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Who is the greatest NFL player of all time?

American football is the most popular sport in the United States and the NFL is watched by millions on a weekly basis. Over the years, there were plenty of great teams and amazing athletes, so ranking them and finding the greatest NFL player of all time is a real challenge. American football has changed greatly over the years and this makes the process more difficult, but there are names that stand out from the crowd. So here is the list according to the online sports betting website topsportsbetting.com. Check them out!

John Elway

For 15 years, starting in 1983, the Denver Broncos quarterback confirmed his status as a top prospect and stunned the NFL. He threw for at least 3,000 yards over the course of 12 seasons, and single-handedly won games in the last seconds. Together with Johnny Unitas he is famous for leading his team to many comeback wins in the last quarter and overtime, so he deserves a place on this list.

Tom Brady

The only athlete competing for the greatest NFL player of all time who is still active, Tom Brady has an impeccable resume. He has won the Super Bowl five times and was named MVP on four occasions, while making Super Bowl appearances in 7 out of 16 seasons. Brady also holds the record of the most AFC East trophies, with 14 and in 2020 his career will span over two decades.

Peyton Manning

Peyton Manning is another remarkable quarterback that played for the Denver Broncos, but he made a name for himself playing for the Indianapolis Colts. He holds many important records, for the most career touchdown passes, as well as the most passing yards overall and in a single season. He won five MVP trophies and played in a massive 14 Pro Bowls, while winning twice in his Super Bowl appearances.

Joe Montana

The San Francisco 49ers were lucky to pick Joe Montana as their quarterback, as he went on to win four Super Bowls. Joe was the MVP of the league points and he set the record as the first player to be named Super Bowl MVP three times. Up to this day, he is widely regarded one of the clutch quarterbacks, capable of keeping his cool under immense pressure and carrying his team to victory.

Jerry Rice

The 49ers, the Riders and the Seahawks have fond memories of Jerry Rice, the NFL record holder when it comes to receptions, receiving yards and touchdowns. In this regard, his head and shoulders above any other American football player and these records are all difficult to beat. In addition to being immensely talented, Rice has also earned the praise of NFL fans for his impeccable work ethic.

Jim Brown

Back in the late 50s when Jim Brown started his NFL career, he was towering high above his competitors. His sheer size and strength gave him an edge over the field, but Brown was also faster and intelligent. For nine years, he dominated the league in emphatic fashion and brought down most of the NFL records. More than half a century later he is frequently mentioned as one of the greatest NFL players of all time.

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