, so why not repeat the same pattern?

While Rodgers has not announced any retirement plans as yet, he is now 36; common sense tells you he only has a few years left at the top level and that bringing in an exciting talent now to take over is wise. The Packers do not want to see Rodgers retire or leave without anyone ready to take on his mantle. While we do not know exactly when the team will have to move on from Rodgers, it seems likely that it will be in a couple of years at most due to his current contract ending in 2023.

Green Bay is the right place for Love

What also works so well about picking up Love in the draft is that Green Bay is the ideal place for him to develop. As we have already noted, he is not ready to start in the NFL right out of college and will thrive in the encouraging environs of Lambeau Field. Love will now be able to improve and sharpen his game under experienced pro coaches, which will help no end.

Of course, the other great thing is that Rodgers is still there to pass on his knowledge for a while. There is no doubt that he has been one of the best quarterbacks the NFL has seen in recent years. That leaves him with a lot of advice to pass on, which could help Love become the next great QB for Green Bay.


Aug 30, 2019; Winston-Salem, NC, USA; Utah State Aggies quarterback Jordan Love (10) looks to pass the ball during the third quarter against the Wake Forest Demon Deacons at BB&T Field. Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

Love could be the next great Packers QB

Running a successful NFL team is all about balancing out the need to perform now with planning for the future. With the selection of Love, Matt LaFleur seems to have planning for the future well covered. If Love develops as expected, then he could well be the next superstar quarterback for the Packers and carry on their habit of producing top players in that vital position. For the next few years, while he learns his trade, the Packers have a fired-up Rodgers to bid for Super Bowl glory along with a talented current roster that could smash up the league in 2020/21.



  1. Tim May 22, 2020

    Lots of problems here.
    Love attended Utah St (not in a top 5 conference) for four years, redshirting his first. He started his RS Soph and RS Jun years. The first was impressive; the second was downright bad, though coaching and player changes devastated the program. Not only did he fail to progress his junior year, he acquired some very bad habits.
    Those who insist on comparing the Favre-Rodgers case to the Rodgers-Love case would do the world a great favor by bloody well stopping. They aren’t comparable. Rodgers was a potential #1 pick. Love is a crap shoot. Even a Joe Borrow pick has something like 30% error bars on his possible success. (As estimated by Bruce Arians). Love’s error bars are at least twice as large. GB might be a great place for Love, but that doesn’t make Love a great pick for GB.
    Lafleur did not pick Love. Gute did. And since when is Lafleur a great developer of young QBs? He spent 2 years with RG3 and Cousins, one year with Goff. hardly a great resume. He spent more time with experienced QBs – McNabb, Grossman, and Ryan.
    Love could be the next superstar QB for the Pack. And Paxton Lynch could have been the next superstar QB for the Broncos. The rest of the draft indicates that GB is planning (perhaps wisely) for a future with an average QB. But by pulling the trigger on the transition now, Gute sacrificed any chance for a Super Bowl in the next two years. Those two draft picks were needed elsewhere.
    I think the Love pick was all about Gute – he wants to be considered the next Wolfe (who brought Favre in) or Thompson (who picked Rodgers). Gute has HIS coach, now he has HIS QB. But Gute really hasn’t shown any aptitude for picking good players.

    1. Cheese May 28, 2020

      Can Gute really call Lafleur HIS coach? I’d say he’s more Murphy’s coach being that Murphy was insistent on frontlining and taking all the credit for that hire. Gute wasn’t allowed to get rid of McCarthy when he first started as GM, nor was he allowed to hire his own coach without Murphy’s permission.

  2. Empacador May 22, 2020

    Let’s say Love is the next successful QB for the Packers. Let’s say he’s even another HOF QB to boot. (Love isn’t a gum chewer like the last self proclaimed HOFer is he??) Who here is convinced the Packers will be successful surrounding Love with talent when they will consistently be selecting draft picks late in each round? The current regime as a continuation of the previous regime hasn’t fared well doing that as we all know. Maybe this is the year some of the unknown guys from this year’s draft, and maybe previous recent drafts as well, make their presence felt by being impact players instead of living on the hype of potential.

  3. PF4L May 23, 2020

    Let’s forget Love for a minute. Why? Because he is a non factor for awhile. He has no impact whatsoever unless Rodgers gets injured. Much like Gary, for a 12th pick, he was almost a non factor.
    My point?
    Gute knew Gary was basically a non factor before he drafted him, because he already had his edge rushers signed. Gute knew Love was a non factor because Rodgers is here for another year or two. Hopefully one year.
    To my larger point……when was the last time the Packers drafted an impact player? I would argue that it was back in 2014 with Adams, then 2013 with Bahktiari. which isn’t usually regarded as an impact position, but i disagree in this situation. Great 4th round pick.
    The other point to note…is where have our successful receivers been drafted? In rounds 4 and above? Is that where success is found?….ah no. Back when J’mon Moore, MVS, and EQ were drafted, i posted then that Gute was probably trying to find one good one out of the bunch.
    But, Packer history tells us, that all of our successful pass catchers were found in rounds 3 or better.
    2014…D. Adams…round 2
    2011…R. Cobb…round 2
    2008…J. Nelson…round 2
    2007…J. Jones…round 3
    2006…G. Jennings…round 2
    2002…J. Walker…round 1
    2000….B Franks..round 1
    What you’ll notice, is that Ted Thompson (for all his faults) at least provided Rodgers with weapons. If you have one of the best QB’s, it should be common sense to provide him the weapons he needs.

    So……….all in all. Ted drafted 5 impact receivers for Rodgers. Gute is still looking to draft his first one. Citing the fact we haven’t drafted one since 2014, we would all have thought it might be a priority in this last draft, Gute would pluck one right?
    Thank God Ted drafted Adams, or now we’d have …next to nothing.

    1. PF4L May 23, 2020

      After i post this, i look up the page as see articles titled…..”Wake up call for Rodgers”…….”LaFleur now has leverage over Rodgers”. How about a wake up call for upper management?

      Funny…when Ted supplied Rodgers with receivers, we never saw any articles like that. Maybe because he was too busy winning MVP’s and setting NFL records.
      I don’t know….maybe Rodgers just forgot how to be a NFL QB…that must be it.

      1. Tim May 23, 2020

        My hypothesis is that Rodgers was forced to evolve in a damaging direction (over reliance on an intimate connection with his Wrs, followed by the Scramble Drill) due to McCarthy’s stale system. It may take a while for him to evolve back, if he ever does.
        Fully agree with you on the draft picks.
        I think Gute sees the flaws of Gary, Love, MVS, etc, not as a bug, but as a feature. Gute wants to be known as a successful bargain shopper.

          1. PF4L May 23, 2020

            “For the next few years, while he learns his trade, the Packers have a fired-up Rodgers to bid for Super Bowl glory along with a talented current roster that could smash up the league in 2020/21.”

            Stay thirsty.

    2. Cheese May 28, 2020

      No WR’s picked in the first three rounds for the past six years. But wait, we have Devin Funchess who has a career catch rate of 51%!!! Help has finally arrived!! (Insert eye roll)
      “The Packers have a fired-up Rodgers to bid for Super Bowl glory.” Sorry, it doesn’t matter how much you piss Rodgers off. This team isn’t going to magically get better due to Rodgers chip on his shoulder when the WR core beyond Davante might as well be on the practice squad.
      There is no wake up call for upper management. If there was it would have been years ago. Or maybe the wake up call was when most of the front office left to go somewhere else.

  4. Deepsky May 23, 2020

    Love has about a one in five chance of being a good QB and about a one in twenty chance of being as good as Rodgers or Favre (at his peak). That’s where my expectations start.

  5. PF4L May 25, 2020

    For those of you who serve, or have served, and especially the fallen. Words aren’t enough…
    But we thank you.

  6. Stiggy May 26, 2020

    Espns model has the packerd at 8-8 but more importantly…Vegas has the packers win total over under at 8. So you see…Vegas also thinks they are a .500 team.

    Stingy has this team at 9-7.

  7. PF4L May 27, 2020

    The name is Love…(puts some gum in his mouth to chew)……..Jordan Love