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2020 NFL Draft Will Be Unlike Any Other

One of the much anticipated NFL offseason events is about to take place in the next few weeks. The 85th annual NFL Draft where teams select eligible players from the collegiate ranks last season will be held in Paradise, Nevada. The Bengals as set to have the number one pick overall.

Things will clearly be different this time around due to the Covid-19 global pandemic. In fact, on March 16, the NFL announced that the draft will be held without public involvement. Commissioner Roger Goodell issued a memo ten days later to all 32 teams. The memo indicated an unprecedented event was about to take place. This year, the draft would need “significant changes”. Recently, another memo was sent out indicating that the 2020 NFL Draft would be fully virtual:

Now, it is reported by Adam Schefter of ESPN that NFL teams are preparing themselves for a draft from their homes due to the situation. Upper-echelon officials from several teams are making preparations from their home instead of gathering in large groups.

It appears the teams are not in favor of holding the draft during its scheduled time from April 23 to 25. The NFL’s general manager subcommittee has suggested putting the draft on hold until further notice. The reasoning behind this is due to the lack of proper preparation time to evaluate players and hold necessary psychological and physical examinations.

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With the scheduled draft less than three weeks away, things could change if circumstances warranted such. One thing is certain: the 2020 NFL Draft will be unlike one we have ever seen in the history of the event. Another possible consequence of the social distancing guidelines is the impact on the economy. It remains to be seen how the downturn in the economy will impact ticket sales and team revenue.

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  1. PF4L April 12, 2020

    This years draft will be unique and interesting all right. I’d imagine the sports networks will have a bunch of live feeds in players homes. I predict the ratings will be through the roof regardless, at least the first night. After that i’d imagine the ratings will drop almost as fast as the XFL’s did.

    Another point you brought up concerns the economic impact, not just on gambling which i could care less about, or even the impact on sports teams. I’m far more concerned about the impact of the Country’s economy as a whole. When this Pandemic is finally over, there will be a bill to pay in colossal proportion. Trillions of stimulus cash, trillions of lost economic revenue, not to mention the collateral and residual cost. All ending in a bill total that i can’t easily fathom.

    What do we get for our money?…….hopefully we have a Country ( a World) that can start living a normal life again, That can live each day without the fear of getting sick, dying, and families having to bury their loved ones. Pray with me this day comes soon.

    In another thought: Keep writing…..
    Don’t let the lack of comments reflect on you…I think you’re a highly skilled writer who not only tells a story, but is highly accurate and informed while doing so..in high detail.

    Keep up the good work.