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Wake Up Call for Aaron Rodgers as Packers Pick QB Jordan Love in Round 1 of 2020 NFL Draft

As is tradition, the Packer fanbase is deeply divided over yesterday’s first round pick of Utah State QB Jordan Love after trading up from 30th to the 26th pick by giving the Miami Dolphins a fourth round pick. Some disagree with the pick itself, even if a QB is arguably needed in the future. Others are concerned that more immediate needs by the team were not addressed in round 1, despite giving up that fourth round pick.

Let’s go ahead and get this out of the way: Aaron Rodgers’ job isn’t in any immediate danger. It’s foolish to think that at this point. Love will need to prove himself capable of playing in the NFL environment. Even the greatest of first round choices have crashed and burned in the NFL due to the large differences between it and college ball. That environment just isn’t for everyone.

QB Jordan Love

Aug 30, 2019; Winston-Salem, NC, USA; Utah State Aggies quarterback Jordan Love (10) looks to pass the ball during the third quarter against the Wake Forest Demon Deacons at BB&T Field. Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

However, it is fair to make comparisons between the current QB situation and that of 2005 when the Packers drafted Rodgers, who — as we all know — went on to replace QB Brett Favre. This shrewd move by the Packers following the 2007 season still leaves a bad taste in many fan’s mouths. While Favre seemingly made the decision on his own to retire in March 2008, the writing was on the wall that the front office was not embracing his return. Further complicating the situation, Favre was heavily pressured by the team to make a decision prior to the 2008 NFL Draft and free agency period. From that debacle, Jett Favre was born — but that’s another story.

Looking back, Favre obviously did have another productive year or two still in him. But, with the benefit of hindsight, that move by the Packers has paid off well as Rodgers proved he was the franchise QB the team needed and had staying power. Some would argue that he has brought even more to the team than Favre ever did, but I’ll avoid that comparison.

One thing is now certain: if you subscribe to the theory that Rodgers, even more so than most players, is playing cautiously to avoid injury: you better believe that is going to be the case now. The microscope is going to be on him closer than ever the next two seasons. It’s put up or shut up for the aging veteran. As someone that always seems to be a bit better when there’s a chip on his shoulder, perhaps this is the fire under his ass he needs.

Utah State QB Jordan Love picked by Packers in first round of 2020 NFL Draft

Apr 23, 2020; In this still image from video provided by the NFL, Jordan Love listens on his headphones during the NFL football draft Thursday, April 23, 2020, in Bakersfield, Calif. Love was drafted by the Green Bay Packers as the number twenty-six overall pick during the first round. NFL/Handout Photo via USA TODAY Sports

Jason Parker

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  1. Stickman April 24, 2020

    We are the new Cleveland Browns. What a bullshit pick

    1. D VE April 24, 2020

      Yup Two BS Picks in a Row. Jordan Love pick is a Joke, And NFL.Com has AJ Dillon rated as a good backup, with a 3rd to 4th round grade. This is WORSE than the Browns

  2. NobodysBurfect April 24, 2020

    The guy sat through a historically inept crew of idiots who rode his back to constant playoff berths, and they drafted his replacement before giving him a legitimate 1st round offensive weapon (all while pissing away 1st rounders on conversion/develop projects). He has every right to be pissed, as fans have a right to criticize the fuckery inside the organization.

  3. Stickman April 24, 2020

    I wish this kid all luck in the world. Wrong place wrong time for him. The NFL that I remember is long gone. Oh well back to Nascar for me

  4. PF4L April 24, 2020

    Regardless of how you feel about this. The Packers are going to be in social media hell about this. They will be tweeted and e-mailed to death, probably even get a ton of letters sent.
    This is 100% a factor of either building for the future vs. winning now. There is no gray area here. Gute just showed what’s more important to him. He showed us something of the same with the 1st pick of last years draft (or maybe that was just a hint of brain damage.
    So….What do we know?
    We picked up 3 players Savage, Gary, And now Love. So ask your self, how is that winning now? Lets examine the results of those 3 high draft picks, and what it cost us.
    Results…we have 2 1st round bench riders, we have a 1st round safety who hopefully improves, but at least….he’s actually starting.
    Cost……Rashan Gary = 10 million Not bad for a player who plays 23% of the snaps. but why shouldn’t he make money not performing, we pay a lot of players huge money for not playing, or being average or below. Turner..12 mill….Graham..22 mill…Amos…14 million. If i go back, there is quite a long list, but you get the picture. Every team has bad contracts, but no team, pisses away more tens of millions than this Packer team.
    So…..that should do it right?
    Well…not quite. to acquire 2 of those players listed above there is more cost, we spent three 4th round draft picks to move up to draft them.
    Big deal right? Middle round picks no big thang, amirite?
    Except when you figure in the fourth round, we’ve acquired solid players like Tretter, Bahktiari, Daniels, House, TJ Lang, Sitton, Poppinga in the 4th round.
    There are further cost, but it may be too advanced to get into here. It has to do with what you could have gotten had you traded down the 12th pick, or picked an offensive weapon(s) etc. Same with Love.

  5. John schwarzmann April 24, 2020

    Gute has followed TT with a foolish wasting of a HOF qb career. Rodgers should realize that the Packers front office has no interest in winning a Super Bowl with him. Rodgers has three options.
    Renegotiate a contract to allow a trade, retire or go through the motions of two more wasted seasons. The best option would be to retire. The front office would panic and roll over for Rodgers to renegotiate. AR has been too passive. He needs to put his chips down. Gute’s a fool and can be manipulated.

  6. KzooPackFan April 24, 2020

    Wow. The fanbase is deeply divided? How? Divided on what is the top reason this was an historically bad pick? I haven’t seen anyone say it was a good move, that’s for damn sure.

    1. PF4L April 24, 2020

      Yea…there is a few, but not many, that’s for sure.I’d guess 1000/1.
      Watch for the Packers to go into full damage control mode shortly.
      So much so…that it may entail a mass e-mail concerning this subject to it’s season ticket holders and all fans who they have their e-mail addy’s.

    2. Jason Parker April 24, 2020

      Problem is no one can call it a good move until 3-4 years from now

      1. PF4L April 24, 2020

        SMH, wtf….No, that’s NOT the problem. The problem is….when your spoken philosophy is that you are in a win now mode, then you draft 2 1st round players that are not only sitting on the bench, Neither can help your offense. The other problem is the players (picks) you traded away.
        The issue is NOT, whether Love and Gary will be good players. The issue is you have an offense that has been neglected. Everyone and their fucking Grandmothers knows that the offense needs some weapons.
        This isn’t that confusing…let me simple it up. If you draft a player 12th (where you didn’t even have a need), and you draft another player 26th and they BOTH sit on the bench…..
        Is that…..
        A) Perceived as a win now mode
        B) Perceived as building for the future
        Hope that helps

        1. PF4L April 24, 2020

          To J P… President & CEO…
          My apologies for the condescending tone of my message. My only excuse is
          permanent insanity. I’d completely understand if you heavy handed me a time out.
          I feel so bad that i will also self impose my own punishment. I will confine myself to house arrest. I will only leave for essential things like work, food, Dr. appointments, etc until further notice.
          I know i deserve any further punishment you deem appropriate.
          I was out of line….please have mercy, i had a rough childhood.

  7. Stranded in Kazakhstan April 24, 2020

    I’m definitely revising my thoughts on Gute. Give the man some more weapons. I will be the first to criticize Rodgers for being a little pissy sometimes but he has every right to be furious with the win later attitude.
    How many franchises wasted TWO frigging HoF QBs? Cleveland would kill for one

  8. Stickman April 24, 2020

    Wow remember the old days when somebody supposedly hung Dan Devines dog in his front yard. When #12 leaves i may be done.. The straw that broke this camels back… I offen wonder if the dog thing was true/

    1. Deepsky April 24, 2020

      Ugh. Funny how this Devine dog’s story changes over the years. What really happened was Devine lived on the outskirts of town (or what was the outskirts at that time), the area around Lambeau at that time had farmland near it. His dog got out and killed the farmer’s chickens and got shot. Some writer interpreted this as fans killing his dog. Years later Devine said it was actually his fault for letting the dogs go onto the neighbors farm.

  9. Empacador April 24, 2020

    Amazing. In the 13 years McCarthy coached the Packers, they never drafted a skilled position player in the first round once. His first fucking draft in Dallas and that assclown takes a wide receiver in the first round. Man I hope McCarthy crashes and burns hard before Jerrah kicks the bucket and sees what a waste of time hiring that clown was.

    1. Ferris April 24, 2020

      Fat Mike has less input on picks in Dallas than he ever had in Green Bay. JJ is Lord there. And his dipshit kids. Don’t worry McRib is going to crash and burn in Big D. Malcontent overrated overpaid QB (No matter what Skippy says) Salary cap problems, talent left in FA. They play in a weak division though, so maybe they make the playoffs but they are going nowhere. Tell him to back away from the camera too, on him it adds 300 pounds.

  10. PF4L April 24, 2020

    “I don’t always have 2 1st round picks riding the bench”
    “But i do when i’m the General Manager” – Brian Gutenkunst

  11. Big B April 24, 2020

    Fire Gutey!

    1. PF4L April 24, 2020

      This is what happens…when you only get rid of 60% of the disease. the disease that remains, spreads.
      And i didn’t even go to medical school.
      PF4L January 2, 2018
      What we thought was a great move, and overdue, has the potential to be a train wreck. As more info comes out, it seems we learn more about the front office dysfunction.
      PF4L January 3, 2018
      lol…yea, his fake ass laugh was amusing. The old saying is correct, problems start at the top, shit flows downhill.

      Mark Murphy is the essence, of not holding anyone accountable, and he set that pace, and made it acceptable for everyone below him.
      PF4L April 16, 2019
      Ok…lets pretend i’m smart enough to be an NFL GM….

      I’m going to extend our franchise QB 4 years, throw him a 57 million signing bonus, guarantee him over 98 million, have him signed through 2023.

      Then, some months later….i’m gonna make ya’ll notice me and find my new franchise QB in the first round.

  12. Howard April 24, 2020

    Well I’m finally done throwing up. However, I still have the dry heaves about every 30 minutes.
    I will admit, when Rodgers was picked I was pissed. I thought the pick was a waste, and it was for a few years. However, as someone said on this site at least Rodgers was in the conversation for the #1 pick that year. In addition the Packers did not trade up to get Rodgers, they let Rodgers fall. The pick of Love I can maybe, if I try really hard, and beat my head on the wall, until I’m senseless, kind of understand, even though it makes me throw up. The trade up is what floors me, and makes me continue to have the dry heaves.
    Love is no Rodgers coming out of college. The best teams Utah State play against in their conference are Boise State and BYU. Any quality team the Aggies played against, with Love as the QB, they lost to big time. I don’t know if it was because of Love that they lost, and I will not even try to look in depth as to the type of QB Love is. It won’t matter because if Love plays in meaningful games for the Packers, in the future, I just know he will need to be a very, very different QB than he is now, or we be fucked. There are very few NFL caliber prospects, on the defensive side of the ball that Love has competed against in that conference. Welcome to, and meet NFL pass defenses Rookie. LaFleur now has a QB project.
    No question the Packers at some point in the near future needed to have an option other than Rodgers. Maybe Love can be an option? It does make you wonder if there are very few or no decent college QB options in the next year or two that are projected to come out of college?
    To me the sleazy, slimy, gut wrenching part of this, is the trade up for Love, not necessarily the drafting of Love. Maybe Rodgers will look at the pick different than I/we do, but I have to believe Rodgers downed a few Bourbons last night right out of the bottle and then threw the bottle against the fireplace.

    1. PF4L April 24, 2020

      See…that’s where we differ…i can’t understand the pick, at all. ONLY because of the win now mode. That pick has nothing to do whatsoever with winning now. Just the opposite.
      Gute got rid of Jordy in early 2018…we’ve been looking for receivers since, that’s on Gute.
      IF no one uttered the win now mode, or the Super Bowl is the goal every year. I wouldn’t have respected the pick, but i wouldn’t have rage about it.
      I almost don’t even know what to say anymore. I know that Gute doesn’t have to be a genius to know that the drafts have been tilted to the defensive side, and i know he doesn’t need to be a genius to know that he depleted the receiving core and that the Graham signing set us back hard. He knows all this………because even we know it.
      It’s like he just threw up his hands and said, screw this, i’m building towards the future.
      That boys got some splainin to do. But he’s lucky in one aspect, the covid-19 is his cover right now, in terms of public relations. He can go full Ted…hide in back. Lets see if he does.

      1. Howard April 24, 2020

        I guess I’m just more understanding than you. Though, as I clearly stated I’m sick over the pick, similar to how I felt when Rodgers was selected. The difference being I was mad when the Packers selected Rodgers, in this case it just makes me ill.
        I know you want to put all the free agent moves in 2018 on Gutekunst, and I understand why because I’m an understanding person. However, I put much more of the 2018 free agent moves on McCarthy, Murphy, and Ball. You must remember that Murphy gave Ball and McCarthy a lot of power. In fact you can almost guarantee several of the 2018 free agent demands and player cuts were from McCarthy, and Ball. I believe Murphy gave in to McCarthy’s demands to show McCarthy (and to a lesser degree Ball) that they were not going to discard him in one year like TT did with Sherman. Remember McCarthy making demands that he have input about who the new GM might be? You know McCarthy also had to have made 2018 off season player demands, as they relate to player cuts, trades, and procurement.
        I believe one reason McCarthy was gone 3/4 of the way through the 2018 season was, in part, because several of his 2018 off season player demands did not pan out.
        I remember Rodgers getting some digs in at TT through the later years. I have only heard Rodgers praise Gutekunst as a GM. This one move may change Rodgers opinion.
        The 2018, 2019, and 2020 drafts are on Gutekunst, along with the free agent decisions in 2019, and 2020. However do not discount the impact Ball has on the final contract amounts and bonuses negotiated in the free agent deals.

        1. PF4L April 24, 2020

          Well…i wasn’t mad about drafting Rodgers. i had enough of his yearly retirement routine by then, since i was hearing about it on a yearly basis since after the 96 SB win. Matter of fact, i remember before the 05 draft telling a friend we should trade Favre while we could still get value back for him. i mean…he was 34,35 years old at the time. But yea….i had absolutely no problem with the pick. Matter of fact, i gushed about Ted and how that took some big balls in here numerous times. I’ll always have some respect to him about that…Huge balls.
          Now, with that said….if someone had the same feeling about Rodgers, not that i would agree, but i would respect it. The difference is the timing with Rodgers now makes no sense, new contract, spent the lottery depleting our salary cap. everything pointed them going all in…except for the bad moves along the way.
          So in that realm…it makes little sense in what he did citing the team needs to get us over the hump. I think were at least 3 solid players away, maybe 4.
          At the end of the day, it’s hard (impossible) to argue that these moves are to win now. Right now the way i see it, is we have 3 picks left, 2nd,3rd, and 5th. I’m not banking on 6th and 7th rounders to improve this team now. So if….we can hit big on those 3…..we got a chance….I say without a straight face.
          At the end of the day, sans the Smith Bros, Gute has made a plethora of mistakes, enough to make a list. Now this draft strategy (which begs for common sense and sound reasoning), if indeed, we are trying to win now.

          1. PF4L April 24, 2020

            Just read the end of your post. Any digs TT got, were deserved. I’m not a huge McCarthy and Capers fan (sans the 2009-2010 defense) but TT did those two no favors in his last 5, 6 years. Especially McCarthy who had to be Teds mouthpiece when Ted was hiding, and he was always hiding.
            i wouldn’t expect Rodgers not to be cordial to Gute, especially in his first year or 2 as GM. Rodgers has to depend on him to supply him players. Well…on 2nd thought, maybe he should give him a dig or two now.
            Anyway, even in disagreement, it’s always a pleasure my man. We can’t always agree with each other. If i agreed with you on certain things, we’d both be wrong :)

  13. stiggy April 24, 2020

    Here is an analysis i wrote on another site. I look at it as Gutes draft report card and an articulate way of saying why this was such an AWFUL fucking pick.

    This is in response to someone saying gute is good at drafting and Savage is a “big time” player.


    Let’s talk about jaire.. above average…not a bad pick.

    However as it’s trending it wouldn’t be surprising (your legendary punter aside) if Jaire is the only player left from the first draft class after this training camp.

    It’s pretty hard to evaluate a draft class after 3 years when only ONE player lasts on your roster for 3 years….

    I emphasized the jk scott thing not to insult you…but to really point out that your biggest takeaway from the 2018 draft outside of jaire is a middle of the pack punter…and I agree…our league average punter is the second best thing to come out of that draft this far.

    Regarding jenkins….he had a great year and looks to be a keeper.

    Savage on the other hand is loaded with potential but for a ball hawking/center field type safety he didn’t have much impact. Ill give him average/slightly below average starter grade last year…but def could see him improving.

    What do you feel were savages big time contributions after the first couple games? I didn’t see much frankly but you cite him as big time.

    Then that us to the project player gary. See the first problem with Gary is he projects as a 4-3 defensive end…not a 3-4 olb. As the season went on he saw the field LESS…. reminds me of the Josh Jackson pick…aka a zone corner being thrust in to a man to man scheme…

    Gute (like his mentor ted) has a serious problem trying to stick round athletic pegs in to square football playing holes.

    So objectively what do we have after 2 drafts:

    The good:

    A possibly pro bowl caliber guard, an above average corner back, starting safety with potential to be a good one.

    The bad:

    One impact player from 2018 class…and noone else from that class showing any growth in 2 seasons.

    A project player put at an unfamiliar position who couldn’t even steal snaps from kyler fackrell

    Trading up to bomb the oren burks pick…and specifically wasting the josh Jackson pick because it said cb next to his name…when he is a terrible system fit

    And how do we follow these meager draft returns after losing our bookend right tackle and nfls leading tackler?

    Draft A raw qb less than a year after signing rodgers to a cap crippling contract.

    After the spending spree last yea and presumably re signing bak And Clark (with the potential loss of Jones on the horizon)

    In other words…every pick counts…this team is going to be capped out moving forward..and haven’t been supplying ample young cheap talent to make up for it.

  14. Deepsky April 24, 2020

    When I heard the Packers were interested in Jordan Love, I thought, It wouldn’t shock me because this is what Thompson did with Favre and one could argue its what Wolf did with Majkowski. But I was really hoping that they would put all the chips on Rodgers. Favre had some bad years with the Packers, turned the ball over, but Rodgers, though he has declined, has never had a bad year and rarely turns the ball over. You can still win a Super Bowl with a QB like that if you put talent around him. The only hope now is if the Packers get extremely lucky and pick up a couple offensive gems in this draft.

    1. Deepsky April 26, 2020

      Well you can’t lucky if you don’t even spin the wheel.

  15. Larry April 24, 2020

    I have bled green and gold all my life. My living room is filled with Packer stuff. However, I’m done with dumb asz GMs. Over 50 yrs of blind loving support wasted. I thought Gute was different from Teddy, but he’s even more football ignorant. He just closed the Rogers SB window. Love will go down in GB history with the Mandarich pick for sheer stupidity.

    1. PF4L April 24, 2020

      Good description Larry…”He just closed the Rodgers SB window”
      I wish i thought of it, perfect wording.

  16. Kato April 24, 2020

    So, I have cooled off, and have a lot of thoughts on this.
    It’s hard to get a read on Gute, but I think a lot of us are confused by this weird direction we are going. Why spend all that FA money last year and sign Rodgers to that extension if the goal wasn’t win now? I will attempt to figure out what is going through his head (and LaFleurs) last night when they went the direction of investing in the future. My guess is, they are counting on being good enough to be drafting at the bottom of the first round the next couple years, so their chances at a franchise QB would be limited while Rodgers was still with the team. Love falling created a fairly unique opportunity for them to grab a guy that could be the franchise for 10+ years. Also couple that with the fact there may not be a college football season given the pandemic, and drafting a QB besides Trevor Lawrence will be even riskier next year.
    I think there is a lot of doom and gloom right now, and I think there is a fair amount of overreaction, myself included. They still have Adams. I really like Sternberger, and I think the organization does too. Funchess has never had a great QB throwing him the ball (Cam Newton is decent, not great) and I think he could be a solid controbuter next season. EQSB is coming back from injury and never had the chance to take the second year leap. Lazard has a year of experience. They still have a second round pick. I don’t think there is much of a gap in talent between the receiver they could have drafted at 30 and what will be available at the end of the second. This second round is full of players with 1st round grades. There are still very good receivers left on the board (Mims, Shenault, Hamler, and possibly my favorite receiver in the entire draft outside of Jeudy, Michael Pittman who reminds me a lot of Mike Evans). This draft is also super deep at tackle, there are going to be starters taken in the 4th and 5th rounds. Adams was a 2nd rounder, as was Jordy. James Jones was a 4th. Jennings was a 2nd. Deebo Samuel and DK Metcalf were second rounders last year. Let’s chill the fuck out a bit here. They could easily move up in the 2nd to grab someone they really like.
    This wasn’t a unilateral move by Gute. LaFleur obviously was on board. They obviously feel that Rodgers is declining and they need a plan for 2022 once they can move on from Rodgers contract. I saw this this morning and I totally agree: they put their nuts on the table. This was an incredibly ballsy move. They knew Love was a risky prospect that has a very high ceiling. They knew there would be blowback from the fan base that wants to win another Superbowl with Rodgers. Their jobs are on the line because they chose to attach themselves to a new guy. It is hardly surprising when you have a new GM/HC combo. Rodgers isn’t their handpicked guy.
    They did create a potentially dangerous locker room situation as a result. Anyone that knows Rodgers knows he will probably respond poorly to this. He is probably justified in some ways. But he is a petulant child, and is a difficult person to work with, that is well documented. I remember last year when it was a big worry how well he would work with a new head coach. You hear about trust issues with receivers. You literally don’t hear about that with any other quarterback. You don’t hear about it with Stafford. Not with Matt Ryan. Not with Eli Manning. Ditto for Roethlisberger. Maybe Green Bay has gotten tired of the drama. I worry that this could create a divisiveness in the locker room, much like it did when Rodgers was drafted. You saw it with Donald Driver, who never really seemed to care for Rodgers, and seemed to be loyal to Favre. I wouldn’t be surprised if something similar happens in this case.
    It’s over and done with. There is nothing that can be done now. If you want to jump off the bus, go for it. Chances are that Love won’t be a franchise guy, the chances of three QBs in a row being that guy are slim to none. But that doesn’t mean you play scared. In this business, you have to take chances at that position. But I am not jumping ship, because maybe, just maybe Love will win a Lombardi for the organization. I remember the fans jumping ship after Rodgers was drafted, only to climb back on. I am not going to be that guy.

    1. PF4L April 24, 2020

      You stay on the ship, go buy yourself a Love jersey, maybe a Gary jersey. reward for being such a good fan.
      You really like Sternberger, that’s great…maybe this season he’ll catch his first pass in the regular season.
      You sound like you see great things for this current team. Keep the faith brother.

      1. Kato April 24, 2020

        My man! Chill a bit. Take a deep breath. You you honestly think this team was one player taken at 30th overall from the Superbowl? You said it yourself, they were playing with house money last year. I think they were incredibly fortunate to get to 13-3 and the NFC championship.
        The QB position is the most important in sports, and I think Gute/LaFleur understand that. They don’t want to be caught with their hands down their pants when it’s time for Rodgers to move on because that’s how people lose their jobs. Look at John Elway. He hasn’t been able to replace Peyton Manning and is in danger of losing his job. This is about long term job security for them. Continued success after Rodgers.

        1. PF4L April 24, 2020

          “This is about long term job security for them. Continued success after Rodgers”
          That’s fine Kato….but then they can’t preach to us about winning now, and winning Super Bowls.
          Take a deep breath, and try to understand what i just wrote. If you still don’t get it, i’ll stick around for another 15 minutes if you have any questions.

        2. rebelgb April 25, 2020

          “Maybe Green Bay has gotten tired of the drama.” – Keto
          That was my very first thought and you nailed it right on the head. I know a lot of us fans are getting more and more disillusioned with the guy. Personally I think Rodgers would rather be able to stay in CA year round than play football anymore. But you know theres about 30 million reasons to keep playing.

          I do have to disagree with Gute and Matty about using the #1 to find some possible long term job security. If Mike Mccarthy taught us anything its that winning one super bowl will buy you up to 10 years of job security. So win at all costs now would be the smartest route.

  17. PF4L April 24, 2020

    I think i’m about bitched out :)
    Yes…i feel a lil better.

  18. WinterIsHere April 24, 2020

    Like most, I went into this draft thinking, “please do not draft a QB.” Not because they do not need a successor, but because now is not the time. They are in a rare situation coming off a 13-3 season, 1 game away from the Superbowl. You have almost all the pieces in place to be a legit contender, arguably only missing a starter quality prospect at WR, OT and LB. Just wait one more year for your QB. Why?

    Because you are on the verge of a complete rebuild, due to the lack of cheap draft talent, they have overspent on QB and free agents, and also arranged their contracts to be back heavy. Starting next year, this will make guys like Clark, Linsley, Bakhtiari, Jones, King, etc contracts unaffordable. So in my personal view, this was the year to go all in and try to give Aaron 1 more shot before looking to the future.

    I may be mishearing this, but I think Gute said they liked Love more than any of the 2021 QB prospects. Okay, say that is true. And say it is also true of what you said about wanting Aaron to continue competing for championships in GB. I say prove it, back up your words and be bold. Trade away your 2,3, or 4th round picks for next year to make a run on 2 2nd round picks, and still get Aaron the help he needs. if early free agency talks hold true, they should get a couple 4th round comp picks to lessen the blow next year.

    Much like Howard I am still in shock over this. Unless this shit show changes course tonight, I am with the clean house philosophy. Murphy, Gute, Lafleur. Get rid of all the disease.

    I think Jordan Love is going to be a capable starter, but it has to be about Aaron and win now based on the moves made the last two years.

    1. Kato April 24, 2020

      Well, and I think they had a unique situation where a guy they felt was a franchise QB was falling to them. That doesn’t happen often when you are picking at the bottom of a round. I understand the move. They just better be right or they will be out of jobs.

      1. WinterIsHere April 24, 2020

        If they don’t win a SB within two years they will be out of a job regardless before they even find out if they are right about Love.

        * I am not saying he is a bad pick, just doesn’t match the moves they have made, or support what they say in their press conferences about wanting to win championships now.

        1. PF4L April 24, 2020

          Whether or not Love becomes a capable starter, is not the point. The debate isn’t how worthy the pick was. It’s simply about Now, or the future.
          That draft pick, and Gary last year is about the future, you quit on Rodgers.

          1. PF4L April 24, 2020

            Gutes justification is…Love fell to him. but Love admitted there were multiple pre draft positive talks with Green Bay when he asked if he was surprised Green Bay picked him.. So Gute shouldn’t act like this pick was a surprise to him.
            People (everyone) were surprised (shocked) when Rodgers fell to 24. But no one last night was saying, hey, why hasn’t Love been picked yet. Night and Day difference.

        2. Kato April 24, 2020

          Disagree. They will have a job regardless. Basically their job rides on whether Love works out.
          They didn’t quit on Rodgers. At all. They signed a wide receiver in FA. And could still draft a WR tonight.

          1. PF4L April 25, 2020

            Devin (hands of stone) Funchess…Now we have our #4 receiver.
            We also signed Jimmy Graham and Marty Bennett, how did that work out?

  19. PF4L April 24, 2020

    Some of these bench players make some pretty good coin.The Packers aren’t the Fed. Govt. They can’t just print money. Help support our bench players.
    #10 Jordan Love Home Game Jersey
    Be the first to review this product

    1. WinterIsHere April 24, 2020

      I’ll take 12

  20. Deepsky April 24, 2020

    I think the only team that has won a Super Bowl after their QB heir apparent was drafted was the Denver Broncos with Elway. Brian Griese was drafted by the Broncos in 1998, the year Elway won his second Super Bowl. Griese however was a cheap 3rd round pick. The Broncos actually spent their first pick reaching for a receiver for Elway, Marcus Nash. He was a huge bust.

  21. Kato April 24, 2020

    Chill out people. This isn’t necessarily the end. There are still some very good receivers and tackles on the board. Or if your flavor is defense, good DTs like Jordan Elliot are still on the board. I saw a updated mock with the Packers getting Laviska Shenault. IN THE THIRD ROUND. He is an incredible football player, some thought he would go in the first.

    1. PF4L April 24, 2020

      …and everyone, everyone thought Mandarich was a HOF 10 year starter.

      You don’t know until they get to the NFL and play

      1. Kato April 24, 2020

        Right. It is a coin flip. Which is why it’s asinine to suggest drafting Jordan Love results in a 0% chance to win with Rodgers.

        1. PF4L April 25, 2020

          ” Which is why it’s asinine to suggest drafting Jordan Love results in a 0% chance to win with Rodgers.”
          Let me ask you this Tiger….How does drafting Love increase our chances of winning?

  22. Mark April 24, 2020

    These Love-Rodgers comparisons make zero sense. Aaron Rodgers was in the running to be first overall but fell to Green Bay at 24. The pick made sense as although GB had a somewhat decent 10-6 season in 2004, an ageing Favre was constantly indecisive about playing. When a potential first overall pick at the most important position on the field falls to you at no.24 and you can let him sit, you go for it

    Andy Dalton, Joe Flacco, Alex Smith, Eli Manning were not going to advance their respective teams, who moved on to other QBs. Peyton Manning still had a little left in him, but when the best QB prospect since Manning (Andrew Luck) is waiting to be the no.1 pick and be your QB for the next 15 years, you have to draft him.

    Rodgers has a few years left him and wants to play for Green Bay into his 40s. His skills are declining, but Rodgers is still a top-tier quaterback but has no receivers and a defense which was like traffic bollards against the run.

    Yet Green Bay moves up to pick a QB that no-one else was going to take and would have been there in the 2nd round; that Gutekunst admitted may not be the QB of the future; and will not see the field until 2022 with Rodgers’ big contract assuming he doesn’t decline that much. Ingoring the true weaknesses which prevent the team competing for a Superbowl now appears Green Bay’s way of competing for a Superbowl.

    It’s hard to be optimistic about management with three first-rounders in two drafts (Gary, Savage, Love) riding the bench…

    1. PF4L April 24, 2020

      Savage isn’t riding the bench, but we get the jist.

      1. Mark April 24, 2020

        What few games I saw last season (living in Asia for the meantime with a huge time difference), I didn’t notice him that much. So I’ll take your word for it. Cheers!

        1. PF4L April 24, 2020

          Salute!…Hope you and your family find yourself in good health.

  23. PF4L April 24, 2020

    Keep this in mind, or at least ponder the logic.
    If the Packers aren’t committed to winning right now( and no one can say they are now), why should they expect Rodgers to want to stick around? For a paycheck?
    Maybe Rodgers doesn’t care…but, i can’t imagine a HOF QB who cares about legacy, wanting to play 3 more years for a team, that quit on him.
    Or how about if Rodgers said he isn’t going to go 100% because he doesn’t want to get hurt anymore. I don’t see much difference, because the Packers clearly aren’t going 100% anymore.Maybe they are for the future, but not while Rodgers is here.

  24. PF4L April 24, 2020

    Maybe Rodgers should have taken a pay cut so they could have signed better receivers.

  25. PF4L April 24, 2020

    What people don’t understand is this all started in last years draft. The Packers, KNOWING before they even drafted Gary, that he would be sitting on the bench, instead of picking an off. skill position, or trading down and getting an extra pick. But that probably doesn’t make much sense because i’m not a GM. I should learn to stay in my lane i reckon.

  26. Ferris April 24, 2020

    It could be worse we could be Detroit or Minnesota fans. I thought McRib was fat. Matt Patricia wants to be a disciplinarian but can’t push away dessert after every meal. Have some discipline yourself and lose some weight fat ass. Plus that beard just makes you look too lazy to shave.
    Now that it is 20 hours later I still think Love was a horrible pick. But so was Gary and so was Josh Jones and so was Kevin King and so was Oren Burks. Nothing new here.

    1. PF4L April 24, 2020


  27. Robster April 24, 2020

    CBS Sports has graded the first round picks, based on value and fit. They handed down 7 As, 21Bs, 3 Cs, and a D to Green Bay. Minnesota, the Pack’s rival for the playoffs via winning the division, got an A for WR Justin Jefferson (#22) and a B for CB Jeff Gladney (#31). Detroit got a B for CB Jeff Okudah (#3). The commentary re the Packers was “terrible move. . .You’re on the cusp of getting to a Super Bowl, get Rodgers some help.”

    1. D VE April 24, 2020

      Yup, Horrible Picks. FIRE GUTEY

  28. Kato April 24, 2020

    The eagles drafted Jalen Hurts with their second pick, they have Carson Wentz. Idiots!!!!!!!!! That super bowl winning organization has no idea what they are doing

    1. PF4L April 25, 2020

      And ours does?

  29. Robster April 24, 2020

    CBS Sports projected Jordan Love the #4 QB to be drafted, at #19, with a big gap until the next two (Jacob Eason (#44) and Jalen Hurts (#100). Packers moved up four spots to get Love at #26. Joe Burrow, Tua Tagovailao and Justin Herbert did indeed quickly go, in that order. Hurts went at #53.By the time GB got to pick next, at #62 in Round 2, receivers had been picked over: 6 went in Round 1, and 8 more before Pack got to pick – including Denzel Mims, who many thought GB wanted – chosen at #59.

    1. PF4L April 25, 2020

      So we have a first round pick who can maybe play in 3 years or so.
      Cool, he can take a seat next to Gary.

  30. Stephen April 24, 2020

    This is a brilliant move on Gutekunst part.
    Once we are out from under the huge cap costs of having these aging and arrogant players gone completely, Gutekunst and Matt LaFleur will be in command. Then it will be possible to build the team around the system they wish to employ. They are building a football team, and players are just a necessary part of that. If Coach Matt LaFleur sees this draft pick as the future of this franchise, and the candidate he feels he would like to groom into his system, it’s well worth this pick, to do so. Watch Aaron Rodgers display his best, for the next few years, and if he does his best, he can still squeeze out a couple of Superbowls. We were only a player or two short last year, in the first year of a new system, and we have plenty of upcoming talent. Because we’ve taken a quarterback in the 1st round of the draft, there will be many ignorant people that second guess the decision. These are the type of people that haven’t observed how so many NFL teams draft and sign free agent quarterbacks frequently, really never solving their needs, or reaching the playoffs. The Green Bay Packers however, have seldom fit into that category because of such failure. Additionally, many of our backup quarterbacks, have had huge days having left the Packers, and earning new starting positions throughout the NFL. The people that are whining about this pick, may witness the shear brilliance of this move, sometime in the not to distant future. Don Majkowski hit the deck years ago, and the brilliance of Ron Wolfe took the field, in the form or Brett Favre. Later, Aaron Rodgers, who wasn’t really needed at the time, was selected by then GM Ted Thompson. I get sickened by those whom may have a peanut sized football brain, and their chants of firing out new Coach & GM, for not buying Aaron some talent to get him another ring before he retires, at the expense of the entire future of our club for years to come, due to such ignorance.

    1. MJ April 24, 2020

      Citation needed for the “many of our backup QBs having huge days” on other teams.

      1. Stiggy April 25, 2020

        Still Hasnt provided. Maybe referring to aaron brooks matt flynn and hasselbeck? its been 10+ years since the packers have developed a backup in to a trade asset

        1. PF4L April 25, 2020

          Beware of new names in here, better than good chance, they aren’t new.

          1. MMSUCKS April 25, 2020


          2. Empacador April 25, 2020

            And that! ^^^^

  31. Mark April 24, 2020

    Disclaimer: living in Japan I didn’t see too many games last season, but after the loss to San Francisco in the NFC Championship Game I never came to the conclusion that we are just a quarterback and a running back away from dethroning San Francisco as the best team in the NFC.

    1. Ferris April 24, 2020

      Convert Love to WR. Bears got a 10th TE though.

      1. PF4L April 25, 2020

        lol..there ya go, thinking outside the box.

  32. D VE April 24, 2020

    J Love pick has Justin Harrell written all over it. AJ Dillon ???NFL.com Draft profile has him as a good backup with a 3rd to 4th round grade. Gutey must be High or Sick with Virus……. This is already the WORST draft I have seen since the Justin Harrell #1 pick when GB fans booed TT in the Lambeau Atrium, and Rightfully So. Two Wasted Picks. and counting. Waited all this time and read all those Mocks for this BS??? I officially give up on GB. Go KC Chiefs

    1. Skinny April 25, 2020

      Yeah, i havent felt this way about a draft since Teds mid 2000s drafts when it was clear they werent going to build the team around Favre for one last shot at it. This is depressing as hell.

  33. Stiggy April 25, 2020

    FUCK YES……. just got me my Josiah Deguara jersey…..even bought a fancy hangar for it.

    Where is it going? Right next to my rashan gary Michigan throwback jersey.

    Going places baby!!!


    Walter cherpinski had my favorite analysis of the packers draft. He assigned them a “bill o brien” /belichcicks dog grade.

    Green Bay Packers: Josiah Deguara, TE, Cincinnati – BELICHICK’S DOG Grade
    Is Bill Belichick’s dog doing the entire Green Bay draft? I don’t understand anything the Packers have done thus far. This pick is just awful. There were better tight ends available. I get that the Packers are filling a need, but they’re doing so with a prospect some teams thought would be available in the seventh round.

    1. Skinny April 25, 2020

      I would have taken Thaddeus Moss injured over this fucking guy.

  34. Ferris April 25, 2020

    Is it possible to trade drafts with Baltimore? They took a talented LB, RB and WR. Is this draft thing really that hard?
    I have been watching this team, less and less over the years, just losing interest with their stupidity. Makes it hard to be a Green Bay fan, how do Vikings and Lions fans do it? Year after year the same garbage.

    1. Skinny April 25, 2020

      The Packers are fucking paranoid about drafting for NEED. They cant do it. They wont do it. San Fran loses a WR and DL in FA and then goes and replaces them in the draft. Its not a fucking sin to go get players at positions of weakness on your team Packers!

      1. MMSUCKS April 25, 2020


  35. Ferris April 25, 2020

    NFC Championship last year…this season 5th best team in NFC and that’s a maybe. SF, NO, Seattle, Tampa Bay all better than GB now.

    1. Skinny April 25, 2020

      We might have actually gotten worse by even adding bodies to this team. Thats how much of a shit show this off season has become.

    2. rebelgb April 25, 2020

      Well this draft sealed it. I am now a Bucs fan. Love the uniform and its always warm in Tampa. Go Gronk and Tom!

      1. PF4L April 25, 2020

        Brady has to be in heaven, he has enough weapons for 2 NFL teams.

      2. Ferris April 25, 2020

        Me too. I used to live in Clearwater and St/ Pete. Head down to the Old Sombrero or the new stadium (When GB was in the same division) watch the game and head to 2001 Odyssey and Mons Venus, to listen to the music. Look those up, if you know Tampa you know those places. I always waited out in the car.

  36. PF4L April 25, 2020

    PF4L April 24, 2020
    Gutes justification is…Love fell to him. but Love admitted there were multiple pre draft positive talks with Green Bay when he asked if he was surprised Green Bay picked him.. So Gute shouldn’t act like this pick was a surprise to him.
    Well…well…well……found this nugget this morning. Getting closer to the truth.
    Green Bay’s interest included a trip to Baton Rouge for Utah State’s game at LSU on Oct. 5. Gutekunst scouted that game in person along with another high-ranking personnel staffer, Jon-Eric Sullivan.
    Love “fell to him”…..hmmmm…This pick is making more sense as each day passes. OCT 5th 2019 Gute jumped on a plane to scout him. That’s a hell of a coincidence.

  37. PF4L April 25, 2020

    Former Utah State coach Matt Wells told Yahoo Sports he got a call midway through this season about Love. Wells was in his first year at Texas Tech and knew it wasn’t normal for an NFL general manager like Green Bay’s Brian Gutekunst to have a long conversation about a player before the season was over.

    1. PF4L April 25, 2020

      I guess that “win now” philosophy was on it’s way out back in 2019

  38. Sal April 25, 2020

    This is all Total Packers has to say on the matter? Woof. RIP to a once great Packers fansite.

    1. PF4L April 25, 2020

      That’s all you have to say on the matter?
      We’ll surely miss your insight…ciao

  39. PF4L April 25, 2020

    Brett Hundley, or Jordan Love scouting report? You make the call.
    Looping windup part of slower operation time
    Too much staring and telegraphing
    Six games with multiple interceptions, including three pick-sixes
    Below-average decision-making against zone looks
    Allowed coverage to swarm due to lack of anticipation
    Unusually spotty ball placement forced targets to work for catches
    Completed just 31.8 percent of his deep throws
    Doesn’t slide to safer launch points enough
    Will void viable pockets at times
    Needs to use eyes to hold safeties longer
    Issues bringing in off-target snaps, leading to fumbles
    Slow trigger when processing reads and must learn to throw receivers open vs. throwing to the open receiver.

    1. Stiggy April 25, 2020

      Im guessing Hundley.

      1. PF4L April 25, 2020


        1. Empacador April 25, 2020

          Yeah that’s Love I read that same scouting report yesterday.

    2. Mitch Anthony April 25, 2020

      Gum chewer?

  40. Big B April 25, 2020

    Gutey- you’re dead to me.
    Look what the Ravens @ 28 did at the back end of each round:
    Queen LB
    Dobbins RB
    Madubuike DT
    Duvernay WR
    THAT should have been our draft board- talent, speed and need.

    No, we trade up for a project, overdraft a two yards and a cloud of dust FB, then why not double down on another FB type. WTF?
    Why pay Rodgers all that money to re-up, break the bank on free agents last year, and then pull out and assume the fetal position? If it’s about the future then that course should have been charted prior to the ARod extension. No more wasted time watching draft coverage today, I’m better served yelling at kids to get off my lawn.

    Packers draft 2020: RIP

    1. MJ April 25, 2020

      That would make for a good trolling example.

      -See? We got Queen, Dobbins, Madubuike and Duvernay.
      -Did we? Thank god, I had this awful nightmare where we drafted a QB and a bunch of backups.
      -(silently laughing)

    2. Ferris April 25, 2020

      Like I said 20 comments ago. Trade drafts with Baltimore. Trade GB entire draft for their first 3 picks.

  41. PF4L April 25, 2020

    “Maybe Green Bay has gotten tired of the drama.” – Kato
    Kato is referring to Rodgers. Let me get this straight Kato.
    The Packers front office is in dysfunction. Murphy said as much.
    Ted can’t draft anymore and acts like a vegetable.
    Capers, Ted, McCarthy, don’t have to be accountable for anything.
    The front office has no leader, no structure.
    Front office player personnel talent starts leaving the Packers for different teams.
    Ted wouldn’t go into free agency as a tool to build a team.
    Coaches start losing their jobs as scape goats.
    The President, GM, H/ Coach don’t communicate, Murphy didn’t even know their was a problem, because nobody talks to each other and Murphy as no clue what’s going on around him.
    Murphy is told to fire Ted.
    Murphy fires Ted and gives him a new job Title. Ted sells house and moves to Texas, and still gets paid to this day.
    Murphy hires Gute as GM, because McCarthy won’t work under Ball.
    Gute tells Jordy to hit the bricks, they insult him with a low offer.
    Gute signs Graham, making him the highest paid TE in the league.
    Graham flops 22 million dollars later.
    Gute overpays for Turner.
    Gute depletes Rodgers weapons.
    Gute swings and misses on 3 wr’s, highest is 4th round pick who barely gets on the field,
    Gute gets 1 player out of the 2018 draft.
    Gute blows 2nd and 3rd round draft picks, Josh Jackson, Burks instead of getting receivers or tight end.
    Gute picks 12th in the first round, and picks a player he wants to convert, and that he doesn’t have a need for at his position, making him a bench player while paying him 10 million dollars.
    Pisses away 3 4th round picks trading up.
    2020 draft (so far)
    But…the problem in Green Bay is…..the Packers have gotten tired of Aaron Rodgers drama?
    Is that the problem?

    1. PF4L April 27, 2020

      No response?…i’m shocked

  42. MMSUCKS April 25, 2020

    If Love wasn’t bad enough . . . they choose a RB that was projected for the later rounds, then another motherfucking tweaner? who they could have been drafted in the 7th fucking round? I now firmly believe that “Git-a-cunt” had been drafting for TT (The Frugal GM) for the last few years of TT’s tenure. THIS is what TT would be doing! Git-a-Cunt IS TT! This may be the worst draft that I have ever witnessed! That is, even if LOVE works out! these other selections are a motherfucking joke! As some of us have said more than once in here over the years;”You could have thrown a dart at the draft board EVERY TIME and hit on a better selection” MM (Mark Murphy) needs to go NOW!
    Btw, I am digging the infusion of PACKER HOMER TROLLS into the mix. Who says that the Packer brain trust doesn’t look at all the Packer sites? . . . an obvious attempt at damage control.
    PF4L made a great point regarding Git-a-Cunt’s duplicity. It IS OBVIOUS that this GM was lying to us about being “all in” and that Love “fell to them” when he is literally traveling and calling past J. Love coaches for info on Love.
    Fuck These Fucking Fucks.!

    1. PF4L April 25, 2020

      I can’t say if the brain trust reads this site or not. But they have people on the payroll reading Packer web sites. And i know for a fact they’ve read the comments in this site over the years.
      There is a reason the Packers were trying to bully Monty. It wasn’t for anything Trademarked. It was for the content. If we all said warm and fuzzy things about the Packers, do you really think the Packers would have harassed Monty? They didn’t like the content.
      I’m pretty sure they monitor this site, not 40 hours a week, but they check it out.
      Look…no business wants a website online pointing out all their fuck up (for years). They are trying to protect their Brand…understandable.
      It’s also e-mails, letters, it’s not just websites. Matter of fact Murphy lightly touched on it a couple years ago when he was made to do his job. BUT….the Packers know exactly who we are, what were about. In other words, they know exactly why i come here. We probably have the most truth and freedom of any Packer website in the Country. And J P knows….i appreciate it. Even though he’s pissed off at me right now. but in time…we’ll be good.
      There are Packer fans who have been in here a long time spillin truth and they at the very minimum, helped build this site. Guys like Howard (The Football Professer, ex alcoholic)…MMSUCKS…( temper, no filter, might have served hard time) the kind of guy most people walk across the street to avoid so they don’t look at him wrong……Cheese (MIT Honors, power lifter, high Packer and football IQ) The kind of guys you could get stupid (drink) and break bread with.
      There might be one more guy who might be a little of all that. But since i can’t remember his name, he’s barely worth bringing up.

      1. The Money Mike April 26, 2020

        Is it you PF4L? :).

        1. PF4L April 26, 2020

          I might have gotten lucky and said 2 or 3 things right the last 9 years.

  43. Skinny April 25, 2020

    Gute and LaFleur love the receivers they have coming back thats why they didnt draft one. LOL. “We have talent and we have depth.” Oh really? Well, i guess that settles it. Case closed. Pencil in MVS and Equinimous into the Pro Bowl this coming season I guess.

    1. Empacador April 25, 2020

      Somehow I don’t think MVS is one of the guys they will be relying on. Funchess and St. Brown though…

  44. Mitch Anthony April 25, 2020

    I’m trying hard to be objective and understanding and thing that makes it difficult, the thing that brings me back consistently to being pissed about not only the Jordan Love pick, but the whole draft is this. This organization just really sucks at really evaluating players and making decent decisions, especially in the draft.

    Still during the Ted time, they skip past a TJ Watt pick and get an oft injured Kevin King. Now King had a decent year last year but back when he was drafted he was the BPA on the Green Bay board. Seriously?

    Oren Burks. I’ve commented about that one enough.

    Rashan Gary. A tweener taken too early to fit in an unfamiliar situation.

    Now AJ Dillon (he might work out) could have likely been had a round or two later. The TE pick could have been had in 6/7.

    There are many other examples and yeah, the draft can be a crap shoot and there are many flame-outs on other teams too. But this team is going backwards. This is why I have so little trust for the JLo infatuation.

    I wish the guy the best, I really do. It wasn’t his fault he got drafted when he did and under the circumstances he’s in. This will be difficult for him just based on how much people just want to talk about this new drama. I hope he does well, learns and develops, and becomes a great pro QB.

    This draft class would have been easy for almost any smart and frequent writer/poster to this site to make better picks across the board which would have helped this team much more than this GM and his group did. That goes for the last few years too.

  45. Bobby D April 26, 2020

    Two of the happiest days of my life as a Pack fan for 60 years was when Ray Rhodes was fired and then when the mentally deranged tree hugger Teddy was finally removed. Nothing needs to be rehashed relative to his tenure. Lucked out with AR and basically blew it after that (his favorite hobby) first impression with Gute sent up an immediate red flag. Sitting there watching the ‘18 draft and somehow having Derwin James fall to us was Christmas Day come early. Until this fucking moron trades down. Jaire’s pretty good, Derwin a predictable All Pro. Very encouraged to see the 4 FA signings last year Lerch was so opposed to. Then comes the draft and at 12, Gary. Could be wrong, but doubt he’ll ever merit that high a pick
    Now after suffering through this f***ing debacle, it’s obvious Gute sucks just as Teddy does. No way to justify or rationalize this draft. We were the worst 13-3 team in NFL history last year. This year we’ll be earning a top 15 pick in the ‘21 draft. I’m certain Goop will take full advantage